Shameless Sex
Shameless Sex
Amy Baldwin and April Lampert| Pleasure Podcasts
Amy is a Sex and Relationship Coach and Sex Educator with a passion for promoting unabashed, pleasure-focused sexuality education. April is a motivational speaker, sex toy mogul, as well as one of the leading women in the sex-toy industry. April and Amy combined forces to create the Shameless Sex Podcast, inspiring radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy with a playful twist sharing real life experiences and tell all details. Visit for more. Shameless Sex is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact
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These ladies are absolutely amazing. 100% great education to spice up sex and relationships! Also I love the openness and blunt approach.
Freaking amazing
I don’t usually leave reviews but I’m in love with this podcast! I listen most of the day while I’m at work so I’ve been able to catch up. I have seen different point of views and be able to be more opened minded and try new things 😌 definitely a good listen 🤗
great learning tool
I am trying to become more adventerous in the bedroom with my wife. This has been amazing in teaching an old dog new tricks. Thanks for the info
old guy vb
Funny and Creative
Thank you so much for being so open and diverse!! I enjoy binging the episodes and hearing from so many different perspectives and personalities.
Empowering and thoughtful
I’m a new listener to your podcast and I feel very fortunate to have found you! I love the insightful interviews and the sexy spice that is peppered throughout! So empowering for women to own their sexuality and to talk about it! Keep being your beautiful, sexy, and amazing selves❤️😍😘
OBSESSED! Very informative and overall just, amazing!
This was my first ever podcast I started listening to. I was hooked immediately! I’ve listened to every episode since I found this podcast in 2018. So much great information! And I’ve recommended this podcast to so many people! And Amy and April... I love them!!
Fun, sexy, informative, raw, inclusive - all the things
I look forward to Tuesday’s so I can learn something new about my body, my partner’s body, how to communicate about sensitive subjects, or something that has nothing to do with me but expands my horizons. I love this podcast and consider it a must listen. Started when I was recently divorced and single, and now am in a conscious, monogamous relationship. And it always applies. And I love how April and Amy take constrictive criticism into account and work to improve themselves and the podcast. Thank you for keeping me entertained and educated and erotic and curious and turned on!
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Claudia - Amarsi
Fun and informative show
I enjoy Shameless Sex every time I listen to it. It’s fun, personal, and informative.
Markus Fromherz
I’m in love
I started listening to the podcast after Amy & April after they were on another podcast I love. They are so much fun, inspiring, silly, smart, & sexy. I love listening to you ladies. Thanks for what you’re doing.
Best Informative Sex Podcast Out There!!!
Let me just first say that I love you guys! My boyfriend and I listen to your podcast all the time! We listen to them together, but a lot of the time we end up listening to them on our own and it makes for a great discussion when we’re together! We have now exploded so much and have purchased suggested products from your podcast and we have never been let down! Thank you so much for turning our great sex life into an amazing sex life!!
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nature loving girl
Educational & Fun!
I adore this podcast. As a 56 year old woman I’ve recently come to terms with the sexual abuse of my childhood. I felt I’d never be able to stay in my body during sex and achieve orgasm. With the resources and advice from these two amazing women, I am officially a squirter! I now love sex and enjoy adding new things to my repertoire. With each episode I learn something new and interesting.
I feel the pain
I got divorced 4 years ago. I never went to therapy for it. It’s taken years, good friends and periodic self-breakthroughs to really be able to mourn the loss of the relationship and marriage. It’s still an ongoing process. Some days there’s a revelation/epiphany. Others, no movement forward and occasional steps back as I get sad or frustrated. This episode really helped me. Thank you.
Life changer
First of all, I am a male who accidentally came across your podcast. I listened to one episode and I fell in love. I immediately told my wife about shameless sex and we are going to listen to an episode together. Being a male, your podcasts really taught me to understand a woman in a totally different way. not only sexually but emotionally as well. I feel my wife and I are really going to benefit from you two. Thank you for what you do and keep up the uplifting work.
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Old for this field, but new to the show
Excellent sex podcast! Very educational with lots of professional guests loaded with a very humane touch AND super sweet sense of humor. The Double A (Amy & April) Ladies also offer great resources through their sponsors in addition to their knowledge! Keep rocking the party Amy & April. Javy
No language
Come on people. My kids watch this
Not for Me
For starters, I’m a SWM but I just don’t feel like this show is for me personally. There are some good tips and discussions in there but you have to wait for them among a lot of other stuff (updates on their personal lives that I’m sure are helping people be open and discuss these things but I really just don’t care about, ads, jokes that I find start out not really funny and become somewhat intolerable by the end of the show). EDIT: they scaled back on the personal life updates in later episodes so this is less of a concern now. I am very happy with the inclusive language used and when they do actually get down to discussing the topic at hand and get semi-serious, there’s good info in there most of the time. However, I think most of this is just me and people shouldn’t be deterred from checking this out if they think it might be helpful to them. I think they’re probably doing good work for plenty of people, I just don’t think I’m one of them.
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Authentic, approachable, and amazing!!!
I love this podcast! I am a mother of 3 little ones (all under age 6) and love listening to this! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and encouraging me to learn more about myself and helping my husband and I keep the spark in our relationship! (13 years together, 7 years married). You both are so wonderful and approachable. I just listened to the episode of Amy and her partner and loved learning about non-violent communication. (PS, April and Amy, I didn’t have to unsubscribe to write my review. Also, I’m slowly making my way to present day episodes, I’m still in 2019, and wanted to mention to April to check out Native Deoderant if she hasn’t already)
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I couldn’t find how to contact y’all with feedback. I’m a new listener- but I had to say in episode 181 Kim Anami she really villanizes allopathic/western medicine. I am a current medical student soon to be physician and strongly feel that as people seeking to heal and help we should work together. While medicine and especially its treatment of women is far from ideal, and there is much that needs to be studied, it is wrong to paint all doctors as people who only look to gain financially from their patients. Of course Kim herself has a financial incentive to tell listeners that their doctors will betray them, and they must seek her guidance and products to find satisfaction in their sex lives. There are many doctors, many female doctors, who treat their patients with dignity and respect who fight for them to lead their fullest lives. As you mentioned that you were triggered/activated by her comments so was I.
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So much knowledge
Thanks so much for all of your efforts to help us all find out way to shameless sex. I started listening a few months ago to try and Spice up my sex life. I’m a 61 year of cis gendered bisexual female in a 33 year loving and committed relationship. I am also a scientist who has taught a lot of anatomy and physiology so I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about sexuality and the body. After listening for some time I realized there is so much I didn’t know. The variety of your subjects and interviews have added so much to my knowledge and sex life. I love your sex questions and the way you both are so open and vulnerable on the show. I share it with all of my friends. Sharing your podcasts with my husband has led to some amazing discussions.
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So I’ve just started getting back into podcasting and I seriously love this one. I love how open y’all are and when I listen I feel I can just be shameless. I’m 30 and not dating anyone right now but this is all still so helpful.
A new look
I just started listening to your podcast today! The few episodes I have listened to have definitely opened my mind to some new things! Before, I was definitely weird about anal play and prostate play/pleasure. Me and my fiancé have tried it recently but it still a little weird. Listening to your most recent pod, my mind has been 100% opened to it!! Thank you for the great content! I will definitely be frequent listener!😀
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God awful
Waste of time
Personable, Educational, Genuine, and Inclusive!
I started listening to this podcast around 1-2 months ago and I have learned so much! I always listen to the first part of your podcasts (prior to the guest's introduction). I am a 31-year-old cisgender female. I have recently become oddly interested in my own sexual gratification. I say oddly because I was previously fine with not having an orgasm during penetrative sex. Nothing is wrong with clitoral orgasms; they are great! It was that I accepted what people told me when I'd asked about it. That statistically, most women cannot orgasm by penetration alone. Now, I'm not so sure. Orgasm isn't my goal personally, pleasure is. Since I have begun this newfound curiosity to figure out what I like, I have begun feeling pleasure more so than I ever really felt in the past. I never felt much during intercourse. I am slowly learning how to talk to my partner about what I like or don't like. It's a process, and requires me to get rid of the lump I get in my throat when I think to say something. I'm not sure why I feel weird about it... Other than my upbringing in this society as a woman! 😉
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Lots of talking, not much advice
Listened to the most recent episode supposedly on blow job tips. Over 20 minutes of the hosts talking about random things before the guest arrived, who just marketed her books and services but didn’t actually give any tips. Super lame.
Hungry wham
Fun banter but science-based advice
Just discovered this podcast (blush). However, after listening to two episodes, I’m sold. This is not a raunchy, sex talk is fun, lots of professional advice. Thank you!
2020’s Medicine
I’m a new listener and already, I want to scream this show from the rooftops. I am a firm believer that the final frontier is womyn’s sexual liberation, that a fully liberated woman is the answer to what ails our planet. I am so grateful to April and Amy for doing this work. It is a crucial part of the revolution. Healthy, fulfilling, empowering sex, equal pay, healthcare for all, justice, equality, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration rights, BIPOC thriving, let’s go, we want it ALL in 2020. Mask up and orgasm!
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Britt PC
Beautifully Open Inclusive
The open commentary about all subjects on the Shamelss Sex podcast is absolutely wonderful. I love how relatable Amy and April make every topic, not just sex specific topics. There was a recent episode where Amy opened up about her painful breakup and shared some of her emotions and coping mechanisms and it was so beautiful for me as someone going through my own painful divorce. Topics like that are not often opened up and shared about and I loved it! They are both also shameless about things they have gone through and experienced in their lives and are passionate about making everyone feel included. Just listening to the way they do not judge or shame anyone for anything makes me be a more inclusive person in my own life. I now think more often about using inclusive language and about not judging others for the way they explore their sexuality and lives. I have gained so much help, insight, and personal growth from the Shamless Sex podcast, I highly recommend it as one of my very favorite podcasts.
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One of the best out there!
if you found this, you’ve listened to the rest, now you can listen to the best! these two vagina awning people are awesome! I want them as friends, they are welcoming fun and entertaining. This podcast has something for everyone, it’s diverse and in-depth., Not just scratching the surface, but taking a deep dive into every topic they explore. I am completely addicted, and I guarantee if you give it a listen you will be too!
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Entertainment on the topic of sex
These ladies provide a fun and insightful podcast on the topic of sex along with all things that fall under it. I enjoy their perspective and April’s comical touch. I especially like hearing about the different sex toys they’ve used, it’s purpose, and where to find it bc it gives me good ideas for the next item to buy with some first hand knowledge on quality products.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year and like a fine wine it just gets better and better! Not only have my partner and I enjoyed amazing sex, we’ve also become stronger communicators which has served to bring us closer as a couple! All by utilizing the practices and suggestions in this show! 5 stars! If you’re curious about anything sexual, there is an in-depth episode curated by these two amazing professionals!
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St. Jimmy12
Sexually liberating
I’ve always been super sexual and ashamed of my hyper sexuality. You ladies have normalized women to be as sexual as our male counterparts. It makes me speak up about sexuality and not be ashamed of my inner feelings. Thanks! I appreciate your conversations and making me more empowered!!
I love you two!!
I love this podcast so much! April and Amy are so funny and so smart it feels like I'm in the room with them. Shameless Sex has quickly become my favorite podcast, it brings me joy when I'm sad. I learn so much from you all! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Shamelessly boring, get a real job
Just another mol Eliza
Who knew?!
I always thought I was adventurous and open to anything but this podcast has me realizing I had no idea I had “shame” in liking certain things. Recently I’ve learned that Id like to try some new stuff.... and my sex life just got super spicy!!! Thanks to you girls! I’ve also basically told every one of my friends to listen!!!!! 😛
Insightful & Interesting Sex Podcast! 👍
Just started listening to this podcast, and am loving it! The convo has been insightful and interesting. Thanks to you both for all that you do!
A fav podcast
They are my moms and I love them
So much good insight on sex Ed and emotional intelligence love you moms
Look forward to listening every week!
I love listening to this podcast while I sew! I learn new bits of knowledge every week that improve my relationship with myself and with my partner. Love love LOVE!
Best sex podcast out there
My wife and I have listen to dozens of sex podcast in the pursuit of keeping our sex life amazing. This one is by far the best. Really liked the two episodes a week, sad to see it go. Thanks for all you two do
Life changing
Actually just started listening this week and I’ve already listened to a ton. I’ve always struggled with shame and performance anxiety partially due to childhood trauma. Now, married for 15 years with 5 kids, and I finally feel like I have the words to express what I want! I could keep writing forever but I’ll stop here. Seriously thank you, thank you, thank you!
not only mom
Absolute favorite podcast!
You two are incredibly educated and so good at making guests/listeners feel comfortable! Thank you for relaying your information in such a simple understandable way! Also, the podcast has the perfect mix of informational & personal sharing, which is very rare!
Myles Albaladejo
Real Human Stuff
Amy and April thank you for sharing all that you share with us ... it is so helpful and so real and so human. Thank you for being lost in life with us.
thank YOU!!!
this podcast is so helpful with sex education. i don’t know where else i would have learned everything i know now thanks to amy and april. ps. UBERLUBE IS GREAT! they’re not lying
Uninhibited sex conversations
I love how open this podcast is. I was raised in the “Bible Belt” and sex was taboo to talk about. This podcast is incredibly refreshing because very few people in my childhood hometown had the same viewpoints on sex and there was a lot of shaming and judging around sex. I love what you ladies do and I absolutely enjoy every minute of it. Keep being rock stars and shamelessly enjoying the great pleasures of this world. ❤️❤️ lots of love from Oklahoma
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Five stars
I love the great variety in their guest experts. Great information resource and candid conversations about tricky and sometimes uncomfortable topics.
Super sexy show with great info
Amy & Amy are awesome co-hosts, plus the guests & topics on this podcast are always on point
Two thumbs up for these two sex pros!
If you’re interested in sex and sexuality, this is the podcast for you! Amy and April will make you feel like you are a part of their inner circle of magical, hippy sex-positive friends. I love listening because not only do the hosts entertain and soothe me with their casual banter, but they also teach me along the way. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Two thumbs wayyy up! 👍 👍
Love these Amazing Women!
Amy and April are two incredible women and I've learned so much from them. I really admire their openess and willingness to explore tricky subjects. They don't always stay "safe" in their content and I appreciate that kind of bravery-- we need more people exploring difficult subjects, otherwise we never grow as people.
I love this podcast! I feel all kinds of love and I learn all kinds of things and Amy and April just talk like they are all in a room with their best friends and you’re one of them. Feel welcome and sexy and entertained and educated in the same podcast!
Ten stars
If I could I would give you ten stars!!!! I love the podcast! It is very helpful!! Thank you!!!
Required Listening
Frank discussion of so many topics that focuses on knowledge, understanding and personal development. I wish I’d known about them years ago.
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