Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett
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I absolutely love this podcast! I am a fan of all three hosts and their banter is just hilarious. Never stop making this. Thanks for all the laughs x
Makes me smile
My favorite part of the show is listening to Sean laugh. He’s got the best, most infectious and sincere laugh! It’s fun to listen to 3 friends hang out and talk without a script or even a plan. Thanks Guys!
Will 🙉
Love, love love this podcast just cannot handle eating into the mic 🤢 Will 🤣😂Other than that truly look forward to every episode.
B Renee C
Makes Me Happy
Haven’t had so much fun or laughed as much listening to a podcast before - every one ‘em. The three of you are the perfect combination. Thank you for such great listen.
Smartless is smart!
Best podcast ever. Interesting guests and three bright, funny and gracious hosts. I listen while I take my morning walk and can’t help laughing out loud at the banter. Of my favorite six or seven podcasts, this is my top pick.
Love your sense of humor!💓
Love you guys together. So funny!💕
Great show!
Funny guys, great convo, never heard it done like this before!
Episode 47
I’ve never been moved to write a review for a podcast before now. I look forward to this podcast each week - an enjoyable break from the daily grind - but Episode 47 was the best yet. Thanks guys.
Thank you
This has brought me a lot of joy and laughs.. almost like mini arrested episodes...#therearedozensofus
So good, it will not disappoint.
I’m truth, it is the first podcast that is so good, I actually enjoy listening to their ad breaks in full. They weave honesty, curiosity and humor so masterfully each episode that there is no comparison.
COME TO WISCONSIN! We’ve got a truck for you and guest room with a twin trundle and queen bed- perfect for you 3! (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like Jason would call shotgun on the Queen?) 😂 In all seriousness you guys are just hilarious. Love how you rip on each other but obviously love each other. Thanks for the laughs!
WI Mallory
Jake Tapper
Like we need to legitimize propagandists like CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. Our country is so messed up because of the deterioration of American media. CNN is so hypocritical in its handling of the Quomo brothers, Hunter Biden, the Wuhan lab leak theory, and violence/rioting. Where do I even begin with FOX? Shouldn’t Smartless take a cue from the Oscars downward death spiral as it slips into a total lack of relevance. Politicizing everything, especially through propagandists, leads to tuning out. How sad is it that when I want news that is less biased, I have to turn to the imperfect but more objective BBC.
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all i want is some truth
My Favorite Podcast Ever!
These three have great chemistry and are hilarious!! So addicting! I’ve been a fan of all three of them for a long time! I even love listening to their ads! Thanks for cheering us all up through a tough year! Don’t change a thing! You guys are awesome!
The best
So funny and so enjoyable. Love it!
Amazing podcast but for the love of god please stop eating or chewing on mic It’s absolute ear torture for some people including myself misophonia is real.
Good listen
Organic and deep conversations , while still being funny, also funny to hear Arnet uncomfortable, just come out will
Love the pod my sweet funny boys. 1 request though, can we get a harmonized byeeeeee to end one sode? I think that could really be beautiful. Theeeeenks
Love Samrtless!
What does Jason Bateman do with his time since he doesn’t read or watch TV?
Craig Mom
Clearly this is the funniest and most entertaining podcast and I love it so much! I just have one honest request which is please please no more snacking during recording. I have Misophonia and the chewing, etc effects me (negatively) so much I have to fast forward through it. Please help meeeee - Waking up on Monday morning and listening to a hot hot fresh episode starts my week off right. Xoxo
Candy Crab Legs Lawrence
Bible on LGBTQ
I type this to encourage the hosts. In response to your most current podcast with Rob McElhenney, in the 2000+ years of Biblical scholarship, the concept of sexual orientation is not addressed in the Bible. By this I mean the Bible addresses the practice of sexual acts with same sex people but not sexual attraction. The acts the Bible addresses as abuse between men in authority who were hetero but would sexually abuse their slaves, young boys and prisoners of war. It was a common and abhorrent practice. But the Bible is NOT condemning same sex attraction. The Bible has no take on sexual orientation as it wasn’t an abhorrent practice in the ancient world. The passages from the Old Testament and New Testament that are commonly used to disenfranchise LGBTQ have been co-opted by a political culture from around the late 19th century to now. The word homosexuality wasn’t translated into English bibles until 1946 in the RSV. Look this up it’s very mind blowing. “Homosexuality” is no longer being translated into English bibles as it is an incorrect translation from the Greek word, which the apostle Paul created. The word he used arsenokoitai which literally means “boy molesters” as it was meant to address the abuse of hetero male masters over their male slaves or young subordinates. I am so very sorry the church has hurt and continues to hurt lgbtq. There are churches who are affirming. Thank you all for the many laughs.
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Favorite podcast
So funny, this is my favorite podcast
I’ve really been enjoying this podcast and love listening to all three of them! It’s funny to me how often Jason says the word meritocracy though lol
Some good guests
It is what it is
Kaiser Soso
Non-Stop Laughs
I love listening to these 3 hysterical humans! They always put me in a good mood and I cannot wait for them to go on tour!!
Wish they would produce 5 podcasts a week!
Can’t get enough.
So fun!!!
Love, love, LOVE! Such fun banter between you alll. ❤️ Jason Bateman...when will Melissa McCarthy be on?!?!
Perfect Mix!
I couldn’t love any of them more!
Fantastic podcast
Columbia Cache
So much fun!
Interesting and fun! Hope they keep going.
Entertaining at times, but too many ads and no rhythm with questions
I am late to the party on this pod and started listening jusr a few weeks ago but started at the very beginning since there are not too many episodes. The most tiring aspect is you have 3 film/TV stars and there’s about 15 ads in one pod. Seriously? Do you guys really need the ad money? As far as the content, I have to praise the show because the guests are great and have a variety of different backgrounds. The issue is - maybe it’s the format of the show - there is no real format to the questions. I get that 1/3 hosts will know the guest, but I think if you had some generic scripted questions to start it would help. It’s just like a Jimmy Fallon interviewing guests and all over the place.
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I’m in love!😍
I seriously don’t know who I love more. I’m obsessed with Jason which is why I starting listening in the first place. I immediately couldn’t get enough of Sean’s humor, voice, and laugh. I wasn’t that familiar with Will before but now I want to marry him. I love everything about him. This is the funniest podcast each and every time and my fantasy would be to hang out for an hour with all three of them. Drop the mike.
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Too Much Fun
You guys bring me so much joy and laughter during such a crappy time. Between riffing on each other and the jokes on Sean having not seen ‘arrested’ I literally can’t breath from laughing each week. And jesus even your commercials are hilarious! It’s an hour I look forward to each week. Huge fan of ALL your work and devoted listener.
I am in love
These guys are the best!! They’re hilarious, they have interesting & diverse guests - overall great podcast! They have great chemistry together & I literally could listen to them talk all day - not even necessarily to a guest, just to each other. Their banter gives me life. Jason & Sean are wonderful & Will Arnett is just simply a gift to all mankind, he utters a single sentence and I’m laughing so hard I feel a week’s worth of stress lift off my shoulders. THANK YOU for putting this pure joy of a podcast out into the world right when we all need some levity and laughter. Also- I don’t know why some people are so hard on Gwenyth Paltrow - she seems very lovely & insightful to me! Loved her interview, love her, love Goop (& all the other episodes as well!!) & the Mitch Hurwitz episode had me laughing like no other episode before!! Keep em coming & never stop!! 👏🏼👏🏼
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The Best Podcast to Ever Come Out on July 20th
Imagine a podcast where Hugh Jackman does ASMR for an hour. And every 15 seconds you are treated to the softest kissing sound as he respectfully grazes his lips on the forehead of an orphaned child. Smartless is not that good, but it’s as close as anyone can get without being Hugh Jackman. You won’t regret podding with these guys and their guests.
100% fun
Pure joy
Love just hanging out
Love this Podcast. It like hanging out with your friends. Smiling and laughing the whole time. Thank you.
Katie from Delco 💕
This podcast makes me in a better mood 100% of the time.
What a gift
I love several podcasts, but this is the first time I’ve ever left a review for one. This podcast is so wonderful, upbeat and funny but can be serious at times, it really hits such a nice balance. Between the three of these guys and their combined “rolodex”, it’s a neverending rotation of awesome guests. Hope these guys do this long-term.
Jeffrey Tambor is not a teddy bear
How disappointing of the lengthy air time given to praise Jeffrey Tambor, a well known bully and predator.
Five stars
Five stars.
Literally put the OUT LOUD in LOL! Was listening while holding dumbbells working out. Almost injured myself. So funny. I don’t even care what they talk about. They can even skip the guest and just talk amongst themselves the entire time. Jason’s ad libs give me life. This is exactly what we all need right now. Every other podcast is so serious, self-helpy, so philosophical. (And I’m a therapist). But sometimes we just need to start Monday with good hard laughter. I press play before I brush my teeth. Please don’t stop this podcast. Ever.
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If you love listening to cis white men talk at you, check this out!
I started to listen to the Zach Galifianakis episode of this podcast because I find him truly hilarious and charming and despite that I turned it off like six minutes in. Will Arnett made a joke ("joke") correcting the expression, "old wives' tale" and making it "old partners' tale" and I groaned. Making jokes about “wokeness” in the year of Rihanna 2021 is so tired, but then again so is Will Arnett.
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It came with a tear in the side and spilled little black beads all over my dog cushion. She’s ticked off and I’m a little unsettled. Bad job. 1 star.
It’s a silly time
I’m happy about this podcast. I even relisten to episodes! I love the chemistry of these three and who they bring to the table. I think I’m most excited about new episodes for this podcast than any others. Very light-hearted for the most part and overall refreshing!
Poor Sean gets the short end of the stick.
Celebs Talking to Celebs
I enjoy the podcast overall, I do. There have interesting guests and Jason, Will, and Sean are pretty funny together. BUT sometimes I’m over listening to them just sit around complementing their celeb friends on air. They have great guests on and then don’t ask them good questions that would be interesting for us to hear the answers to. Instead they talk about “the biz” or just fangirl over them. I’m often left thinking, ‘you could’ve asked that person so many good questions...instead you told them how much you love their work 3 dozen times.’ The banter between the 3 hosts is funny but start preparing some questions maybe? Cause it just seems like your friends came over and we’re listening in on you hanging out in your living room before dinner. You had Megan Rapinoe on and barely scratched anything significant 😞
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Pure Joy!
I cannot stop laughing at this podcast! The interviews are fascinating. They do such a great job, highly recommend!!
Funny & Super Funny
Always the best blog of my week—
Love the show
Does anyone know how Will felt every day driving on to the lot at Fox? Hoping he'll speak to that at some point. For reals though their dynamic is great. Love that the guests are totally different than other podcasts, especially when they're already pals, because they don't just bring people on who are promoting something.
Mitch Hurwitz episode
Jeffrey Tambor is a teddy bear???? I hope Jessica Walter isn’t turning over in her grave. No more middle aged white privilege boys club for me.
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