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I feel you
Girl I feel you so much on that endless cycle with the adnan story.
An uncompelling narrative of a biased investigation.
An old fan 88
First podcast I ever listened to, still great.
What happened ?
Season one hooked me. Content has become uninteresting. Please more stimulating content!
Much Applause 👏👏
Hello, I’m quite new to the Podcast life. True crime has always been an interest (not in a sick way). I’ve tried to listen to a few others but it seems to always turn into some sort of stoner fest and a story being read off of a Google search. I have a pretty big commute to and from work (hours) and after learning about your podcast, I now look forward to my drive. You do an amazing job and your attention to detail is beyond captivating. Thank you. Keep up the magnificent work Amy
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The Truth is what counts
Truth down heah
Excellent work shining the light in a dark place — it’s like political level Murdaugh corruption. Read “Wilmington’s Lie” by David Zucchino for context for all this backwoods southern life as it still works — because friends, these backwoods ways are running democracy out of town in elections from Virginia to Arizona right this minute.
What happened?
Serial season 1 & 2. Were so good. They literally set the standard for podcasts. Season 3 &4 on became pandering SJW blabber. Get back to true crime. You have WAY too much competition these days. Sad to see Serial just become broke.
Listen to Season One, then stop.
Season one was I guess too good to reproduce. The rest are blah.
Uncle Joe Biden
How bout investigating Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Nah just concentrate on Fulton County, Georgia.
Disappointed (though not surprised) in Nice White Parents
Sigh. No good deed goes unpunished, especially if you’re trying to help. Lame story that reinforces my disdain for “educators.”
I was hooked…
One of the best podcasts of all times… I was hooked!!
This story
This podcast was excellent, detailed and written very well. Each episode made me want to dive deeper into the story. I wonder what Adna Syed is doing now a days.
Only Season 1
Loved it!! I’m terms of “true crime” season one is the only season that really fits that description. Season 2 is more so about foreign relations, but it’s still pretty good. Season 1 is definitely better though!
Very detailed and couldn’t put down!
This podcast is very well done! I hate to admit it, but I’ve binged listened! Great job!
Highly Recommend
I’ve tried many of these true crime podcasts and this is only the third one that I have really enjoyed listening to. Many of the other hosts present in more of an immature fashion that I can’t bear to listen very long. This podcast is presented in such a logical way, so easy to follow along and her voice is very calming as well.
Don’t waste your time past season 2
Seasons 1 & 2 were amazing and it was so refreshing to hear unbiased investigative journalism. But seasons 3-5 are all about pushing racial and political agendas. So sad as Sarah had something truly amazing and rare going and then had to ruin it with such partisan and racist reporting. Disappointed.
sarah ❤️‍🔥🥰
sarah explains things so well and i love her voice is so relaxing. i put this in whenever i’m having a hard time sleeping
The story telling style is great, but the content is very slanted
An underperforming school sees a group of white parents come together and all join the school at the same time. This happened because one of the parents was able to identify the program that was lacking, spoke to the principal about how to bring that program to the school, convinced the other parents that the missing program would be there, then provided all of the funding for that program. It really is that simple. What makes this an issue? The parents were white, nothing more. The existing PTA was stuck in their rut and wanted to maintain control. It was all about the control of money. The existing PTA couldn’t see that they could work with the new parents and bring positive change. They literally had new resources available that they had never had before, but they wanted total control. Instead of trying to help the existing PTA recognize the new tools they have and bring unity, this author decided to create a podcast about how horrible white people are in general. It’s the normal tripe that all white people are oppressors and all minorities are the victims. We are seeing it in the comment too. If you don’t praise this podcast you are a racist, or some other word meaning the same thing. In the end it is about control and money.
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Good story telling but MAJOR facts consistently left out
As title says. After 15 minutes of googling upon completion of each season, it’s evident SERIAL leaves out huge facts. Adnan is 100% guilty.
Five Stars for Seasons 1 & 2
First two seasons are excellent and deserve 5 stars. Next three seasons catch a little affluenza, get a bit tedious and fall way down to 2. Average it together and you get a 3 star show.
Serial podcast stories are added value information
I have loved Serial Podcast for a long time. I just listened to the five episodes of Nice White Parents (NWP). NWP held Serial podcast standards of added value information. I was ignorant on the subject of diversity in the US public school system. I had no information on the dynamics of white parents and minorities, and a system that favors one over the other. The podcast was easy to listen to and follow. The story of the Brooklyn public school system was very interesting. I gave four stars instead of five stars simply because some of the information was just difficult to stomach as black American who unknowingly grew up in a similar situation. Minus the NWP that tried and wanted to make a difference. Thanks Serial podcast for telling the important and worthy stories.
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Political propaganda
I really enjoyed the first few seasons! It got bought out by the man and now it seems to just be pushing political propaganda
Listen led to season 1, took everyone else's advice and stopped there.
Because I read the reviews of season 2 and beyond. I think Adnan is an interesting case. I wish that the interview with Jay had been recorded (He declined). But Sarah and her producer spoke about how adamantly Jay spoke of Adnan needing to step up and take responsibility. That he was very demonstrative I his responses to them...which made me think, doth thou protest too much?? In Episode 12, the friend of Jay talks about how freaked out Jay was and how he was known for making up some tall leads me to believe he may be hiding something. I'm not accusing him of anything, but his behavior sure makes you wonder.... Additionally, I believe Adnan should get another trial for the I effective counsel. I don't think Ms. Gutierrez followed up on many things she should have.
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DD Ball
I am the perfect audience for this series. I believe the reporting, and I think the issue is a real one and an important one to shed light on. But the presentation is tedious, gets too much air time. I got frustrated toward the end. Not every series needs to be so many episodes.
Dig this pod
Loved season 1, season 2 interesting, skip the rest
In 2014 I was hooked! I could see how Sarah was biased towards Adnan, but they did put together great investigation, fascinating podcast. Second season was interesting but harder to get through. Not as much of a “page-turner” as the first one. And then came ultra-liberal proganda. I am a liberal and I can’t listen to Serial any more. I know it’s the choice of podcast produces what to talk about. But you have turned away your core audience. I removed my Serial subscription a while ago. Five stars for the first season, 3 1/2 stars for the second. Zero stars for the rest.
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Don’t trust the racist reviews
Season 1 is why the true crime genre is as popular as it is now. Don’t listen to racist reviews from people who can’t even spell, the story of Adnan Syed is one that needs to be heard. Jay basically got away with hurting a innocent girl and so here we are today . As for the other seasons they just have no real structure so I wouldn’t recommend them
Hoshi is my sidekick
Enjoyed the series
Gripping, informative, well spoken
The system worked.
He’s guilty.
Bobby fluffles
Best Series of True Crime!
This has quickly become my favorite podcast, tied with Australian True Crime. The stories are gripping, the narrator is impeccable, dialogue is edited perfectly, and it just flows better than the majority you hear.
Can’t stand to listen anymore
I really like the first season, although I did complain to the friend that recommended it to me that it was VERY obviously bias. It still liked how it was done though. After that it continued to get worse. I can’t even stand to listen anymore.
The first pod I listened to - and one of the worst
It's just bad. The first series especially. I expect a certain amount of bias and I generally can overlook it in either direction as long as I feel llike all of the information is presented at least somewhatmentioned and allow me to make up my own mind. When you leave things out or slant your reporting as egregiously as Serial does - it doess a disservice to your listeners. I expected to love it - I'm the target audience for this pod - white, liberal consistent contributer to NPR - but this is beyond the pale. It's sad that it gets a pass often because of being assocaited with This American Life.
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Not actual reporting
The narrator decides in season one than a murderer is not guilty “because he is cute.” Obviously, the narrator cares nothing about the victim, the victim’s family, or actual justice. Don’t waste your time on this woke nonsense.
Great start... Lousy ever since
Series 1 is as good as any podcast I’ve ever followed. It was spectacular. Don’t waste your time on the rest. It’s nothing but lazy and propagandized woke tax that white liberals feel they have to pay in order to appease the woke-masters who are single-handedly destroying our culture. As a 41 year old black man, I am begging you to stop these lies that are distorting the minds of our young people. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS!!
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Taki Z
Hooked Fan
I am late to the podcast world but completely addicted! Thank you for the content I was redirected from Crime Junkie for the Adnan Syed.
Race Baiting
If you are a leftist liberal who enjoys inciting race baiting, this is your podcast (I should have known given NYT affiliation). The sad thing is the stories could have been done objectively and they would have some value. #garbage_liberal_propoganda
Adnan and OJ
Adman is as innocent as OJ Simpson. Only thing missing is the bloody glove.😒😒
First ever review
I was redirected here from my normal podcast Crime Junkies. While trying to catch up on all the episodes, the prequel to the Adnan Syed was said to be on this podcast. I’ve been HOOKED ever since. Thank you for all the time and detail you put into each episode, I’m definitely a new forever fan.
Season 1
Season 1 is incredible. Sarah is a genius- must listen.
The best of all time
The greatest podcast ever . Got me started listening to podcasts. Blue collar hour also a good podcast . But this one started it all
Big al 4791
The Beat
Best pod of all time.
The Real Tom Bratt
First season was good because it was pure story telling and not her own political narrative. But one thing I can’t stand is this lady’s voice and overall persona
Started strong, but needs to get back to its roots
Serial started as a true crime podcast. Arguably, it paved the way for many more. But it strayed. Too far. It needs to get back it’s roots with its original host. These side projects with other hosts are not why many subscribed. Sarah’s storytelling is what makes this work. Seasons 1 and 3 were riveting. Please get back to what makes this show great.
Podcast fell off the track right at the end of season one. I gave it two stars for the effort.
S1 yes, S2 maybe, skip the rest
Season one had to be the best true crime pod that I have ever listened to. Season two was just okay. I couldn’t even make it though 2 episodes of the rest. Give 1 and 2 a listen but skip the rest.
This is amazing shut up if u don’t think so leave no one needs ur opinion bye!
Season 2 is Excellent reporting and storytelling.
What happens when we continue to ignore that mental healthcare and education regarding mental health should be a bigger priority in this country? Bergdhal’s experience and outcome are the result. This story is laid out beautifully with facts and first hand accounts told in cohesive, fair and compelling way that ties in such vivid descriptions you feel like you were there. Bravo.
Good content
This podcast is very engaging. It is easy to listen to while running. I learn about things I would otherwise have no idea about. I like that. I also trust the reporting
The granddaddy of podcasts (to me)
Season 1 is in the all-time best tier among podcasts — it MADE that tier
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