Skinwalker: True Crime Podcast
Skinwalker: True Crime Podcast
Skinwalker True Crime
Evil walks among us. A true crime podcast based in Scotland.
Lockerbie Bombing
On December 21, 1988, residents in the small Scottish town of Lockerbie were preparing for Christmas. Pan Am Flight 103 was about to change all of that.-----Script, Primary Audio and Editing by JSProduction, Soundtracking and Post by Matt KSoundtracks by EpidemicSound all rights reserved
Nov 20, 2021
48 min
Christine Lee
“I promise you mate, a mad killer clown in a blue Transit van. Popped the side door open and grabbed the lad. Now he’s gone. Disappeared. Deed. Same wan that fuckin’ done that wee lassie up in Castlemilk anaw.”- An anonymous Glaswegian Redditor, describing a conversation he remembered having with a peer as a child in Glasgow, in the midst of a Killer Clown panic.----Original Audio and Editing by JSResearch, Script, Production and Post by Matt KSoundtrack courtesy of Epidemic Sounds, all rights reserved.
Oct 31, 2021
26 min
Le Grele
The arrondissements of Paris are twenty administrative districts which divide France’s capital in a clockwise spiral, starting from the north bank of the River Seine. The 19th arrondissement, known as Butte-Chaumont, is situated to the right bank of the River Seine, crossed by two canals which meet near the Parc de la Villette. The area is considered the most affordable in all of Paris, and gives home to an eclectic mix of residents from bohemian Parisian students, North African refugees and those simply seeking a more affordable place to live. There is both beauty and deprivation in the area, but for many residents – that is simply Paris writ small.On Monday, May 5, 1986, as he entered the elevator headed for the lobby of 116 Rue Petit at 8:20am, Luc Richard-Bloch was met with what struck him as a particularly strange man, even for some of the residents of the 19th arrondissement...Primary Audio and Editing by JSResearch, Script, Production, Soundtracking and Post by Matt KSoundtracks courtesy of EpidemicSound
Oct 9, 2021
41 min
The Mount Stewart Murder
Early on Friday March 30th, 1866, William Henderson prepared to set off on the 5-mile journey to Perth in Scotland for the weekly cattle market. He had a lot on his mind: There was a significant outbreak of cholera affecting cattle in the nearby regions in Scotland, and people and animals were getting sick. He had livestock ready to give birth on his farm and needed to make sure the birthing went well. He had been having issues with a local worker on his farm – suspecting him of not being all which he appeared. In addition to that, his elder sister Janet had been on his back for the general state of the farmhouse. With all of these problems racing round his head, the last thing which William Henderson thought he would have to deal with that day would be murder.Primary Audio by JSScript, Editing, Production, Soundtracking, and Post by Matt KSoundtracks provided by EpidemicSound all rights reserved
Sep 21, 2021
35 min
The Murderous Doctors
Dr Pritchard and Dr Chantrelle were both trusted by those around them, due to the faith which they held in the men's esteemed profession. But did they warrant such faith?Original Audio and Editing by JSResearch and Scripting by Astrid McClymontProduction, Soundtracking and Post-Production by Matt KSoundtracks courtesy of EpidemicSound
Sep 7, 2021
34 min
Karen Buckley
Around 1am, Karen Buckley headed for the exit of the Sanctuary nightclub in Glasgow’s West End, after telling her friends she was going to the restroom. At 2am, her friends discovered her jacket lay where she had left it when they arrived…Script, Editing and Primary Audio by JSProduction, Soundtracking and Post by Matt KOriginal image by Astrid McClymontSoundtracks courtesy of Epidemic Sound all rights reserved
Aug 17, 2021
36 min
Constable John MacLeod and PC Lewis Fulton (Double Minisode)
Minisode 1: Hyndland in Glasgow typically means affluence. It is synonymous with large townhouses, flashy cars, sport stars and a café culture which stands at odds with the less prosperous sides of ‘The Dear Green Place’, as Glasgow is nicknamed. Its children span the great and good of Glasgow society, from actors Robert Carlyle and Kelly McDonald, Liz Lochhead, Glasgow’s former Poet Laureate, comedian Frankie Boyle and the multi-talented Sanjeev Kohli to name a few. However, in 1952, resident Edwin Finlay, was working his way towards becoming not one of Hyndland’s most famous sons, but one of its most infamous.Minisode 2: On Friday the 17th of June, 1994, a call came in to 999 – the emergency services number in the United Kingdom. A teenaged male was creating a public disturbance in the Gorbals Norfolk Street, brandishing a bladed weapon...Primary Audio and Editing by JSScripting, Soundtracking, Production and Post-Production by Matt KSoundtracks provided by EpidemicSound
Jul 27, 2021
25 min
Harris Binotti
Supatchaya sat beside the sleeping figure of her four year old son, Jeremy as she watched the clock. She had expected her husband, Gary Ferguson, aged 47, to be home hours ago...Script by Astrid McClymontPrimary Audio and Editing by JSSoundtracking and Production by Matt K
Jul 13, 2021
35 min
Unknown Bairn
Jun 8, 2021
34 min
Thomas Neill Cream
On May 27, 1850, two residents of Glasgow, William and Mary Cream welcomed their first child Thomas into the world...Script, Primary Audio and Editing by JSSoundtracking, Production and Post by Matt KSoundtrack by EpidemicSound, all rights reserved
May 26, 2021
34 min
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