Serious Issues: A Comic Book Podcast with Andrew Levins
Serious Issues: A Comic Book Podcast with Andrew Levins
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Still Great
Yes the consistency of when the episodes come out has decreased the last couple of years but Lev-Dawg and Shin-Bone are still masters at the comic book review podcast game. Their thoughts are very insightful and they are an immense help in figuring out what comics to check out next. I have also enjoyed the number of guests they have had on recently and every episode brings a lot of joy to my heart.
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Braijin the Gaijin
Mixed feelings
I honestly have always enjoyed this podcast and the duo that leads it. Sad to say, I feel like it’s slowly dying. I wish there was more consistency in when the episodes are dropping
Slap Box Yo Ex
Come back!!!!!
Literally my favorite Podcast EVER! I wish you guys would come back weekly.
Heaps love this podcast
This podcast does one thing and does well ... talk about comics . Not some comics almost all comics that come that week.American podcasts can learn a thing or two from this team who are heaps have help me find new books read that I would never have read if I did not hear it on here.Siobhan and Andrew are heaps great podcasts.keep up the heaps good work. Update This podcast was great then the podcasters loss passion for what they did . Past this one thief are now better ones out there πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
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The show is my weekly treat
It’s so great to know i have this show every week to listen to. Being able to read my comics and then have these two come in and poke fun at and pick up on all the little things I missed or glossed over. Plenty of talk about representation in comics and I love every second of it. Kings Comics is stop #1 if I make my way to upsidedown monster land.
Awesome people here
I love y’alls podcast much love from Texas
Very Good Breakdown of Comics
I really enjoy this podcast. They are a tad too negative for my liking at times but besides that make sure to catch every epsiode.
What a treat
Such a sigh of relief to have a great place to hear about comics that's safe and respectful for women. First rate, decent people who read a staggering number of comics and have OPINIONS about them in the best way. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn so much.
Now This is Podcasting
Levins and Siobhan have the best comic book podcast I can find. The banter is funny and relatable. The subject matter encompasses a large part of each week's comics. It is great to listen to a podcast focused on the content of the books (authors, pencilers, colonists). I have picked up some of my now favorite books thanks to the recommendations of L and S. Thanks for all of the great content!
Anton Gorodestky
Charming and engaging
I suspect that they are actually aware of it, even though they might deny it with enthusiastic argumentation, but these two are quite charming and fun to listen to. Listen~ I don't have any friends that want to really talk about comic books with me, not really. I also don't live near a comic book shop. As a result, I listen to three comic book podcasts with some regularity. I've listened to a good deal of them. This one was entertaining enough for me to stick around, even after finding two other ones that I like and enjoy. If you're looking for a comic podcast, I encourage you to give this one a chance.
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Elijah Shephard Church
Great podcast!
Really love listening to this every week
Fantastic Podcast - Great Find!
Hopefully, I am part of the initial "500" subscribers. I heard about this podcast on the Weekly Planet podcast, and I love it. Serious Issues is the podcast to listen to to learn everything about what is currently going on with comics. It will help you remain "in the know" on all comments, jokes made regarding current characters and major stories.
The only comic book podcast you need
Honestly, this is best comic book podcast out there. You won't find 2-4 guys yelling unprofessionally into a microphone while making sexist jokes here, no, instead, you'll be greeted by the ever-so-lovely Siobhan and Levins (who's a dad) who will be sure to entertain you for at least 60 minutes a week! Thinking of getting into comics? Here's your chance!
Great comic reviews by great people
I've been away from reading comics for the past 5 years but recently got the itch to start back up again. At first I was overwhelmed at what was coming out and didn't know where to start. Luckily, I found Serious Issues through another podcat's (The Weekly Planet) recomendation and couldn't be happier. Siobhan's and Levin's recomendations are on point and I love the very relaxed take on thier reviews. Too many times you will come across comic book fans that take things too far and are just mean for no good reason but our hosts are not those type of fans. For the past month I have binged evey episode and now feel very confident in picking up a new series without any fear that I've missed something. Thank you Shin Bone and thank you Lev Dog. Keep up the good work and never stop complaining about how many comics you have to read each week. :)
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A truly great Pod
Do you like comics? Then this is the definitive podcast to listen to. Like discussing them? The community around this pod is great- very active FB group and always posting fun stuff to twitter. Wanna get into comics? They talk about all the new #1s every week including which ones are actually good, so you don't waste your time getting involved in a series that ends up tanking after one issue. TL;DR download if you are even passively interested in comics. Leave them a good review because they work harder than nearly every other poddy out there.
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oh hell yeah
congratulations on getting on the planet broadcasting team! mr. sunday & nick maso are the reason i started listening to this podcast recently and i have been loving it. i have always just kinda known about comic books (because of the movies). the weekly planet made me want to dive deeper into this world. serious issues is taking that multiple steps forward.
Reginald Mojo
Great comic podcast
A fun and very informative comic book podcast. Andrew and Siobhan are entertaining, with good chemistry and they make a point of including lesser known comics and i personally find hidden gems worth reading in most episodes.
Great guide to comics
Entertaining and informational about comics
Heard Nick Mason did one of these lol 5 stars!
Best Weekly Comics Review
As an adult that has came into comics new early this year, I have worked my way through many different comic podcasts to help me navigate my way through the weekly releases of comics and what is released. Serious issues is by far y favorite of these podcasts, providing a farther reach into eacch week, giving thoughts about almost all new comic releases from all publishers rather than focusing primarily on Marvel and DC, as many other podcasts have. Thanks Serious Issues for guiding me through my new found hobby with humor, joy, and insight.
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No Issues With This Great Podcast
This is a delightful comic review podcast. Hosted by Andrew Levins and Siobhan Coombs, two comic readers who apply great insight into every week's comics. They cover a wide array of books, including lesser known titles that might be right up your alley. It's a great podcast for new and veteran readers who just want to hear a down to earth conversation between two comic fans. I strongly recommended it!
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Great podcast. I love listening to people discussing comics, even if I disagree at times. It's a fun thing to discuss and hear it being discussed. I definitely know about more comic books now since listening to this comic and my pull list is getting too crazy, my bank account thanks you! Haha. Anyway, continue the great work!