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Social Media Influencer
Jenny Peterson
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Love listening to Jenny
Jenny is such an inspiration for me. She is always uplifting others and has great advice on her podcasts for those that want to gain momentum with marketing etc. She keeps me motivated to continue to move forward with my dream of creating a better future for my family! Thanks Jenny!
I LOVE this podcast!!
Jenny gives soooo much valuable information in every podcast! It’s not one of those podcasts that only has good info in a few episodes, this baby is chalk FULL of all the tips and info for MLMers in every episode! I am rebooting my Younique business and have found all these episodes to be awesome info for me to utilize.
Jenny rocks!
I am a fellow MLMer and I love this podcast, it fires me up in all the right areas to slay my day! Thanks Jenny 💜
Thank you so much!!!
Jenny your podcast is great! You answer questions I didn’t even know I had! I’m currently trying to grow my IG following and feel stuck. I have almost thrown the towel in many times, but because of your podcast I’m refusing to give up!!! Thank you so much! - Jackie IG: momma.on.duty
The Most Helpful Influencer Podcast Out There
Thanks to Jenny, I have learned SO MUCH about influencing and navigating social media in a only a few episodes! Jenny genuinely cares about her listeners and doesn’t come across as someone with her own agenda. She offers so many tips - she’s like an enthusiastic personal trainer who will tell you like it is and actually want to help you succeed. I’m a proud binge listener! Thanks, Jenny!
Angry Avo
Fairy Godmother to me!
You are helping me so much. I just started a personal blog Instagram. And listening to you and actually do what you say. As In be consistent and commenting and having a conversation with my followers (which isn’t much). But I know they are there Because they love what I love also. Im a Montessori mother. So I post ideas and etc. thank you so much. I am going through post partum and depression after having my second baby( I love him so much). And making this Instagram account is making me happier. I’m a stay at home mom so this Instagram is getting me out my comfort zone. Before kids I was very outgoing. So I’m trying to go back to that. And you are helping me SO much. And who knows I might even make money from advertising products that I LOVE. Like you say to do! Thank you so much! My Instagram handler is @montessori_hope
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Montessori Hope
OH MY GOSH!!!!! I’ve been trying to grow my “side hustle” business for months on my own, and I knew I needed H-E-L-P!!!! I finally decided to dive into Podcasts and Jenny’s podcast has changed my social media life forever! I’ve been binge-listening for a week and I’ve grown so much by implementing Jenny’s tips and advice! I’m now following her on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, I absolutely LOVE all of her content! Thank you so much Jenny, your podcast has changed MY LIFE!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Jenny, You’re Amazing!!
I can’t tell you how much inspiration and guidance I’ve received from this podcast!! Jenny has so many great things to teach us and my network marketing business wouldn’t be where it is today with out her. I may not be at the top of the company but I’m working hard and Jenny has given me that determination! Thanks so much, Jenny ♥️♥️♥️
I love listening to Jenny! Not only are you encouraging you are real! As a social media influencers trying to grow, you have helped me more then you can imagine with all of your tips & truths! Thank you for being you Jenny and sharing with us all. When you shine it helps others shine as well. Much love Chelsea Curtis
Thank you, Jenny!
Thank you Jenny for always doing as God leads. I have a heart to serve and do it the way God wants me to. I truly believe that I am called to influence and use social media to do Gods work. The problem is, I have no idea where to begin 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I am starting here and trusting that my efforts will be blessed and I am praying for clarity as to where to begin! Thank you again, Jenny, for not being ashamed of your calling.
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Ashley Conn
Good information
As I am getting ready for bed after a long night shift. I get a message the I have a new pod cast from you. I was so anxious to listen which it is helping me build more confidence. Thank you for boosting my courage to become more confide t and reminding of Muscle Memory
Happy Blue Eyes
Recently found this podcast and I’m glad I did! I love the tips and how Jenny believes there’s room for everyone to make it big… sometimes others aren’t in the same mindset. I’m on episode 38 now but I’m sure it won’t take me long to catch up :) I’d definitely recommend the podcast!
I’m literally an hour into binging her podcast and my to do list is already full in such an exciting way!! I love her openness and sense of humor, she seems very real and I love it!! 100% recommend.
I absolutely love listening to Jenny! Her podcast is so encouraging and informative. I have learn so much from listening to her share her story.
I’ve been listening to the Social Media Influencer podcast for about 5 months and cannot stop listening! Jenny is the SWEETEST person and cares so much about helping a friend out😊. I’ve been influencing now for about a year and have learned so much on Jenny’s podcast. PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen, you won’t be able to stop! She has built up my confidence so much and her content is so valuable. It would be a dream to have Jenny’s online course but I can’t afford it. Whatever happens even if I do not win, Jenny’s podcast is the best and you won’t regret listening💗
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Lily Loparto
Love this podcast!
So I love listening to this podcast. I feel inspired and I learn soooo much about social media! You definitely need to listen in!
Kait Marie!
Love love love
Jenny always gives relatable, useful advice. She is so easy to connect with through the podcast and on social media. I absolutely love her honesty and vulnerability.
My favorite influencer podcast !
I’m a fan! I love all of the information in these episodes. I find all of the tips Jenny gives as as invaluable. She is always up to date with strategies that will be sure to help me grow my social media. I can’t wait for the next episode already!
Informative, Real, and Entertaining
I first discovered Jenny on Instagram while scrolling through Reels for social media tips. After watching several of her videos I quickly found her podcast as well and have been binging every episode relevant to my struggles as a social media manager. She is such a gem and far more informative than the “big” influencers who have podcasts too. Thanks, Jenny!
Great show!
Jenny, host of the Social Media Infleuncer podcast, highlights all aspects of being a social media influencer and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Looking for some direction
I listen to a lot of podcast and I appreciate your energy and humor while being 100% authentic and motivating. Thank you for your guidance💛
Marketing Honey from Hawaii
I love her!!
I’ve followed Jenny for a while and when I heard she was coming out with a podcast, it made me excited! I love her energy and how down to earth she is. She truly wants people to succeed & she keeps it real. Love you Jenny!! @presleykristenrf
I start my day with Jenny daily!
This podcast is the best way to start my day!! Jenny gives so many great tips that help my daily life and business!!!
Erica Yingling
Inspired me to change
I’ve followed Jenny for years and I have to say that watching her journey has been so inspiring! Her podcast is rich with value and has me saying all the time, “If Jenny can do it, so can I!” My favorite episodes were the ones on growing an email list. I have not done an email list yet, but hearing the stories she’s shared about the importance of an email list has got me to change my ways and get to work on growing my business through email lists. I’m so grateful for all of the things I’ve learned from Jenny and look forward to each of her podcasts. You’ll LOVE everything that she has to say and if you put what she teaches into action, I promise you’ll see a change in yourself and you’ll start to see your business grow the way you want it to.
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Kristen Lynn Terry
I love your podcast! Thank you so much for your amazing tips
Jenny’s on Fire
I came to this community looking for some ways to grow my business and I found this energetic, inspirational woman who has changed the way I look at my business, my life and my style! Thank you for changing the way I think for the better!!
Super motivating!
I have seriously listened to so many motivational speakers and social media influencers, and I find Jenny to be the most down to earth, transparent, and easy to follow. I have so many things overwhelming my life right now, and Jennys tips on how to overcome being overwhelmed -literally changed my brain...YAY! Also, while I’m getting ready for work in the mornings(Instacart Shopper, LOL) I watch Jenny’s FB lives. She motivates me to be the best representation of myself. True story, I actually went through my closet and thought to myself, “hey self, you can look cute like that too, just put in a little effort”! That day, I came home from work, and my husband looked at me with different eyes, “hey babe, don’t you look great today “… He hasn’t said that to me for a minute!Thanks Jenny, for keeping it real… And thanks to the peeps behind the scenes:)
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Tiger in Tennessee
I came across this podcast when I searched for Mama social media podcasts! I have listed to every episode! They are so educational & I laugh throughout the episodes! I feel like Jenny & I are friends and she is just giving me friendly advice! You keep doing what you’re doing Jenny! You’re killin it!
Amazing info!!
I am new to network marketing & have been listening these podcasts for several weeks and it has been so helpful in getting started. Looking forward to the future.
Hidden Gems in every single episode
I stumbled on Jenny’s podcast looking for content to properly grow my business Instagram page. I found SO MUCH MORE! If you are any type of business owner or entrepreneur, Jenny gives you actionable steps to improve your social media following and content to actually get quality engagement and followers!
Jenny makes me feel like we are besties
I have followed Jenny on Instagram for a little while now. When I found out she was doing a podcast I just had to check it out. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m a new stay at home mom and I was dipping into starting two online businesses. Jenny and her knowledge about social media and how to monetize is incredible. She’s so down to earth and relatable. I absolutely love listening to her and everything she offers us dreamers to make it become a reality. You’re rocking it girl! Thank you so much for always being real and sharing with us all. Michelle Doglione aka previously authentically_misia on IG we've chatted :)
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Jenny knows her stuff
Love Jenny’s podcast! So much useful info and every time I listen I learn something new that I can use right away. It can be a new site, tips to grow followers, changing your mindset or common sense advice. She’s always so positive and real so if motivates me to get going! Great job Jenny! Keep being you♥️
Jenny I listen to you every day on my long drive to and from work. I just found you a week ago and I’m thrilled!! Thanks for all your help so far. - @flowersandtacos
Zach Theulen
Great information
Although I’m not really sure if I want to turn my Instagram into a business ,If I do decide to do that this is definitely my go to podcast, Very informative either way. I love how she gets to the point rather quickly. Very entertaining also and excited to hear more!
Quick, easy, and to the point!
I love that Jenny gives quick snippets of advice in her episodes versus long winding interviews. Not only do the short episodes feel more do-able, they also make my time feel more valuable. My only regret is that I listened while driving because there were SO many tips that I wanted to write down! Listen with a notebook and pen if you can!
Wannabe Influencer
I’m researching what it takes to be an IG Influencer and new to podcast where I discovered Jenny before seeing her on IG. I’ve been listening and taking notes for 2 days and now signed up for the IG Masterclass. I’ve learned so much in such little time invested. Easy listen and great content!!!
Shea's + Reviews Only
Jenny is AMAZING
I am so hooked on your podcast!!! I just found your podcast about 5 days ago and I cannot stop listening!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks, advice, and knowledge with us...with me...a fellow presenter!! I have learned so much and so ready to put it all into action!!! You are truly so amazing!!! Xoxo
Loving your podcast
I’m new to your podcast! I used to listen to podcast a few years ago all the time. Then I got really busy and didn’t have time to sit and listen to podcast anymore. I finally realize in the morning when I get up and I’m scrolling through all of my social medias, I could be listening to a podcast. I love your podcast. I learned so many tips from them. Thank you for all of the amazing tips 😍💜
Morning motivation!
I am new to this podcast but I have listened to 3 episodes and I am loving it. This morning I heard “Miracle Morning..” and you are so right! I used to have a little routine but I started using excuses to deviate from that. Day after day it got worse and worse. Next thing I know it has been 6 months that I don’t have a routine or real motivation...your podcast is definitely a wake up call and my routine starts now!!! I have to take control again :) thank you!
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So Much Value in this Podcast!
I have an hour long commute each day. Jenny has made it on my very short list of (3) favorite podcasts. When I listen to her, I am motivated and inspired to keep working towards my dream of being able to work from home. As a single mom, that can seem daunting! She never fails to deliver amazing value. There is something in each podcast that I am able to implement in my business or personal life. I’m so grateful that I stumbled across her... Thank you, Jenny!
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Get ready to have your mind filled with all the secrets of social media
Jenny.... you are the bomb. You are easy to understand and listen to. I have used some of your tips and the results have been amazing ! I’m so glad I searched and clicked on your podcast ! Jordan Adams Just JoJo @just_jojo___
jordan (just_jojo___)
Holy great PODCAST
Omg do I love this podcast! So many great golden nuggets!! Jenny is spot on! Thank you Jenny
I’m tristine Ziemer!!
I love your Podcasts already!! Listening to your Podcast right now!! You are soo amazing!
tristine!! A
I am a newbie to the Instagram and influencer world. Even though I’m a millennial and expected to know it all, I don’t lol. This podcast is so educational and easy to follow. She’s not pushing an agenda and is super informative. I love a good educational podcast and she produces one!
This is so important in the world today.
As this world figures out the new normal we need to realize that we need to find out our why. Thank you.. I lost my job due to the coved.19 and felt overwhelmed with self doubt. I have a interview tomorrow and this podcast came at the right time. “Blessings”. I will look at myself and be confident of knowing who and why. I can do this. Thank you again.
Learning so much!
Thank you Jenny! I’ve followed you for years now on IG and I learn so much on social from you but now I’m taking it to the next level! I have shared your podcast with my Rodan & Fields team. Hopefully one day I can be on a share group with you on IG!
Grab a pen and paper
Love learning from the best ! I love how Jenny has no secrets. She wants to see you succeed, just as she has ! Grab your pen and paper and take some notes. Her voice is also soothing 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sharing is caring!
Thank you for sharing your insight and experiences! I love that you are invested in helping others grow their relationships and business goals.💜
Heather Beauvais
Awesome Podcast!!!
Jenny, host of the Social Media Influencer podcast, highlights all aspects of marketing, social media and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
I’m a sponge
I love soaking up this info. I am trying to lead a team and build all at once and strive to focus on attraction marketing. This is spot on!
Sarah ppa
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