Boxing with Chris Mannix
Boxing with Chris Mannix
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No no no
How is the fight not a robbery if you scored 8-4 lol your point amongst your guest is delusional .. you guys sound incompetent just like the judges
Guy Hung
Rolie Romero fight 5/13/23
That stoppage was Horrible!!!! If you look just before the “tech knockout “ stoppage, you can see Sam Watson give a signal (I guess to Tony Weeks), then starts walking to get to the ring even before the actual stop. 🤔
Thestargirl5 
Fixed audio man. Too much opinions and not enough facts.
Would be great without Mora
How can anyone listen to Sergio Mora? The rare instances when he has actual good insight he can’t communicate clearly to save his life. It’s one thing if a host just doesn’t add much, but it’s another thing entirely when a host actively makes the conversation worse.
Crazy Bias
The podcast is position has something for the casual boxing fan but it’s kind of screwed up because he’s an employee of DAZN and the show is basically a platform for him to push narratives that benefit DAZN even if they don’t make any sense.
Z. L. Dino
A composed and ferocious podcast
Best Boxing Podcast Out There
I am a recent convert to boxing and this is a must listen podcast. I don’t miss a week. Awesome that a great NBA reporter would be so passionate about boxing as well! Keep up the good work.
Volume too low
The show is CAN’T MISS! I can’t listen on cardio equipment because the volume is much lower than other podcasts. I will keep listening outside of the gym but if you would investigate the volume issue it would be appreciated
Great stuff.
I’m always hungry for boxing content because there’s few that come from a major media outlet like SI. Keep em comin Chris!!
Speak up, Mannix!
I was just reminded that I was listening to podcasts when a commercial began outta the white noise of my truck. This is a good podcast except for one thing… I have to crank the volume up. And then when an ad comes on it blows my eardrums to smithereens. It’s the only pod I listen to that does this. Zzzzz
W podcast
Best boxing podcast in all platforms. Always have good guest that make it entertaining.
Best boxing podcast.More straight talk,less empty chatter than these other shows.Crisp clear and precise.
I love this boxing podcast. I only wish they came out with more episodes instead of one a week. I tried listening to other boxing podcast, but this one is by far the best one.
Great podcast!
Great guests and insight into all the boxing scene. Highly recommendable
Jesus Garcia Alvarez
Nope not for me
Narcissistic views on boxing . This show gets worse each week. Narcissistic show
Good show with great interviews, but…
The number of ads is astonishing. Maybe 9 minutes of ads in a 40 minute show
Easily the best boxing podcast.
By far the most competent, informative, and entertaining boxing podcast amongst the many. Chris and his guests are knowledgeable, conversational, and a lot of fun. Topics are explored in depth, but with refreshing efficiency that avoids the dull rambling characteristic of similar shows.
Great Show
Love the show, you can be a real voice of the fans. So please relay to DAZN I canceled my subscription because I was told no more PPVs. It was a good ride.
PBC hater
It’s funny how everything the PBC does he criticizes, but every fight on DAZN gets no criticism and all the praise. The most corrupt voice in the sport is Mr. Manix
Arissa cakeface
It’s good - but Mannix isn’t very likable
It has decent guests and discussions, but Mannix comes as like the arrogant guy on the barstool who is always dropping F-bombs and - because he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the bar - is determined to win every argument. It’s possible to be obnoxious yet likable: Colin Cowherd has made a very fine career straddling that line. But Mannix is more like Doug Gottlieb: there’s nothing about him that’s particularly endearing or likable.
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Great podcast for hardcore boxing fans. Please stop having Sergio Mora as a guest on the podcast.
LT Boxing Fan
Journey men fighters
Chris is obsessed with the level of opposition that guys fight when they are coming up. He keeps talking about guys with 10 or 20 losses being bums. He is completely wrong in this. I know plenty of journey men boxers with double digit losses who would absolutely destroy jake Paul. I just watched a friend of mine whose was an up and coming prospect get knocked out cold by a guy with a 20 wins 15 losses on his record. I understand Chris’s point but he is wrong.
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Love the podcast. Chris you do an amazing job and having Sergio makes it even better. You guy are funny and super talented.
Boxing Podcast
Sergio & Chris make a great pair discussing boxing news and analyzing fights.
Love the podcast
The best boxing podcast out there!
My wife and I love listening to Mannix and Mora! Keep up the great content and we will definitely be tuning in! Great boxing podcast! Update: Chris, Sergio, and Tod are our absolute favorite commentary team! Always a good time listening to their banter! Keep up the great work!
Milwaukee Zach
The new best boxing commentator in the scene
Chris’ show is so good, week after week, always has the news and info you need to know in the show biz of boxing. I used to follow Max K and after he went a little underground with his boxing commentary, I found this guy, wow!
Big fan, but…
… I skip the Sergio Mora podcasts. I enjoy(ish) the friendly banter sometimes but Sergio’s takes are always the same and outside of breaking down fights he has no sources, contacts or insights. He offers little to the pod. Big Dan, Idec, Iole, Coppinger and other journalists rigging with Mannix and actually having informed takes are why I look forward to Friday listening, but as soon as I hear Mora is the guest, I bounce. Save that on air banter for the DAZN shows, and keep this pod about deep dive and pertinent boxing talk.
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Great show!
I started watching boxing about two years ago when I subscribed to DAZN to watch a fight, definitely miss Jabs on DAZN since it’s only a few times a week now for a short period. Glad I found this podcast with Chris! I learn a lot and it helps me keep up with that’s going on in the boxing world!
Enough about the vaccines!
I used to love the show (except for Sergio Mora ) but now that Chris insists on talking about vaccinations every episode, I have stopped listening.
Astoria Mick
“When will boxers get vaccinated”. Go eff yourself Chris
As an avid boxing fan, I listen to many, many boxing podcasts, and this is one of my absolute favorites. Always interesting conversations, knowledgeable guests, and sometimes the chats can get a bit spirited, which is always fun. If you’re looking for a great boxing podcast with deep dives into some of the more interesting facets of boxing, look no further. This show is for you!
Favorite boxing podcast
Great guests and great commentary. Love this show!
Fury vs Wilder brought me here
Im not a boxing fan, but Fury made me a fan. I’m so ready for his next fight.
Great for all boxing fans!!
Love this podcast! I am a casual boxing fan, love the sport & enjoy watching whenever I can but don’t follow closely enough to really know all the boxers. Chris’ knowledge & guests are fantastic and help any fan learn about who is coming up and the big fights coming, whether casual or avid/rabid fan, your boxing knowledge with grow immensely
George Schmerber
Unsubscribe this idiot
After the canelo/bjs fight I immediately unsubscribed. Chris mannix is a stupid idiot with terrible boxing takes. I’ve never written a review before but I felt compelled to share to the world how much of a moron this guy this. No one in the world besides Saunders’ entourage had him up on the scorecards. Not even his own family. But, since mannix is trying to be the skip Bayless of boxing, he decides he has to take the opposite view of everyone to be the loud, obnoxious idiot with a hot take. Nice call mannix, having Saunders leads the scorecards, only to call him a p**** for having his corner stop the fight after having his cheek and orbital crushed! “He was winning this fight until that lucky punch! What a disappointment!” No. Only only disappointment is your lack of boxing knowledge and the lacking criteria of honest sports reporting. Don’t tell the skip bayless of boxing get your clicks. His voice should be drowned out from boxing completely.
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Rake Locke
Manix vale verga
Manix really embarrassed himself n lost credibility with that Canelo/Saunders scorecard. I’ll give him a pass cus it seemed like he was just following instructions given the nonsense DAZN was spewing that night.
Julio Franco's dong
When Mannix has Mora and they are talking smack with each other it’s hilarious. You were a mediocre fighter and you were a mediocre writer truly two friends talking smack. Mannix knows what he is talking about minus his bad scorecard in Canelo saunders
Bhavik Upadhyaya
Best Boxing Podcast in the Game
Chris Mannix is a legend in the boxing journalism space and does a superb job interviewing fighters and covering the sport of boxing. Knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging, Mannix asks the hard hitting questions whilst still injecting life and energy into the sport. A must listen for any boxing purist and anyone who loves the sport.
Love it!
Chris’s analysis and terrific guests really help make sense of the weekly goings on in the great but often maddening and cynical sport of boxing. Regular guest Sergio Mora has great chemistry with Chris and somewhat reminds me of when George Foreman worked on HBO, mostly talking nonsense but then occasionally coming out with a pearl of wisdom with an ex pro boxer’s perspective. Great stuff and I really enjoy listening to the show at the end of each working week.
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Great podcast
Top shelf quality, very well known guests, and overall professional performance. Well done! By far the best boxing pod out
Nate Rumble
Semi SJW mannix
The show is good for boxing news, not as much actual journalism as Pug and Copp boxing show. But the show is fairly informative whenever Mannix can resist going full social justice warrior political commentator and actually discuss boxing.
Great podcast
Mannix does a great job asking the tough questions for his audience. If you’re a boxing afficinado then this podcast is for you!
Best SI show after MMQB
As a teen boy just getting into boxing, this show is really informative. Mannix analysis is great and the guests add so much to the show. Only MMQB tops this. (BTW Chris if ur reading this u need to bring Mike Tyson on for an episode)
I’ve tried to listen to a variety of boxing podcasts and, needless to say, they all fell short of what I was looking for. This podcast finally delivers! A must for any boxing fanatic.
Awesome show, Keith full-time!
Fantastic interviews and an honest take on the sport. Smart and insightful. Great Charlo interview, Chris asks serious questions and is respectful and mature, fun seeing the Charlo’s immaturity on full display again.
mat tel
Very very very entertaining
If you do not love boxing. If you do not even like boxing. It makes no difference. Traditionally, the best newspaper writers were the sports writers. The best sports writers wrote about baseball and boxing.Chris Mannix and his guests are of that tradition. The most entertaining people, the wittiest, of any podcast. Ladies and Gentlemen ... here they are!
Mr Whirlique
“That was my moment!”
Thank you Chris for the boxing Podcast. I listen on Spotify, keep it coming!
Boston bleeder
Ur the best boxing podcast
THE place for boxing info
Thank you for the podcast breaking down the Garcia/Campbell fight. No where else gets into the analysis like mannix’s Sports Illistrated Boxing Podcast. Great interviews and guests. Keep it up!
jimmy kern
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