Six Degrees of Star Wars
Six Degrees of Star Wars
Sam Marchiony
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Even before it became the property of a monstrously big corporation that started putting it everywhere, Star Wars was everywhere. Join us on a journey as we take the hyperspace lanes out of a galaxy far, far away and into other movies, finding all the ways George Lucas' flagship franchise surrounds us, binds us, and penetrates us.
Ep. 21: American Graffiti Needs a Better Tag
Send us a Text Message.THX 1138 is the overlooked eldest child, Star Wars is the attention-stealing youngest child, and today, we examine George Lucas' middle-child thinly-veiled memoir/coming-of-age movie, American Graffiti.PLUGGABLESEllie: @elessar42 on Twitter and Medium and @football-in-tuxedos on Tumblr, Podcasting's Biggest Night now available wherever Pods are Cast.Support the Show.Visit our blog at and ier-6d.tumblr.com6DOSW is a Pro-Union podcast. Plea...
May 24
57 min
The Incomplete Archives (Part 1)
Send us a Text Message.No new episode this week, so instead, enjoy this collection of outtakes!Support the Show.Visit our blog at and ier-6d.tumblr.com6DOSW is a Pro-Union podcast. Please support artists by contributing to the Entertainment Community Fund if you can: for Gaza: to Help: support for p...
May 13
21 min
Episode 20 is Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi)
Send us a Text Message.May the Fourth Be With You! We're finishing out the Original Trilogy with Addie Greenberg-Sud and Michelle Turner, so strap into your speeder bikes, pop a squat by the Sarlaac pit, and let's get into it!Star Wars Minus Star Wars, by Kyle Kallgren: context for the Lando thing:
May 4
1 hr 15 min
Ep. 19: Inherent Vice Mines of Kessel
Send us a Text Message.We celebrate 4/20 with the least out-there stoner movie option on our roster, Paul Thomas Anderson's INHERENT VICE. That said, there were jokes about bananas, calls to dismantle the current sociopolitical system, complaints about Ronald Reagan, and a dead Nazi, so, hey, not a bad showing.PLUGGABLES:If you want more of our chaos, Musica Universalis Book 2 streams at 2 pm EST on 4/20/24 here: SUPPORT WORLDS ELSEWHERE...
Apr 20
1 hr 7 min
Ep.18: Reading Up on The Book of Life
Send us a Text Message.Grab your sword, guitar, or adorable pig, we're taking a look at The Book of Life, a passion project for Jorge R. Gutierrez. We are not responsible for any deals you made with aesthetically cool psychopomps.Pluggables: River: River: @dreamsrebel on Twitter, filmlion.wordpress.comMatt: Matt the Movie Guy ( and @themovieguymatt on instagramJorge R. Gutierrez: @mexopolis on TwitterSupport the Show.Visit our blog at sixdegreesofstarwars....
Apr 6
48 min
Ep.17: Polite Society is a Riot
Send us a Text Message.From the acclaimed writer/director of WE ARE LADY PARTS, comes POLITE SOCIETY, a movie with martial arts, pretty dresses, commentary on social hierarchy and pressures to conform to norms, girl bosses, girl failures, and girl feels. So we got 4 of one of those things to talk about it!This movie and podcast contain discussions of racism, sexism, and reproductive justice, including acts of assault that violate bodily and sexual autonomy.Pluggables:Addie: Keep an eye on wor...
Mar 23
1 hr 8 min
Ep.16: Straightening Out A Wrinkle in Time
Send us a Text Message.Happy Women's History Month (brought to you by a very meme-able "sponsor"*)! We crossed the galaxy to revisit A Wrinkle In Time, the 2018 movie directed by Ava DuVernay, and try to untangle all the mess around the movie, including Wife Guys, the quirks of adaptation, and the Brie Larson of it all.Brie Larson's full remarks, which WERE NOT THAT BAD:*We received absolutely no payment for this.Pluggables:Jas: @FaeRiviera on...
Mar 9
58 min
Ep.15: Red Tails Squadron
Send us a Text Message.Who's up for fighting Nazis and fighting systemic racism this Black History Month? Back in 2012, Lucasfilm brought us RED TAILS, a fictionalized action-adventure with the Tuskegee Airmen. Does the movie earn a Presidential Unit Citation like the Airmen did (three times over)?Amber's Minute of Fury: CB Smith: Stay tuned for Pos...
Feb 24
1 hr 4 min
Ep.14: The Pwincess Bwide is What Bwings Us Togevva Today
Send us a Text Message.There's a shortage of perfect movies in this world. It'd be a pity not to watch this one.Andy Karl's Princess Bride Demos: @dreamsrebel on Twitter, filmlion.wordpress.comJill: @mxlabradorite on Bluesky and @JillFriedman on YouTubeSupport the Show.Visit our blog at and ier-6d.tumblr.com6DOSW is a Pro-Union podcas...
Feb 9
1 hr 7 min
Episode 13: May the Force be Willow (2022)
Send us a Text Message.Willow (2022) may be locked in the deepest corners of the Disney Vault where none may view it, but Sam, Jas, and Shami recorded this episode months ago, back when it could still be watched, and Warwick Davis was right, it's embarrassing that Disney took this from us.Tuatha Authrock Mora Hoatha. Definitely do not take a drink every time we say "It's so good."Mike's tribute video: Davis is Not Happy:
Jan 28
1 hr 11 min
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