Setting the Tone: An ER Retrospective
Setting the Tone: An ER Retrospective
Setting The Tone
Join Elizabeth, Lauren, and Daniel as we recap our favorite medical drama! We're taking a weekly look back at each episode of the hit TV series "ER". We'll break down every episode, as well as look at how each episode impacts the overall story of the iconic 15 season show. Theme music provided by Andrew Edwards of Blue Police Box Music.
S3E10 - "Homeless for the Holidays"
This week, Jeanie’s diagnosis is revealed to the staff, Mark tries to surprise Rachel with an ill advised gift, Doug cares for a neglected child, Doyle helps an abused woman escape her home, a trans patient is played for laughs, and Carter kicks Gant while he’s down.
Nov 26
1 hr 7 min
S3E9 - "Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies"
This week, Carol crams for her midterm, Mark decides to take out his disappointment on the entire ER staff, Carter gets some bad news of his own, Jeanie’s secret may not be one for much longer, and Doug does his best to support everyone.
Nov 19
1 hr 13 min
S3E8 - "Union Station"
This week, Susan says goodbye to the ER, Al and Lydia tie the knot, Jeanie finally gets divorced, Dr. Keaton encourages Benton to approach surgery prep in a new way, Doug and Chuny do some community outreach, and Mark does loops around Chicago hoping to catch Susan’s train before it leaves.
Nov 12
1 hr 25 min
STT Interviews: Lyn Alicia Henderson
On this month's edition of STT Interviews, we are chatting with Lyn Alicia Henderson, better known to ER fans as EMT Pamela Olbes. Lyn worked on the show for 14 seasons making the 12th most appearances all time!
Nov 8
34 min
S3E7 - "No Brain, No Gain"
This week, Carter chases down a runaway patient, Benton’s guilt leads to an inadvisable marathon surgery, Susan reveals a life altering decision, Rhonda makes a horrific error, Mark gets rejected, and E-Ray may be developing super powers.
Nov 5
1 hr 9 min
S3E6 - "Fear of Flying"
Editor’s Note: We encountered some technical difficulties with our audio in this episode. Lizzie and Lauren's audio is far below our normal quality standards as a result. We’ve identified the issue and it will be fixed as of S3E8. Thanks for your understanding. This week, Susan has some issues riding in a helicopter, a family fights for their lives after a horrible accident, Benton makes a potentially fatal error, and Jeanie and Maggie help fulfill a dying patient's unusual final wish.
Oct 29
1 hr 3 min
S3E5 - "Ghosts"
This week, Doug and Carol practice a very different kind of medicine, the ER has some spooky electrical problems, Susan returns from her vacation, Gant confronts Benton over his harsh treatment, Haleh shows off her singing talents, and Jeanie has some strong words for Al.
Oct 22
1 hr 8 min
S3E4 - "Last Call"
This week, Doug has to rush a woman to the hospital, Jeanie has some trouble with her meds, the nurses are a little thirsty, Carol considers a career change, and Carter again shows he’s better with kids than Benton.
Oct 15
1 hr 16 min
STT Interviews: Gloria Reuben
This month we are talking with Ms. Jeanie Boulet herself, Gloria Reuben! Hear all about her thoughts on Jeanie’s legacy as a character, working with Eriq LaSalle, and going on tour with Tina Turner!
Oct 11
30 min
S3E3 - "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
This week, Susan has an interesting proposition for Mark, Carol strolls down memory lane with an old teacher, Carter and Gant lament their lack of surgical opportunities, Jeanie is confronted by Benton about her HIV status, and Mark spends his entire shift with one patient.
Oct 8
1 hr 18 min
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