Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett
"SmartLess" with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. A nice surprise: in each episode of SmartLess, one of the hosts reveals his mystery guest to the other two. What ensues is a genuinely improvised and authentic conversation filled with laughter and newfound knowledge to feed the SmartLess mind.
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Fan of these three for years but not a fan of this podcast
Love these three individuals work , but frankly especially after the Harris episode, it’s just. Well it comes off like a hack corporation vibe. I’d rather listen to Joey Diaz,Joe Rogan, Mark Normand or other comics podcasts. This one just seems like there not being themselves. Like a corporate entity is running the show. Just my opinion. Giving a 4 cause I’m a big fan of the hosts in general but not this podcast
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Gene Everett 187
I want to love it
I love Sean Hayes and Jason Bateman, but Will Arnett is hard to take. He can be so douche-y. The bombs he lobs at Sean come across as arrogant and superior and frankly are annoying. I wish he would stop trying so hard to be funny and be REAL instead. It comes across as an act. Authenticity will be the only way to complete in Dax’s world of podcasting.
Despite the horrible name and even worse theme song this podcast is a lot of fun.
Man. I want to hear these guys every day. Especially during the pandemic. What a lift.
Puked earlier and it hurt to laugh, had to turn podcast off and come back next day.
Mary Fremont
Soho House Advertising
What about Soho House for an advertiser? Maybe they could name the chicken salad the Bateman? Once they open back up you could host a live recording there. Fun!
anonymous review writer
In love.
Thank you 🙏🏼
Best Way to Start the Day
I’m listening to SmartLess in my AirPods smiling on my way to get coffee and i can’t stop smiling because I love their dynamic so much
Best threesome ever
Absolutely the funniest podcast on today. Their bromance is amazing. I’ve told a ton of ppl to start listening to this! Only thing that would make it better would be video! 😂
Creepy laugher
This podcast has turned me in to that crazy person who is all by themselves laughing out loud to apparently no one! I listen while I walk my dog and am constantly laughing out loud. People give me that quizzical look, smile and wave, then hustle by quickly. I don’t care! I love the interactions of these hilarious hosts and the guests are phenomenal!! Love,love, love starting my day with these guys!
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Dream Team
This just makes me happy! Finally something great to happen 2020!
This podcast makes me laugh so hard. All three hosts are great and the guests have been a lot of fun too. Their friendship and the way they gently tease each other is very funny to listen to. I appreciated this podcast during the pandemic it’s really helped bring a smile to my face on days that weren’t awesome. Honestly this is the best podcast out at the moment. I really hope they keep it up even when things go back to normal. They all have great voices for this kind of work.
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Too bad about that one guest on that one episode.
The one podcast that has amazing guests but would be just as good without any guests. Three legends!
Give us more!
lame show lame dudes
Funny and informative
Neil Degrasse Tyson was the best guest so far, he made my brain hurt with all the knowledge. Will Farrell and Seth Rogan also amazing and entertaining as always. Not interested in Kamala, hopefully they leave the politics out of this podcast. She made this feel like less smart instead of SmartLess. Let’s keep it fun and informative and not partisan politics, leave that for CNN.
Sub Logic
It would be great if they had more than on podcast a week. They just make me laugh!!
Super Funny!
Love all three of these guys! ❤️
TCO Junkie
Love, Love, Love this podcast ❤️❤️❤️
Love, Love, Love this podcast ❤️❤️❤️ Always a good laugh and a big smile, while listening to SmartLess.
These times we need a good laugh and smile on our faces. These three provide it!
The best
Trying to listen to this show without laughing and smiling is like trying to drink a gallon of milk. It’s physically impossible.
R. H. Nielsen
Love itttt!
Literally the BEST podcast ever! I look forward to listening every week!! You guys are the best!
Love everything about this!
This podcast is AWESOME! I love the dynamic of the hosts and format of the show. It always makes me smile. Can’t recommend it more!
JE - Jill
How can anyone rate this less than 5 stars!? Such a great podcast. My only complaint is that there aren’t more of them. I finish listening as soon as it comes out and then I have to wait a week for the next one. Ugh. It’s still my favorite!
Keep politics out of your podcast
Entertaining but please don’t expect your audience to take you serious when you discuss politics. It ruins the show.
More please!
I’ve been listening to this podcast series while getting my steps in during the COVID. It’s been great, I find myself laughing out loud while I’m walking which makes people think I’m nuts so they steer clear of me - guaranteed social distancing! I love the banter and unexpected reactions. Keep it up please, this is the best! I look forward to more.
Am new to Podcasts, the trio are just as entertaining as they are in tv/movies, I even enjoy their “commercials”! Great guests-I am hooked! Keep it coming guys! Waiting with anticipation for each new episode!
Best threesome of my life
In the middle of
In the middle of a pandemic, riding the metro to work, Hayes, Bateman and Arnett had me laughing out loud!! Thanks 🙏🏽
I feel less smart, but much better
Jason Bateman was my hallpass for the longest time. Then, yesterday I tuned in and he not only thought the name of the “group” was Boney Bear; he also said “their” music is garbage. Needless to say, Maya Rudolph is now my hall pass. Really loving the podcast, guys! Incredible lineup of guests and top-notch banter k byeeeeeeeee
I came across this podcast by accident. Lucky I did. They are entertaining and hilarious. Even their ad reads are funny. One of my favorite podcasts now.
Crying laughing
This podcast makes my day!
Awesome podcast
Dynamic between the three is hilarious. They find a good balance of humor and insightful questions. Definitely subscribe!
Seth Rican’s episode was very entertaining. I’ll be friends with you Jason!
Favorite podcast!!!
An enjoyable, funny, lighthearted podcast that brings brightness and much needed relief during these turbulent times! Thanks for putting this out in the world.
PJ's Lens
How cliche, but I literally laugh out loud every show. Thank you!
JNette Rem
I can’t get enough.
I especially love how the guys build each other up after they tear one another down. My favorite podcast!
Maria Caico
I like Mondays now
I can’t even tell you how much I love listening to the banter between these three. Then you add in awesome, hilarious guests and it makes for one of the happiest hours of my week! I feel like a chode as I pass people on my walks laughing my ass off. It’s so great. Keep it up! I look forward to THIS!
Laughing my arse off!
OMG - each week I have been enjoying these guys and their AMAZING guests. The format, which I’ve heard Justin talk about on another Pod, is brilliant. That one host brings a surprise guest and has done the research on the guest, and the other two lob questions from the sides makes for a unique, hilarious 😂 time!!! Please make it longer, or more times a week. Love all of you!
Shut up Shep
Best interview podcast I’ve listened to
So glad I gave this a chance. It’s hilarious. I cruised through all the episodes in a few days.
New - Thank you
I decided to take a break from social media because I want to make a change with my life and I wasn’t sure what to do with the extra time I never knew I spent on social media- and I discovered podcast- and you three are the first I started listening to and I enjoy it everyday and just all around! I love the comedy and thank you for doing this it’s been very helpful during my mental break down and depression.
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Nonstop laughter
This gets me through not only my work days but also during this Covid time. These guys are absolutely hilarious, I wish we could see them do this live.
Home slice456
Highly recommend. Very funny.
jamey price
Best Pod on the Air
I cry-laugh until my sides ache EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. SO enjoyable, totally organically hilarious, authentic & witty content - just perfect. The hosts, the guests, even the ads are funny. 100/10. Literally. Listen right now - your life will be better for it.
No....Doesn’t work
Start with the Maya episode
I came back and deleted my original rave review to say...start with the Maya Rudolph episode it👏🏼will👏🏼not👏🏼disappoint. This podcast is my go to every day on my drive from the burbs to Chicago, and my only complaint it that I need more!!
I love this podcast so much. When you listen to podcasts; you hear a variation of the same conversation. That’s not the case with Smartless. It's just funny people talking, idk, I adore Jason Bateman. If you get his sense of humor... You'll get their podcast. By far the Will Farrell episode is my favorite. 😍😍
Super rad.
Just awesome! Simply awesome!
Hilarious, entertaining and shows a really cool side of the hosts! Humbling!
Ga Voter
Love this show!
I’m obsessed! New favorite podcast!!
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