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This podcast is amazing and is a must listen to podcast! Season 3 takes a raw and deep dive into our criminal justice system by looking at regular cases with astonishing outcomes. The narrator, Sarah, provides her own insight to what she observed. She also adds information to the case that was not previously mentioned but is vital for us listeners to know. Such a good podcast and I highly recommend!!
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Conveniently racist and sexist
Good podcast with good information. It is paced well and is entertaining. Listening to the episode about the young woman in Cleveland who was in a bar fight. The sex and race of those involved is mentioned and highlighted when it fits the hosts narrative. When it does not, it is passed over very quickly. One example, a female prosecuting attorney was unwilling to drop or lower charges on the female defendant. Not mentioned. When the white male attorney took over, he loaded the charges immediately. His race and sex not highlighted in any way. Very inconsistent to the point that it is noticeable.
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Easy listening
Best podcast I’ve ever. Great story telling. Only issue is that there aren’t enough episodes.
Quit after season 1
Binge season one with a big ole spoon. Take or leave seasons 2 and 3 due to the “meh” nature of the stories. Season 4? I won’t even listen to racist drivel.
Biased viewpoint.
Too bad you couldn’t truly report without bias. Too bad you couldn’t see all students were lifted and education levels improved for all. Too bad all you could see were white people wanting to improve education, all children’s education, not just people of color. I would have to say this series was the most biased perspective on any subject I have seen. I usually enjoy Serial; not this time
Evit, old white man
White Guilt
Hoping to learn something and as I completed the final episode, I became annoyed and angered by the amount of white guilt that was poured into the last few minutes. Shameful.
More like this
Please produce and create more informative podcasts like this. Enjoyed the deep dive into our school structure and underline race divid. Thank you. Looking forward to more podcast from you
nanfer snah
The best
Always gets me through my long drives. SO entertaining!
This is one of the best podcasts ever. If you like true crime then this is for you. Once you start listening you can’t stop. The story telling, everything is amazing. If you haven’t listened I won’t give any thing away but it’s my personal opinion that Adnan did not do this. A MUST LISTEN!
Started Strong...
However the latest season is pure virtue signaling garbage. She really needs to grow her emotional intelligence...
Even still
This is anti racist woke crap. America does not agree with this.
Incisive and excellent
I know this school, and she got it right. Every episode covered a different topic, one more fascinating than the next. If you are a liberal white parent who espouses belief in integration and lives in a diverse neighborhood, yet chooses not to send your children to the school on the corner (without even looking at it), you might feel accused of racism. You might be asked to look at yourselves, at your subversion of the school choice movement, at your reasons for choosing the many private schools that opened after your city tried to integrate, aiming directly at your demographic by curating the exact number of students of color with which your child will be surrounded. It might be hard. When you hear the children, parents, and educators whom you worked so hard and payed so much to ensure that your child would never meet, you might think, “Why, these children are smart, these parents are like me, these teachers know so much about subject matter and pedagogy! Why did I so prioritize avoiding this good experience for my child?” It may be hard. But it ends with real thinking and points to ways forward. It is honest, fascinating, powerful, and utterly listenable. Finish all episodes.
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So important to draw attention to the ways our behavior or lack there of impacts minority groups. Especially behaviors we may not even realize have an impact.
Definitely 5 Star!
Compelling storytelling.
First 2 seasons were amazing! But like many others the next one fell flat and I stopped listening. It seems like the podcast was going in one direction and then completely shifted to try and be relevant to today’s struggles. I wish the direction and goal hadn’t shifted.
Season 3
Absolute garbage
Just say no 8877
In Depth Journalism and the Haters
I was first introduced to Serial shortly after season one aired by a college professor that had turned listening to the podcast (and analyzing it) into an assignment. And I’ve gotta say, ever since then, the in depth journalism and adept way the story is narrated and structured has always grabbed my attention. I can say all of the seasons are definitely binge worthy. And a note about everyone giving a one star review for this podcast just over the 5 episodes of “Nice White Parents”, it’s most likely that they fulfill that classification and instead of listening and trying to view the world from a different perspective, they’d rather continue to ignore the fact that there is inherent racism in almost every single aspect of U.S. society. Blissful ignorance. Bottom line is, please listen. Educate. And above all else, keep in mind that your perspective on the world isn’t the only one, and it’s always worth understanding someone else, because that’s how we grow.
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one hit wonder
first season was great but politics had to take over and ruin this too
Adnan did it and will rot in prison for killing Hae Min Lee, who this podcast overlooks in favor of crying over killer adnan.
So good
Awesomee 231
Racists hiding as journalists
The first season started off very interesting. Good attempts at being in depth with facts, but author just uses the facts that support her narrative and dismisses any facts that do not support her thesis of the justice system is wrong. Second season, again, is a interesting and entertaining premise, but the bashing of the justice system is broken and racist keeps getting in the way. Third season doesn't even try to hide the pure abhorrence of white people. A continuation of white people are evil and all other races are held back by no fault of their own. Not a real look at the issues. Just speaks of the facts that support the authors narrative.
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I used to like this podcast
Listened to season 1 as a kid. Thought it was great. Come back for a second listen and noticed how much the author shaped the narrative. Do yourself a favor and look at the facts of the case instead of buying into this propaganda. “Nice White Parents” should pretty much give you an idea of how low-brow the production team/narrator are.
As a liberal, it’s exhausting to listen to these bigoted woke leftists reduce immensely complicated issues into simplistic (and racist) solutions. Avoid if your IQ is three digits.
Dumb White Host
Seriously? I made my way into episode two before I had to stop listening. The host makes derogatory comments about white people. Terrible journalism!
“Nice white parents” is utterly tone-deaf about education
I - an educator in an international school that serves primarily underprivileged children - was excited to hear this in-depth report on a school in Brooklyn with a changing demographic. From the start, the narrator clumsily and self-righteously seems to mix up “international” schools, the “international baccalaureate organization” and bilingual education; all in the spirit of some weak metaphor about gentrification being extended into a school’s context and the evil of the mighty dollar. She paints the Puerto Rican parents as bumbling, unsophisticated victims of sneaky, white, self-interested rich liberals. This whole premise is a mess and it’s self-serving for the sensationalist, clueless “journalist” who put it together. This person should not be writing about education. She doesn’t understand it.
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This is cringeworthy at its finest. Super sad they went for attention grabbing. Season one was great . All down hill from then . Listen to something better like, nails on a chalkboard.
My favorite podcast ever!
Started off fine. Then comes the horrible white people routine. So ignorant and dangerous
Zombie Tombie
The first two seasons are great!
I binged the first two seasons! They were super informative and interesting. I’m hoping that if they have another season it will be more like the first two.
Pushing anti-racism
I loved the first two seasons of serial but pushing the whole “everyone is racist” and “white people are the problem” is dangerous and disingenuous. Don’t recommend.
Love this
Thank you for inviting us in to this fascinating world. I feel I'm getting a real education on things I have never taken the time to understand but now I feel I should. I am binge listening because I want to hear it all.
The BEST podcast. Every season is great.
Love this podcast. Binge worthy. Helps me get through my boring workday, minus the numerous works I have to be on. I can’t wait to get off those calls and get back to the podcast. I loved the second season the most thus far. Just getting into the third season and it’s been pretty mind-boggling.
Considering how good the first season was, it’s incredible how bad this show has become.
Hurrah, average white people are human
I really hope the title of this review becomes passé very, very soon. In the best way possible. Thank you for your reporting and ending on a hopeful note.
Season 4??
Will there be a season 4?? If so, when?? If not, WHY?!?!?
Another far leftists who is a racist. I can *hardly* believe it...
Vanilla Thunder Man
Good and bad
Many great things but clearly comes from a political and philosophical perspective that colors the story she tells. PR Burg
PR Burg
Love first two seasons
Sarah’s voice and story telling is addictive. Her research show that she is aware of her responsibility to not give false information. I would love to hear more stories like this. Few examples are to write about the lives of EX- Guantanamo detainees. One of them actually wrote a book about his GTMO experience but it did not tell anything about his life before detention. Which keeps readers frustrated. I hope you read this review and make a season on this. Your show is keeping me alive in this pandemic. Stay safe!
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Real Reporting
In depth actual detailed analysis and reporting. Good to see such thing still exists. I look forward to a new season at some point.
a recommendation
Read Ryan Engley’s “The Impossibke Ethics or Serial: Sarah Koenig, Foucault, Lacan”
A turn for the worse
I absolutely loved the first three seasons of this show, however with season four you’ve lost a listener forever. They’re seriously making the case that the problem with inadequate education in certain areas is the fault of and I quote “white parents”. They went full “woke” with this one guys. They live in an echo chamber where racism is the causation behind every issue in America.
Josh whoa
@sarahkoenig I love you
Great podcast, I’ve listened to every season. I’ve learned so much. These topics are very interesting and important. Thank you for bringing these subjects to my attention and others as well. Very well done. Also you can tell people respond comfortably to you. @sarahkoenig I love you!!!!
Mainland chick
Just finished Season 1
Amazing detail! As much as I am so bummed with the result of season 1 I will continue to listen for sure! May sound weird but I like her voice. Easy listening. Hoping season 2 is good
Typical NYers
The creator needs to get out of NYC more often. There are a number of places in the US that figured out this problem 30 years ago. The lottery system is a disaster. My school district went to that when I was a kid and you could be bussed two hours to get to school. They obviously dropped that. Also, it is a disservice to let a 9 yo distract an entire class because it’s equitable.
I just finished Season 1 and as unsatisfying as it was, I could not stop listening. This podcast was great and can’t wait to keep listening!
You will think about this podcast for years to come.
Great podcast!
High quality
Devour every season
So much detail, nothing goes unnoticed. Her voice is so pleasing to listen to. Great stories!
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