Sheep Stuff Ewe Should Know
Sheep Stuff Ewe Should Know
Ryan Mahoney/Dan Macon/Dr. Roselle Busch
California Ranchers, Dan Macon, Dr. Rosie Busch and Ryan Mahoney, discuss all things sheep.
#141 Lamenting over an Epic Lambing Season
Ryan Mahoney and Dr. Rosie Busch catch up after a busy lambing season. How is success measured? Any noticeable difference? [Dr. Busch mentions at one point that she thinks of thiamine deficiency with animals that have a rumen since the thiamine is produced by rumen microbes. While that is true, pre-ruminants (young calves, lambs, and kids) need thiamine from their milk diet. If lambs aren’t eating enough they can absolutely show signs of thiamine deficiency!] Always learning something…
Nov 15
44 min
#140 2023 Lambing Barn Live
Rosie makes a visit to Ryan’s lambing camp and record a podcast. We cover how lambing’s going and Dr Busch has some advice for helping sick young lambs
Nov 1
58 min
#139 Learning about Rams by talking Bulls
Dan and Ryan catch up in person the th Bruin ranch bull sale and talk bull buying strategy and how it relates to sourcing rams. Fresno State alum and expert herdsman Justin Davis makes a guest appearance too
Oct 18
39 min
#138 banter at its best
Ryan and Dan banter about covering all the time that’s past since we last recorded! Great to be back
Oct 8
35 min
#137: Bluetongue Research Update (US)
Two in one week!! Dr. Rosie Busch had the great opportunity to guest host for the ASI Research Update podcast. Don’t miss it! We talk with Dr. Christie Mayo and Dr. Molly Carpenter about their works and incredible collaborations to help us better understand the complexities of the virus-vector-host interface!! So wild.
Aug 25
49 min
#136: Back to February
A lot of life, travels, business, and discovery has happened in these many months in between. Ryan and Rosie catch up. It’s been a while. We talk about a little of it and lots about sheep stuff! We’ve missed you all.
Aug 23
52 min
#135: Shearing in God’s country
Ryan and his son Connor visit with 2023 shearing champ Chad Furlong about shearing and farming in Roseburg, OR where the sheep industry is thriving.
Jul 21
35 min
#134: Going to the Dogs | Cat Urbigkit
Cat Urbigkit is an author and photographer based in Wyoming. In addition to her career as a newspaper reporter, Urbigkit became a full-time book author in 2005. She’s been a devoted reader, writer, and library user since she was in third grade. Cat continues to write books and report for various news outlets. The author lives on a working sheep ranch in western Wyoming with her family and her livestock guardian animals, including guardian dogs and burros. Urbigkit shares the beauty of rural life through her nonfiction books for children. Her books have received honors from the International Reading Association, Junior Library Guild, National Science Teachers Association, Society of School Librarians International, and numerous state reading associations. In her nonfiction books for adults, Urbigkit often writes about big predators, and life on western rangelands shared by these species.
Apr 13
1 hr
#133: Community in its Truest Form
Didn’t Ryan say his grandpa always said to “plan for the unexpected”? Dan Macon and Dr. Rosie Busch catch up about life and how communities respond and step up when the unexpected happens.
Mar 22
49 min
#132: Talking of Sustainability (with the real experts)
Dr. Rosie Busch has sooooo many questions when it comes to the topic of sustainability. We’ve touched on this topic before, but in this episode Rosie gets to ask all of her burning questions to Dr. Sara Place with CSU and AgNext, one of the top researchers in her field.
Mar 16
33 min
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