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Come back please
It was such a great dynamic. How are we evolving?
Larles Chongo
Bring the entire team back
I looked forward to listening to all 4 of you the past 3 years every week. It’s time to forgive and get y’all back in a room discussing Horror films which brings so many of us together!!!!!
(Formerly) Best Horror Podcast
Four months and no new episodes. I’ve never seen a self destruction quite like this. The cancel culture smeared and cancelled one host. Then, the other three decide to cancel themselves apparently. They could have moved on with 3 hosts. They could have used that 4th spot as a revolving guest host spot. There were many ways to continue the podcast, but they are hanging it up I suppose. Radio silence on any type of return. It’s a shame, b/c they really were far and away the best horror podcast out there. R.I.P. Shock Waves
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Miss it
My favorite horror podcast. Nothing can replace it. So much discussion for both the underground horror scene and the mainstream. Miss it dearly.
Love the chemistry
I hope it comes back. This has been my favorite podcast for years.
Fantastic banter!
We need new episodes!! Please!!!! This was the best podcast and got me thru several months of the Covid blahs. I want more though!!! You guys rock! 🖤
Best horror podcast out there
The absolute best podcast for anyone with any kind of interest in horror. Between the interviews and the various film suggestions there is something for everyone. Please come back soon!!!
The best horror pals you’ll ever have!
I’ve listened to this group since their Killer POV podcast days (also just as great) and my life has never been better thanks to their discussions and recommendations. The only negative with this podcast is the stress you’ll experience as your Letterbox to-watch-list continues to grow in size. The group have a really good rapport with each other and their audience. Every time they post a new podcast it feels like spending time with friends and family (you actually like). They also sound like normal people who simply love horror - they don’t sound pretentious at all and (thankfully) they don’t feature “annoying podcast voices” that a lot of podcasts seem to use. Their interviews include directors, cast members, special effects people, authors, and fans. You can get a lot of interesting behind the scenes information about films and how they were made. My favorite episodes involve those who produce physical media (Scream Factory, Blue Underground) and their “best of the year lists.” I just wish they would bring back another “drunken debates” episode or two from the Killer POV era. Currently, it looks like they’re on hiatus, but I sincerely hope that they return here or in another podcast since they bring so much joy into my life. Thanks to everyone who’ve made this podcast!
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Hooked on a “Fang”ing?
I Tried to have a catchy title. Fail! Lol new to the podcast. Absolutely love the show, so many times I wanted to chime in on some topics. You all are great and very entertaining. If you have a chance check out Azira: Blood from the sand starring the great Julie Strain and. A made for tv 1985 called The Midnight Hour. Romantic Horror Comedy.
They will reignite you’re soul
Looooovvveee this podcast!
Make more
You should make more episodes. 👍👍👍🕝🕝🕝💡
My Favorite
Far and away one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been listening since the early Killer POV days and it’s amazing that they have managed to keep this podcast interesting and engaging all these years. The discussions are never stale and to this day I’m still learning about new to me old classics as long as great insight about new and upcoming movies. This cast is a must for the horror fans out there.
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Good podcast
Very good discussions and lots of movie recommendations. The host have a nice rapport with each other. My only issue is Rob keeps leaving the mute button on during guest interview part of the show. Seriously sometimes I’ll forget he’s still on the show until the end when he says goodbye. He only gets involved if about some dumb 80s slasher or Psycho. Ps. Rebecca it’s called “Name Dropping” only if everyone recognizes the name. Im pretty sure the people she “Name Dropped” during one of her “quirky” run ins last week, checked me out at Whole Foods yesterday.
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Great horror podcast!
Even when I don’t agree with certain opinions, I love all of your enthusiasm and knowledge of the genre. It’s come to feel like you’re all just old friends I check in with from time to time when I got horror on the brain, and I wanna thank you all for delivering such a fun and enlightening listen each time. But y’all are just ratdick crazy regarding THE PIT. Elric is right! It’s genius, Freudian nightmare fuel! I am haunted by THE PIT... Peace and love, dudes 💀❤️ Thanks again!
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Bill Muhlstein
Ryan Rots Chemistry
Best when Ryan doesn't completely take over the show, talk the entire time, chime in on every single comment, self promote, and push Rob out of the host spot. Rob IS the host, let him host, please!
My heroes!
By far the best horror film podcast out there.
Love the podcast
Keep on keepin on!
Perfect except
Rebecca is always trying to one up everyone; constantly butting into the other hosts (and even the guests!!!) stories and reviews. We get it - you have a doctorate. I really respect her opinion and relate to her taste, but she pushes so hard to make sure everyone knows she’s seen every movie. If it’s and indie or an underground movie, she ALWAYS says “that’s one of my all time favorites.” It’s cringy high school show off talk. We love and respect you, Rebecca, LET EVERYONE ELSE TALK!!!!
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Interviews are lacking
Podcast use to be good when they had real horror movie industry interviews from individuals you at least would know of! Podcast has become boring the last couple of years.
John E Light
The GOAT of all Horror Podcasts
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now after I randomly stumbled across an episode. It’s what I look forward to every Friday. It’s what I listen to getting ready in the morning, cooking breakfast, one the way to work, etc. Rob, Elric, Rebekah, and Ryan inspired me to start my own show about reviewing horror movies. They’ve introduced me to some great films and even changed my perspective on a few. If I could rate this more than 5 stars, I would.
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THE Horror film podcast
You pretty much get it all here. Insightful commentary, news, and great guests from the genre.
Great reccs and background chatter
The chemistry between the hosts shows old friends. The insider knowledge is that of those deep in the industry. But the raw love of the genre sweats out of every throbbing pustule. This show gets me through hours of boring data entry. Keep it up. Though one quibble--when reporting what you watched that week, say the title of the movie at the end of your description as well.
Must have for horror fans
There really is no better way to listen to a group of people who have a genuine appreciate and interest in the genre. I live in a small town in Idaho so not a lot of movies come this way and this podcasts is my best way to find out what the pulse of the horror community is watching. I appreciate the banter and the honest opinions. This makes my work days so much better.
Great Podcast
Love the rapport between the hosts. Their love and enthusiasm for the horror genre is infectious.
They are the best.
I can’t praise the hosts of Shockwaves enough. Their banter and way of interacting with one another makes me feel like I am hanging out with friends while listening to them. Their knowledge of horror movies and the film industry itself is amazing. The jewels they leave me with keep me coming back for more. I have been listening to Shockwaves for about 2 years now and look forward to each new episode. Hope this podcast stays alive for many years to come.
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Cheddar Goblin
Fantastic horror movie podcast- Rebecca can be a bit much and the cast tend to try to always outdo one another with their knowledge, who saw it first and who is the smartest in the room... once you get past this it’s incredible.
Way To many Spoilers...especialy on newer films
You have to filter through the "opinions" sometimes, because of the obvious connections to certain sponsers/projects/releases. But these are people that genuinely love Movies, Horror, and the craft of film making. This really comes through when they are all talking together or interviewing guests. I have to skip over certain parts if I can tell there are spoilers coming and I haven’t seen the film yet.
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H.. P..
Really is best horror podcast
Kept seeing it pop up on Twitter a few years ago and am so glad I tried it out. I have now caught up and listened to most of the podcasts. Very likable hosts that you could see having a beer with and talking scary movies. My first episode was Brad Fuller from Platinum Dunes, I think, and what hooked me to the show since then was the takeaways and behind the scenes stuff that they reveal in their interviews. Looking forward to possibly attending a live taping down the road maybe in Salem.
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Best Horror Podcast Out There
Shock Waves is the gold standard horror podcast! These folks know their stuff. They don't try to go over the top or fly off the charts. They just bring their game, time after time, of the best of the horror genre. So well done.
I can’t get enough.
Best horror movie podcast by a mile.
Joe Grabinski
Citation and entertainment
The best podcast around keeps on giving! Not only does Shockwaves and it’s four awesome host entertain me and provide conversations about the films and genre I love the most, they provide me with a constant update to my to be watched list and add new movies to my knowledge base! Thanks guys!
Justin woods
It used to be better.
On the plus side...they really love horror. Their passion can not be denied. But as the years go by they have become shills and tools for their own projects or their friends projects. This has affected their credibility as reviewers in my eyes.
LEARN About Horror!
This show is like a Master’s level class in horror. I’ve learned so much by listening to the show and it has really expanded my horror catalog. Highly recommended!
Very Informative
Informative podcast with educated hosts. Sometimes too woke for its’ own good.
Great horror pod but a note on Pod Save America
This podcast is great and well informed about deep cuts in horror. The hosts are all engaging, especially Rebekah. But the POD SAVE AMERICA name drop was disappointing bc that show is genuinely regressive in its politics… hosted by Obama speechwriters (and let’s not forget Obama turned 2 wars into 7, destroyed Libya and Honduras with Hillary as SOS, signed off on the genocide in Yemen, made bush tax cuts permanent, deported more people than any pres in history, droned like crazy, and created and rejected many of the refugees we see coming in today while building many of the concentration camps Trump is now using to commit the real life horrors we see today…) all this is to say… Obama was a catalyst for Trump and his speechwriters are not on the right side of history. They encouraged Elizabeth Warren to do her DNA test which was a race debacle. Warren followed up by keeping mum on Standing Rock. And PSA also encouraged Beto to run for president instead of in Texas where his useless neoliberalism would at least be cosmetic step up from Ted Cruz. Pod Save America is hosted by ‎Daniel Pfeiffer who is VP of GoFundMe which makes a large portion of its money on people raising $ for medical bills. He has a rooted financial interest in MedicareForAll not going through and his show constantly nips away at the meaning of medicare for all. POD SAVE AMERICA is a status quo, conservative, con job. There are many brilliant leftist podcasts out there that have no corporate influence or insider conflicts of interests. Please promote those and not this. PSA really does not have the people’s interest in mind.
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Favorite podcast
Was looking for a horror themed podcast. They are my favorite types of movies and tb shows. Saw this as one of the recommendations.. let me tell you it’s so worth it! Everything I ever wanted in a podcast! They also have gave me movies I needed to watch! Not only that but some books and tv shows. If you love horror and everything about I recommend Shockwaves
Rambling Too Much
I tried to like this after a few episodes but I felt there is way too much rambling about films with no concept of what they are actually talking about. They make assumptions that everyone has seen the films the speak of but don’t give any insight into the year the film was made or what it was about...suggestions to see it. I just don’t find this type of back and forth “I like it but this person didn’t” discussion appealing.
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Makes it feel cool to be a horror fan
I joined the Facebook group about a year ago after believing it was just a horror group page. But, after figuring out it was for a (fantastic) podcast; I listen to it all the time. Hearing you guys talk passionately about horror and how they’ve affected you as individuals and your careers makes it feel all the comforting about being a horror fan.
Do you enjoy being talked down to?
If you do this is the podcast for you. We get it, you work in the industry. These individuals seem to really like letting you know this fact and somehow think this matters when reviewing a film. At first this perspective is slightly interesting then you realize it’s the same thing over and over. We get it Rebekah, you can relate every new film to the experience you had making that Christmas “horror” film. I will never get to put my ideas on film, and credit given for your accomplishments, but you don’t have to remind us every 5 minutes and not sure why that matters when reviewing a new movie. Also, you dropped something- oh, it’s a name. Seriously, it gets as unbearable as that fake laugh. We get it, you know Graham Skipper- awesome. Wow, sorry I’m being mean, but this podcast triggers something and that’s not what I’m looking for in a horror podcast. There are plenty of other podcasts from real down to earth horror fans that are funny and entertain without making you angry. Avoid.
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DonnieDarko Belmar NJ
Horror fans.
The Shockwaves crew is a perfect blending of personalities who each add something unique to the show. I always find myself laughing and yelling in agreement. A must listen for any horror fan.
A lot of fun
The hosts are very well-informed, entertaining and have really good chemistry. Plus, they also score some great guests. As a bonus, if you ever get a chance to meet them in person you’ll find a good 50% to be really nice! 😉
Awesome podcast
I’ve been listening to these guys for years (previous podcasts) and they’re just the best! They’re experts and they’re passionate horror fans and you’ll love the show if you give it a shot. If you like suggestions, reviews and random horror talk, you’ll love the first hour. The second hour is typically an interview and they can be a lot of fun too. If you’re right of center, like me, don’t be scared off by identity politics stuff here and there. The show is mostly apolitical and their great personalities, wealth of knowledge and chemistry, more than make up for any of that stuff. Each of the hosts has a unique film taste, perspective and voice. From Ryan’s insider seriousness, Elric’s playful ridiculousness, Rob’s pure passion, to Rebecca’s aquatic obsessions, you will enjoy getting to know them all!
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Super rad...super dope horror podcast.
The only horror podcast you need to listen to. Hosts Rebekah, Ryan, Rob, and Elric form like Voltron and produce sheer radness. The production value is top notch thanks to Ernie and the professionalism of the hosts. The recommendations, reviews, and interviews try to get you to look outside your comfort zone and experience something fresh in horror. Can’t stress enough how stellar this podcast is. Subscribe today.
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The Best!
The hosts each have encylopedic knowledge of horror films, and film in general. But, they each have idiosyncratic tastes, making it always intersting to hear their takes on a given film and the discussion this produces. Yes, they know some people but they do not drop names as some reviews have stated. Instead, they let the listener in on what movies they've watched lately, who they've watched them with, what they thought of them, etc. The hosts are film directors, distributors, writers, producers, journalists, educators, etc. They use all of their various connections to invite incredible guests on who work in all aspects of horror filmmaking. Yes, they have film projects they are working on! That's great! These are not arm chair critics, or jaded film reviewers, they are fans and filmmakers sharing their world and views with the listener. I don't know them and I've never met them, I've just listened to this podcast for the last year or so and really and truly appreciate their contributions to the world of film. Give it a try and see what you think!
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So. Good.
I started from episode one almost a year ago. I can honestly say this podcast changed my life. I was listening to it while I was considering quitting my long time job as a manager in retail and trying to work in production with the ultimate goal of working in any capacity in a horror movie. Hearing the four hosts talk about horror movies, how they were made, how they love working in any capacity in the genre motivated me take the step. I’m only working in commercials now but it’s the best decision I made and I honestly wouldn’t have done it without this podcast. Oh and also they have great conversations with great guests in all avenues of the genre.
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Shock Waves: A must listen!
There’s nothing I look forward to more than when the newest Shock Waves podcast episode pops up on my podcast list. Rob, Rebekah, Elric & Ryan not only bring diverse backgrounds to the show but work very hard to bring something new to audiences every week. This backstage pass to the horror genre is both insightful, educational, and just an absolute rollercoaster of fun. Believe me when I say, it will leave you with a huge smile on your face & introduce you to things you may never even have thought to check out. I’ve never had a podcast where felt I more like I’m listening to a group of friends I could chime in with than when I listen to Shock Waves. Keep up the amazing work everyone!!
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Best Podcast Out there
The only podcast I listen to, hosted by the coolest dudes around. Not only do they know their movies, but they are genuinely all around cool people.
The sweet and the sour
An absolute must listen for horror fans
An absolute must listen for horror fans. Sure they geek out too much over Fulci (only someone who has a desk like Tony Montana thinks a killer who quacks like a duck is a good idea) but so be it.
Pastor Matt R
An absolute delight!
Fun, engaging, an absolute must-listen for fans of horror or those who would like to explore the genre. I always live to hear what people enjoy, and all of these hosts take joy in what they love about the horror genre. No one here wastes much time on what they dislike, and even flawed works are held up for what they attempt or do well, and criticism is weighed in a kind, fair way. This is easily a favorite new podcast.
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Rain in Austin
Hosts are full of themselves
Show is annoying due to the fact that all the hosts do is name drop and talk about their projects. They come off as arrogant. They act as if their opinion is the gospel and if you disagree you aren’t an actual horror fan. Awful show. Much better horror podcasts out there that don’t just toot their own horn the whole time. Hosts sound like they think they are better than everyone.
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