Tom Mansell
This audio drama invites your ears to visit Slumberland, a small island town in the US. Come along with Thomas Edward M, the freelance soundman. He's been hired to meet the locals and record their oral histories for the town's time capsule. The unfolding history of the town mixes folklore, paranormal, mystery and humor.
089 - Selective Mutism
Thomas Edward M had a plan to pause his Slumberland work and travel to a job interview, but that plan gets canceled by a fresh batch of raging storms over the island. In the meantime, Thomas agrees to meet with longtime resident Lorde Logan, and give her copies of all the oral history recordings he's made so far. Lorde contributes her own tale, involving a close encounter with the Sandy Specter, long ago.
Oct 16
33 min
088 - Stammtisch
At a career crossroads in Slumberland, Thomas reflects on his early days as a freelance sound man. In New York City, seeking a mentor, young Thomas tracks down famed radio journalist Silas Tranzam. Thomas becomes his intern and begins a short but memorable stint assisting the brilliant but unconventional Tranzam. This trip down memory lane dredges up a shocking memory from Thomas's past, thanks to a sound recording recovered by Tranzam's niece, Lima.
Aug 3
34 min
087 - Sensitive Snowflake
Thomas returns to the Community Dome and confronts a young woman named Lima Tranzam. She's traveled to Slumberland with a cassette tape that contains jarring revelations from Thomas's past.
Jul 14
15 min
086 - Small World
Thomas is flustered from discovering a strange woman sharing his temporary home. Since the house belongs to Oskar, Thomas calls him up and demands to know what's going on.
Jun 8
7 min
085 - Slide Show
Long ago, town founder Coyote carved a coded message into a rock. Determined to finish recording the story of that carved message, Thomas arrives at the town's Sip Zip Café. Owner Skip is full of caffeine and ready to tell the tale using a photo slide show!
May 20
20 min
084 - Sloop Tom B
Thomas needs a respite from his weird misadventures. The Supper Shack sounds like a good place to grab a bite. But Thomas is roped into a lively chat by Stella Pierce, the local pilot. Stella and Thomas have only spoken over radio, now it's time for a proper introduction and a beer.
Mar 5
11 min
083 - Sponsor
In desperate need of healthy cell phone signal, Thomas rides with Rupert back to the time capsule. Rupert and his team work to widen the Community Garden's hatchway into the capsule. Meanwhile, Thomas phones a mentor from his past.
Feb 13
13 min
082 - Simsala's Tale
Thomas revives from the session with Alva Two that went very awry. Now it's time to learn much more about the woman once known as Simsala Del Becha.
Jan 20
21 min
081 - Supplemental 5: Summer-Winter Festival
In the middle of summer, Slumberland celebrates the winter holidays! A recording that Thomas discarded is presented to spread the holiday spirit. Come on down, the supper shack is decorated, frosty mugs are served and knit hats are required.
Dec 18, 2019
8 min
080 - Simsala Del Becha's Last Gasp
Alva Two runs out of journal entries written by his father, the late Alva One. However, within the pages of the journal books, Alva does come across an ominous entry written in jagged black ink.
Oct 21, 2019
7 min
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