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Serial Killers
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Spotify is ruining my favorite show
My favorite show is moving to Spotify, no thanks I won’t be switching to Spotify. So sad to see u going guys.
Goodbye Parcast Shows
I really like so many Parcast shows and this is one of the best, but I’m not going to Spotify. Sadly, I will be missing lots of great programs. There are millions of podcasts. I’ll have to find some new ones to replace all my Parcast podcasts. Best wishes to everyone making these great shows!
Why parcast?
So I’ll start by saying this is one of many of the parcasts that I have grown to love. Very entertaining and at a good pace. But now it’s another one that is moving to Spotify. I know it’s a first world problem but I will not be switching to Spotify. I don’t need another app to listen to these shows that’s why Apple put them all in one convenient place. Sad to see them go. Don’t understand why they can’t all just be on one platform but it is what it is. Hope they return in the future.
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Sound so flat
It’s hard to want to listen to this when the hosts sound so bored. Also, I take issue with someone who is not a psychotherapist providing commentary on the psyche of the killers. What education do you have to make these points? No.
Sorry you're going to Spotify 😩
This is a great podcast, but I'm not downloading another app (that I've already deleted in the past) just to listen to it. I've been a VERY long term listener!! Why are you taking it strictly to Spotify? I think you'll probably be losing a lot of listeners. Maybe then you'll change your mind. I'll be waiting for you to come back just in case!
Sad It’s Moving to Spotify
I won’t be following - time to find a new show!
Kaity Wiens
Moving all their shows to Spotify
Parcast shows are good, but I have no plans to download another podcast app. At least they will help open the door for a new crime show podcast to take their place.
Danie B
Robotic voices
Is it just me or do the hosts all sound like robots? Is that the point? It’s not for me.
R.I.P. to my favorite podcast
I discovered this podcast about a year or so ago, and it quickly became one of my fav podcast. But upon hearing that it and all of the Parcast shows are moving to Spotify, I must say goodbye to all of them as I cannot stand Spotify and will not be joining these shows there. I really wish all of these awesome people that make these shows well.
Great show. Annoying that they are moving to Spotify
Annoyed that they are switching to Spotify only hence the one star. The show is amazing though.
I’ve listened to this great podcast for years but I am not moving to Spotify. Super bummed. Goodbye.
Tony Rabit
Nope, not moving to Spotify
Like the podcast. Not using Spotify.
really good but very disturbing
If you have an issue with hearing about or thinking about sex, rape, child molesting, or murder. I would definitely recommend a different podcast because this podcast can be very mentally disturbing to underage listeners and even adults it is a good podcast but LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!
Will not switch to Spotify
I listen to this podcast every week and I’m wildly disappointed that it’s moving to Spotify. I will not be downloading it and making an account for a single podcast. That’s such a crappy thing to do to fans who have been long time listeners.
Boo Spotify
Great podcast. I’ll miss you when you go to Spotify. It’s a terrible podcast platform.
I’ve listened to every available episode
Excellent show. Just excellent. Part one explores the minds of the killers and the events that could have lead up to their horrific actions later in life. Part two dives into the actual murders and how the serial killer was caught. Vanessa does a very good job assessing the serial killers. The episodes never become repetitive or boring. And best of all, the hosts don’t shy away from the disturbing nature of the serial killers. My favorite show, keep up the great work.
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The Great Wendigo
So long
Spotify is the worst!
Bye also
I have enjoyed this podcast and female criminals but I’m not moving to Spotify
Leaving Apple
I recently started listening to Serial Killers and was enjoying the show. But I heard on the most recent episode that they’re going to solely Spotify. Bold move. I won’t continue listening as I only use Apple podcasts. I want all of my podcasts in one place, I don’t want to have to download multiple apps to try and listen to podcasts.
Serial Killers is a fantastic podcast. It’s unfortunate that the show is being moved exclusively to Spotify. I despise Spotify for podcasts. I will miss the show.
why move exclusively to spotify ?? i think it’s stupid. i don’t get it but i’m not gonna use different apps just to listen to y’all. sorry
The lady has to go
Favorite by far
Love how they have dang near every detail on what made these people the way they are/were. Like, I USED to love the C**** J****** podcast but there has come to be so many instances of “well I just couldn’t find that info” or “yeah, I just don’t know” Best True Crime Podcast (impo)
I know you’re not a licensed physiologist....
But inferring the state of Nebraska’s decision to execute A child murderer as equal to the decision of said murderer to stab young boys to death at the end of Woodford slasher is too far, even for pretentious liberal hacks lol kevyou! Have fun a Spotify, I won’t be there thankfully. It’s obvious, especially lately you’ve never had a loved one killed by a physcopath!! Good luck if you ever do.
Sterile, Speculative, and Scripted
I have hate-listened to a over a hundred episodes of this podcast. It is useful for the facts you can glean from it, but the show sounds to be 100% scripted by middle school student and read by two text-to-speech hosts. They make weird choices to insert tiny, speculative, dramatic details into the stories that I can’t imagine they could possibly know. Sterile, speculative, and scripted.
I loved Parcast
Are they ALL going exclusively to Spotify? Because I am not. So long Parcast 🤷‍♀️ You used to be my favorite.
As much as I like this pod cast, I do not like how Vanessa simple quotes random psychological studies. Anyone can read a study. Most of the time they are not relevant to the story. If you want to present the criminal’s psych profile more research should be done and less focus on non-related studies.
Here for murder...
...please keep your politics out of it. I hope this podcast doesn’t turn into another MFM where you take any chance you get to throw your political opinion in (as you did with The Woodford Slasher episode). We don’t come here for your opinion, but the true crime stories.
Great podcast
I’ve listened to approximately 8-10 episodes over the last couple of weeks. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far & definitely looking forward to more. These 2 do an awesome job!
If you’re fascinated by true crime & serial killers, you can’t do much better than this podcast. Very in depth and insightful looks at some of the most deranged minds to exist.
Never Disappointed!!!
I am absolutely hooked!!! Your shows never disappoint. I work nights and your shows keep me company!!! Thank you for your time and effort!!!
Theres Jeweline Copley
Fascinating and disturbing
The cases I don’t know about are interesting to listen too. Well researched about the killers lives. Is devious dads not in apple podcasts?
Not worth your time
Too many commercials and they repeat facts too much. Far too little details for the “large amount of research” they do you can literally learn everything they say and more just from Wikipedia without all the cheesy sound effects.
Love the podcast but disappointed you’re moving to Spotify
Sorry I’m not going to follow you to Spotify. Love your show but don’t like using Spotify.
It might be sad that they are moving to Spotify but it is a good move as it provides more opportunity.Also would you mind doing Joseph Vacher please
Mall Santa
Why would we think he would be liberated by his dad dying of a brain tumor? He had opposing views about homosexuality, but he loved his father. Why would he be happy about his death? Why would you ever think that’s appropriate to say?
Was a Good Podcast
...but apparently Spotify has no interest in advertising to me any longer. "Good news! We're restricting access to our podcast to a single platform that you don't use! Isn't that wonderful?" I have no interest in downloading your app nor using my phone to listen to any podcast -- I still use my iPod actually,and I use iTunes. C'est la vie!
Why move to Spotify?
I agree with the others, I don’t want to move over to another platform. Shame, because you guys were my favorite.
Sorry you’re leaving
I understand it’s just business, so you do you, but I’m not following to Spotify. It’s probably silly, because I will watch shows on Netflix, Disney+, and all, but I don’t want to hop around just to listen to podcasts. Even more so because I don’t really like Spotify.
Amazon Driver - Seattle
I listen to this to this dark and heavy, True Crime Podcast, everyday at work ! The hosts are amazing. The script is dope, and the effort put into this is incredible. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did ! You won’t regret having to skip through most of the ads and finding where it starts off again, theyll get into the evil and twisted crime scenes and police investigations. Brought forth from Serial Killerss, for the listeners. But It can be hard to listen to, at times. The gruesome acts of these Killers. Should be advised by a parent or guardian. -K
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Favorite podcast to clean to!
So the last true crime podcast I listened to was horrible. Couldn’t get past the laughing, interruptions from the cohost, forced cussing. This podcast tells the story without all the extras. I look forward to listening! Could listen to both hosts all day!
Best Narration
Awesome podcast love the two hosts
Practicing Homo
Was great!
This was a great podcast and I would binge listen over and over but the choice to move exclusively to Spotify is very disappointing to me. I have to say I will miss it.
Sad to see you go
This is a great show. Unfortunately it’s moving and I won’t be following. Best of luck
“Or wherever you listen to podcasts”
Immediately followed by an ad saying you’re going to Spotify only. You’ve lost a listener.
Gunnar hassing
Moving Exclusively to Spotify
Been listening to this podcast since 2017. Overlooked the annoying “Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist” in over 200 episodes. Overlooked that hosts toe the line on overfocusing on the killers and neglecting the victims. But this was just the icing on top of my “quitting this show” sundae.
I majored in criminal justice and these stories fascinate me because we also learned the criminology and things of Serbia killers. I love these stories.
Moma Beat Williams
i love it
it entertaining and it’s not like i’m just listening to my trash music taste
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