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Episode 10 - Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?
Let's discuss Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, Ethnic appropriation with Beyonce and Daniel Kaluuya and more. I have a special guest, my friend David from CA and his Instagram page is (@blacknform) giving his input. Also, don't forget to check out my girl Seren's channel and video ( about this topic of discussion on this episode.My InstagramSmiley_AdventuresEmailSmileyadventuresusa@gmail.comOnline
Aug 12
1 hr 59 min
Episode 9 - Did Netflix just restore Black nostalgia?!
I mean Brandy did what she came to do and Netflix really just shook streaming
Aug 3
33 min
Episode 8 - Being shot in the foot is funny now?
We have reached soo many peeks of mess that I have to make believe that I am on a mountain with everything that I need for self sustainability, my loved ones and good people can come along of course.
Jul 27
49 min
Episode 7 - Read the room for once
Can we actually read the room and pay attention to what we represent when supporting nonsense? Remember when our parents used to tell us if we hang out with certain people, then we are just like them? Well, apparently Draya, RiRi, and fans of Kanye cant do that, including
Jul 24
1 hr 16 min
Episode 6 - RIP to Naya & Goya is bugging
So my favorite store Target is cancelled, RIP to the beautiful Naya, my experience being in Barbershops and more......InstagramSmiley_AdventuresEmailSmileyadventuresusa@gmail.comOnline portfolioSmileyadventures.clickbooq.comLink to my work
Jul 13
1 hr 44 min
Episode 5 - Where tf are our masks?
Here we go again with people putting entertainment over their Blackness and how we can't do one simple thing for the greater cause of everyone's safety and thats simply wearing a damn mask. Also, Terry Crews....stfu up forever please.InstagramSmiley_AdventuresEmailSmileyadventuresusa@gmail.comOnline
Jul 6
1 hr 2 min
Episode 4 - Let's discuss cancel culture, J.K Rowling's transphobia and policing body hair on women
InstagramSmiley_AdventuresEmailSmileyadventuresusa@gmail.comOnline PortfolioSmileyadventuresusa@gmail.comYoutube Travel Channel Main Channel
Jun 30
1 hr 20 min
Episode 3 - B. Simone needs to forever clock out & so does the rapper Noname. I address both internet clowns.
Let me just say what it is, I went in on B. Simone and the rapper Nonome. B. Simone's ignorance in regards to the trans community on her podcast from 2017 has resurfaced today, which I guess not a lot of people heard about back then because she also didn't address her ignorance from that episode on her podcast up until now. Noname also decided to compare Beyonce to Angela Davis on Twitter in the most mind baffling way, which I also
Jun 26
41 min
Episode 2 - Why don't I watch Insecure anymore & more
I explain the reasoning why I no longer watch the show "Insecure", Chadwick Moore's racist and erasure tweet, more news on police brutality, B. Simone being sued over plagiarism and wanting a man outside of working 9-5 and J.Cole vs Noname.
Jun 25
57 min
Episode 1 - Talking about my experience of with gun violence, foster care and (TW of r*pe)
On my first episode, I discuss my experience witnessing someone getting shot in broad daylight in my city, Boston. I also talk about how I was sexually assaulted and briefly talk about my documentary 'Almost Home' which you can find on my Youtube channel, "Smiley Said It" where I discuss about my experience in foster care and my mother's drug addiction and more.Instagram Smiley_AdventuresEmail
Jun 25
55 min