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EP 29 - The Final Florida Man
It's a bittersweet day at SiCo Radio. It appears that episode 29 will be the last episode. We can't possibly thank our listeners enough for their support over the last 8 months. This show would not have existed without you. So sit back and enjoy the final episode of SiCo Radio, and fear not, we have one last Florida Man story for your listening pleasure. From all of us at SilencerCo, thank you!
Jan 19, 2018
23 min
EP 28 - SiCo By Design
SilencerCo's award-winning marketing is one of the best, rivaling some of the top design agencies. Sit down with two of the three designers (Sorry Marshall, we didn't have enough microphones) on this week's episode of SiCo Radio. We discuss the challenges of working in one of the most highly-regulated industries, including inability to advertise on prominent social media sites. And stick around to the end, where we hear the way-too-opinionated views of a certain gun company. Beware, this episode features more censored swear words than any other.
Jan 12, 2018
47 min
EP 27 - Don't Settle For Small Clams
We're back! It's 2018. A brand new year means brand new episodes. This week, Jace and Tom discuss some unfortunate new laws for California and Oregon. In better news, the hosts review their recently-completed AR-15 builds, and a devout SiCo Radio listener delivers big on a Florida Man re-enactment (see it on our Instagram). Finally, we bring you not one, but two, Florida Man stories. He just can't stop being Florida Man... we couldn't choose which story was worse.
Jan 5, 2018
52 min
EP 26 - The Most Popular Guns In The World
Do you ever wonder which guns were manufactured the most? Ok, maybe you don't — but we sure do. In this week's episode, we discuss the world's most popular guns. That is, the firearms that exist in the largest quantities. The first-place winner of the popularity contest comes in at a blaring 150 million, equivalent to about half of all US citizens owning this ever-favored firearm. Tune in to hear the Second Amendment popularity contest before we go on our two-week holiday break. Hey, we need a break now and again.
Dec 15, 2017
1 hr 4 min
EP 25 - The 9mm Vs. 45ACP Debate
Product leaks are trickling out with SHOT Show around the corner. Is Timney finally releasing a trigger for the beloved Tikka platform? We also answer a couple listener questions, like the age-old 9mm versus .45ACP debate. Finally we discuss if Olympic events would be better with guns. Obviously yes… yes they would be.
Dec 8, 2017
43 min
EP 24 - The Gabby Giffords Ban List
Guns are no stranger to U.S. news. But lately the stories have hiked to new heights. Arizona Representative, Gabby Giffords, intends to ban a full list of firearms — including AR pistols, binary triggers, and... hang in there... muzzleloaders. Yes, muzzleloaders. In other news, Hawaii requested medical marijuana users to voluntarily surrender their guns into the government. Permanently. We couldn't mention so many states without visiting Florida, where we check in on Florida Man's latest endeavors. Let's just say he's loitering on train tracks with a three foot sword.
Dec 1, 2017
46 min
EP 23 - Thanksgiving Special
It's Thanksgiving week! Sit back and enjoy some leftovers while you listen to SiCo Radio. During this episode we explore why Kathy Griffin is begging for work, and why the left is all of a sudden worried about Muzzleloaders. We also discuss some topics that we are grateful for including Florida Man of course!
Nov 24, 2017
40 min
EP 22 - Going Once, Going Twice, Sold
Millions of years ago a meteorite slammed into Earth's surface in Africa. Prehistoric people used its iron to construct tools and weapons until the 1800's when it was discovered by western civilization. An American gun company mined the space iron and created a cosmic 1911 pistol set. This Big Bang Pistols are believed to be the only pair of meteorite-made 1911's. Naturally, they found their way to the only place they belong — an auction — and the starting bid is astronomically high. Learn about these cosmic beauties and more auction guns in this week's episode.
Nov 17, 2017
39 min
EP 21 - To Hell and Back
Omar Avila (AKA Crispy) experienced the flames of hell that only war can produce. He survived, and 100+ surgeries later, his experience is jaw-dropping. From his first day on the field to the leg-amputating hospital trip, Omar's stories are nothing short of incredible. Listen to his memoirs as we sit down with him this week's episode of SiCo Radio... As Omar says "Crispy the F*ck On.
Nov 10, 2017
53 min
EP 20 - Presidential Firepower
On May 30th, 1806, U.S. President Andrew Jackson squared up to his opponent. A duel with Charles Dickenson had just begun. Dickenson fired first, hitting Jackson, who stood strong despite the wound. Find out what happened next in this week's episode. We explore this mind-blowing story, as well as other U.S. Presidents packing heat. We also check in on our beloved Florida Man. For his sake (and yours), stay off the beaches of South Carolina.
Nov 3, 2017
34 min
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