Social Media Marketing Podcast
Social Media Marketing Podcast
Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner
Publishing weekly since 2012, this show helps marketers navigate the ever changing marketing jungle with expert interviews from leading marketing pros. Join Social Media Examiner’s founder Michael Stelzner as he helps you discover new strategies and actionable tips to improve your marketing. Show notes at
Establishing LinkedIn Thought Leadership for Businesses
Want your company to be seen as an industry leader? Wondering how LinkedIn can help? To discover how to begin building thought leadership on LinkedIn, three types of content that will help, and how to choose the face of your company, I interview Mandy McEwen.
Oct 21
52 min
Pinterest Ads: How to Get Started
Do you want to diversify your ad spend beyond Facebook and Instagram? Have you thought about Pinterest ads? To learn which types of products work best with Pinterest ads and how to create your first Pinterest ad campaign, I interview Lindsay Shearer.
Oct 14
50 min
How to Design a Data Driven Marketing Strategy
Do you need a better strategy? Wondering how to use data to gauge when to start, stop, or scale your marketing efforts? To discover why data is important, what data to look at, and how to use data to inform your strategy, I interview Brie Anderson.
Oct 7
47 min
How to Sell With Instagram Reels and Stories
Want to turn more Instagram followers into customers? Have you considered combining Reels and Stories to attract and convert? To discover a strategy to sell with Instagram Reels and Stories, I interview Chalene Johnson.
Sep 30
46 min
Creating a Podcast That Builds Trust
Want to start a podcast that helps you grow your business? Want to avoid the common mistakes and create a show that builds a loyal audience? To discover what you need to do to successfully launch a business-building podcast, I interview Paul Colligan.
Sep 23
49 min
How to Create a TikTok Video That Connects
Want to grow your TikTok reach? Wondering how to boost your organic content? To discover how to use the TikTok Promote ad feature to amplify your content and reach more people, I interview Giselle Ugarte.
Sep 16
50 min
Email Marketing Sequences: How to Crush Your Sales
When was the last time you refined your email marketing strategy? Want to know how to use advanced email marketing sequences to improve your sales? To discover proven email strategies that deliver more sales, I interview Chase Dimond.
Sep 9
52 min
Rethinking the Customer Journey: A Strategy for Marketers
Is your marketing attracting the right customers? Do you want better marketing results? To learn how to rethink the customer journey and discover a strategy you can use to optimize your marketing, I interview John Jantsch.
Sep 2
45 min
How to Create a Psychology-Driven Organic Marketing Funnel
Is your marketing funnel working as well as it could? Wondering where organic content fits into the customer journey? To discover how to use psychology to enhance your organic social activities so they develop and nurture your audience, I interview Adam Erhart.
Aug 26
48 min
How to Sell More by Saying Less: A Storytelling Framework
Are you looking for an easier way to persuade people? Do you want more leads and sales? To discover a unique storytelling framework that will help you leverage the power of stories, I interview Park Howell.
Aug 19
50 min
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