Sleep With Me
Sleep With Me
Dearest Scooter and Night Vale Presents
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I didn’t like this show at first.
Now I can’t live without it. I realize this doesn’t make me special because a lot of people have this exact same experience. But you know who is special? Our buddy, Scoots. We love you, Dearest Scooter!!!
Effective and creative
I love listening to this podcast on Sunday nights right before I start work weeks! Speaker puts me to sleep with his voice and his sense of humor and stories.
I like it but....
This podcast has helped me fall asleep a few times but there is way too much talk about the sponsors and too many ads at the top of the episode and scattered throughout. It’s completely counter productive to hear a voice at a normal, cheerful, animated volume for like 30 min while I’m trying to lay there and use it to fall asleep as the podcast advertises. plus, i’m already in a comfortable position in bed so i don’t want to reach over to my phone to fast forward to a good spot. so i have to lay there getting annoyed. even if i have the ads at a lower volume, his cadence is animated as i mentioned, so it is not soothing. when the story actually starts then it’s good.
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Vocal Fry
The vocal fry quality of the narrator’s voice just grates on me. Can’t listen to it.
Creepy, touching you through a blanket?
I noticed you being a little creepy and then you being cringe worthy. Eeks, hopefully others were asleep but I wasn’t.
Hello scooter!
I really love the podcast, gives me something to focus on instead of my mind taking me wherever it wants and staying awake, but I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the ads, and I can see where they are coming from, may I suggest putting an exact time stamp for when the story starts?
Your daily dose of confusion
This is an amazing “podcast”. I’m a teen(13) that can’t fall asleep, once I started this it took about 2 tries before it worked now I wake up well rested. It’s less of a podcast and more background noise, the subjects he talks about are boring in a good way he gets distracted very easily, again in a good way. Over all a good sleep tool 11/10
Might work for you, but definitely not for me
His voice is not soothing or sleep inducing at alllll. Honestly kept me awake with all his stumbling on words and the tone of his voice. Not to mention he doesn’t get into the actual story until 30-40 minutes into the podcast. Found myself trying to fast forward to the story part of it. Way too many ads and unnecessary talk at the beginning.
This is amazing
Woke up well-rested today. The host is just the right amount of silly and clever to distract my brain and put me to sleep. Really love this podcast wish I found it earlier.
Amazing and...
Geez were do I start well for one the podcast is amazing and does work for me. I have recommended it to some of my friends and can someone please tell me who scoots is?
Strider the gamer
This dude is awesome
I fortunately don’t have a lot of trouble sleeping, but man when I throw this guy on, I’m out very quickly. His voice is perfect for just the boring, dull, mindless yammering, that it’s so awesome this podcast was created specifically to put people asleep. I went back to the first episode available and I’m working my way forward in time. I’m very happy that as of 1 day ago, there were new episodes 🥰 Keep on making us pass out homie.
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My favs are recipe and Star Trek TNG episodes
Scooter is in peak form when describing episodes of Star Trek TNG. Would love to hear season 2 episode A Matter of Honor. Also total Zzzzzzzzz! when Scoots talks about shopping at the tj and cooks with his droid buddy, Instant Pot. (Does Ray have a favorite recipe?)
Honest Drunkard O'Malley
Can u make one that’s not explicit?
I think this is amazing for people who are ok with hearing lots of cursing but can I go to sleep with one or two non explicit stories?
So I don’t fall asleep listening to podcasts but good job
pizza guy 999
Finally had a good sleep thanks scoots
Works too well
I can’t remember the last time I got through the intro it’s that good.
Artemis Fowl Jr.
1..2.. zzzzzzz
I couldn’t tell you the content of even one of these episodes because I always pass out long before the actual episode starts. Thanks!
Once upon a sleepy time
My son turned me on to this podcast, a couple of years ago, knowing I’ve been an insomniac most of my life. I doubted it would work but from the first listen, it actually worked! Shocked and happy the first year, over and over again with sweet sleep. But the ads, the intros...I got good at timing them and running the timeline foward...first 27 minutes...then 29, now 32. And the explanations for them, when I tried to listen? Finally just feeling like, stop! No, I’m not a rebel just charge me or don’t, it’s not amusing. And finally I’m done. I know I could pay to be put to sleep but the feeling of manipulation pisses me off. So, done. I’ll figure out another way to sleep.
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No pressure to relax
I’ve tried a lot of different podcasts to fall asleep and this one not only makes me laugh but takes the pressure off to fall asleep immediately. And when I wake up in the night hearing it somehow makes it easier to go back to sleep without getting anxiety. Thank you for this!
I am 9 years old
I am a kid so my mom was doing it and like a kid I wanted to try it and it is amazing I love it so much
Gray fox fox two
Thankful for Sleepy with Me
I go to sleep with this every night. It relaxes me and I truly am grateful for this podcast. What a lifesaver this is!!!! It is so relaxing and it really calms my anxiety. I get so much better sleep and I literally am lucky I make it to any story part lol. Thank you!!! Joanne :)
Saved my sleep
This podcast is my go-to at least 5 nights a week. Drew is amazing and funny and makes the middle of the night a little less scary when I can’t sleep. Usually I hear about 5-10 minutes of the podcast and I’m out. Love my bore-friend!! Thanks Drew!
Wow this podcast changed
I haven’t listened in a while because I’ve been sleeping great but here I am at 3:30am not sleeping so I go to my old favorite and get 40 MINUTES OF ADS upfront, talking fast, not chill... ☹️ bummer. Just didn’t do it for me anymore.
Nights are less scary
Scooter ensures that you feel genuinely welcomed and valid in this space. Listening to the podcast has helped me feel less alone at night. Thank you Scoots, you make a huge difference.
Works every time
I am determined to hear the stories and also think I’m so wide awake there is no way this guy will get me to sleep. Lo and behold within fifteen minutes I’m usually in la la land. It’s pleasantly weird. Lol.
Love coffee with news reviews
Worked for me!
Every episode, Scoots talks about how for most people the show takes two or three times to work. But for me, when I first found the show through a desperate, insomnia fueled google search, and started listening, it put me right out. And it continues to knock me out, usually during the intro when he explains how the podcast works. It’s only when the insomnia is particularly strong that I’ll end up hearing the actual story. 😂 I am super grateful that this podcast exists, and I’ve been recommending it to my friends ever since I found it, roughly half a year ago now, I think? Thank you, Scoots!
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I can’t sleep without this podcast anymore!
I love this podcast because it makes going to bed a happy time. I used to feel so much anxiety about going to bed because I had a hard time sleeping, but this podcast puts me to sleep before the story even starts! And if there are nights when I can’t sleep, it feels like a comforting friend staying awake with me.
Not a calming voice
Definitely couldn’t fall asleep to this. The voice just does NOT put me in a relaxed state of mind. I’d recommend finding something with a more relaxing voice.
Best dreams ever!!
Am I the only one who finds they’ve have super weird and off the wall dreams since listening? SO much fun! The wackier the story, the wilder my dreams. I struggle with insomnia and audiobooks and podcasts are a crutch I cannot go without. This podcast is a wonderful way to have something interesting to listen to without a desire to stay awake for the ending. Only wish I could remember the ones that provided my mind with the most dream candy. Thanks Scoots!
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I never make it past the intro. I’ve been listening to it for about two years now. Highly recommend!
Works every time.
I’d like to say his stories are amazing but there is something about his voice that puts me right to sleep and I never quite make it to the end!! Highly recommend.
Is this a joke?
Terrible content!
Scoots is our bore bae!
I’ve listen to SWM every night for the last 4 months. Scoots keeps me company and in a good, lighthearted mood, which helps me relax and fall asleep.
Soul work
As a professional working psychic and kundalini meditator I work within the realms of dreams and life expectations through the work of ancient tarot I am recommending my clients t your podcast I enjoy
psychic annette
My All Night, Every Night Sleep Aid
When I was introduced to this podcast a few years ago, my first thought was “whaaa???” I had no idea what to expect, and the strange, meandering stories threw me off. Ackerman’s voice also took some time to adjust to. I had friends who swore by it, so I gave it a go for three nights. After that, I was hooked. Within a few months I became a patron to access even more benefits and because my being a patron helped folks who couldn’t afford it still have access to the podcast. It has literally changed my life. There is an amazing Facebook community moderated by volunteers, and if you can’t sleep you can be sure that others are also awake and sympathizing with you. The community is loving and friendly and accepting because they follow Ackerman’s example. The acceptance, support, and actual love for others is wonderful, and the podcast itself is a lifeline when things are crazy. I understand it may not be for everyone. But it is definitely for many, and if you simply need some company while you drift off to sleep or lie awake wishing you could sleep, I can’t recommend Sleep With Me enough.
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Such a help
I listen to Scoots most nights and recommend the podcast to my friends. He really helps me turn off those persistent work thoughts in the middle of the night. Thanks, bore bud!
So helpful
A lifesaver for anxious nights!
Never fails to help me fall asleep
I have trouble falling asleep in silence or with anything too stimulating on because my brain goes crazy places. This podcast is the perfect in between. The host’s voice is soothing, the content is free of any triggers or things you normally wouldn’t want to hear about before bed, and it never fails to help me fall asleep.
I’ve been struggling with insomnia the past few weeks so I randomly tried this podcast, which was such a snoozefest, I had no choice but to fall asleep in under ten minutes. 10/10 would recommend. This guy has meaningless drivel down to a science. I mean he started talking about mattress discounts and I can’t remember anythjng after that. I was out like a light. Whyyyy does this work I need to know. Anyways, Thank you!!
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It’s is the best
I love sleep with me it helps me sleep and I am just 11 years old and I hope scoote see these pls tell him to say hi back to me
madi amd blue
Love the podcast🍯
For a few weeks I have listen to the podcast and I have been fallen asleep fast!!! I have trouble fallen asleep and sometimes I stay up late and that effects me a lot. But when I listen to the podcast I fall asleep fast! 10/10
Love it
I really didn’t think I would like this but I use it every night now. When I’m stressed out I listen to this instead of the meditation videos that tell you to focus on your stress. This podcast helps take my mind off everything! I love this podcast!
kaydin r
Soporific jabber
This podcast should not work, but it does. The stream of jabber makes it impossible to follow your anxious thoughts and replaces them with harmless babble. Give it a few chances. What do you have to lose? You’re just lying there awake anyhow.
Mimi Lipson
I liked the reviews of sleep with me
I saw him in the new so that night I decided to try it out and it actually worked I actually went to sleep I’ve been trying this for 2 nights now and now I’m gonna listen to this every night !
Does the job, but . . .
This puts me to sleep, but the ads, good lord, the ads! There are 30 minutes of ads at the beginning alone, and when those are over he says, “And now about today’s sponsor . . .” and goes into more ads. Seems like 40% of each cast is ads. Could also use some editing in post, such when he speculated for minutes on end about the word “pentultimate” because he didn’t bother to look it up and realize he was spelling it wrong. Great idea for a cast, but kind of misses the mark for me.
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The Moanliest Funk
“Scooter”, you’re the best!!
To say I enjoy this podcast is un understatement. It’s a treasure. The meanderings, the subjects, the kindness of heart, the humor, and Scoots voice are the perfect package. You have found the sweet spot where actually interesting topics meet with a comforting voice and attitude, leading almost instantly to a great night’s sleep! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lil Flower and Khaleesi
My go-to for years
This podcast has been life-changing for me. Even through working all different schedules. I used to really enjoy the stories, but now I fall asleep before they even start! This is also great for during plane rides- I save my favorite episodes for that (TNG and nuns in space) :D
I can’t speak for the end of the episodes
And that’s exactly why I’m giving it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It works! What else to say?
This show does exactly what it promises: it helps distract me from my anxieties and get to sleep. As Scoots frequently mentions, it might take a couple tries to really “get” how it works (i.e. that you don’t have to pay any attention). I frequently let the podcast run all night and while I’ve now “listened” to hundreds of hours, I’ve almost never made it through a whole episode without falling asleep and the vast majority of that time has been slept through. It really does feel like a safe space to drift off into sleep.
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Craig Sandler
The BEST background noise
Sleep With Me just helps me get my work done. I LOVE it. The monotonous ramblings are perfect background noise for thoughtful tasks I don’t really want to do. This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
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