Simply Complicated HER...
Simply Complicated HER...
Jhonni K.
It could all be so simple, but things tend to get complicated rather quickly. Join me, Jhonni K., bi weekly as I navigate a range of topics (from mental health issues, motivational life stories, what makes her HER, and harsh truths shared with love) while working to discover new lines of communication and understanding, one conversation at a time. Note: I am not an expert... but I know ish! You never know what to expect. Tune in!
Episode 6: Do You Really Know Them???
How well do you know your friends? Are they there as placeholders or are you genuinely connected to them? Here we explore the balance of give & take between friendships, how much you really pay attention to your friend & if you're willing to except the things that make them who they are. Some of your friends are battling mental issues that are being neglected... Did you notice? Tune in with Jhonni K. and her Special Guest CoKaeana as they explore the craziness of friendships and our expectations!
Apr 18, 2019
1 hr 23 min
Episode 5: Killing Me Softly
I'm crushed...  Tired of being disappointed by the lack of regard we hold towards life. Not because of someone's celebrity status, but because we ALL belong to someone in a sense and others belong to us. Eventually, it's gonna take us all out! In this episode Jhonni K. speaks on the simple minded that make things more complicated than they need to be, deep rooted issues concerning black on black crime, boys/men & their PRIDE, and how we are all continuing to disconnect. There is a long road ahead of us and we all have to get tired & be tired of the bullshit! How do we break these generational curses? How do we lift each other up, Keep the faith, and come out on the other side of the tunnel more glorious and victorious than ever?!?! It's time for everyone to speak up and stop making excuses! You pretty much know where we're going with this... Tune in! Make sure to send in your feedback (questions/comments). I want to hear from you! DM me on IG @simply_complicated_her. Email at
Apr 6, 2019
43 min
Episode 4: Spaces
Life Spaces- A spatial representation of all the forces that control a person's behavior. Jhonni K. has been in a place lately where she is not sure exactly where she is? if that makes sense lol. Maybe it's the mercury retrograde, or simply just the need to sit and get some things in order no matter the size of the obstacle. On this episode she is joined with special guest Jacquia the Artist and they discuss the complications and joys of being stuck in unknown spaces, self care routines, friends invading your sacred space and more. How do you navigate the spaces you have found yourself in? clear the space of clutter in your brain & Tune In!
Mar 27, 2019
42 min
Episode 3: Such a FKN Lady P3
On the Final segment of Such a FKN Lady, the girls wrap it up in the Zen Den with their own accomplishments that have made them PROUD, making HER own decisions, being guarded, & creating balance within the core of women. What they did not know, was that each of these pieces; like so many pieces of our lives would purposely be put into place to create the bigger picture to who we are unapologetically.
Mar 20, 2019
49 min
Episode 2: Such a FKN Lady P2
On Part 2 of Such a FKN Lady, the girls are still chopping it up in the ZEN DEN! They continue discussing their biggest fears, goals & gifts, mommy issues, marriage and more. Tune In!  You would never believe that this group of amazing women from different circles would dive so deep into each other on the official Ladies Night Kick-off!
Mar 13, 2019
56 min
Episode 1: Such a FKN Lady P1
Jhonni K. has a seat on the couch with a few GGF. In Part 1, they discuss checking on your strong friend, their negative & positive attributes, along with a few fears. You would never believe that this group of amazing women from different circles would dive so deep into other on the official Ladies Night Kick-off.
Mar 6, 2019
57 min
The Couch Checkin! (Intro)
Things are what they are, Simple & complicated! Balance at its best. The Host Jhonni K. is here briefly filling you in on what SHE is all about. Every Wednesday will be filled with fun, laughs and a mix of other emotions as she navigates a range of topics from Social Media, Current Events, not to exclude some heavy ish... Join Jhonni K. as she gears up to prepare for the very first episode to air on March 6th. You never know what will happen. Tune in!
Feb 23, 2019
4 min