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She Podcasts
Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman
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A lost cause
I’ve tried with this podcast. I appreciate their message and their individual personalities, but the two hosts are like oil and water...they don’t mesh well. Constant sniping and bickering and tangents that go nowhere. Plus, for a podcast that purports to be helping other podcasters, they sure can’t get their own house in order. Frequent audio trouble and technical difficulties. It’s a mess, guys. Seriously, get it together. Three stars for effort and intention, but for now I’ve unsubscribed. I’ll check bank in a couple months and see if the new year brings a new respect for their audience and a focus on quality content.
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Big Podcast Energy!
I adore this podcast! I’m female podcaster myself and I love hearing their insights on everything new in the quickly-changing podcasting world. I’ve even told a couple of male podcasters they need to listen purely to stay on top podcast stuff. The hostesses with the mostest — they’re so fun to listen to and very relatable. Def subscribe!
So glad I found this podcast!
I just launched my podcast in June of this year. And just discovered this podcast this week. I wish I wish I had found it months ago! I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far, but they are jampacked with useful tips and big ideas. Elsie and Jess really have me thinking about exciting ways to improve my podcast.
This Podcast is Spot ON!
She Podcasts is one podcast I never miss! Filled with news, vital podcasting information, opinions, insights and weekly hilariousness, you simply need to click subscribe. You’ll be very happy you did. 💕
Bonnie Frank
Must listen
If you’re dreaming of starting your own podcast, make sure to subscribe
Fun and easy to listen to
Love these girls! Always fun to listen to and informative. Being in the podcast world myself, this is a great one !!
This podcast is incredible, and Jess and Elsie are amazing! I had the opportunity to meet them in person at the first ever She Podcasts Live, and they are just as incredible in person. I highly recommend this podcast and their live events. Both will change your life!
tommye w-c
Great info
Such great information for those looking to get into podcasting, or already there. These ladies are awesome and fun to listen to!
Topical Todd
Grab Some Coffee - Let's Talk Podcasting!
Love the 'personality' of this podcast and the hosts. You'll learn everything (and then some) about the world of podcasting. Grab your coffee - listen and learn!
Terri in Fairhope
I love this information for when I want to start a podcast. The collaboration is amazing. I love the fact they are doing patreon and more. This is so informative and is really awesome for women. Thank you for doing what you do. I thought also thought podcasts nerdy men from episode 246. Thank you for doing what you do. Sarah Ankney Sassy Pinterest Pinterest Specialist
Elsie and Jess are the real deal
If you are ready to get down to the nitty gritty about podcasting these ladies have all the experience and insider info you need. A must listen for anyone podcasting or making content of another medium and seeking insight and inspiration.
1/2 hour of content packed into 60 minutes
Much of the information is great, once they get around to giving it. But you have to wade through babble about their kids, trips to the grocery, etc, etc, blah-blah-blah. I once timed their introduction at 12 minutes. If you like mindless chatter along with your podcasting tips, this is the show for you.
A real resource
Your group, the podcast, the community. If you’re a gal who podcasts - get on in here!! Thanks ladies!
Good info for podcasters!
You'll find super helpful tips and details about podcasting.
Mag writer
Great tips!!!!
Huge fan and great value
I look forward to Monday to listen to Jess and Elsie. Love their commenterary on the industry and their tips. Thank you for a great podcast
The Hosting Journey
A great concept, but hard to get through the banter
I love what these women are doing creating community and support for women podcasters, and they have great free content on their website for new podcasters, so I really was looking forward to listening to this podcast. I found it hard to listen to it. I've only tried two episodes, including the most recent one on Instagram and Facebook. As a busy entrepreneur, I want to make the best use of my time, but this had so much banter that I gave up.
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the cure for road rage
I listen on my way to/from work and laugh until my eyes water. No road rage here but pretty sure at least a few people think I’m off my rocker at stoplights! Thank you!
Rants go on WAY too long
Would love a time stamp in the show notes of when the real information starts so those of us that do t have time to hear chit chat about yurts and rats and donuts, can skip right on over to the great podcasting information they have to offer.
wary mom
One of my staple listens . . .
Not only do these two provide great advice, they just make me laugh (thier producer is hilarious too!) I feel like I'm always getting more than I bargained for when I listen to them. By the time my commute is over, I'm a smarter podcaster, and a happier person. P.S. I love the longer episodes . . . they seem like they've been shorter lately -- it could be just me.
Ms val
Thank you!
As a podcaster myself I am always looking for inspiration and mentors . Jessica and Elsie have been both for me. My podcast has grown in so many ways because of their advice and I have also met other amazing women podcasters because of the groups they create. It's a great show hosted by two generous women. Thank you both.
Way too much chit chat and extremely long. I started at episode 1 hoping for some great expertise and advice/mentoring for women podcasters. Most of it is just a commercial for their services. I get they need to make money too, but I'll look for another podcast to help me with technical or otherwise questions about podcasting.
Loving you ladies
Feelings, hormones and podcast information. Elsie and Jessica keeping it real with everything podcast.
I love Elsie and Jess!
You guys are the best. Wonderful info and entertaining. Thanks for helping me launch my own podcast. You guys rock.
Dr. Carrie
So much info
Love the way how the 2 of you interact and how much info you are sharing with the rest of us. You feel like the experienced sisters to us beginners. Thank you!
Informative, Hilarious and Heartwarming
I'm an avid listener of She Podcasts and am writing this review to encourage YOU to give this weekly show a listen! You will get tons of teachable moments on how to podcast and two great role models that know how to connect across the virtual landscape. Lots of info on new Apps and tech gear that helps ease workflow, whether you are a podcaster or not! Love this show!
Consistently the Funniest Podcast I listen to!
This podcast is wonderful - informative, funny, and inspiring. Jess and Elsie have a wonderful vibe and banter. The show is informative and motivating for anyone interested in podcasting. I love listening and feel more empowered and motivated after each episode.
Nicole Letelier
Fun for X and Y chromosomes
I tried to avoid She Podcasts like I had years ago with FaceBook. There came a time where I just could not stay away. Yes: I am a dude and I enjoy listening to Elsie and Jessica. 5-stars. Steve Stewart from "No Debt, No Credit, No Problems" podcast
Sometimes binging is good AND fun
That's what I did, I binged on 4-5 recent episodes. It wasn't because I'm such a techie (although I do need some of this information because I'm starting my own podcast). It was because it was so much fun to listen to Jess and Elsie banter comfortably with each other, speaking the same language of knowledge mixed with a very amusing side-track. Even if you don't love tech, just listen to these two gals as they effortlessly sit around the figurative kitchen table and gab.
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The Walking Deb
Great Resource for Beginners
I’m a beginning podcaster (male) and I find this show to be spot on with respect to most of the issues I am confused about. It’s not super tech focused, but more pragmatic. It’s also not just for “she’s.” Anyone that podcasts could benefit from it. One idea: a segment where they review shows (listeners) and give constructive criticism or compliments with specific examples. Just an idea. Your show is awesome. Keep it up!
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Experience, encouragement and fun
These ladies (Elsie and Jessica) have a wealth of experience which they share with their listeners while they touch on current podcasting topics and issues that particularly address women. They are very empowering and as a bonus, terrific fun. Every woman (and man) who podcasts or who is thinking of podcasting should listen to them.
Come for the podcast, stay for the community!
Elsie’s Yoga Class was the first podcast I ever listened to and when she stopped producing new episodes, I was heartbroken… only to discover her HERE with Jessica Kupferman. I find their dynamic so entertaining AND most of all, as a brand new podcaster, I am so grateful for the online community they have created for “she podcasters” and the continued encouragement, opportunities and love!
Andrea Klunder
Fantastic, Expert Podcast For Women Podcasters
If you are a woman who podcasts, this is THE podcast for you. Not only do Jess and Elsie bring up to the minute information on podcasting, they do it from the unique perspective of women in a largely male-dominated media genre. This is an extremely high quality show, and I love how Jess and Elsie's personalities complement each other. Each woman brings a distinct, engaging voice to the conversation. I've laughed out loud numerous times, and I don't doubt that I'll cry at some point listening to them. They're real, genuine, smart, and kind, and they bring so much value. If you have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, this podcast is not-to-be-missed.
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Seriously Funny Gals
I usually can’t sit still for an hour-long podcast…except when I binge listen all day to these two ladies. Please keep it up because I’m addicted!
Love the truth, info, and hosts!
As a relatively new podcaster, I love having a go to resource like Jess and Elsie provide here for all my burning podcast Q’s. Their Facebook community is also fantastic, I highly recommend getting in there, too if you haven’t yet.
Liz DiAlto
Aida here from LGBT CHAT podcast, Love you guys! I'm a new lister! Regarding episode 69: I call my wife pooky or pookies! Lol she hates it when I call her that in public! But keep up the great work! Thanks for your work :) 😝😜
East coast diva
Great resource!
Holy cow - give me anything with Elsie Escobar (have you checked out her yoga kula podcasts - they’re evergreen!) and add in Jessica Kupferman - I’m in! Then heap on the super useful information and definitely supportive conversation - this is what I was looking for! Thanks for the inspiration and great women in conversation!
Just what I needed
This show is perfect for that woman who is just getting started in podcasting and wants to get the perspective of two women who are willing to share freely. So happy to have them as a resource!
Paige @ Hear Motherhood
The female perspective on all things podcasting...and more
I am a huge fan of She Podcasts. Jess and Elsie have intelligence, wit and a down-to-earth perspective that makes each episode a treat to listen to. It's like a dose of chocolate each week. I love the chemistry between Jess and Elsie and their personalities balance perfectly. If you're a woman, whether or not you're a podcaster, you're going to love this show!
Jodi | Women Taking the Lead
Love this SHOW!
Elsie and Jess are wonderful together. Each is unique and special, but when you add them together magic happens. Keep up the great work ladies!
Great Information and Exchange of Ideas!
They answer some of the questions that swim in my head, great for resources and no hype, the Facebook group is proved to be valuable for even more information and exchange and it creates accountability for me because I keep posting about my soon to be released podcast and that means I won’t push back the upcoming launch date for the third time! Thank you Elsie and Jessica for your work in bringing women together and creating a she podcast community!
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A Must for All Podcasters!
Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman host She Podcasts, a show dedicated to exploring the world of podcasting. Each week, Elsie and Jess share important news about podcasting and the issues and challenges that face podcasters. As ShePodcasters, Elsie and Jess spend some time in each episode expounding upon issues that confront women podcasters specifically. With that said, most of the content is applicable to podcasters of either gender. Aside from providing interesting conversations and important podcasting news, Elsie and Jess also provide fun banter. They are as entertaining as they are informative.
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Amateurs posing as experts
I have no trouble with the hosts' voices or personalities; but I do have trouble with their positioning of themselves as "podcast experts" and fooling newcomers to the field into thinking they are receiving genuinely useful information! One of the hosts has admitted that she does not even listen to podcasts, herself! These hosts have begun a training course for podcasters, for which they charge money. If one were to look closely at their motivation for podcasting, "marketing themselves" might be top of the list. I find this pretty shameful, and deceptive.
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Titania Red
She Podcasts Power!
Naturally listening to several male shows it feels good to listen to these two women that have some skin in the game and speak their minds. I heart Jess and Elsie! @michellengome
M. Ngome
My Monday Morning Fix
I look forward to listening to a new episode every week. I’m guaranteed to get a few good laughs and some valuable info I can use to improve my own podcast.
Top Notch!
Love the interaction between Jess and Elsie. Very informational to any podcaster, male or female. Also, very comedic and entertaining.
Honest, fun look at podcasting
Jess and Elsie are fun to listen to; I feel like I’m in the same room with them! While they cover all the great aspects of podcasting, they aren’t afraid to cover areas where people may be stuck or need extra help. It’s nice to listen to a podcast that isn’t all rose-colored glasses. With humor thrown in, no topic is off-limits for them. I’ve grown by listening to them weekly; you should, too!
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Love Your BODcast Julie
Women in podcasting: You NEED this show
Jessica & Elsie are the women standing up for women to walk you through the fundamentals of podcasting, how to work in the podcasting space and talk tech as a woman. I love their banter and the community of women supporting each other here!
Am really enjoying the perspectives!
I love to be part of experiences where perspectives are changed or challenged and this show definitely does both. Very natural and easy to listen to. I feel like an added friend in the room.
Dachia A
Always Interesting
I love this show. You never know what Elsie and Jessica are going to talk about but it's always interesting and entertaining.
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