Sleep With Me
Sleep With Me
Dearest Scooter and Night Vale Presents
Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. So get in bed, press play, close your eyes, and drift off into dreamland.
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Just wanted to say..thank you
I love all these in depth reviews haha, like they’re get charged for this, this is supposed a simple silly boring ramblings. Which they are. You seems like you are a really decent person. Keep on keepin brotha. Thanks!
Thanks Scooter!
I’m reading that people consider Black people’s lives holding value to be political LOL. If you’re so uncomfortable then this is not the podcast for you. This podcast puts me to sleep 100% successfully every time! At first I was skeptical, but Scooter’s ramblings are a genius approach to getting peaceful + effective rest. Thank u so much! It definitely has been very helpful as of lately
k e l s o
New listener
Awful intro annoying
Kinda gross political content
Political talk when I’m trying to escape the day is not my favorite, don’t care about BLM, and pretty tired of hearing about it everywhere I look.
Jack M Hoffman
Proof that sleep 💤💤💤 is possible!!
I never sleep and my smart watch only registers 2 to 4 hours per night. Another comment said, “what sorcery is this??” When I play this podcast I can never remember anything that was said. Also, I actually feel rested when I wake up. I was wide awake at 5 am and decided to keep listening to “Beetlejuice” I want to see that movie because I never heard how it ended. Thank you for this podcast. Stay ridiculous.
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Jo Anne90
Not a soothing voice
I’m so sorry I’m sure this man is a nice man. I’m writing this for the people that got referred this so highly by someone and felt crazy. The voice is so not soothing and it takes wayyyyyy too long of an intro/capitalism breaks to get to anything. I felt my anxiety rise listening to this.
Wonderful, safe place to be!
I love this podcast. Even when I think I can’t fall asleep due to occasional insomnia, somehow I find that I do! I used to think as I crawled into bed, “ugh, another sleepless night of tossing and turning.” However, after I gave it 3-4 times, I totally pass out! The content is also familiar to me. Plus, Scooter is compassionate and really here to help our mental health though sleep. #BLM
Thanks Scoots
I don’t know why or how but this works but it does. Scooters voice is so soothing which makes it so hard to make it pass the intro thank you!!!!!
There is way too much politics
Hello, I think this show is good but there are way too many politics. I know a lot of people love this show but there is a few things I would fix. First of all, the first 30 minutes is ads. Second he always says that he works hard, but every time I listen, the ads sound the same every time. Lastly he always talks about politics. I know black lives matter but you say this every episode and the you turn it into an add. I hate writing bad reviews but this podcast was good I till all this happened. I still listen to this podcast and I fall asleep good, but I still don’t like the politics. Okay, so I am editing this because I can’t find my review. I don’t know if I am just blind, or they removed it. How?
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i love this app for robux
Thank you!
First try, I wasn’t sure if the host’s creaky, dulcet tones were soothing or not, then I woke up in the morning with no memory of listening to the show. Night 2, same thing. Then it was like, ok, I want to know what’s happening here. So I listened to an episode during the day. It didn’t knock me out (I was beginning to wonder). Scooter is really funny and kind, somehow reminds me of an old hippie I used to know. In the best way. And I don’t imagine he’s old. It’s mostly the meandering stories and the welcoming, peaceful atmosphere he creates. The story got pretty surreal, and maybe that helps get your mind into a dream-logic state? I don’t know, like I said, I fall asleep during the intro. Whatever’s happening, this podcast puts me to sleep like nothing else. What a gift. Thank you, Scooter!
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Give it a try!
I’ve tried to listen to a few different sleep podcasts but this is the one that really helps me sleep. I think it is pretty unique in that he mostly is just rambling about nonsense and the introduction is long and fairly repetitive. If you’re looking for a “zen” podcast this isn’t it, but I would give it a try, because it surprisingly helps! It’s like having a friend hang out with you while you try to get to sleep. He also lists resources in the notes section which I really love.
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Thank you Scooter
I skip about 20 minutes in and that’s usually when story time starts!! The stories are always fun, silly and sLiGhTlY nonsensical. Scooters voice mixed with a whimsical story puts me out every time. Thank you for everything! I also don’t get upset if scooter mentions the fact black lives matter because why not let people know this is a safe space for all? A lot of the 1-3 star reviews generally seem to be from people bothered by BLM and “politics”. Basic human rights are something I don’t find offense in and am more than okay with you mentioning. Yes you are racist if you get upset enough to 1 star review an amazing show over black lives matter.
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So good podcast a puts me to sleep
I used to not sleep 😴 now with your podcast I can go sleep think you so much want more food episodes because I like them and do more Ray episodes I love full sleep 🛏 better and also I don’t really like the ads but still give five stars and also people saying that they don’t you say same politics I am completely fine with that and black lives matter ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 also I think that Black Lives Matter is not really politics also it’s at beginning after it’s over boom at least its not before the story and people are way politics like their barely you probably forget that part
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fun with owen
All of a sudden...
I tried listening to this podcast twice before and just could not figure out how it was supposed to help me fall asleep. I have been diagnosed with a weird sleep disorder, and suffer from insomnia and constant nightmares. After a couple months, I opted to try this ONE MORE TIME, and suddenly, I was going out like a light and staying asleep peacefully. I do have to fast forward past any musical bits early in the episodes, but once Scoot starts talking about the podcast, I'm out cold. Thank you, and thank you also for supporting Black Lives Matter and covid-19 safety protocols. ❤️
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Eases my anxiety before bed
This podcast is amazing. I suffer from evening panic attacks and night terrors during the night - so I don’t look forward to falling asleep. I do many things to help like yoga, supplements, less screen time and this podcast. I didn’t quite understand it at first. Like - Why does he spend half of every episode explaining the concept of the podcast? But after a few nights, the intro became one of my favorite parts - it was a soothing and familiar story that would calm me down. His incredible gift for meandering storytelling is truly a superpower when it comes to helping me sleep. I love the Otter Things series, and recommend those episodes. They make no sense - in the best way possible. It used to take 3 hours to fall asleep, but thanks to this podcast I am usually out by the 45 minute mark. Thank you so much for creating new episodes each week and I hope this helps others as much as it had helped me.
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The best
How lame to write a bad review because you’re racist. But then again, how lame to be racist. Keep on keepin’ on, Scooter. The podcast is awesome and it really works! I recommend all the time in personal and professional life! Thanks so much 🤠
I fall asleep before the episode is over...every time!
I have so much trouble quieting my mind as I try to sleep but I have been sleeping so well since I started listening to this podcast. I have yet to stay awake for an entire episode. Sure there’s a lot of ads in the intro but honestly I use that time to get ready for bed and I’m not really listening for the story...I’m listening to fall asleep and his voice helps me do that. Also, racism isn’t political so unless you’re a racist you should have zero issues when he says Black Lives Matter.
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Thank you :) !
These stories have helped me so much, I’m so thankful. Also would like to thank you for supporting and being and ally to poc, you are amazing. Oh yeah, and also to all the jerks complaining about the mentioning of “BLM” and other “political issues”, these are things that should be talked about, grow up.
Hey there
Thanks scoots. You rock. You’re also really funny. I literally fall asleep during the into every time. 10/10 thank you very much.
Dear Scooter...
Thank you for your Podcast! I’ve been a listener for about a year, and always tune in when I feel my mind is ready to relax. I confess, I’ve never finished an episode and end up drifting off to sleep. Don’t change a thing!! I appreciated you being an ally to POC, thank you. Thank you for the jingle, I sing along every time. Goodnight. Donna AZ
Just Amazing but I don’t like the mention of BLM....
Totally works but I don’t want to hear about black lives matter when I’m going to sleep.
Very Calming
I’ve been more anxious recently. When I get stressed I listen to this podcast. It helps me turn my brain off so I can sleep. I love the theme song. It does end up stuck in my head the next day. For me, that’s not a bad thing. I do have to skip the Star Trek episodes because I pay too close attention and end up having questions 🤷‍♀️. It did take me two to three episodes to get used to Scoots voice and be able to relax with him. But now I look forward to him lulling me to sleep. Thank you Sleep With Me for helping me sleep better!
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Very helpful, comforting.
I have had trouble getting to sleep as an adult.... but this podcast has been a godsend. Works like drugs only better. Thank you, @dearestscooter. You’re the best.
You sound like my science adv teacher lol
dont ask11
Favorite part of my day
I have brutal anxiety and need comfort when I go to sleep. Scooter is someone I trust to listen to all night. I am so comforted and look forward to listening every night.
dentist chick
Really appreciate their anti-racist commitment too
Helpful podcast, and scooter seems like a genuinely nice guy who really cares. Especially appreciate his continued commitment to saying Black Lives Matter all the time — even though the summer has passed and many spaces and people have moved on, he is still committed to using his platform and privilege to advocate for equity.
Safe Space All Day Every Day
I’m someone who suffers with racing thoughts and it used to be hard to calm down and focus on things throughout the day & I’m also no stranger to ~insomnia~ After Jenna and Julien talked about the Sleep With Me Podcast on their own show, I decided to check it out and it’s been the best and most calming time of my life. Scooter helps me not only get to sleep, but get through the day! The Stan chronicles are my favorite so far, Hi Stan hi Scoots! Thank you so much for everything you do, I’m excited to become a patron ♡ -Cassandra
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Casket Jävla
Still awake
Tried to fall asleep to this podcast now I am awake and writing a review because I am frustrated about how the host rambled lol. I am more awake now than before. Enjoy.
Hey Scooter!
I love your podcast I have just started to listen to it and it is great! Every night I turn it on and I sleep like a log! Thanks for making it free! I hate podcasts that are not free. I would like to say that before I found this podcast I would wake up at 3am and could not go back to sleep. All my friends recommend to me but I doubted that it was going to work. I wasn’t excited to start listening to it because I thought it wasn’t going to work. At bedtime I turned it on and it worked like magic! Now even though I just started a week ago, I will listen to it until you stop making it and then I will start it over and listen to it again! Thanks for making my night so much better!
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Thank you, Scooter!
In roughly 15 years of enjoying podcasts, I’ve never written a review. Not a one. Your podcast has helped me sleep for years; I started listening when it first came out. It only gets better with time. Now, as the world is burning, my favorite part of my nighttime routine is hearing the BLM and inclusivity introduction. It warms my heart to know that compassion exists in every day people. This introduction, a brief moment recognizing those who need the most support right now, grounds me and puts me at ease. I, too, am trying to undo my own systemic biases, and the resources gathered and provided by Scooter have been immensely helpful for learning how to be better to others and for them. Thank you for sharing what you have learned and helping the rest of us learn and grow, too. Black lives matter, and we can all do better. The ads don’t bother me one bit, considering how many hours go into the making of each episode and the inability of most listeners to become a patron. I quite like the added listening content. Your time is valuable and I appreciate the immense labor of love it takes to create each episode. Even on nights when I stay up for an entire episode, the meandering rambling and loosely woven stories are purely delightful. I work in an emotionally exhausting profession, and this podcast shifts my mind right out of work mode and into sleep mode. I am so grateful for you and the work you do. Thank you for this gift, the gift of sleep, and for setting an example of how we can continue to grow and learn throughout life to be better every day. 💖
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It works for me
Unique and weird in the best way. You may need a couple nights to get used to it, but every restless sleeper should try. Scooter is masterful at creating a dream-like environment from minute one. I love the Doctor Who episodes the best as each story is gentle and surreal.
Black people need sleep, too
A sleep podcast that affirms that Black lives matter in a very stressful year where, in addition to experiencing everyday systemic racism, Black people are dying at higher rates from COVID-19 and experiencing the economic consequences of the pandemic at higher rates than white people, is not divisive. If it helps someone put away the day and get to sleep, fantastic. If it triggers you, it is not made for you. Congratulations, you don’t need to hear at the end of the day that your life matters because it is the default, assumed condition. Move on. Did you know...that you can also...skip over the parts that trigger you? It’s not that hard.
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I listen to this podcast every night to fall asleep. I can never get through a whole episode because it just helps me fall asleep so easily! Definitely recommend this podcast to all my friends and family and anyone who struggles with falling asleep!!
This is just what I needed and didn’t know it!
Give it three tries. 100% recommend!!
What sorcery is this?
I don’t understand how this meandering stream of words is so effective at bringing me into sleep so quickly, so consistently- but it is! Strange, magical genius.
The Word “Politics” is in Many Review Titles
For the most part, “Politics” = “Black Lives Matter” movement and it’s just in the first few minutes of some episodes, not pervasive throughout. For sake of honesty and transparency, my bias is outlined below: I feel that BLM isn’t a political issue because it’s not about personal opinion or philosophy. It’s about awareness and, potentially, the need for a difficult conversation. In the 1960’s, the police would use K-9 units and fire-hoses to breakup peaceful protests. So much footage of that injustice exists today bc, back then, it was just standard police procedure. The civil rights movement brought national awareness to those sorts of incidents and the changes needed in standard police procedure. It wasn’t about party politics or disestablishment or spreading hate or seeking vengeance back then and it is not the case today. The BLM movement is not anti-police, it’s pro-“needed change” in current police procedure. I, personally, don’t have a problem with giving a moment of thought to those who may have suffered recently from current injustices pervasive in our law enforcement agencies. While I don’t end my day in prayer, I do hope for a future where equal treatment for all people is both undeniable and incontrovertible. Granted, I can see how it could be “triggering” and make one uncomfortable to hear about current cases that the BLM movement is championing. However, in a perfect world the movement wouldn’t be needed. In a fair world, it wouldn’t be gaining momentum.
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the lord of sleep
have u tried everything to fall asleep? have u tried those nature noise machines with chamomile tea? or tried some yoga before bed or bought a subscription to those mediation apps? no matter what u do it seems like your mind is louder at night and sleep can’t be achieved. i was right there with ya, until i found sleep with me! Scooter and his gang do an out standing job creating a safe space for u, to quiet your mind and get the sleep u truly deserve. i will admit, at first i was hesitant because he tells stories into the deep dark night for an hour/hour and a half. Scoot goes on random tangents u start to forget what he was even talking about to begin with. but his soothing rambling made my mind focus on his voice and within 5 minutes i’m out like a light. i can’t go a single night without his podcast, i’ve never slept so well before he’s honestly a god send. since i listen to him almost every night i had to show some support to Scooters patreon. for 5$ a month I get extra episodes, some with all intros and some that are just the story. and when u join his patreon, he sends u a personalized email thanking u, which made me feel that much closer to scooter. so please, if u tried everything under the moon to get some peaceful sleep and nothing has stick, give this podcast a try. u don’t have to do anything special just listen to his voice and be lulled to sleep. thanks u scooter and the gang for great sleep every night i really appreciate all that u do!!
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This is just what I needed! My dr put me on medication that one of the side effects is insomnia. Tonight is the longest I’ve slept without waking up in MONTHS. (7 hours) I am about to listen to another podcast to fall back asleep!! Thanks Dave!!!!!
Not for me
I see quite a few good reviews on this podcast but nothing about this helps me fall asleep. Every other word is um.. um.. um.. it’s a whole lot of stammering. It just sounds like a stoned guy going on and on about literally nothing.
...quit disguising your racism as a distaste for “politics”. Be honest with yourself and substitute the word “politics” with Black people. It’s not that you don’t like hearing about politics, it’s that you don’t like hearing about black people and are uncomfortable when someone acknowledges that their lives have value. All these bigoted comments are the same, check yourself.
Really love this podcast, especially the snor trek episodes. They are my favorites and help me fall asleep the fastest. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or just need something to add to your nightly ritual check this podcast out. 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend.
I love you Scooter!!
Truly a delight. I finally look forward to falling asleep every night thanks to the sweet ramblings of Scooter. Is it too much to say I pretend he’s babbling away next to me? Well I did.. and I do. Thank you for putting together such a sweet and sleepy treat!
Joāo from Santa Cruz CA
Recently, all my files for your pod cast in my library are double speed, including new downloads, making hard to listen and fall a sleep. Please keep up with your effort, your work is a especially gift and much needed during these times. Thank you João
Joao de Brito
An absolute miracle
I will echo what Scooter always says in the podcast: the first time you listen to this, you will likely be confused and wonder how this is intended to put you to sleep. It’s not doing anything particularly calming, it’s not giving you breathing exercises, it’s just some guy droning on and on about nonsense in a creaky voice. But it works. You know, like, when you were in school and you weren’t even that tired but some professor was giving a boring lecture and you were comfortable and you just couldn’t keep your eyes open? It’s like that. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve been laying in bed listening to the podcast and been like “well I’m not that tired” or “I don’t feel good” or whatever so I’m thinking “I won’t fall asleep anytime soon but I guess at least I have something to listen to” and then I wake up and it’s morning. Most nights I don’t even make it through the intro portion. There’s been times when I have had a migraine or a stomachache or a hangover or some other type of ailment and been unable to sleep, and then I fire up an episode of this and even then, it knocks me out. It’s like magic. Really weird magic. Five stars.
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Cornucopia of creaky dulcet stories
I found this podcast years ago when dealing with generalized anxiety and found it to be such a wonderful, and wonderfully strange & personal service at the time. I was dubious when I first started, then as I followed Scoot’s meandering stream of consciousness I finally realized, when surfacing occasionally, that I had been pulled into that fuzzy, peaceful, space right at the edge of sleep & that my self-torment had somehow just... stopped for awhile, all because I had decided to let this strange, endearing voice pull up a rocking chair at my mental doorstep & just ramble for as long as I needed. I never forgot what that first realization felt like when I woke up the next morning, with a few more hours of sleep than I had expected. I gradually started managing the anxiety and the insomnia stopped. But this year in particular has rocked the boat again, and when I returned to this podcast I was so happy to see the variety of ideas that had been added to the format. I became a patron in a heartbeat, because as with any other wellness service in my life, I’m more than willing to support the livelihood people who provide it, because they end up supporting my own quality of life. Thank you, Scoots. You do good work.
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Too anxious to sleep most nights
I’ve always had problems sleeping and had to take melatonin but after a while it stopped working for me. I found this podcast and it’s changed my sleep ever since. I completely knock out within the first 20 minutes and I sleep through the night. Love this podcast!!
What happened
I listen a few times a year. It’s been awhile but 20 minutes of ads and housekeeping in the beginning. Sheesh! Seems like it’s gotten pretty commercialized.
Simply a great podcast
I’ve recently started listening to this podcast, and it’s been such a good experience. I’ve had issues sleeping for a long time and have found some success falling asleep to other podcasts, but even on my first listen I fell asleep so well. I was confused at first because I started on one of the only intro episodes, but regardless I’ve loved this podcast. Thank you so, so much for creating this content. It’s really reduced my anxiety falling asleep and allowed me to be well rested throughout the day. Also, as far as political mentions, thank you for that too! It’s so meaningful and important to promote equality on any available platforms and I really appreciate all of the work you do.
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I have no idea how I found out about this podcast, and I just realized that I don’t remember a single thing that I’ve heard on an episode, but it has actually helped me sleep, and Scooter is a cool guy.
There’s better out there
Waay too political. Jacob Blake and BLM, really? Try Nothing Much Happens. So good, relaxing, no ads and NO POLITICS!
take a hear
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