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Slow Burn Series - Great!
I almost didn’t listen to the David Duke series. I had no interest whatsoever in that person but let me tell you that was a good series. Taught me so much about people who hate people based upon race, gender, and religion. How they convince others to join their cause using a false narrative. I can clearly see David Duke’s playbook in use today in our current state of politics.
Implies Randy Weaver to be a nazi, what a biased show. As if the ATF had the right to kill an innocent 14-year old boy AND a grown woman holding a baby.
Perpetuate stereotypes why don’t ya?
“The power that bureaucrats thrive on”? Most bureaucrats DON’T “thrive on power”. Just like bad journalists and bad podcasters, perhaps bad bureaucrats thrive on power. #thinkdeeper
Bad Bureaucrats?
Boring Woke
See title, sums up this podcast.
Sorry....but to silly biased!
I’m sorry already that I’m a respectful and caring white male.
So a woman who steals from the government shouldn’t be prosecuted based on the color of her skin? Biased reporting.
It’s very repetitive. I keep thinking I’m re-listening to an episode I’ve already heard.
Binge worthy
I really like the podcast! Important issues of criminal justice being discussed here. Only thing I don’t understand is, if the podcast is called “Slate” then why is the image/logo, say “The Queen”? It’s very confusing and frankly a really dumb thing to do if you’re trying to get people to listen. If someone asked me, I’d tell them to look up “the queen” as that’s how I found it....
Recommend it!
Well told. and interesting. A great retrospective for all of us who remember Reagan’s “welfare queens”
Pam Woodley
Interesting story, the author/narrator really has a voice for print though...
The Queen is a meandering mess
The baseline story isn’t that interesting. 30 minutes would have worked, but you went in, on and on and on. I can only imagine what a mess the book is.
Where’s the father
It’s all about how racist the woman’s white family is. Where is the father of this woman or his side of the family, did they abandon her as well?
An honest podcast concerning racism, the court system and coping with traumatic childhood.
Biased uneducated
Only liberals care what skin color they were enough with the race card it’s getting pathetic “To prove I’m not racist as a white woman I hired these black people to help me out” When you need to point out the race of everyone you are the racist You need to deal with your “white guilt” Now she feels like talking about bail industry when I was stupid my bail was 30k I had to pay my bail bondsman 3k as a fee for him posting the 30k You mean a Democrat ran city with anti gun policy is racist? This podcast really needs to loose the racist standpoint it is purely anti white and wants white people to be punished for being white
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Slate presents: White people are evil
Season one: Why being white is bad. Season two: Being white; why it’s the wrong thing to do. Season three: Social problems? Here’s how to blame whiteness.
One of the good white people???
I was enjoying listening to this until that statement was made. Turned it off and won’t listen to this podcast again. How can people of color say things like this, when if it were reversed, and a white person said “one of the good black people” there would be an uproar. Racism runs both ways...
Great podcast
I am a big fan of Emily Bazelon. I first heard her on the “Political Gabfest” Slate podcast and I am always amazed at her grasp of a particular situation, her sharp insight and her ability to articulate a position informed by the facts. “Charged!” is a different type of podcast but it is also an excellent show. I highly recommend.
Bazalon is exceptional
What an amazing project. Hopefully not the last! It really illustrates the nuances of the current debate around criminal justice reform. The negative reviews (quasi-‘featured’ on the Apple podcast app) are just strange and ridiculous.
Great podcast but do NOT pay for plus
After paying $35 to get extra episodes outlying relevant policy, I could only find 5 minutes on bail. All the other extra episodes were unavailable.
Are so qfhfhdy
I probably could enjoy the content, but will unsubscribe. Listening to the narrator’s vocal croak is just too annoying. Time for a voice coach.
NewHampshire Nana
Unfair to Weaver Children
I don’t think it’s responsible reporting to fail to follow up on the story. You never mention the work Sara Weaver is going now. She doesn’t want to be associated with hate.
Vocal fry
Emily has one of the worst cases of vocal fry I’ve ever heard. Couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes. It’s just too uncomfortable to listen to. If your voice is your livelihood, you need vocal training.
It’s a good try- but needs some work.
I listened to “Charged” because my favorite podcast “Caught” recommended it. But the journalism is very sloppy. It flip flops back and forth between narratives and fails to give a true background. Being from New York I understand some of the nuances and lingo used by other New Yorkers, but the journalists need to do better with explaining. I don’t like the white vs black narrative that’s being expanded in this podcast. Also, there are wayyyyyy too many ads. My goodness.
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Subject is good but...
The premise that NY gun court is too heavy handed and not working is sound. You don’t need to attempt to make the defendant you are highlighting look innocent/minute his actions by saying things like “it was merely a gun possession charge” and point out it would be legal in Florida. The story would be much better if you owned that he did something criminal but the consequences imposed by gun court are too much.
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This podcast has brought to my attention some things that, while unfortunately not surprising since I have experience with loved ones being victims of our “justice system," I did not know about before. Some reviewers criticize the show for assuming that the audience is naïve. Well perhaps I am indeed naïve and need more eye-opening like this... And I do appreciate it. Also, regarding al the criticism of vocal fry (and other speech differences by people in broadcasting, such as lisps): 1. We're all different, and one's speech pattern shouldn't prevent one from being taken seriously when the journalism is good. 2. Men exhibit vocal fry all the time, but they're not criticized for it. People need to look at their gender bias regarding the issue of women's voices in broadcasting.
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To Scan QR Code, Do This:
Learn to speak properly and grammatically
It’s disheartening that most of these “journalists” of podcasts are incapable of speaking without using “like” and “whatever” in between every word. How can you be a journalist and not speak correctly or use proper grammar?
no names avail turkey
Think about what you’re saying before you say it
I enjoyed listening to the first season. Then I listened to the episode where you introduce how you became a group. You lost me as a listener when your co-host said “you’re one of the good white people”.
Standoff terrific. Can’t listen to charged.
I was very interested in Charged after appreciating and enjoying Standoff. However I’ve given up as the vocal fry is so distracting and irritating that it’s sending me into road rage. Can’t listen anymore.
Charged - Absolutely Captivating
This podcast is SO good. I admit I went into this thinking it was something I “should” listen but I am completely hooked. It’s not only informative, it’s fascinating and entertaining in the best sense. I knew Emily Bazelon’s reporting would be solid but she also sets just the right tone for the podcast, it is interesting and enjoyable to listen to her and spend time with her. I can’t wait for the next episodes, it’s at the top of my podcast list.
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Vocal Fryyyyy
The vocal fry is absolutely frustrating to listen to, and it’s really quite bias.
Naive & Sophmoric
First, thanks for bringing this special court to our attention. That’s all I got from two episodes. I will otherwise try to make my critiques constructive: (a) please don’t assume your audience is as naive as you (“not what we typically think of when we hear ____”); (b) please focus (eg, do a separate podcast on bail bondsmen or Rikers/county jail v prison or gangs); (c) check your story (revolvers don’t eject shells, etc); (d) be journalistic or slightly more impartial (you too easily side with people, eg, the Bloods (!?!), the boy’s mother who didn’t get her bail money back bc “it was lost in the fine print”); (e) edit (just bc your protagonist says “ya feel me?” at the end of every sentence doesn’t mean we need to hear it—unless you intend that, in which case it’s a bit condescending). Hopefully you learn and your next podcast will better. Oh, and vocal fryyyyyyyyyyyyy........
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Way too sympathetic to white supremacists. Not worth a listen.
I was tuned down for an e-trade account
I am looking forward to listening to your podcast. As a person with a very media used felony (Pink Collar Crimes), I deal with being judged by people and our government systems. The latest insult was to be turned down for a brokerage account because of my history. I even have a certificate of relief - but that doesn’t go very far in life. Good luck! I’ll be listening. If it wasn’t for Preet I would never have known about this podcast. Emotionally, I am not sure if I will have the strength to listen.
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Born in Brooklyn
It was great! I was near tears at the end.
Emily Bazelon rocks
I’ve been an obsessive fan of Slate’s political gabfest since 2008, mostly because of Emily Bazelon’s thoughtful legal expertise and her narrative skill. She brings all that and more to this podcast. Can’t wait for the next ep.
Peggie porter
Stand off
The detailed account of Ruby Ridge was very interesting and gave context to the movements we see today
When children lecture us
Loved Standoff. Was on the fence after the first episode of Charged (has potential, but risks being a bland and heavy handed Serial season 3 knockoff). But then they threw in that making-of-Charged extra episode, and I was set free. When the folks behind the podcast are this self righteous and naive about their audience, not sure they will bring enough to the table. I can hang with the vocal fry, but not the presumption that I’m so racially ignorant. Some folks are better served working stuff out in therapy than being handed a platform. Take care, kids.
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Thoughtful, well-researched, and fascinating. This is a great podcast!!!
Great listen!
Loved this podcast. So informative and cool.
Just Terrible
Not much more to say.
Her vocal fry ruins the show
The narrator needs voice coaching. Her vocal fry is extremely annoying.
Check your facts
The man says he bought a revolver , but then he states he needed to pick up the shell casings when he shot it . Someone’s lying .
Can’t handle the frying pan
Dump the vocal fry. My ears are burning.
Remi Listens
Well done
This is nicely done, uses lots of interviews and primary sources, and moves along nicely. For a topic that isn’t super exciting (but still good), they do a great job.
annoying delivery
My vocal chords hurt listening to Emily Bazelon's vocal fry
Vocal Fry
The narrator’s vocal fry is terrible. It is really distracting from the content.
But I don't want to join Slate Plus
"I want you to join Slate Plus to hear the rest". I'm sure you do, dear, but if you think I'm going to drop $35 + to get a smattering of extra "bonus" material, you can absolutely think again. Good information well presented, but the constant upsell and assurance that we freeloaders are only getting some of the story is off-putting. It's also disturbing to hear the people involved in the story - all of whom went through one brand of hell or another - referred to as "characters". Try "people", Slate.
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Well researched and well reported as a government conducts itself as an entity beyond reproach in an attempt to subdue a citizen whom experiences tragedy at the hands of a corrupted judicial system. This story has played out in this country too many times, and the corrupt FBI and Justice Department are still at it. The only difference is, no shots have been fired........yet. Captivating story!
Where are new episodes??
Can you please continue
Val Moore
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