Serial Killers
Serial Killers
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Great podcast
I love this podcast! It’s in my top 3
Love the podcast. I can stop listening, however if I hear about the Nissan Rogue one more time they might have to start a pod cast about me! Just kidding, but the add is annoying.
The killer is not a victim.
I listen for awhile then stoped it was just so annoying. Everything was just to scripted their language being outdated. Then I thought I would try it again to pass some time. This weeks episode was okay still scripted. Then at the end of the 2 episode they said the killer was a victim to. The crown never gave him a chance by only throwing him in prison and not giving him treatment for his alcoholism. I am leaving this review and removing this podcast and will never try to listen again. He forced these women to drink to their deaths. The women are the only victims. He chose to not follow his sobriety after his releases from prison and to run all over Canada killing or nearly killing these women. He is not a victim.
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You just referred to a murderer as a victim??
Is this for real, are you really expecting us to have sympathy for a man that murdered many women because he was an alcoholic??!!
How do you so often know what the victims were thinking right before they were murdered? What is the point of scripted banter? Didn’t anyone think “promo code: serialkillers” sounds awkward in a feel-good Daily Harvest ad (try serial code: sks)? Make more attributions to references, a.k.a. people that did the original research. “May have thought” is an easy and respectful way of avoiding presenting speculation as fact. Hire seasoned journalists, and listen to them. Otherwise the narratives are good, and the hosts’ voices are listenable.
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My favorite thing in the whole world
I LOVE LOVE SERIAL KILLERS. I literally wake up every Monday and Thursday and listen to the new episode on the way to work! I count down the days in between!
Columbus Georgia
Love the podcast. Y’all should cover Carlton Gary. He was a serial killer in my hometown in the late 70s. He killed 3 women and they think he killed up to 7. Hopefully y’all check it out
Love love love this podcast! Do you guys have an IG can you guys do a podcast on Richard Ramirez?
Great podcast
Love the podcast only thing that stinks about apple podcast is you can’t let it keep playing cause it goes it reverse so I just started listening to y’all on Spotify ✌️ keep up the great work
Out of order
List in order. I want want to listen to 2 befits 3
Same episode for multiple series
Parcast, I do love your podcasts. I listen to quite a few, I’m sure many do. However, please stop uploading the same one to every one of your series.
Listen everyday!
I literally listen to this podcast everyday and can’t wait to pick up where I left up on the stories! They are detailed, descriptive and extremely easy to listen too. It’s my Favorite podcast and my first go too!
Moots boots
Great detail
They go into detail about the murderers life and murder sprees and even though they lack personality they go straight in the case without hesitation which I LOVE!
Great podcast!!!
I really enjoy this podcast! It is very interesting, and I enjoy learning the stories of different killers. Wonderful!
Love the Podcast, Hat So Many Ads
Par cast has gone as-crazy. It’s too bad. They have so many good podcasts like Serial Killers but the loud obnoxious game ads and worse are so frequent and annoying. Can hardly listen to any of their shows now.
Why would I want to listen to episode three before listening to episode two before listening to episode one??? Why are the final episodes listed first?
watch what u say
the podcast is good but, they continue to use the term prostitute when sex worker is the preferred and politically correct way to say it. please watch what you say your words matter.
office_ obsessed
Great Podcast
It has detailed information about the killers, and have an endless list of them. I can’t think of anything bad about the podcast.
Thanks, Greg
Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist, but she has done a lot of research for the show.
Epic gamer101
Just what I wanted
The podcast goes directly into the case. It does sound scripted however it isn’t a deal breaker for me since I just listen for case details. If you want a podcast with a little more personality I would look elsewhere.
Psychology behind the criminal’s minds
I like the psychology behind, how does a person gets to that point of no return. Of course I like the part where they get the apprehend it and punished. I’d really enjoy your soothing and clear voice thank you
yelena 11
Great show! Sounds very rehearsed!
I love the show! The stories are told very well! I just can’t get past how rehearsed it always sounds!
Words matter
I’m still catching up on episodes, so if this has improved, I’m happy to be wrong. So far it’s incredibly disappointing that the hosts keep using the word “prostitute” despite acknowledging that “sex worker” is the preferred term. Why keep saying it then?
Decent, but too leftist
Parcast does a great job of giving its listeners a simple and easy to listen stories. However they let their leftist ideas into the stories that are not political. For example, Christianity is routinely denigrated. When there are Christians in a story, they are always labeled as fundamentalist. The backward and evil fundamentalists who hurt and control people. There are wackos everywhere. Just because they say they are Christians, that does not mean they act like them.
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Your typical Parcast production...
“Thanks, Greg”
Thank you!
Thank you for no profanity and chitchat!
Great content.
Love the content and discussion.
Tim, East Amherst
Too scripted
This seems entirely rehearsed and fake. If I wanted to watch a television show, I would. They sound like robots.
When I found y’all I went through and listened to every single past episode. Y’all do just an amazing job!!
Love this podcast
A few months ago I was looking for Murder Mystery podcasts. Most were explicit. I wasn’t interested in the explicit podcasts. At first I was listening to Park Predators with Delia D’ambra. I listens to all of them. I found this one and loved it. It’s stating to scare me a little bit. I’ve been bringing the key’s in at night because I don’t want someone to break in and kill me.😂😂😂😂 love this podcast make more and add some jokes please. Thank you.
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I have been totally bingeing this podcast since I found it. I would 10/10 recommend if you want some great narrating and stories.
In depth no chatter
If you want the story and details without chatter this is the one for you.
Love this podcast
My favorite things to do now is listen to you guys.... you have the most calming voice and you give the best details. I love the background sounds. I think my favorite is Hannibal the Cannibal 😳 Keep making my day and making me happy😂
Love it
I listen to this podcast any chance I get! Absolutely love it!
Well organized and written, consistent and just all around excellent podcast. It’s made my commute to work seriously entertaining. Some of these stories are just so unbelievably crazy.
Too many ads!!
Ken and Barbie Killer
I usually like this podcast but in this episode they are trying to make Karla into a victim. She isn’t. She is a murder. She willing helped Paul kill and rape this girls. She was in complete control of her actions. She should have been punished fully. No deal should have been made. She had a choice. She was just an idiot. The fact that this podcast is trying to make it seem otherwise, is disgusting.
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Thank you
Having your podcast to marathon over and over again has helped me so much in the chaos that was 2020. It helped to learn how others solved their problems, even if unconventional. I really apprectae all the insight!
Great show! Also stop complaining about commercials
Love the podcast and how many episodes there are! It’s been getting me through quarantine. To all of you complaining about the commercial breaks, need I remind you that this show is 1) free 2) a TV show would have longer/more annoying commercials 3) how hard is it for you to click the skip button?? Anyways guys, keep up the good work! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of episodes
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How am i just now giving a rating?!
i have been binging this podcast for weeks now while at work and i love it. that’s why i’m not sure how i have not given a rating or review yet!! each episode is told in chronological order along with all the backstory you need. the hosts of the show are not in anyway annoying or over-the-top like some true crime podcasts. i am thankful for you guys and all the time, research, energy and work you put into this show. also despite all the negative reviews about the ‘acting’ and ‘skit’ in the burger episode, i loved it. i was skeptical at first but i really felt like it put you there with the victims and it is no different than a tv show or movie portraying murders and crimes. so it’s just silly in my opinion when people say it’s disrespectful.
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Racist against whites
OOOOMMMGHHHHHHHHB. Why do you portray all men so negatively on the show. While listening to many shows! YOU ALL make racist and stereotypical comments about white people constantly. Really sad the underlying motive of this podcast. People who are intelligent and not racist notice this constantly. S. A. D
Nizly Wen Barkley
Good research
I really like the amount of research done for these cases. The only thing, I wish Vanessa was an actual licensed psychologist or psychologist. Other than that, great podcast
Very well done
I personally love the narration. Definitely prefer the man’s voice over the woman, but both are great and even though it’s scripted, it doesn’t have a scripted feel to it.
This podcast I am enjoying very much. I’m addicted I listen everyday. Keep up the GREAT work.
At first I listened to unsolved murders and the first episode was the axe man killer and I was intrigued and then I found serial killers and I’m in love with it.
Abby and blake
No crossovers and no more long fake reads
Pretty good
Enjoyable... it’s entertainment so don’t need to give the disclaimers. Or just at the beginning. How scripted is it? I appreciate the lack of commentary and useless banter in many other pods
Chich charito
Good stories but podcast skips ahead at random
Would be a 5 star if the problem was fixed but they don’t seeM me to care. The collabs they do are usually terrible and it seems like they're reading a wiki page overall is say its goo but not great
Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy listening at work. Thank you for all your hard work, and I can not wait till the next episode.
Not very respectful
While I really enjoy the information provided in this podcast, I am a bit appalled by the lack of respect for the victims. These people DIED and you make puns out of the events that happed. When you say a victim’s body was found in the river, you should never follow it up with “it made quite a splash” it’s insensitive and wrong. Try to not make light of the situation and perhaps start every episode with a 5-second moment of silence for the victims.
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