Shaping Fire
Shaping Fire
Shango Los
Shaping Fire host Shango Los interviews the most knowledgable and insightful people in cannabis and entheogens. With topics ranging from cannabis cultivation, medicine and hashmaking, to healing humans with psychedelics.
EP114 Planning Ahead for Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation with guest Daniel Stein
No matter whether you are an experienced or new cannabis cultivator, establishing a new location to cultivate cannabis using regenerative growing techniques deserves some forethought. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with Humboldt County-born regenerative farmer Daniel Stein of Briceland Forest Farm about building soil, placement of structures, using soil inputs found on your property, water sequestration, cover crops and companion planting, animal husbandry and animal fertilizers, and whether or not cannabis crops should be rotated with the vegetables.
May 10
1 hr 51 min
EP113 Wood Loving Psilocybin Mushrooms
Some of the most potent psilocybin mushrooms have proven very difficult to cultivate indoors. These mushrooms love growing on hardwoods. On episode 113 of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with mycologist Christian Kaelin about the attributes and personalities of wood-loving hallucinogenic mushrooms, how to find and wildcraft them, and how to build your own inoculated hardwood chip beds to cultivate them outdoors at home.
Feb 23
1 hr 54 min
EP112 Super-Charging Soil Microbiology with guest Michael DiLegge
Incredible cannabis plants start with soil diversity and thriving microbiology. During this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with microbiologist Michael DiLegge about natural biostimulants, the care and feeding of microbe life in your soil, choosing companion plants to encourage root zone diversity, and an indictment of the 24-hour light cycle theory.
Jan 19
1 hr 45 min
EP111 Cannabis Landraces in Practice with guest Jade Nectar
Long Live Landraces! In this delightful introduction to cannabis landrace plant varieties, Shaping Fire host Shango Los talks with Santa Cruz landrace specialist Jade Nectar aka Jeff Nordahl about the differences between landrace, wild and feral varieties of cannabis, their unique attributes that attract connoisseurs, and the importance of conscious landrace breeding techniques and preservation.
Dec 8, 2023
1 hr 51 min
EP110 Delta-8 THC: The Troublesome Cannabinoid with guest Dr. Ethan Russo
Delta-8 THC is everywhere, but the scientific understanding of it is not. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los welcomes back neuroscientist and renown cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo to discuss the medicinal benefits of Delta-8 THC, its history, the challenges of synthesizing clean Delta-8 THC, and the negative impacts that synthetic Delta-8 THC is having throughout the cannabis community.
Oct 13, 2023
1 hr 23 min
EP109 Encouraging Neurogenesis with Phytocannabinoids with guest Staton Laws
Brain cells die, and our body has the ability to make new ones. But as we age, the ability to make new brain cells slows, and sometimes even slows so much that dementia arises. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los, talks with cannabinoid researcher Staton Laws about the mechanics of neurogenesis, how cannabis medicine can stimulate the creation of vital neurons, and specific nootropic dosing protocols for those interested in sustaining their brain health and longevity, as well as cannabis patients who are already facing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
Sep 30, 2023
1 hr 29 min
EP108 Longevity and the Endocannabinoid System with guest Hunter Land PhD
While cannabis is most commonly used to relieve symptoms of ongoing illness, the plant’s resin can also be used to keep the human body in balance over decades, creating long-term wellness. During episode #108 of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with neuroscientist Hunter Land PhD about the biological mechanics of aging, how strengthening the endocannabinoid system can increase your healthspan, and how to develop a cannabinoid strategy to meet your health goals.
Jul 28, 2023
2 hr 1 min
EP107 Vaporizing Flowers and Oil: The Science, Tech and Myths with guest Mark Lewis
Cannabis enthusiasts enjoy using vaporizers for a range of reasons from great taste, to the health benefits for our lungs. On this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los speaks with engineer and vaporizer devotee Mark Lewis about the attraction so many cannabis users have for flower and oil vaporizers, the pro and cons of technology designs used in contemporary devices, and an array of myths clouding their understanding and use.
Jun 16, 2023
1 hr 45 min
EP106 Cannabis Root Structure Mechanics and Best Practices with guest Sarah Lane
Cannabis cultivators expect the plant’s roots to do an essential job, and yet most of us barely know how to treat them nicely. On this week’s episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los welcomes back plant biologist Sarah Lane to discuss root structure in living soil, coco/peat and hydro systems, how roots function, what their various colors may say about their health, how and when to trim them, and best practices for creating a bountiful root system that will support massive growth and yields, including container choice, pH, watering, fertilizers and compost teas.
May 19, 2023
1 hr 57 min
EP105 Mycelium and Mycorrhizal Mechanics with guest Stephanie Garcia
Mycelium and mycorrhizae are essential parts of the Soil Food Web, and using cultivation methods that support soil fungi can lead to the best cannabis you’ve ever grown. In this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with mycologist Stephanie Garcia about the functions of mycelium and mycorrhizae, some common misunderstandings, and best practices for amendments, pH, watering and transplanting to create and sustain a thriving rhizosphere.
May 5, 2023
1 hr 39 min
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