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Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert
A live podcast about front end web design and UX.
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I love this podcast.
I have listened to this podcast consistently for many years now. It’s so great. Chris and Dave are so smart, so thoughtful, and a true delight to listen to. Being so well respected among their peers they are able to land giants of the web industry as guests on their program but even when they have no guest on they continue to shine. I recommend this podcast to any front end developer or web ux/design professional I know.
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Pretty great
This is my favorite front-end dev podcast.
The perfect mix of entertaining & actionable
Dave, Chris, and their guests provide some incredibly actionable and wide-ranging content for developers and designers looking to level up their skill sets & design world-class products. If you need a jumping off point, highly recommend starting with their episode with Donna Lichaw - absolutely incredible. After that, hit the subscribe button, pass Go and collect $200. :)
J. Barshop
Tractor beam
Great show! I’m very new to the world of web development and most of the time I have no idea what these guys are talking about. But, over the past couple months I’ve picked up more and more thanks to the podcast. Cheers fellas!
Expert tech that's entertaining
There aren't many tech related shows that make me laugh and none that do as often as this podcast. Chris and Dave are hilarious and consistently make deep dive web dev topics interesting and fun.
Not judgemental
This is such a great show for front-end web devs. These guys are intelligent, yet not judgey about what you "should" be doing. There's such a huge gap between best practices and what's really going in in the daily life of a dev. If you want to learn more without stoking your already raging case of imposter syndrome, this show is for you.
Smart and Fun
I love listening to these guys. They keep it really down-to-earth, while also deep diving into web development issues. I really like the long-form meandering conversations, interesting insights always pop up. Thanks Dave & Chris!!
Great Show
Real developers talking about real exciting developments in a fast changing industry. Doesn’t take a degree in CS to understand what they’re talking about. I especially like their answers to write in questions. Keep up the good work guys.
Most entertaining Dev podcast
Seems like these guys took classes at the school of click and clack, which is a great formula and results in the most entertaining Dev show around. Definitely front-end focused, as they claim.
Great show!
I love ShopTalk. I've been listening for a few years and the show was been instrumental in my growth as a front end web developer. Also, it's funny. That goes a long way when you are listening to a somewhat technical podcast. Keep up the awesome!
Helpful info for front-end web dev from newbie to grey-beards
Highly recommended! Chris and Dave provide great, practical answers and insights about the daily challenges facing front-end web devs at all levels. They answer questions, present thoughtful panel discussions with industry experts, and share their day-to-day experience. This could sound a bit dry, but they keep the discussions lively and never take themselves or this business too seriously. I'm always amused by the visits from the Web Standards Gentleman. They also deserve recognition for their efforts to diversify their panelists to include all members of the web dev community. Keep up the great job, guys!
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Skewed Maker
Hands down, my favorite podcast
Dave and Chris are equal parts entertaining and informative. I've learned so much from this podcast, I just might owe them my first born.
Shop talk show is the bees knees on FLEEK!
I'm a new dev-with-training wheels and this has been my drive-time companion for the past 2-3 months. The humor, information, "mouth blogging" and wealth of knowledge between these two guys is priceless. The more I listen, the more I realize i don't know squat, but I hear it, or read about it, then try it & I'm just a little more familiar the next time I hear them talk about it. I just realized Chris quotes hip-hop lyrics & that just sealed the deal.
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Great job!
Roger Eberts
Highly Informational and Entertaining
This is one of the best. The hosts are knowledgeable and entertaining. If you want to stay current on Web design, this is the place!
Love it!
Great guests, good humor!
Chris & Dave are great!
I listen to them every morning on my way to work. The show helps me stay on top of our industry. Being stuck is traffic doesn't bother me anymore. Bam! Productivity *and* positivity? I'm so killing it.
Demasiado bueno
Es genial desde todos los puntos de vista tanto el técnico como las experiencias que cuentan todos sus invitados. totalmente recomendado
A classic for anyone in web work
This is a classic as far as I’m concerned for all front-end developers and designers alike. It’s hosted by the famous Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. A great addition to your morning commute!
Just Build Websites and make fart sounds!
As a newer developer, I really appreciate Chris and Dave's ability and inclination to simplify complex topics to make them more understandable. I listen in every week and if you're interested in staying up to date with the latest and greatest front end dev trends, you should listen too. Also, go to their website for cool jobs! Great guests, even better soundboard! They're always experimenting with the format to make the show better so as a listener, there's always something new. Highly recommended!
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Love it
Shoptalk helped me launch my web career. I wanted to learn how to talk like a developer and be one of the cool kids, and Chris and Dave deliver every week.
A must listen for front end developers
I've learned so much from Chris and Dave. The podcast is informative and entertaining. Great job!
I can’t thank you enough.
Chris and Dave (as well as their guests) have introduced me to so many new concepts. I’m a better developer because of them.
Informational and Entertaining :)
Front End Musketeer
Dave and Chris are like my inner consciousness while working long hours coding.
Big Bass Coder
Awesome and varied
One of my go-to web dev podcasts for great and accurate info. Funny and engaging.
Better than being stuck in a room with only nickleback
like a whole heck of a lot better.
Fun and informative
One of my “must listen to” podcasts. Great Q&A, interview, and sound effects show for front-end web designers and developers.
So valuable
Besides being very entertaining, I learn or am reminded of something in every episode that helps me in my work. The best front end web development podcast I’ve found.
Never dull. Learning tons. Start from the beginning. Worth it for the gun sounds.
What Rapid Fire!
Smarter than smart, these guys keep it personable and fun. There’s a strong ethical foundation supporting everything else going on here. Top-notch!
C. R. Mudjin
Great Info On Front-End Web Dev
I'm subscribed to about five different podcasts that deal primarily with front-end web development, but if I was stranded on an island (that happened to have power and a decent internet connection), this would currently be my choice for great info and lots of laughs! Please keep up the great work Chris and Dave! I'm very grateful to you guys for helping further my career.
Dino H
Just build websites
Great insights into the job of web development. Q&A in each show. Many shows include a guest, which, over time, provides a nice survey of views and practices. This show tries to stay practical and close to current practice (not too much blue sky stuff). Often funny and almost always easy to listen to.
This show is great for listening during work. It has quality interviews and really has a great variety of topics covered.
I do declay-uh, I have nevuh heard a bettah web dev podcast!
I’m a professional web developer and this is my favorite web podcast. Yes, some of the humor is super corny and it’s entirely possible that these guys aren’t as funny as they think they are. But that’s part of the charm. Listen for a while and you’ll start to feel like you’re hanging out with two old friends. Great podcast.
Great Stuff!
I listen to this podcast to keep up with the latest front-end web development stuff. They have great interviews and answer listener’s technical questions.
Best web design and development related podcast out there.
Steve Engert
Chris and Dave are to front end development what Cheech and Chong were to cannabis development. Subscribed to a good amount of podcasts and this one is by far my favorite.
These guys deliver
This really is an amazing podcast. These guys bring the right blend of tech and humor to the table. Great for keeping up with current trends in front end development. Many great guests in nearly every show.
Love the show
I love the show and I'm a big fan of Chris' work.
Love this show, corny jokes and all! Question though...
Thanks for a quality show! I am new to web design development and I learn so much from you guys. You guys may have already covered this in a previous episode, but I heard Chris mention at one point that a lot of the websites you built happen to be on wordpress. I would love to here a bit about your workflow and scope of development that you take when developing for wordpress. Thanks again for being awesome!
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Good Stuff
A great combination of the specific and general, technical and theoretical, serious and silly. Very geeky (in a good way).
Laugh and Learn!
Listen to these guys banter about the latest web technologies and have a laugh or two. You’ll learn a bunch and may even enjoy it.
Maya Benari
Tractor Beam of Insight
Wanna hear from the top web professionals in the industry emphasized with top notch sound effects? Then look no further, you have found a wealth of information on front end web design and the source of true belly laughter as these two high energy dudes lead you through the looking glass of bleeding pixeledge technology. So, just sit back and let them assault your earbulbs with jokes, sound effects and a truely insightful look into web design.
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T Buckner
Living Legends
A classic in the making, this podcast ages like a fine wine. Hosts Dave and Chris, living legends in their own right, continually outdo themselves. I’m a PM at a fledgling startup, with no prior experience, so I am far from a veteran, but I am able to glean reams of useful info every time I listen. If you see these guys in the street: salute. Also totally relevant if you’re a PM at a startup like me, is Chris’s podcast, “Codepen Radio”. Another classic in the making.
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My all-time favorite podcast
I love this podcast. Chris and Dave are both equal parts experts and fun to listen to which makes this a great podcast. These guys are the best in front end web design. By the way that Colonel Standards guy needs more air-time tho! Haha!!
I do declare that this podcast is exquisite.
Chris, Dave, you guys rule. You’ve been holding my virtual hand since my first days writing HTML up until the present as I am a working professional. Thanks guys
Recommended for any front-end developer
Great way to stay up to date and its funny.
The FEWD podcast I have been looking for
If all of the information and general knowledge from "The Web Ahead" with Jen Simmons got married to all of the jokes and banter from Jeffrey Zeldman's "The Big Web Show" and they all had babies and then all of those babies got together and hosted a podcast it would ok well skip it I'm just trying to say that I really like this podcast. It has a great mix of knowledge and humor and the topics that they cover relate directly to my life as a FE Dev. They concentrate heavily on responding to questions and feedback from listeners so the advice and tips that they share always feel very practical and applicable to real-life scenarios. They always have interesting, talented people in the guest chair. Great job guys, thanks for making this!
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Love this podcast!
I look forward to the new show every monday! Keep up the great work guys!!!!
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