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Shameless Adventures
Shameless Adventures
Shameless Adventures is our podcast about being slutty and opinionated swingers from New York. We're an average couple passionate about voluptuous brunettes, non-monogamy and adult travel. We're not professionals unless you like want to pay us or something. The podcast is our own opinions and personal brand of crazy. We enjoy sharing our lifestyle experiences, helping others and hearing the sound of our own voices. This is for adults only. Boobs! Enjoy Bitches.
Episode 27 - Dick Bumper Cars
We missed you bitches. We spent 8 glorious days in Negril at Hedonism II. We had a much needed and relaxing vacation with great friends. In this episode, we record our first interview from Hedonism II with our good friends Sweet Tea and Passenger Seat. We want to do more interviews so if interested, drop us a l ine at In this episode, we talk with these fellow slutty swingers about our their sexy adventures and a week in paradise with the Playful Pussycats. We crashed our good friends' premium jacuzzi suite. We brought some cheap microphones and probing questions. We congratulate them on winning one of the best events of the week, the Pussycat crawl. A pub crawl of sorts except exchange pubs for guest rooms around Hedonism. The Pussycats led a group room to room tasting a shot made by each of the room hosts. Highlights of the shots included a shot with strawberry and tabasco, a hurricane and their winning rumchata pudding shot. They brought brought Cool Whip in their checked bags to pull that off! Michele defers to Chris for all the probing questions and makes fun of his dry ass weed mouth. Chris only smokes weed in Jamaica and everywhere in between. After celebrating our friend's win on the Kitty Crawl, we dive into how many times they've been to Hedo and reminisce about last year when we couldn't make it. They got married and we had to see it on Facebook. No hurt feelings at all about that. In addition to it being Sweet Tea and Passenger Seat's one year wedding anniversary, its also his anniversary of the concussion he got last year when he fished out in the foam party. Happy Concussion-versay! We get into questions about how long our friends have been swingers, how they got started and end talking about slipping two dicks into the pussy of a swinger and how that works in real life. DV, DP, it's dick bumper cars! We start discussing their experience with singles and the importance of singles at Hedonism. Many people think single women and men are an essential part of the Hedonism II dynamic. We share some of our personal highlights from the week partying with Playful Pussycats. We definitely can't forget that Holli and Michael were at the resort with us all week broadcasting live on Facebook and Playboy Radio. Michele co-hosted the show for multiple days during the week which was a nice surprise and was lots of fun. If you can't have fun at Hedo, you just don't know how to have fun. Playboy Radio on Facebook Check out April 24-28th for the live broadcasts from Hedonism II. Follow us on Instagram! Follow us on Snapchat Check out our blog
May 17, 2017
48 min
Episode 26 - Don't Jizz On My Face
HI Guys. We recorded this before we left for a family trip. We will update this description later when we have more time. Wanted to upload it sooner than later for once. Hit us up at Enjoy!
Dec 16, 2016
57 min
Episode 25 - My Pussy Smells Like Chlorine
Recorded at Hedonism II on October 29, 2016. The audio quality on this one is a little lower than usual. You may have to adjust the volume in a few spots. We recorded this episode from Hedo in Jamaica using our phone and low tech microphones. We got some mobile alerts in the background and Michele didn't speak into her mic but it was our first successful on location recording. Many more of these to come. We sat by the waterfall and plunge pool to wrap up our week long vacation and shared our quick thoughts and highlights from the week. It was an amazing week with The Playful Pussycats. Our original trip was planned with Southern Vibrations two weeks prior and postponed due to hurricane Matthew. This week gave us exactly what we needed. We had perfect weather, great new friends and oh yeah, Michele proposed to Chris. What a blast!
Dec 15, 2016
16 min
Shameless Adventures Fun Intro Oct 9th 2016
Our amazing Friend Frank made this audio clip for us from snippets of our podcast. We needed a new intro so this is awesome.
Oct 9, 2016
39 sec
Episode 24 - What's The Best SPF For My Balls?
Hi There. Remember us? We haven't wandered far and would never leave our favorite bitches. We're very happy to finally get episode 24 recorded. We are getting back into the swing of things in more ways than one. In this episode we discuss some of what we've been up to lately. We've been juggling family, work and started some new fun and sexy projects we want to share with you. We attended the annual Hedonism reunion last week and got naked at Gunnison Beach in NJ for some much needed relaxation and quality time together as a kid free couple. The best part of travel and the lifestyle in general is the amazing people we meet. We saw old and made several new friends at the beack. There was sand and rum and sex so the weekend was a great way to pre-party for Hedo. We talk about our long awaited return home to Hedonism II in Jamaica on October 1st. Less than 30 days! Follow us on social media bitches. We will be broadcasting live from the resort and helping you get a taste of the best place on earth. Chris & Michele
Sep 6, 2016
55 min
Episode 23 - Buttsex Burlesque
Michele and Chris are back for episode 23 because they are many things, but quitters aren't one of them. This week (or month, however you want to look at it) they discuss everything from their upcoming trip to Hedonism II in October with WildWomenVacations and SouthernVibrations and how even though they're locked into this whole lifetime commitment called parenthood, they're still trying to make fun shit happen during the summer. And even though they suck, and will probably be home for the entire season, they talk about some awesome shit other people can get to do while they stay home and hate everything. Chris asks Michele about how she likes her porn and in usual Shameless fashion it turns into a conversation about something completely different. And for the next 49 minutes it's essentially a hot mess of creepy 80's adult movies and how Chris sometimes falls and goes BOOM when he go to Jamaica. The word of the week is DP for double penetration and Michele discusses how NINA HARTLEY saved her vagina from a metric fuckton of UTI's when she recommended using latex gloves for butt play leaving clean vagina fingers for all pussy play after said glove gets removed. GAME CHANGER, PEOPLE. Game Changer. And before they wrap up they turn to you, their diligent 7 listeners, and ask for feedback, ratings and reviews because without you guys they are just two people in their bedroom arguing wearing headsets.
Jun 7, 2016
51 min
Episode 22 - Wedding Dress Gang Bang
It's finally Masturbation month. Bang it against something, take it out on a date and update the batteries in your favorite toys because its time to shamelessly touch yourself. Michele and Chris are released from solitary confinement just in time to record this podcast. There is still quite a bit of unresolved sexual tension but our contract stipulates one podcast a week even if we don't like each other. Congrats to our best bitches who just returned from getting hitched at Hedonism II. They went down to paradise with the Playful Pussycats and had a blast with an amazing group of sexy people. The Pussycats just announced dates for 2017 so check the details for all of their upcoming trips at We tell you all about our Hedo rock and how you can get one too. Start by going to Hedo with us in October. Continuing more talk about dick pics, our site of the week will help you with the essential Do's and Don't for achieving a successful dick pic collection. We very politely hate on people who use their wedding photos on dating sites and stir up trouble talking about side chicks and side dick. We love side action but only if it is healthy and honest. We also love when people dress nice and smell pretty. We are all trying to get laid so bring your A game. Wash your balls, comb your moustache and press your overalls. It's time to party. We need to get out of the house and party with some crazy adults so we are heading to an IPG party. Check out for some of the best lifestyle hotel takeover events in the North East. We will see you there. We are finally headed back home to Hedonism II to party with some sexy Southern folk. Join us October 1st-8th as we throw down with Southern Vibrations and Wild Women Vacations at Hedonism II. Check out for more info on all the groups partying with us that week. Check out and send all your dirty thoughts and gossip to
May 3, 2016
57 min
Episode 21 - Stop Crying on My Strap On
*This probably has typos. I will fix them in the morning. :) Michele and Chris knock the dust off their Soundcloud account and upload another Shameless Adventure. If you thought we were home crying and feeling sorry for ourselves you would be correct. Life is amazing but a pain in the ass and we are happy to have these microphones to use for complaining. Right out of the gate we share some pent up love and start off with shout outs to good friends we be thinkin about. The Playful Pussycats are definitely on our minds. They will be partying in Hedo beginning this weekend, April 23-30. They are joined again by special guests Holli & Michael from Playboy Radio. We had a blast with them last year. We know they will have an amazing week again this year and we look forward to living vicariously through their sunburns and stories of debauchery. Our best friends will also be getting married that week in Hedo so sad faces because we won't be there. Michele may or may not cry during the podcast. We participate in a monthly Twitter chat hosted by Topless Travel. It's a fun way to interact with people and discuss the lifestyle on social media. We missed the chat this past weekend so we apologize to Nathaniel and talk the topic form the chat. The topic was balancing life and non-lifestyle activities. We can easily relate since we are having a crazy few months with our own family roller coaster ride. Just a heads up, May is International Masturbation month. Stock up on your lube of choice and send us fun or memorable stories of your own self pleasure. We don’t need a reason to talk about masturbating but we found one. Somewhere in this thing we laugh about Chris' dick and talk tips for taking dick pics. You would be crazy to ever take our advice. Just use us as an example of what not to do. Strap on is the word of the week and Michele gleefully recalls her adventure last year at Hedo with a hot piece of southern ass equipped with a strap on. The conversation turns slutty real fast and we learn some freaky shit about Michele. This is the part I keep rewinding and playing over and over. We talk about our friends at IPG and their lifestyle hotel parties. May is full of awesome upcoming events. We talk dates for their upcoming parties but words can't describe the vibe and sexual energy we find at their events. They are expanding to new locations on the East coast so check out their website for upcoming events and info. Also be sure to check out our new blog post over at and as always support our affiliates. Follow us on social media bitches. See you again very soon. Shoutout Links The Monogamish Marriage - Nathaniel Social Media Coordinator at Topless Travel - Rick at SLS Radio
Apr 20, 2016
44 min
Episode 20 - I Fucking Hate You
We start the episode apologizing for being gone for so long because Chris was the ebola monkey and got us all sick. We needed to take some time and mend up and VOILA we're back and feeling much more like ourselves. This week we talk about listener feedback and how essentially we need to man up and quit our bitching about finding a sitter because if you guys can do it, we can too. We also talk about dick size in the lifestyle and if there is such a thing as TOO much dick when it comes to swapping partners. Our site of the week is and how it's an old school, no nonsense place to get adult travel info. Our word of the week is pillow princess and we come to the conclusion that Michele is totally wearing the tiara when it comes to giving as well as receiving and how some women like to have their pussies eaten but aren't really interested in returning the favor. We also discuss how Chris shouldn't really complain about what Michele lacks because there's no shortage of women offering to suck his dick. Even if it does take 72 hours to seal the deal. We close the episode asking for your listener feedback on how we can make the podcast suck just a little bit less every week because as much fun as we have talking to each other in our bedroom, we are nothing without you guys and your input.
Mar 20, 2016
55 min
Episode 19 - Did Your Dick Just Sneeze On My Wife?
In this episode of Shameless Adventures, we talk about winter vacations and our favorite slutty destination, Hedonism II. We give a shout out to the remarkable and one of a kind Ann the Travel Slut heading to Hedonism II for her 10th Anniversary the week of June 18-25 with her group Krewe De Crazy. We talked about sex toys and Michele's impervious clit. It's not always easy to find strong enough toys to get the job done. Check out for our upcoming sex toy reviews and blog posts. With our long time child care provider moving halfway across the country, we've decided to embrace a mini swing sabbatical until we can get our shit together and find a reliable babysitter. Plus we have some new toys to test drive. We talk about playing separately until we can iron out all the details and ask for your feed back on the topic of playing separately for any reason. Tell us what you think. Our site of the week belongs to an adorable and talented sex positive illustrator named @starboots_. We are probably the last people out there to join A good friend suggested we finally join in on the kink and BDSM fun. Another blog post coming to the website on our review and first impressions of FetLife. We wrap up the way any good podcast should, with a good wank. Text us your feedback to 708-Swing88 or See you next week!
Feb 25, 2016
42 min
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