Sixth and Jump
Sixth and Jump
Ari Shaffir Big Jay Oakerson Dan Soder
Listen as stand-up comics Ari Shaffir, Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder watch and breakdown episodes of the iconic late 80s television show 21 Jump Street. Adult cops going undercover at local high schools breaking up crimes and that’s only the beginning. From bad haircuts to bad accents this television show had it all and these three comics want to talk about it. Subscribe and follow along, see you at the Chapel. A podcast by Ari Shaffir featuring Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder
32. Champagne High
Happy Monday Jumpers, The video version of this podcast has moved to: In case you missed last week's Discord watch along with Ari, I got it recorded and will release soon once it's edited. We're likely going to do the Murder She Wrote watch along there too so make sure you get your account set up before the 5th. Watch the full episode on Filmrise here:
Nov 23
2 hr 22 min
31. Orpheus 3.3
The gang got together in between comedy sets and jungle adventures to bring you a much needed escape. Hope this starts your week off right. Watch the full episode on Film Rise here: Editing Patrick Holbert - @theholbertreport
Nov 16
1 hr 52 min
30. I'm Okay, You Need Work
Hi Jumpers, happy Friday! Enjoy your fresh dose. Ari's still settling into his non-extradition country so there were a couple of video lags. I kept them in because Jay and Dan made them funny. We decided to wait till today to record your second episode so that Ari could get a router to plug in to. It will be out this weekend. Watch along with the full episode on Filmrise here: Editing - Patrick Holbert
Nov 13
2 hr 6 min
29. Chapel of Love
This is the last recording of Ari before the chaos last week at Legion of Skanks. Make sure you savor every moment and hold your loved ones close. We're now on Patreon for the video version of this podcast: Watch the full episode on Filmrise: Thanks to our editor Patrick Holbert @theholbertreport
Oct 30
1 hr 54 min
28. A Big Disease with a Little Name
The Chapel crew stayed up late in the studio to make this AIDS riddled episode. Everyone is full of pizza and junk food and happiness from being together. We also had a good time with the gay jokes. The video version of this podcast has moved to Patreon: Watch the TV episode on Filmrise here:
Oct 23
1 hr 29 min
27. Fear and Loathing with Russell Buckins
Rejoice! The Chapel gods have blessed you with a studio episode. Enjoy the trading card puzzle, feats of strength, and the joy between friends hate watching TV together.  The video version of this podcast is available at Watch the full episode on FilmRise here:
Oct 16
2 hr 36 min
26. Christmas in Saigon
Good morning Jumpers! Get ready for some more Ioke with Christmas in Saigon. Video version of this podcast now available on As always if you have any Jump Street facts or trivia, email us at Watch the Filmrise episode here: Thanks for subscribing. #chapelchapel
Oct 9
1 hr 51 min
25. How Much is That Body in the Window?
Get pumped for this episode because it's all about jocks. The boys brought in their producer and former gymnast B. Rod to answer for all of the shows plot devices. You can watch the original content on Film Rise here: Check out the video version of this podcast on Chapel chapel!
Oct 2
2 hr 13 min
24. You Oughta Be in Prison
Happy Friday Jumpers! Enjoy this week's episode "You Oughta Be in Prison". You can watch the video version on our Patreon/6thandJump. Watch the reference material on Film Rise here: We're going to have another live chat in the Discord soon - so make sure you sign up!  We appreciate you. #ChapelChapel
Sep 25
2 hr 12 min
23. Honor Bound
Follow along with the show on Filmrise:
Sep 18
1 hr 51 min
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