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Great content….too many ads
Seriously, great banter and a fun listen, but the ads are way too distracting. I get it, you have to make money, but really how much more do you three actors need to make? Just do this as a passion project. Don’t be a sell out.
Tiffany Haddish episode
I generally really like the podcast. Sean, Will and Jason are hilarious and have great rapport. I sometimes feel bad that Sean is cut off so much, but he doesn’t seem to mind. I am a big fan of Tiffany Haddish, and unlike the podcast hosts, read her book. It was awful listening to the MASSIVE GUFFAW Jason made asking Tiffany how she knew Kevin Hart. I get the premise of the podcast is a “surprise guest” but the hosts should have some knowledge/background. This episode just seemed lazy. I do hope the guys get on board with her grocery concept. Please update your listener with the progress.
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Kim T VA
It’s not me… it’s my cat
As soon as Will Arnett starts talking, my cat leaves the room. It’s all I got… other than that you guys are great. I think Bateman needs to release Ozark stat.
Good guests Bc they’re celebrities but…
the hosts just aren’t prepared, articulate or interesting enough to carry off a compelling interview. it can be distracting following their half formed trains of thought and doesn’t do their guests any justice, which is astounding considering they’re celebrities with celebrity friends. Just goes to show how not everyone can do what great interviewers like Conan O’Brien do so effortlessly. Didn’t realize ‘smartless’ was literal.
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Tiffany Haddish
One of the best interviews/ podcasts I have ever heard. Such a gift. She is amazing. The three of you did just ok……. :)
Chicago Tracker
Great Show
Great show as usual. Love listening to your podcast!!
I’ll help
Your super! If I can send some $ to support your idea I’d be more than happy too. Henry DAV
Stop with the racist Dr Death commercial
I love this show but Bateman’s racist DR Death commercial with the terrible Italian accent is killing me! If the doctor was from Mexico would he make an over the top Mexican accent, what about if he was an African American doc? It isn’t any less racist to talk like you are super Mario so knock it off. Not to mention it’s just annoying to listen to this terrible ‘joke’ 4x an hour and 2x a min…
Jason Bateman is wrong.
This show is great, and I love it, but I must point out an error. J.B. said that warm/hot water does not eliminate more germs than does cold, when washing one’s hands. This is incorrect. Many studies will support this claim.
What a bright, positive podcast!!
So nice to find something that is pleasant and relaxing to listen to! No yelling … no bashing … no rude comments. These guys are intelligent and funny, and their guests are always impressive and entertaining … no matter what their individual field is. And the interviews are really thoughtful … just a joy to listen to.
Comedy AND Warm Fuzzies
LOVE the show from the first episode. Been watch & listening to comedy my whole life (54 yrs) & their timing is impeccable. The interview with TIFFANY HADDISH... touched my heart as well as inspired me. Thankful for this show. Always makes me laugh!
Mare Behr
Thanks for listening to our feedback!
The three hosts' long friendship is evident - the chemistry shows through in each episode. One thing I was wary about over the course of this podcast was the lack of guests of color... specifically women of color - the majority of the episodes feature guests who are white men. I know a few of other reviewers remarked the lack of diversity in guests too. Whoever the producers are seem to have read the reviews/feedback as it seems like the guests in recent weeks have been leaning more diverse (Tiffany Haddish, Joy Reid, Octavia Spencer). I also caught when Jason corrected himself in referring to his ex as a "young woman" instead of a "girl" as I know they caught fire for calling Awkwafina a "girl" multiple times throughout that episode - despite her being in her 30s. I also understand that it's probably easier to book guests in Hollywood because of connections (and frankly, listener-ship since people recognize those names more), but the episodes that are most interesting to me are the ones who are involved in different professions. For example, the Jose Andres episode was one of my favorites. All in all, these guys are entertaining but I hope that they continue to expand outside of their Hollywood bubble - it's clear that they are working on it and I'll continue to tune in as long as the effort continues.
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Tiffany Haddish episode is amazing! Such an incredible story and I am so impressed with her knowledge/plan to better her community! Is there any information to donate?
Yikes! This pod has taken quite the turn for the worse with recent guests. Used to love this pod, hopefully it gets back on track soon.
Sorta disappointed
This podcast is not something you want to listen to during this pandemic. These guys mostly love to talk about themselves and the struggles they have in their fabulous rich lives. I mean seriously. You guys invite famous guests and then mainly talk about how fabulous your life is and randomly mention things that sometimes bother you or seem like a burden in your life. I love these guys, but seriously. Talk about current topics and ask a few questions from your guest sometimes about them… but not about how they became famous. You love to mention how “lucky” you are to have practically stumbled into being so famous and getting paid so much for working so hard (especially Bateman). Nobody wants to know how “lucky” you are to have money and fame. I was disappointed when Awkwafina (one of few different ethnic background than caucasian guest) was a guest and all of a sudden, these guys clearly seem to lack interest and asked the most bland questions. As I listen to every episode, I always write down the many different better questions or topics that could’ve been mentioned instead. You all really need to write down some good questions and or interesting topics.
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I usually smile through the entire episode
These guys are so perfect together. They all bring something different to the table, but each of them is perfect as they are. I listen to news less and less each day because…well that does not need an explanation. Too stressful! Listening to this podcast is entertaining and lighthearted. Just what we all need. I love the way they all get along. Is there a better sound than Sean’s laughter in the whole universe? I don’t think so. Today was the only day I cried… but also laughed during the podcast. The guest was Tiffany Haddish and her story really touched me. In my dreams, I hope these guys are as genuine and approachable as they seem in the podcast. Either way, it’s been super fun to listen. Hope you’re around for many many more episodes to come. Don’t worry about the haters… haters gonna hate!
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Tiffany Haddish
Love her. What a phenomenal human being. I was so touched by her story. Thank you for this, and I feel better knowing there are people like Tiffany on this earth.
Excellent episode
Tiffany Haddish was the absolute greatest guest!
Tiffany Haddish
Easily my most favorite podcast! Sorry Dax(using Will’s Dax voice). Very excited about you guys coming to Boston in Feb. Just wanted to say what an amazing episode Tiffany had with you guys. One of the most emotional and inspirational episodes, while still bringing the humor. She’s amazing and you guys handled it perfectly.
Too many ads
Way too long of ads/ too many back to back
Tiffany Haddish is a boss!
This is the absolute best interview so far. I had no idea what a powerhouse she is. Always knew she was funny but she is so inspiring. I wish I was influential enough to work for her and her causes. FAVORITE!
Awesome Show!
Guys you make my day when I listen to you and the guests you bring! Thank you so much!! Got so many episodes that are my favs but the Tiffany Hadish one was amazing! Such an amazing story!
Yeah, it’s good
Must listen
HILARIOUS. Love it but HOLY CRAP there are too many commercials.
So good!
the chemistry of 3 brothers comfortable enough to make fun of each other (darkly) and keep an interview feel like a casual convo with awesome information and lots of laughs. Great podcast all around
Love this Podcast!
Love this podcast. Only down side is when listening on AirPods in a public setting my frequent laughing might be concerning to those around me.
Mike A
Can’t get enough
I came across SmartLess a week ago, and honestly it’s all I want to listen to. I’m listening to a couple episodes a day, mainly while just taking a relaxing joyride around town. The chemistry of Jason, Will and Sean is amazing. Match that will incredibly interesting guests, and it’s magic. Some of my personal favorites so far are Sean Penn, James Corden, Paul McCartney, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Aniston … the list goes on. Thanks guys! Keep it up.
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We don’t need no education
Thank you for just being you! All three of you are superbly silly in a world where everyone is taking themselves waaaay too seriously. Thanks for making me laugh so hard, I pee a little.
Fun podcast
Great guests… let them talk more
Franklin VA
Brilliantly Funny
I cannot get enough of these guys. Magical chemistry! keep it coming please 😊
So Friggin’ Funny
I love listening to this trio of comedians! What a fun podcast, I have enjoyed every episode so far, and I have listened to all of them as of September 2021. Each time one ends, I wait in anticipation for the next week. Highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to hear humorous and enlightening conversations with famous smart people AND Hollywood types. 😀
Can we somehow get Matt Damon or Ben Aflac it’s not like they have much of a life anymore! I need one Batman to meet another.
Favorite podcast
I love this podcast!!! The format is fun and exciting. The guests are top notch!! The way the guys interact I feel like I am hanging with my friends. And I love the behind the scenes talk about Hollywood. Keep it going guys!!
Funny People!
I really enjoy listening to this podcast at work. The personal feel the hosts have with their guests (many of them they are good friends with) really humanizes some celebrities for the common listener. If they were open to some honest feedback, it seems about 10% of the time is spent flattering their guest. I’m sure they are all amazing people, but it seems pretty hyperbolic after a while and could maybe be toned down to 5%.
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It’s your listener here
Funny, funny, funny! Want to hear from Sean more! Brilliant chemistry between these 3, thank you!
The runs!
Y’all make my morning runs (I’m talking running not ‘the runs’) bearable. No one else makes me laugh out loud like you 😘😘😘. Love you guys.
Wisconsin listener
As a listener from Wisconsin, I have no complaints.
Yes…come to Wisconsin for a live podcast! Loved the interview with Stacey Abrams. Keep up the laughs and great interviews.
I laugh listening to every episode but when Jason referred to influencers as 'tastemakers' I almost choked on my favorite podcast!
Can’t get enough of it
Just recently started watching the podcast and now I can’t stop! The guys are so funny and the chemistry is off the charts. It’s quickly become one of my favorites
You will choke on your Latte’
I needed background noise while working from home and I stumbled upon this and now I can’t live without #teamsmartless! If at all, could you please get Gordon Ramsey as a guest? The banter between these 3 knuckleheads is worth the listen. ;)
Do not operate heavy machinery when listening
This is my absolute favorite podcast to listen to. The three hosts will have you crying laughing at their organic blend of personalities and humor. I listen at 5 am when starting my morning workouts and it definitely gives me an energy boost and wake me up. My recommendation, do not do deadlifts when listening. Be prepared to double over laughing. Oh, and the choices for guests are diverse and all so perfect! Good job, guys. 🤙🏼
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Likely Eating
Best Podcast Ever!
At times the three host get some good laughs. However the majority of the time I wish they would zip it and LET the guest speak!
Funny every time
Great show, hilarious! Will, you talk too much!
Monday Burst
I love this podcast and can’t wait to see who they bring on. It’s a great mix of friends and people they want to learn from. I’d love it if they brought someone from the Disability Community like Keely Cat Wells, Peter Dinklage, Marlee Matlin or Michael J Fox or all the above. I love how sometimes they are nervous asking questions and flustered but also how much they tease each other. A great way to start my week and always laughter.
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Bring Amanda Anka on Smartless!
Seriously, this is my favorite podcast. I look forward to listening every week. The chemistry between the three of them is amazing. I laugh so hard I cry when the three of them get going. Keep it up and bring on Amanda!
When are you three making a movie together?
The chemistry is off the charts
Drs advice
Love this show, love the boys..And I want to take Jason through another 4th step, we need freedom from resentments my friend! Other people’s stuff is none of my business Doc Sarah #Freedom
Dr. S113
Would love for you to interview each other
I absolutely love this podcast. I wish there was less cursing because I don’t think it adds to the interview and is rather distracting. I think it is great the three men are such good friends. I would love to hear more about themselves, as well.
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