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Love this show but…
The past couple of episodes have been really flat. At least the host who brings the guest on should be more prepared and ask good questions and the other two guys can wing it. Right now it’s just random pointless conversations with amazing guests. It’s a real shame! I’m a huge fan of the three of you and want to keep listening. Please do better!
Stop interrupting
I love all 3 of these actors. That being said, it gets sort of old hearing them cut off guests (especially women) and mansplaining for a joke. Jason and Will are particularly bad with this. Reese Witherspoon even lightly poked fun that they spend more time talking than her. This would be a great podcast if they let the guests talk more.
You have AMAZING GUESTS every episode and all you guys talk about is about the movies you’ve done “oh have you met *famous person* they’re amazing!” Just interview the guest and find out about them. Do less god bless.
Funniest podcast yet
Absolutely love this podcast. Longtime fan of Will, Sean, and Jason as well as the guests that have appeared. Thank you for this podcast and I hope this continues for years. Cannot wait for the next episode to drop.
Ha........ that’s funny
It’s like hanging out with friends where you laugh non stop, then get in your car to drive home and giggle to yourself, those guys are idiots and I need better friends. But can’t wait to see them again, cause you’re an idiot too. Keep it up guys, can’t wait to be on as a guest. Hint
Love the show!
Loved all three of these talented men in their past endeavors but this podcast combination is a perfect mix! I’ve been enjoying this since the beginning- even the commercials! The fact that Sir Paul was on an episode was icing on the cake!
Good show
Very calm and authentic, best one so far is Paul McCarthy. “I like this, this is a nice show” lolz
Great podcast
So funny. Just wish they knew a bit more about Sarah Silverman. She’s such a smart stand up.
Tuna and Chips
I had tuna sandwich and chips for lunch everyday this week. Thanks to Sean.
Oscar Santana Lies
How original
Celebrities interviewing other celebrities.
Anon Uh Mouse
This is a fun one!!!!
These guys are so silly but clever at the same time. Thoroughly enjoyable, highly recommend giving it a try
Best on my List
Simply a great podcast with an easy-to-consume format and genuine laugh-out-loud moments in each episode. This is one of very few shows out there I’ve never skipped an episode of.
A bright spot
This pod has been such a bright spot during such a dark time. Thanks for keeping us laughing! Guests aside, would love to hear your takes on each other’s various movie/tv roles too.
Disappointing Offensive Language!
Offensive language! Low standards!
Married 18 yrs happily
Jesus Christ the ads
45 minute episode and 15 minutes of that is ads. Good show though but dude
I’m addicted
That interview with Paul Mcartney was freaking amazing! He was so real and extremely entertaining. Funny as all heck! Love this show; just wish you would do more!
New favorite podcast
I absolutely love this podcast. I love learning more about guests I know well and those I don't know as well. The hosts are hysterical. They even make the ads sound fun. I enjoy listening to their creative and fun banter.
Love Love Love
This podcast is so fun to listen to!!
Love you 3
So great! You guys play off of each other so well. A bright spot in a weird time. How about Glennon Doyle please? Keep up the funny.
Strange comment, I’m sure, but I love the sound of this show. I love how it feels like I’ve entered a lively room of conversation, when nothing has actually changed in my empty living room at the crack of dawn... I would love to hear you interview Tig Notaro, Paula Poundstone, and a character, like Jiminy Glick or someone who isn’t a “real” person.
Mimi Jackson356
Wanted to love this, but it falls flat. Three actors who want to hear themselves talk. Sean Hayes tries to get it back on track occasionally, without success.
Thoroughly enjoying this podcast!! You guys have such great chemistry. It’s soooo much fun to listen each week!! Thanks for taking the time to make us laugh!
a koren
love you guys...
i would listen even if there were no guests. but there are & they are great, too. keep on truckin, boys -you’re keeping us (who matter) entertained & laughing. 👏 thanks for spending some of your time with me, as i enjoy spending some of mine with y’all. 🙏
ace jetter-mace
Three funny guys, different perspective
All three of these guys are highly entertaining to me. It would be fun to hang out with just one of them, but here you get three for the taking. They usually pick a different perspective than other shows, to get a good insight into their guest. Favorites so far are Paul McCartney (legend!) and Neil DeGrasse Tyson (really smart and really funny!)
Great trio of personalities!
New podcast for me and love these 3 anyway - but together?! Funny, real, quirky. Cannot believe I’m saying this but I actually look forward to the Auto Zone commercials!
Best CRM
Love this podcast!! Please have someone from SNL next week while Jason is hosting...
Want more Sean!
Really enjoy the podcast, but wish I could hear more from Sean. He brings a great perspective that is often drowned out. Let’s hear more from Sean in the coming weeks. Also, more diverse voices like Chris Rock, Abby Wambach, W. Kamau Bell, and others......
Can you get Neil Patrick Harris?
Love this show. I laugh way too hard at their banter. The guests are fun and it is elitist and that’s what makes it so fun I guess. Pop culture is my thing so I love hearing a celebrity's backstory about becoming famous. Neil deGrasse Tyson was so down to earth and so interesting. It wasn’t very deeply educational but it i learned something and laughed super hard at the same time. I like hearing celebrities who are my age and are parents like me, tell stories about their parenting and their kids. It’s amazing that knuckleheads like Happy Gilmore and Ricky Bobby, who made me laugh twenty years ago (and whom I still quote today) are pulling off parenthood 😂 Can you get NPH? 😁
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Pure Joy!
This has been a hard year: Jason, Will and Sean have made it better. I listen to the podcast while riding my bike and have found myself lol’ing even during a heavy climb - admittedly on an electric bike - but still a huge testament to the wit and humor and ability to get lost in the joy of friendship and mutual admiration. Human and rich with personal insight. It shows that we Are all in this together. Thank you for this gift The crazy bonus are the ads! Last night we drove past AutoZone and i regaled my husband with what I learned about antifreeze and coolant ... another shared laugh!
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Brenda C 2020
Update: ok, it’s better
Update 2: I really enjoy the non-musicians on the show. The hosts are less dumb jocks when theyre on. They just need to work better on their questions. You guys are idiots, personality wise. You dont need to not know whos coming on in order to be idiots. My suggestion is know who the guest is or just work better ob open ended questions. As a therapist, its not on the guest to elaborate. Update: The Neil Degrass Tyson is awesome. Interview more non film people I love Bateman, Arnett, and Hays, I really do, but they seem underprepared. They ask questions like middle school kids “Hey what’s that like....oh, remember that time?” FFS, do better. The only reason why I got through the first epi is because Dax is a serious conversationalist.
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Come on.
Ad after ad after ad. Should have a fact checker, not one question to Kamala about her very questionable record. Another Hollywood cockstroking device.
Great questions for Paul McCartney
Loved the interview ! You guys asked really thought provoking questions which led to such thoughtful responses from Sir Paul. Lovely mix of hilarious moments and interesting observations. Thanks for a great podcast!!
People probably think I’m crazy in my car because I am cracking up when listening to this podcast. I love their personalities, love the guests, probably the best thing to happen in 2020.
I gave it a 3
If you spent half the time asking questions that you do fellating each guest this would be an amazing 5-star podcast. Your senses of humor are great, but the constant effusive praise before every question is annoying. We get it, every guest is amazing. That being said, I’ll keep listening and laughing.
How can anyone not love listening to these guys? I’m just gonna assume you might be a horrible person.
I recommend your podcast to everyone I know! Laugh out loud hilarious with the perfect of mix of snark and quick witted humor. I also weirdly enjoy that you are all such good friends!
Absolutely hilarious!
Honestly, the chemistry between these three men is beyond compare. They are all funny and abundantly talented in their own right, but together they play off each other in a way that is snarky yet very warm. The bursts of laughter I experience have actually been healing as I sit this pandemic out. I recommend this with far more than the usual five stars, I really do.
Sir Paul
When Sir Paul talked about the girl and the dad when he performed let it be......who hoo money shot! My heart belongs to Sir Paul.
Holy f**king sh*t
Paul McCartney? For real? That was so incredible... I wish you guys let him stay for longer. I would have listened to him for hours. Great conversation nevertheless. Thanks Sean
Funny but let the guests talk
The three of them are very funny but much of the time they don’t let the guests talk or they interrupt the guests. Either don’t have guests or let them answer your questions.
Herbie and Maeve
Commercial heavy
Entertaining, but recently fells like there are more ads than content. This would be ok if the ads didn’t feel so contrived.
Of course I love this new Podcast, who the hell wouldn’t! But I must say, this episode with Paul McCartney is probably my favorite single podcast I’ve ever heard. Thank you boys! Byyeeeeeee
I have listened to every podcast ever made and this is the best!
Highlight of our (pandemic) week
We look forward to this Podcast more than any other. We often laugh until tears are running down our cheeks. Keep up the good work, guys.
Just listened to your interview with Paul. I’m fighting back tears because I’ve loved this bigger-than- life man since I was 10 (65 now). He is the most human, normal, and beautiful man. I’m with you in feeling the enormous respect and the unbelievable opportunity the three of you had to chat with this icon. Thank you so much, Sean, for surprising us with this lovely interview.
Favorite new podcast
Nice headshots? When Sean had no idea about Arrested Development and G.O.B. - that was amazing.
Perfect trio
The only podcast that elicits unbridled, spontaneous, hilarious laughter from me. They have great guests and the banter among the three hosts only adds to the hour and never detracts. Will and Jason alone would eat each other; Sean is the perfect person to complete the trio. All three crack me the hell up. Definitely my favorite podcast. Thanks guys!
B. Birdell
More Will
You had Paul McCartney on... “How’s your do you sleep..what’s the family like?” This time y’all should’ve talked before the interview with a legend. Jason took 20 minutes to ask “how’s your head?”My favorite podcast blew it
Sgt Swanson
Love these guys
This show is cool
Like a Hollywood orgy...
It’s like listening to a bunch of Hollywood elitist jacking off each other... and I love it! Extremely funny :)
Diego Ink
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