Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life
Lisa Bass
With over ten years experience making a home, author and mom of 6 Lisa Bass, shares her love for from scratch cooking, natural living and all things handmade. As a full-time blogger and homeschooler, Lisa also mixes in a little mom life and business tips.
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Love Lisa's Recommendations
Living my farmhouse life dreams vicariously through Lisa and all her media venues until the day I can have my own real farmhouse!! Love her calm, warm demeanor and laid back style.
300 Sunshine
Love this podcast!
This podcast has been such a blessing to me! I follow Lisa’s YouTube channel as well, and I’ve learned so much from her this last year. Not only have I started making my own sourdough, but I just got my first cast iron skillet and I’m a fan! Thanks so much Lisa!
erin christa
Her course is amazing!
I love Lisa’s podcast—it’s so relaxing to listen to while I’m making dinner or puttering around the house! I especially love the episodes about her business tips and updates on her homestead. But what I love most is her blogging course she mentions in the latest episode! I took the course in January of 2020 and I have a beautiful food blog now because of it! Her videos and instructions are very thorough and easy to follow and she really holds your hand through the entire process! Highly recommend!
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Michelle BarefootInThePines
Great podcast!!!!
I love Lisa she is the best!
So glad I discovered this podcast recently! I really enjoy it and look forward to each new episode!
My fave podcast!!!
This is my favorite podcast!! I’m always excited when a new episode pops up on my list. It uplifts and inspires me. It is my escape to the country which I desperately need since I’m stuck in a desert suburb. Thank you Lisa!
D McCune
You’re inspiring to listen to
I love the ways Lisa encourages simple positive living that makes it seem doable.
SO inspiring!
I came across this podcast on accident (in the suggestions queue) and I’m SO HAPPY I did! Lisa is a wealth of knowledge + has inspired me to follow my homesteading dreams! She makes it seem simple + stress free. As a mama of four I really appreciate that! She’s easy to listen to + I can definitely relate to her. A must listen to podcast if you value sustainable simple living! ♥️
Good info & easy to listen to
I found your podcast by accident, & downloaded a few episodes of interest. I find your voice easy to listen to, & the topics are relevant & informational, & the episodes are not so long I lose interest. Good job! One point of suggestion: you should enunciate Farmhouse on Boone more clearly. You say it very fast & run together, so it took me several attempts to hear what you were saying.
Love Farmhouse on Boone
Lisa has helped me be a better mom, learn to manage my time with creative projects and prioritize what’s important! I would recommend to anyone looking to live a more wholesome life :)
Comforting and Motivating
I love it. Please keep it up!
Like chatting with your best friend
I love this podcast because I feel like I’m just listening to a friend over the phone. She’s so natural and easy to listen to and has such great tips for daily life. I live in the city and only one son (could not be more different to Lisa’s life) yet I cannot stop listening and learning from her.
My Favorite Blogger!
I absolutely love tuning into this podcast and listening to what this mom & homestead devotee has to say! Such an encouragement to witness!
Inspiring and motivating for natural living seekers
I love this podcast! I especially enjoy Lisa’s tips on DIYs, sourdough and fermentation. Lisa has inspired me in many ways!
Ellie BCN
Thank you!
Felt very encouraged by your episode about worries and scripture passages. Thank you! :)
Naturally Frugal Girl podcast
I found this podcast to be not only extremely practical and applicable, but also she’s just so easy to listen to! I’m new to Lisa, her blog, podcast, etc., but have already really enjoyed all that I have read, heard, and learned. I don’t follow many at all, but I plan to keep checking her out….
American in Mongolia
Love this podcast!
I look so forward to Lisa‘s podcasts! As someone who is striving for the same goals and lifestyle as she and her family do, her talks keep me on track and motivated to be self-sustaining and debt free.
Jamie Hoffmab
Favorite Podcast!
I love listening to Lisa so much and I get so excited when a new podcast is up! She has so many interesting topics to talk about and it never gets old.
Heidi K
I have learned so much from listening to Lisa. Her helpful tips and tutorials are useful for anyone trying to live a more simple, purposeful, thoughtful life.
Love the info, the pace, length, and especially that I don’t have to fast forward through ads& chit chat to get to the good stuff.
Entertaining and Insightful
I love listening throughout the week! I appreciate the consistency and Q&As. Lots of great insights and I find very entertaining
Big fan!
I have been following her YouTube channel for a while now and have just started following her podcasts. They are so filled will Information that I didn’t know I needed but I am so glad I learned. :-)
Feels Like You’re Learning From A Friend
Lisa’s podcast has kept me and my one-year-old company on the hot summer afternoons when we have to stay inside. She is practical and informative while speaking casually to the listener. She has given me great ideas of how to source my food more locally, get creative around my home, and of course, teach me about sourdough! I’d highly recommend listening I’d you are interested in natural living!
Like having coffee with a great friend!
Lisa’s podcast is so wonderful. It’s a mix of ideas, advice, family life, and more. Highly recommend!
Loved the sewing episode!
It’s been a while since I did any sewing and now I can’t wait to get started again. Please, please, please make the baby boy linen jumper 😍
Love this!
I’m not even sure how I found Lisa on Instagram, but I’m glad I did and I’m glad I found her Podcast! It’s refreshing for me to hear she’s just doing what she thinks is best for her kids instead of always going “by the book”. It’s truly just her sharing her experiences and I’m grateful she decided to do so!
Simple, beautiful, inspiring.
I love listening to Lisa, her voice is really soothing and she has great ideas and a beautiful sense of style. She also has an appreciation for simplicity and the small details that make all the difference. At first I was a little discouraged by the “ instagram esthetic “ of some of her posts but far from being shallow and superficial she just has a knack for getting to the heart of what makes a house a home and sharing it. I loved her podcast about birth stories. It moved me deeply and helped me find some peace with my own experiences.
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Hooked on sourdough!
Thank you for the inspiration! I love that you convey a message for a lifestyle. It is so refreshing to see a young women going back to the basics. I am an empty nester in my 50s and you got my attention right away! Congratulation!
This podcast inspires me!
This podcast inspires me to keep cooking things up in the kitchen and pursuing the simple things in life! I look forward to listening in every week. Keep ‘em coming, Lisa!
Julie @ feastandfasten
Love This Show
I have been watching Lisa on YouTube for a long time and I am so excited that she has a podcast now! I love her no nonsense healthy cooking, homesteading projects, sewing tutorials and more! Her opinions on just about everything are so valuable to me and my life. I look forward to each new episode. Keep up the great work Lisa!!!
carrots and coffee
I absolutely adore Lisa.
I have followed Lisa on ig and YouTube for a few years now. I am a stay home mom of 4. I became a mom at 19, I have learned how to cook as I go and it hasn’t always been the healthiest foods. I love Lisa’s suggestions on quick, easy, HEALTHY foods to feed my family. I feel so great about what I’m feeding my family now. I love her laid back, non measuring personality because I’m definitely in that same category too. I recently started a sourdough starter and we are absolutely loving it. We are just doing pancakes for now, we are in the first week. I would have never attempted it without Lisa and her explaining how truly easy it is to start and keep going. A few years ago we lived on frozen, quick, unhealthy foods. Now 90% of my groceries are produce. I’m cooking from scratch and my kids are loving it. That absolutely love when I make whole chickens now too. I never would have tried that before finding Lisa’s help. I love that I feel like I know her. I love how honest she is about everything. I’m forever thankful for her help with getting my family healthy.
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I always learn something new when listening to the podcast. I appreciate the down to earth approach to life.
Perfectly perfect
I can’t wait for each podcast episode to come out. Listening to Lisa feels like sitting with your best friend in a coffee shop and swapping homesteading stories. I learn something new from every episode. If you aren’t subscribed to this podcast you should now!
New Incoming Mom
I just started watching Lisa’s videos during my first trimester of my first ever pregnancy so around January of 2020. I kid you not I’ve seen every single video! Lol! They kinda awoke something in me that had always been there (from my upbringing) and made me realize that this natural living and food from scratch is something I am sooo passionate about. I am a big dreamer and hope to own a farm house someday as well. Thank you Lisa for all your tips and tricks and for this pod cast. I’m so in love with it and it has helped me so much!! So much good information for new moms out there and people that want to live a more natural lifestyle.
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Lisa is my spirit animal
I love the way Lisa just does things. She’s my complete opposite. I’m prone to overthink everything. Listening to her helps give me the push to just do it. Thank you Lisa. 💖
cindy sunshine
Practical information
Good, practical information delivered in a friendly, positive manner. I find myself nodding my head along with what she says in regards to debt, productivity, etc. In addition, I’ve learned some things about cooking, food sourcing, and fermenting. Since I discovered it last week, I’ve listened to over 20 episodes. Great podcast!
Helpful but Relatable
I found Farmhouse on Boone on YouTube then discovered the podcast. She is super relatable and makes everything feel attainable that she talks about. I most love how honest she is that she is not perfect. You finish the podcast not feeling inadequate but inspired!
Love this podcast!
I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s recipes since beginning sourdough and they are all amazing! Her podcast is just as fantastic. So calming and informative, a great show to listen to while cleaning up the kitchen or folding laundry.
Best Podcast Ever!
Lisa does a phenomenal job on her podcast, sharing real life at her house. Each podcast I learn so many different things that I can implement into my home for my family. Lisa also does an outstanding job offering different stuff on here than what you see on YouTube and Instagram.
Shelby Feeney
Love it, informative and interesting
I love this podcast, it is interesting and informative and she does a great job. Good presentation and interviews and I always enjoy listening!
Best podcast EVER
I LOVE this podcast!! Lisa does an incredible job! It is my favorite one ever and I always look forward to new episodes!!
“We are not above frozen veggies” Hahahha you are funny and I truly like your genuineness.
Such an inspiration
I have learned almost everything I know about cooking, homemaking and parenting from Lisa. I binge watched all her YouTube videos before she had this podcast, followed most of her recipes on her blog and have since adapted a from scratch way of cooking and a more natural lifestyle for my family. Before I used to grocery shop 2-3x a week because I don’t have a game plan with our meals but ever since I’ve mastered the basic skills in cooking, baking and roasting (like she said roasted chicken is easiest dinner ever, best recipe on her blog), I don’t waste too much time figuring out meals and wandering the grocery aisles clueless and out of ideas. So I just want to say thanks Lisa for all that you do, you’ve helped me out a ton and I love listening to your podcast on my commute everyday because I am back to work now but I still dream of my own farmhouse one day.
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hearts of romaine
A breath of fresh air
I found Lisa’s podcast in the last month and have listened to almost all of her episodes! The content is presented in a way that feels like you are catching up with a good friend (or friends when she has guests on). Her perspective on family, food, and down to earth living is refreshing.
Love Lisa’s farmhouse lifestyle!
This is my first time writing a review. Just wanted to support Lisa and let her know how awesome she is as an entrepreneur, a wife and a mom! I love watching her your tube Channel! But listening to her podcast in the car is so great, since her voice is so calm and soft, and what she shares is so genuine and helpful! I always get inspired and feel much more positive after watching her video. - from a mom of 2 little girl (1 and 3 year old)
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Look forward to each episode
I look forward each week, to Lisa’s new episode. She is real, encouraging and presents great content.
Thank you!
This is my new favorite podcast. I regularly check to see if a new episode has posted!
My “friend” Lisa :)
I love this podcast and all of the amazing content Lisa puts out on all of her platforms... I have learned so much from her on various topics that I now just refer to her as “my friend, Lisa” when I am telling my husband about something useful I recently learned from her podcast/blog/videos! She really does feel like a friend with her down-to-earth and relatable way about her. I really enjoy this podcast and will continue to listen and learn from her! Thank you, Lisa!
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Very helpful!💛
Love this podcast— one of my favorites! I always learn something new & it’s easy to listen to while I’m doing indoor chores, working in the garden, or driving to town. Lisa is so motivating & encouraging. Such a great listen!
Kaitlin🌻Little Farm On Five
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