Six Seasons & a Podcast
Six Seasons & a Podcast
Alex Burdine
It's been 10 years since the debut of this amazing show. I wanted to talk to the people behind the scenes to uncover who wrote what and what it was like bringing to life our favorite comedy.We'll talk about the best jokes, the best moments, and everything we've learned from 6 years at our favorite community college, Greendale.
Episode 33 - Deaning Around with Very Special Guest Jim Rash
Ed from Save Greendale Committee joins me for a superb conversation with Oscar Winner Jim Rash. We talk about his acting, his writing, his directing, and how clearly Ed is a better fan than I am. Enjoy!
Nov 13
1 hr 18 min
Episode 32 - Duquesne of Clan Duquesne with Special Guest Charley Koontz
Hey Community Fans! This is one of the episodes we've all been waiting for...Mr. Charley Koontz aka Real Neil with Pipes of Steel aka Duquesne of Clan Duquesne. I'll just apologize up front for fawning over him so much. I just think he's such a nice guy and love his acting. I'll be more professional next time. You can check him out in The Boys now on Amazon Prime and Eat Your Heart Out which you can see a trailer for here:
Oct 19
1 hr 16 min
Episode 31 - I Can't Count the Reasons with Special Guest Keith Slettedahl of The 88
This week my friend and songwriter Ross King joins me to talk with Keith Slettedahl the lead singer of The 88 - writers of the Community theme song. Keith is a delightful human being and even plays the theme for us in the episode! Hope you enjoy this conversation about music and creativity.
Oct 6
1 hr 1 min
Episode 30 - River Fingers with Special Guest Greg Cromer
Greg Cromer (Rich from Community, Jeff from Better Things) joins Kevin (Advanced Community Studies) for a hilarious conversation about life as the perfect man, finding river fingers with Annie, and making bird baths at Greendale. We had some recording issues so this one might sound a little different than usual. Regardless...Enjoy!
Sep 23
47 min
Episode 29 - A Conversation with Very Special Guest Yvette Nicole Brown
We're back after taking the month of August off. This week I am joined by special co-host Darsan Solomon (Community 5 & 6 cast member) as we had the distinct privilege to talk with Yvette Nicole Brown. She is delightful and wonderful and this conversation covers a lot of bases. Enjoy.
Sep 14
55 min
Episode 28 - A Voice at the Table with Sharai
Last week I spoke to the Advanced Community Studies podcast about the DnD Episode being pulled by Netflix. This week I'm continuing that conversation with another guest, Sharai, who has some really helpful things to say about being inclusive in dialogue. She was delightful to talk to and I hope it is as helpful to you as it was to me.
Jul 30
45 min
Episode 27 - Advanced Community Studies Podcast talks Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
Jace, Caleb, and Kevin from Advanced Community Studies Podcast stop by to continue their conversation about the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode controversy. And Dad jokes.
Jul 25
1 hr 19 min
Episode 26 - In the Director's Chair with Special Guest Adam Davidson
I had the chance to talk with Oscar winning director Adam Davidson about the five episodes he directed on Community (Season 1, 2, 3 and 6). Buckle up for an insightful trip behind the camera and in the director's seat. And check out The Lunch Date here: Sound Engineering by Robbie Sherman. Intro by The 88.. Outro by Ludwig Göransson.--- Support this podcast:
Jul 15
1 hr 6 min
S1E25 - My Podcast with Abed with Very Special Guest Danny Pudi
This week I interviewed one of the warmest and nicest guys you'll get to listen to, Danny Pudi. Community continues to showcase itself as an amazing show surrounded by amazing people. I asked Danny about his beginnings and influences, Mythic Quest, and of course, Abed. Matt from Communies joined me to ask questions from Twitter. I hope you enjoy it. Intro by The 88. Outro by Ludwig Göransson. Sound Engineering by Robbie Sherman.--- Support this podcast:
Jun 25
1 hr 4 min
S1E24 - Joel McHale with Very Special Guest Joel McHale
Joel McHale is my hero and hilarious. That's it. That's the description. Please enjoy this great episode!--- Support this podcast:
Jun 17
1 hr 4 min
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