SLP Happy Hour
SLP Happy Hour
Sarah & Sarie
SLP Happy Hour is a podcast for caring SLPs who want more calm and less chaos in their workday. We are passionate about combating perfectionism and helping SLPs create stronger and healthier relationships with their work worlds, and to have more fun and calm at home. On the podcast, we talk about happiness, SLP lesson fails, easy (lazy) lessons, new habits we are trying to create, and tips and tricks for maintaining more SLP calm.
Ep. 129: Private Practice Q & A, Tips For Making Big Decisions
In this solo episode, Sarah answers some private practice questions (and gets very honest about finding a niche and her experience of impostor syndrome before starting a clinic) including how to know when it’s time to start and what a typical day looks like. Time Stamps 1:30 How did you know it was time to start your own private practice? 4:25 How did you decide on a niche? Do you market yourself differently to keep the caseload you like? 6:08 What does a typical day look like for you? FYI since this episode was recorded Sarah now does all her own clinic administration and insurance billing as her clinic administrator has moved on to become an SLP-Assistant locally8:25 Experiencing self doubt and fear before starting a clinic 9:22 Why “Do The Option That Scares You The Most” is terrible advice 13:08 The difference between fear and intuition 14:30 How to connect with intuition when making a big decision 15:10 Questions to ask your intuition 17:59 Rumination 20:27 Recap A quick note: this is our last episode as we take a summer break from podcasting - we’ll see you with new episodes in September. Thank you to Annie Filla (Instagram: aac.with.annie) for submitting today’s questions. Links Sponsored By Parent Handout Bundle: With Us: Submit a Question for the Podcast: (scroll down to find the submission form) For full show notes, visit:
Jun 15, 2022
21 min
Ep. 128: Fluency Session Ideas & Exiting a Job Gracefully
In this solo episode, you’ll learn some easy session ideas and activities for fluency session, plus tips for exiting a job gracefully as an SLP. Time Stamps 1:31 What kind of support in stuttering would be beneficial to you? 2:07 AAC - How do you get parents to use devices at home? 5:12 How has the neurodiversity movement changed how you practice? 11:37 3 Easy Lesson Ideas for School Age Fluency Sessions 18:09 Exiting a Job Gracefully 26:17 Wrap Up Thank you for today's questions from Dana Wierzbicki (Infinite Horizon Speech). LinksFluency Parent Handouts - Preschool, School Age Us A Question: (scroll down for the form)For full show notes, visit: with Us: Pay Teachers:
Jun 8, 2022
27 min
Ep. 127: Summer Bucket Lists & Your Apraxia Questions Answered
In this Episode, you’ll learn Sarie and Sarah’s summer bucket lists, goals & routines they are developing, and their upcoming life changes. Then, the conversation changes to the speech room as the cohosts discuss Childhood Apraxia of speech, including: goal ideas, assessment measures, where to start and therapy techniques. Time Stamps 0:00-11:40 Intro & Summer Bucket Lists 11:45 How do you know if a child has Apraxia? What assessment measures do you use? 13:57 Once you know a child has CAS, where do you start with speech therapy? 17:05 What are some therapy techniques you use with your students? 18:56 CAS Goal Examples 20:24 What do you do with CAS once kids are fairly intelligible at the word level? 22:10 Outro For full show notes, visit Happy Hour on TPT: from SLP Happy Hour:
Jun 1, 2022
23 min
Ep. 126: AAC Pilot Program
In this solo episode, Sarah shares how she’s implementing a systems-first approach to AAC at her clinic. This episode includes a discussion of how to get communication systems (for free), how to decide on a system, and ways to monitor if it’s working. Step 1 Identify who needs to be a part of this AAC programStep 2 Research SystemsStep 3 Monitor Progress & Determine Next Steps Parent Handouts for AAC: Cruz on Instagram:
May 25, 2022
12 min
Ep. 125: Learning About AAC - It Doesn’t Have to be So Hard (+AAC tips)
In this episode, Sarah and Sarie discussed different masking rules in Sarie’s setting (schools) versus Sarah’s Setting (clinic) and the confusion and conflict that has invited for families they see. This conversation isn’t about the hosts’ personal beliefs on masking, but rather the confusing messages regarding mask wearing and that the rules should be consistent between schools and clinics. The cohosts also discuss four problems with AAC education (and how to fix them), and discuss gestalt language learning and AAC. Sarah and Sarie also share their favorite recent reads, with both nonfiction and fiction book recommendations. Key Topics0:00 Intro1:31 Inconsistent Masking Guidelines in Oregon 10:25 4 Problems with AAC Education (and how to fix them) 22:25 AAC & Gestalt Language Learners 30:35 Wrap Up For Full Show Notes, Visit: Store: from Us:
May 18, 2022
31 min
Ep. 124: Our Top /R/ Generalization Activities & EdPuzzle
Key Topics 0:00 Intro 2:20 Recommendations & What’s Up, What’s Down 5:50 Ideas for /R/ generalization10:30 EdPuzzle for Speech Therapy Ideas 14:55 Wrap Up For full show notes visit: R Reading Packet:
May 11, 2022
16 min
Ep. 123: AAC Overwhelm
In this solo episode, Sarah discusses her experience learning about AAC, including the challenges of information overload, the focus on AAC education on theory instead of practice, and what’s on the other side.of AAC Overwhelm. By the end of this episode, you’ll have and idea of how to navigate learning about a new area of clinical interest (with a less overwhelming process). Show notes: Parent Handouts:
Apr 27, 2022
17 min
Ep. 122: It's Easy to Lash Out, It's Hard to Regulate
Key Topics0 Intro & Topics for Today 2:00 Lesson Gone Wrong 4:02 It’s easy to lash out, it’s hard to communicate19:03 Smartphone Use & Happiness (aware - focused use for a purpose, unaware - mindless use, use while the phone doesn’t have your full attention)22:11 Wrap UpIn this cohosted episode, Sarah and Sarie discuss:A lesson gone wrongTips to stop, think and process (rather than lash out) when things are difficultTips for dealing with people who lash out at us 3 Steps for Navigating through Conflict (identify your response, discharge the emotion, clarify your solution) For full show notes, visit: Happy Hour Parent Handout Packet - more from SLP Happy Hour -
Apr 20, 2022
23 min
Ep. 121: Articulation Research, Tiny Weird Things & Pandemic Babies
Key Topics0:00 Intro2:06 Articulation Tips & Research (a new way to take data, /r/ app) 6:03 Lesson Ideas (5 free online quizzes) 9:32 Self Care Challenge13:35 Pandemic Babies18:39 Wrap Up & Summary For full show notes, visit: R Reading Packet:
Apr 6, 2022
19 min
Ep. 120: Am I Ready for a Side Gig? Plus, TPT Income Report
In this Solo episode, Sarah talks about SLP Side Hustles/Side Gigs and answers questions like: How long does it take to make money once you get a side gig? What are some side gigs SLPs do? How much money did you make on TPT? How do I know if I might be ready to start a business on the side? Key Ideas0:00 Why should I start a side business? 02:19 How can an SLP choose what to do for a side hustle? 02:57 What tools/knowledge do you need to start selling on TPT? 03:47 Why did I choose TPT? 05:11 5 Indicators You May be Ready for a Side Gig 06:55 TPT Income Report 09:50 Why haven’t my sales grown lately? 11:08 Business Lessons I’ve learned 14:00 Tips for TPT Sellers 15:15 Encouragement for SLPs with Side Gigs Links Connect with us: www.slphappyhour/newsletterSLP TPT Store: the Podcast:
Mar 23, 2022
17 min
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