Simon Patterson - Open Up
Simon Patterson - Open Up
Simon Patterson
Simon Patterson is The One. 21 consecutive Beatport number ones with massive singles such as 'Dissolve', 'Now I Can Breath Again', 'Apex’, ‘The One’, ‘Shadows’ (with Astrix), ‘Brush Strokes’, ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Here and Now’, ‘Latika’, ‘Thump’, ‘Smack’, ‘F-16’, ‘Bulldozer’, ‘Mood Swing’ - Simon Patterson’s production back catalogue is an astonishing list of hit after hit record. All records that retain absolute credibility in both the underground as well as the overground. Simon Pattersonis the master craftsman of melancholic melody and the premier purveyor of razor sharp beats. Simon’s Open Up brand is firmly established as the market leader for high quality underground trance, tech and psy. His OU radio show is the hottest showcase of music from the tech and psy scene as well as being the first place to hear the fresh sounds emerging from Simon’s studio. His sell out OU live shows continue to bring a unique and futuristic visual / audio experience to the hottest dance floors worldwide and he recently completed two residency runs on BBC Radio 1 confirming Simon’s popularity and position in the UK as being as prominent as it is worldwide. Simon Patterson headlines the coolest festivals and clubs the world over. His tour schedule is relentless. He is a key player at all major Insomniac events including Dreamstate, EDC, Beyond Wonderland and regularly appears at ASOT, Creamfields, Tomorrowland, BAT, Evolution, Mayday, Luminosity and countless other leading electronic events. Simon Patterson is pioneering a new sound and clubbing experience that fuses cutting edge audio with an insane custom visual experience (developed by genius visual producers Rebel Overlay). Touring extensively in the US Simon now resides in Miami in order to meet the demand for his sound in the states. The EDM bubble has burst and the armies of kids who grew up on bland and monotony are now craving something with more depth and soul. Along with Astrix, John Askew, Freedom Fighters, Sean Tyas, Will Atkinson and Blazer - Simon is one of the VII elite, a new record label and brand pushing the boundaries of cutting edge tech and psy. Simon Patterson is also now signed to Insomniac Recordings / Interscope in the US. Watch this space for the biggest hits of his career to date. With each new dawn, new sounds, new ideas and new visions are born. And today Simon Patterson spearheads a new wave of sounds taking futuristic electronic stimulation to a new level as he fuses an innovation blend of music, technology and visual art. Open Up.
Open Up 241
Simon returns. Driving show this one. Enjoy 1. Cristoph - The World You See 2. Eli Brown - Morning Light 3. Skober - Infinity 4. MOTVS - Canon in G# 5. Alex Di Stefano - Quadra 6. John Askew -Niceto 7. Fonzerelli -Moonlight Party - Greg Downey Remix 8. Simon Patterson & Volcano On Mars - Our Planet 9. Volcano - Rollercoaster 10. Nu NRG - Universe - John Askew Rework 11. Liam Wilson & Troubridge - The Fortress 12. Billy Gillies - Starlab 13. Andrea Ribeca - Tusica Est 14. TWR72 - Void 15. Bryan Kearney & Plumb - All Over Again - Karney Dark Dub
Apr 9
1 hr 3 min
Open Up 240
Open up is back. Happy New Year. Simon plays new tracks from Greg Downey, Billy Gillies, Space 92. Including his new collab with Volcano on Mars.
Jan 12
1 hr 20 min
Open Up 239
Tracks and remixes from Greg Downey, David Forbes and the awesome remix by Ben Gold Blink of Simons track Blink. Out now!
Aug 4, 2020
56 min
Vortex presents
A set i did last weekend for the guys at Vortex.
Jul 10, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Producer set
Producer set i did for Avalon in LA a few weeks ago
Jun 28, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Open Up 238
The latest in progressive, techno, trance and psy 1. Ben Bohmer - Hunting 2. Elke Kleijn - De Orde Van De Nacht - Raxon Remix 3. Collective States - Lonesome Ghosts 4. Luca Morris - Gypsy Woman 5. Fairmont - Gazebo - Patrice Baumel Remix 6. Nineteen Sines - Speeches 7. Tempo Guisto - The Fall 8. Simon Patterson & Sam Jones - Wipeout 9. Micky Mar - Annilation 10. David Forbes & Lostly - In my Mind 11. Smith & Brown - Pithos 12. Avalon - Universal - Volcano On Mars Remix
Jun 13, 2020
55 min
VII 048
Simon announces the winner of the Spike remix compeition. This wasnt announced on the VII page for some reason. Also playing new collab with Sam Jones.
May 28, 2020
59 min
Open Up 237
Simon plays his latest new collab with Sam Jones - Wipeout
May 16, 2020
1 hr 3 min
Open Up 235
Simon Patterson presents Open Up 1. Aethon - Awakening 2. Borena - Alive 3. Genix - Bass camp 4. Thomas Schmacher - Crimson 5. Chicago Loop - Dawn of the dub 6. Whebba - Sharpshooter 7. Simon Patterson - Kick Bass Acid Loud 8. Sam Jones - Because Of You 9. John Askew - Mezcal 10. Volcano - Our Thought - Outside The Universe Remix 11. Tom Exo - Unforgotten 12. Joe Davis - Inhale Exhale 13. Age Of Love
Mar 18, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Simon Patterson - Open Up - 234
Simon Patterson - Open Up - 234 by Simon Patterson
Jan 13, 2020
1 hr 4 min
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