Slow German
Slow German
Annik Rubens
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Listening to this podcast helped me tremendously. Ich habe meine B1 Geschäft :)
Horribly brainwashed
Islam is evil fools that believe this crap are fools indeed
thank you
I love to hear the episodes .it gives me pleasure to listen.i studied in Germany 50 years ago.The podcast describes the culture and traditions of Germany.I wish Germany will preserve its treasure Danke Schoen
Jagdish Trivedi
Absolutely a gem. Thank you!
I was looking for some German learning materials for beginners and found this gem. Each episode covers a small topic about life and culture in Germany, they are thoughtfully written and the length is just right. The host has provided transcripts of her episodes, which I find extremely helpful. I deeply appreciate her effort in creating this podcast. Thank you so much Annik ! <3
Danke schon für die praktishen podcasts 🙏🏻
Love this podcast
I’m still somewhat of a beginner in learning the German language, so I have found this podcast an excellent way to “get used to” pronunciation, accent, etc. Thank you for taking the time to do this podcast, and please never stop! :)
A beautiful voice presenting enjoyable and interesting topics in German (Zum Deutsch lernen!)
Very interesting, well thought out and easy to understand topics for those of us who are learning the German language.
Der Steppen Wolf
Very helpful and interesting!
I enjoy the mixture of topics.
Vielen Dank!
Many thanks for all your useful information you gave me besides learning Deutsch! My”Hören” is improving...! XoXo
Faya From Iran
I love it! It helps me a lot. Thanks for your reading. But I can’t listen today. Please check this problem.
Hana Jegal
Vielen dank
Lufthansa Airlines has a special place in my heart.
Sexy Skittle
This is exactly what I needed. It is very difficult to teach yourself a foreign language; especially when you’re over 5000 miles away from where that language is spoken. Even though I cannot understand everything that is said, this podcast really helps me with pronunciation and understanding what sounds right.
Excellent tool to push and advance your German lessons.
Anna Jane Micaela
Great resource
Great resource for the German learner. Anna covers a lot of topics and there is even a companion website with all the podcasts transcribed so you can follow along. This has been very helpful in my studies, thank you !
Great for me — a novice Deutsch speaker who needs to brush up and learn. Violin Dank!