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Embracing the colours of culture! Sesta is a culture podcast produced and presented by Meltem Burak, a Düsseldorf-based content creator and critic of Cypriot origin. Meltem reviews artistic productions from Cyprus, and hosts intellectuals who contribute to the establishment of a culture of peace in the island. Sometimes, the podcast also welcomes artists and intellectuals from continental Europe. Sesta is overall a platform where the transformative power of arts and culture in peacebuilding is discussed with an open and bottom-up approach.
Sesta – Episode 6: Sesta Pride Special with Erman Dolmacı and Diego Aparicio (16/6/2022)
Sesta-embracing the colours of culture! In this sixth episode of Sesta, Meltem Burak talks to Erman Dolmacı (they/them/theirs) and Diego Aparicio (he/him/his). Erman is a PhD candidate on Gender Studies, and a project coordinator at the Human Rights Platform. Diego is the founder and artistic director of the Queer Wave Film Festival. Throughout the podcast, Erman elaborates on the importance of intersectionality. Erman underpins the significance of hearing the margins and constructing peace with a rights based approach in Cyprus. Diego explains the role of Queer Wave in bridging the gap between north and south while encouraging community engagement. The sixth episode of Sesta is a Pride Special episode celebrating the Pride Month ahead of the first Intercommunal Pride in Cyprus. The first Intercommunal Pride will take place on 18 June at 18.00. The march will begin at Kuğulu Park in north Nicosia and at Eleftheria Square in south Nicosia and the two groups will eventually meet at Ledra Palace. The Intercommunal Pride is organised by Queer Collective CY and Queer Cyprus Association, and co-hosted by LGBT-PILIPINAS, LGBT Africa and LGBTQIA+ & Allies Students Club of University of Cyprus.
Jun 17
24 min
Sesta – Episode 5: On The Crescent Moon Fox with Metin Murat (24/5/2022)
Sesta-embracing the colours of culture! In this fifth episode of Sesta, Meltem Burak talks to Dr Metin Murat who is the author of the recently published novel The Crescent Moon Fox. Throughout the podcast, Metin elaborates on his compassionate, heart-breaking, brutal and humorous debut novel which is a gesture towards peace, and towards the Turkish-speaking community of […]
May 24
20 min
Sesta – Episode 4: Constructing a culture of peace with Buffer Fringe: An interview with Ellada Evangelou (8/4/2022)
Sesta-embracing the colours of culture! In this fourth episode of Sesta, Meltem Burak talks to Dr Ellada Evangelou who is the Executive and Artistic Director of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival since 2019. Throughout the podcast, Ellada elaborates on the relationship between arts, culture and conflict transformation, and the role of Buffer Fringe in multifaceted peacebuilding. She explains how Buffer Fringe helps communities co-create and re-imagine the future in an inclusive way against the dominant, exclusionist, nationalist and patriarchal narratives in Cyprus. Buffer Fringe is currently looking for Cyprus-based or internationally based Cypriot artists to join the Festival which will run from 7 October to 9 October. If you have any creative ideas, you can apply to the Festival until 24 April from the link. More about the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival on Facebook – Instagram:
Apr 8
33 min
Sesta – Episode 3: On the universality of poetry with Nafia Akdeniz (5/3/2022)
Sesta-embracing the colours of culture! In this third episode of Sesta, Meltem Burak talks to the ethnographer and poet Dr Nafia Akdeniz. Nafia is currently working as a senior instructor at Eastern Mediterranean University, as a post-doctoral researcher with Professor Rebecca Bryant who is based in Utrecht University, and she is working on her poetry collection Yarım […]
Mar 5
21 min
Sesta – Episode 2: Review of Andreas Karayan’s Dark Tales (6/2/2022)
Sesta-embracing the colours of culture! In this second episode of Sesta podcast, Meltem Burak reviews Andreas Karayan`s award-winning book Dark Tales. Andreas Karayan is an author, artist and critique from Nicosia. Dark Tales is the second book of Karayan`s literary autobiographical pentalogy in English. Dark Tales is a bildungsroman elaborating on the harmonised artistic and sexual self-realisations of the author. It was translated to English in 2014 by Irene Noel-Baker, and won the National Prize for Literature in the same year. Dark Tales was published by Armida Publications which is a Nicosia-based publication house specialising in Eastern Mediterranean literature.
Feb 6
10 min
Sesta – Episode 1: On the Meanings of Saint Nicholas Cathedral/Lala Mustafa Paşa Cami (9/1/2022)
In this first episode of Sesta, Meltem Burak talks about Saint Nicholas Cathedral/Lala Mustafa Paşa Cami which is one of the most important cultural heritage sites in Famagusta and Cyprus. She explains the architectural and political meanings of the building, and its historical significance. Also, she elaborates on the contemporary meaning of the centuries old gothic mosque for present-day Cyprus, from a personal standpoint, as a person from Famagusta.
Jan 9
9 min