Social Studies
Social Studies
Joe Dombrowski & Gaspare Randazzo
Comedians Joe Dombrowski (former elementary school teacher) and co-host Gaspare Randazzo (current high school teacher) discuss the chaotic life in and out of the classroom, the nuances of parenting toddlers, and pretty much all things millennial. Each episode is different. Sometimes they'll bring you a Hollywood guest such as comedian Anjelah Reyes-Johnson or renowned School Psychologist Dr.Jody Carrington. Sometimes they might read emails from fans, riffing on their unbelievable, real life, classroom stories. Other times they might argue over the most realistic conspiracy theories. You never know!
No Sylvester Stallone
This week, the guys debrief after the finale of Gaspare's netflix reality show The Trust is released. Gaspare joins the astonishing network of Staten Island reality stars, and Joe considers how well he would do fighting Mike Tyson, before sharing an email about the importance of being friendly to crows.   Support the show and get free breakfast for life at and use code SOCIALSTUDIESFREE
Jan 29
46 min
Spotted in the Wild
This week, Gaspare gets spotted in the wild on a whirlwind L.A. trip for Netflix. The boys try their hands at acting and Joe fears he might have a real life frogger in his house.   Support the show and get 55% off your Babbel subscription at
Jan 22
37 min
The Trust & More
This week, Joe shares some spicy internet beef before the fellas do a deep dive into Gas's life now that his new hit reality show The Trust is out on Netflix. Gaspare shares behind the scenes info and Joe asks all the questions he's been dying to know since the show aired.   Get 50% off of Factor at & use code SOCIALSTUDIES50 This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
Jan 14
56 min
New Year, Same Shenanigans
Gas and Joe ring in the new year by getting pumped for Gaspare's new life as a Netflix star before Joe discovers that old people know how to party. Gas shares a secret claim to fame involving Jake the Snake and the boys review the year and Holiday season. Support the show and get 60% off of Green Chef, plus 20% off your next 2 months. Just head to and use the code 60SOCIALSTUDIES  
Jan 8
43 min
Holiday Episode
Tis the season for a Holiday episode! Gas updates us on life post netflix series and Joe accidentally flashes random people on the street, before getting into some emails which include juicy ex drama, gas thieves, and the best moments of the year. Support the show & get 30% off your 1st Microdose order at with code SOCIALSTUDIES Support the show and get 25% off of your Paired subscription at Get 60% off of Green Chef, plus 20% off the next 2 months. Head to and use code 60SOCIALSTUDIES
Dec 18, 2023
45 min
Did you Know About Nikola Tesla?
This week, the boys discuss the deep meaning of hiatus, Gaspare's new project, and Dolphin proclivities before diving deep into everyone's favorite science zaddy, Nikola Tesla.
Dec 14, 2023
28 min
The Update Episode
 Joe and Gas have had a crazy few weeks so they take this episode to get everyone up speed on the good the bad and indigestible, including a deep dive into Gaspare's new and not so secret project.   Support the show & get 15% off an annual MasterClass membership at  
Dec 11, 2023
54 min
Reading the Filth
This week, Gaspare fills Joe in on the latest italian sports phenom and the guys take some time to chat about their moms, before Joe reads the filth after a spicy clip goes viral. Gas also speculates about Adele's love of dragons.   Support the show & get 55% off your Babbel subscription at Get 50% off of Factor at and use code socialstudies50
Dec 4, 2023
52 min
Did You Know About Teresita Basa?
This week, Gaspare informs us about Teresita Basa, a woman who was murdered but used her voice to name her own killer from beyond the grave. Along the way, the boys discuss the finer points of the pawn industry and the fantastic Mary Todd.
Nov 29, 2023
25 min
The $30m Question
Joe and Gaspare discuss what they would do with $30M. Then the guys discuss spontaneous human combustion, Taylor Swift at the airport and eating your own tongue.
Nov 27, 2023
51 min
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