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Shots Fired Podcast
Shots Fired is a weekly look into the world of hip-hop with music journalist Jeff Weiss, underground hip-hop star MC Nocando, and special guests. New episodes premiere Thursdays.
Episode 98: G Perico
With the news of Greedo going in, Nocando and Jeff sit down to discuss the recent renaissance of LA rap, gang culture, and the systemic and historic fuckery of the LAPD. Then starting at the 34 minute mark, Jeff talks to the young Broadway legend, G Perico about everything from The Doors to cultural appropriation, his desire to create a timeless of body of work to growing up on The Hot Boys. Listen to G Perico: Listen to Nocando Listen to POW Recordings
Jul 1, 2018
1 hr 33 min
Episode 97: Pusha T Vs. Drake
Because the show is called Shots Fired, we had to devote an entire episode to Pusha T Vs. Drake beef: the origins, winners, losers, baby hiding, and its place in hip-hop history. Keep an eye out for Nocando's next album "Coyote" dropping June 12 Twitter: @mcnocando @passionweiss IG: @mcnocando @passionweiss Soundcloud:
Jun 6, 2018
1 hr 5 min
Episode 96: Zaytoven
For the latest episode of Shots Fired, Nocando and Jeff debate the absurdity of Kanye's latest MAGA moves, bizarre behavior, and whether it's possible to listen to his new music with objectivity in the wake of his Trump endorsement. In the second half, Jeff talks to Zaytoven about his roots in the Bay area, his work in pioneering trap music, collaborations with Future and Gucci and much more. The interview was recorded a while back but this is Shots Fired and you can deal with us being late all the time. New episode next week though. We promise.
May 31, 2018
1 hr 29 min
Episode 95: The Boys Are Back in Town
After a two-year hiatus, Nocando and Jeff Weiss are back with a reunion episode of Shots Fired. They talk about what they've been up to in the last two years -- including leaving Low End Theory, starting POW Recordings, Boycott LA Weekly, Rap Music in 2018, and Nocando's string of excellent new music projects. Listen to his latest "M.O.T.H." Follow Nocando on Soundcloud: Follow POW Recordings on Soundcloud: Boycott LA Weekly: Nocando on Twitter: Jeff Weiss on Twitter: Nocando on IG: Jeff Weiss on IG:
Mar 12, 2018
1 hr 46 min
Episode 94: Boogie
For the 94th episode of Shots Fired, Nocando and Jeff welcome the great Compton rapper, Boogie. We talk about navigating the major label system, the greatness of 05-09 era Lil Wayne, why Compton has produced most of LA's greatest rappers, and much more. In addition, Jeff and Nocando talk about battle rap, the importance of co-signs in rap, Max B, waves, and why no one will ever buy a Heineken on purpose. Listen to Boogie: Follow Boogie on Twitter:
May 30, 2016
1 hr 13 min
Episode 93: Dam-Funk
After their traditional three-month hiatus, Shots Fired has resurrected to bring you a conversation taped earlier this year with modern funk legend-in-the-making, Dam-Funk. They talk about the nature of the contemporary music industry, Todd Rundgren, what it means to be original in the post-modern world, and of course, all things funk-related. In addition, Jeff and Nocando mourn the loss of Prince. You can and should pre-order Dam-Funk's new DJ Kicks compilation coming out on May 27. Follow Dam-Funk on Twitter:
May 1, 2016
1 hr 22 min
Episode 92: DJ Trackstar of Run the Jewels
For the first episode of the New Year, we're excavating the last one from 2015. Our guest is DJ Trackstar of Run the Jewels, a renowned turntablist and one of the best mixtape DJs of the last decade. They talk about how he joined Run the Jewels, his roots in the St. Louis hip-hop world, the best rap groups, the Atlanta rap scene and much more. (Interview starts at the 38 minute mark) In addition, Jeff and Nocando talk horror-core, pimping, tamales, one-hit wonders, Future, Drake and Hellfyre Club, See Also:
Jan 5, 2016
1 hr 22 min
Episode 91:  Saul Williams
After a near-death experience, Shots Fired has once again returned with glorious malice. They welcome the legendary slam poet, actor, and musician, Saul Williams. They discuss meeting Leonard Cohen and Allen Ginsberg, religion, 2Pac, the late 90s hip-hop scene in New York, and his forthcoming album, MartyrLoserKing (due out 1/29). In addition, Jeff and Nocando talk about darts, Drake Vs. Meek and ghostwriting, and the greatness of Young Thug. Check out more of Saul Williams here:
Nov 22, 2015
1 hr 27 min
Episode 90:  G-Eazy
After taking a break to track down Octogenarian poets and burn down stages, the Shots Fired duo are back in Dash Studios with their guest, Oakland rap star, G-Eazy. They talk about his roots selling mixtapes in the Bay, the early days of the Hyphy movement, the legend of Mac Dre, and the many times he tried to explain Bay Area rap to confused Southerners during his college days in New Orleans. G-Eazy also charts his rise from hawking mixtapes on Telegraph to selling out tours across America. (Interview starts at the 23:40 mark) In addition, Nocando and Jeff talk about the pros and cons of growing Afros, Jared Leto playing the Joker, and why the most important rule of parenthood is making sure that your kids don't snitch.
May 26, 2015
59 min
Episode 89: Scroobius Pip
Last Fall, Scroobius Pip traveled from Essex to LA to record his new album and pay a visit to Shots Fired. The British rapper and poet talks about his roots in punk, spoken word, going from the HMV to being one of the UK's big rappers, British hip-hop, major labels versus indies and miscellaneous cultural differences. (Interview starts at the 20:18 mark) In addition, Nocando and Jeff talk about scurvy, jazz, and old Scandinavian folk songs. The usual. Subscribe to Scroobius Pip's Distractions Pieces Podcast here: Follow him on Twitter:
Apr 30, 2015
1 hr 26 min
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