Sleep With Me
Sleep With Me
Dearest Scooter and Night Vale Presents
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Racing thoughts BEGONE
I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me at night. For some reason my mind shuts off when you speak. You are truly gifted at what you do. I enjoy your childlike sense of humor & look forward to every episode. You’ve been helping me sleep for years now. When all else fails I run to your show. Thank you so so much.
Torn on how to rate this
I don’t know if I should admit this, but I found it fascinating? I definitely need to find another sleep podcast though. Idk, I like it, 5 stars
Great Podcast! I have been listening to this for 4 years! Your podcast help me fall asleep before a big test. TY. Btw thank you for spreading great values.
A Middel School Student
24 minutes of ads
Holy shirt. Loud noises, jarring music, and fast excited ads for the first 24+ minutes. I can’t do it. I wake in the middle of the night and need relaxing talk to shut my brain off to fall back asleep. This podcast doesn’t fit the bill, the preamble wakes you up and is stressful.
i think the longest i’ve been able to stay awake is like, 30 minutes? (ad time included) i love this podcast! ahhh when the host said that it’s a space that doesn’t pressure you to fall asleep, but is just there to keep you company as you doze off... something about that idea really relaxes me, and then, i’m sleeping 😌😌
Toot toot
Scooter’s pooter
Jack M Hoffman
Occasional insomniac
I don’t normally have trouble sleeping but when I do, I wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours and hours. After I finally relent and turn on Sleep With Me, I somehow magically drift off into sleep. My biggest tip: don’t think too much about it, just close your eyes and listen. Happy snoozing!
This is the best sleep podcast
Thank you for all the times you have rambled on and on with half nonsensical stories, and lulled me off to dreamland. I have been listening for the past year, and have never heard the end. If I’m not feeling up for the intro, it’s easy to skip ahead. If I’m particularly anxious or needing to fall asleep but I know it’s far off, I listen to the intro to wind my mind down. And I love that you use this space to plant seeds of inclusivity and compassion. For anyone complaining about that, maybe you all need to listen some more and open your mind to some new thoughts before you drift off to sleep. Thank you for helping me fall asleep night after night. I recommend this podcast to all of my friends. 🥰
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Slept for the first time in a long time without taking any pills . There are some ads at first but, after those I remember only a few things he said and then what a relief to sleep all through the night.
Nothing but adds
The 1st 20 minutes is literally just adds.
this is absolutely amazing. idk what you guys are on, his voice is so relaxing. thank you for including important topics, and making everyone feel welcomed. i cannot even tell you how much i cried just hearing that i matter. thank you for the small impact you've had <3 keep up the great work!!
harry styles fan club
i’ve been falling asleep to the pod since 2015, love it!
I expected a podcast that would help ease my mind and help me fall asleep. Nope. Another “let me tell you how enlightened I’ve become” pandered.
Sleep Guaranteed
I can’t make it 5 minutes into the intro before I’m lights out.
Pete Goodrich
I literally have no idea what this podcast is about because I fall asleep within 5 minutes every time
Love it!
Helps me sleep
Works for me
I’m typically asleep before the into is over.
Thank you for helping me with my sleep troubles . Just listening when I’m lonesome makes me sleep and feel better
Not So Caring
I subscribed at the $10 level for several years. The one time I asked Drew about his dyslexia diagnosis, I was immediately blocked. I am a reading specialist and thought I might help. Drew often referenced his dyslexia issue. After how I was treated, I wonder.
Give it a try PLEASE. Scoots has helped me fall asleep time, and time again. Just try it, try running a 4 night trial, and if you don’t fall asleep, then maybe the podcast is just not for you! DO IT.
waste of time
intro was well over 30 minutes long, most of it i skipped through because it was pointless and i just wanted to hear the story. i became annoyed very quick, not really planning on using this for sleeping
New listener
Great show looking forward to hearing other stories :)
hate it
jk i love this podcast. i fall asleep in less than 10 minutes every time i listen, so thank you!!
Is this a joke?
I’m so confused by this podcast. 10 min of commercials...rambling on...I just don’t get this at all.
Bro I don’t care about your political beliefs and your voice is not relaxing
Yo this game is sick
Cant fall asleep without him
Ever since I discovered this podcast 6 months ago there have literally been a handful of nights where I have not listened to fall asleep. The mindless meanders allow my mind to slow down and I am able to get a really good night’s sleep. I often drift off to sleep loooong before the stories start, which is a good thing. I look forward to the mindless meandering every night. I can’t imagine falling asleep without it.
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I listen every night!
Thank you, Scoots for helping me fall asleep every night!! If you’re a new listener, stick with it - one day it clicks and makes all the difference. Sweet dreams!
helps me fall asleep
Going downhill fast
This show used to be great. But the ads at the beginning have increased from just a few minutes to now 15 plus minutes. Also, it used to be a safe place to relax and fall asleep. But now, political views are always mentioned heavily in the beginning. If you’re going to listen, only listen to episodes from 2018 and earlier.
Good at what he does
This podcast is exceptionally good for the person who struggles with getting to sleep because of a mind that continues to whir after the lights go out. This guy simulates those moments just as some one is really falling asleep. That time when ideas amd words get garbled, and snagged. Uses ideas to string things together, or a popular show plotline. If you are a Dr Who fan this podcast is for you.. Yes the podcast intro has ads read by this guy and he acknowledges BLM and COVID causes. This is not politics. Just reality. If you are in no mood for it then fast forward. Either way this guy is talented.
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Cozy and sleepy
I came to this pod mid pandemic and struggling to sleep. Took a couple tries, but once I got used to the format, things really got sleepy! I love the pointless stories and wordplay that makes me giggle as I’m being led off to dreamland. And on nights when it’s really hard to fall asleep, it’s nice to have company there with me. Overall, great podcast and I listen pretty regularly, even when I’m not struggling to sleep! It’s just so comfy.
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So good!
I have insomnia and I can barely sleep without medicine. This helps so much. Thank you scoots! I’ve been listening every night for 5e past few months.
jeffery boi
All lives matter you racist bum.
Love you Scooter!!!!!! Really good podcast! Everyone should try this out.
Best ever
I don’t know why but this is the best podcast ever it’s the only thing to ever get me to sleep through the night it’s appropriate and great for all ages while writing this review I am actually listening to a episode I didn’t want to write a review until I started listening to this episode and I read some reviews And I realized that it was important to be heard. (Also you can’t see your own reviews for those who think they can) Summary: This podcast helped me through my worst times and I would tell anyone that this is the best podcast ever.
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Greatful listener. . .'
Thank you!
This podcast has been the only constant comfort in this horrible year
Came to leave a five star review because I had a good chuckle at the people who stopped listening due to the host’s inclusive and progressive political stance. Such snowflakes! Anyways, the weird tangents might not be for everyone but this podcast helps me sleep & it also helps me sleep better knowing the host is on the right side of history :-)
Dicy Ann
Such A Life Saver!
I have always had issues falling asleep (a mix of insomnia and pretty harsh anxiety). Currently I am working a week on week off overnight shift & on my off weeks I work a normal 9-5. Suffice it to say the issues falling asleep are worse than ever; my brain simply will not shut off. This podcast has been such a blessing! I couldn’t tell you what a single episode is about because I’m typically asleep within 15 minutes of turning it on. For me that is truly a miracle! I wish I had to right words to convey how much this has meant to me, but all I have is “thank you.” The depth of my gratitude is beyond words.
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I fall asleep in the first 10 minutes. I couldn’t sleep for multiple days in a row until I found this, thank you scooter!
The best
godking ofking
Your rlly good I alway fall sleep before it over!
I appreciate your existence
Idk why I just fall asleep every time. Very grateful 💞
The worst
Don’t judge
I haven’t listened to the podcast could be good or bad...but I find it odd that it tells me that this podcast has explicit content every time I click on an episode. I don’t know...just seems weird for a sleep inducing content podcast to have anything inappropriate in it...again, I could be wrong and there is something in like one episode and the podcast could be great, but still...make you wonder.
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Goodness Gracious Girl Gamer
Annoying voice, annoying intro. I don’t want to hear about social justice issues when I’m going to bed.
nirmala devi
I listen almost every night
Thank you for creating a safe place for me to fall asleep to at night. One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Try it out two or three times before you knock it!!
I love derest scooter!
So the story of how I came to this podcast is I was so sleepy but I couldn’t get to sleep, so I told my dad this and he turned this on. I love this podcast!!!! I love this podcast and I wish I could support it but I am only an 8 year old who loves this podcast
pais sue
I’ve never made it more then 15 minutes...
...and that’s a good thing! Thank you Scooter. You make falling asleep the most boring part of the day.
Thank you
Not exactly sure why this podcast is so effective at putting me to sleep, a combination of soothing voice and interesting enough to hold your attention but if you fall asleep before it’s over you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything important. Thanks for helping me sleep.
Love the show.
Thank you for bringing up the so called politics that everyone is bashing. It is important for those with platforms to support those in need. Love the show and always helps me sleep.
love him
scoots puts me to sleep in 5 minuets, i love how he just wanders off ! thank you for putting me to sleep
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