Sincerely, X
Sincerely, X
Stories shared on the TED stage are seen and heard by millions around the world. But some ideas can’t be shared in the open — there are stories that are too risky, painful, or controversial. Sincerely, X provides a space to share powerful ideas anonymously. Stories that deserve to be heard, from people who remain hidden.
None of Your Business
A trans man in the South argues for his right to keep his history private and pushes against the idea that he must be "out" to be authentic and proud.
Jan 6
43 min
Lessons From a Sociopath
A woman with sociopathy argues that her condition is unfairly demonized in society and pulls back the curtain on this misunderstood disorder.
Dec 30, 2020
35 min
Absolute Power
A judge who works in the juvenile justice system blows the whistle and reveals her plan to take power away from judges.
Dec 16, 2020
49 min
The Ghost
Things are not always what they appear. A ghostwriter who pens eulogies, wedding vows, and work emails for his clients makes a case for the hidden help he provides.
Dec 9, 2020
44 min
Born Too Soon
After years spent caring for extremely preterm babies, a nurse has an urgent message to share: Technology is saving babies earlier than ever, but the long term consequences aren't being made clear to parents. How do we bridge the gap between what modern medicine can do and the information patients are given?
Dec 2, 2020
40 min
Lethal Doubt
A Muslim woman escapes being killed by her own family. The police don't protect her—so she joins their ranks. Will she now be believed?
Nov 18, 2020
37 min
Soft Power
How do you spread an important idea to a resistant community? An Ultra Orthodox Jewish woman proves that sometimes the most powerful voice is a quiet one.
Nov 11, 2020
36 min
DNA Secrets
An at-home DNA test kit reveals a horrifying truth. But who has the right to tell the story?
Nov 4, 2020
35 min
After The Cult
A daring escape. A fresh start. Hear how we can let go of the past and write a new script.
Oct 28, 2020
34 min
A Private Hell
A small-town preacher in the Deep South with a radical secret: he doesn't believe in Hell. How do you lead people when you have fundamentally different beliefs?
Oct 21, 2020
31 min
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