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Serial Killers
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What the literal...
I just listened to the most recent episode, The Vampire in the Window. This is the first time I’ve listened to this podcast and it will certainly be my last. Spoiler alert: they tell you the entire story about the murderer, and then present evidence that indicates that none of this ever actually happened. That would make this a story about an urban legend, not about a serial killer.
The Vampire in the Window.
In this podcast it is mentioned Bella Lugosi played Dracula. There was a brilliantly directed Spanish language Dracula, that some say was better than the English version, that was released in Latin American instead of the Bella Lugosi version. That is the version of the movie the Vampire in the Window probably watched.
Happy Las
I started listening a week ago and I’m HOOKED. The storied and detailed and interesting. They are knowledgeable. I def recommend!
Double Disney princess
Too Many Commercials
This used to be a good podcast . I would guess 20% of the 40+minutes are commercials. I just removed this from my library. If you can stand the commercials, good for you
I’ve only been listening to this podcast for a day, and I’m completely addicted! I love Haunted Places, and when I heard about this new podcast, I had to try it. So glad I did! I’ve already shared it with friends and my true-crime-junkie co-workers. We all love it! PS: I love this show but all right already with the constant disclaimers. I get Vanessa’s not a licensed psychologist already. I KNOW that if I decide to become a grave digger and love my job it’s not going to turn me into a sadistic serial killer. Good grief.
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Arielle Nichole
It’ll get you through a boring work day
The hosts are annoying and the male host sounds like he might be AI. Their guesses at what psychological factors might be influencing their subjects are sometimes far fetched and never really necessary. There are a lot of episodes tho, so I’m relying on it to carry me through boring office work until there’s a new Casefile ep.
I must say I love parcast podcast. I listen to this podcast and others from parcast all day, you would think working from home would make me miss people. But thanks to this podcast I don’t need co workers lol! I love it!!!!
Great with one tiny annoying detail
This is a well-done and very interesting podcast. The hosts are wonderful storytellers. The only detail that really annoys me is how in ever podcast Greg has to let everyone know that Vanessa is going to talk about the psychology of the serial killer, but to please note that she is not a licensed psychologist, but has done a lot of research. Why does that even matter? Isn’t nearly everyone doing a crime podcast these days not a licensed psychologist? Greg never explains what he is not licensed in. It comes across very belittling and is unnecessary. Please stop saying that!
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Well researched and well presented
There’s a lot to love about this podcast. It’s really well researched, the information is presented honestly and transparently — I really appreciate the acknowledgment that neither host is a psychologist/psychiatrist and that what they’re presenting is research and not their own opinions, and that any speculation and/or unknown information is presented as such — and I appreciate that each episode begins with specific trigger warnings for what about the episode may cause discomfort and/or trauma responses. I also love that there’s not a ton of unnecessary banter like you see in many other podcasts. Overall I really love this podcast and tune in every week.
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Leslie A.H.
Serial killers
The show is great and the host work so well together
Round up commercial
Will not be listening. I can not listen to round up commercials.Glycophosphate Kills.
serious witness
Cool show, unnecessarily painful ads
Podcast is great! I don’t even mind that y’all take poetic license with the narrative, in the name of story telling (but I see you). What I do mind, and is going to either make me stop listening or crash mid-commute, is the woman now doing your ads with the vocal fry of a Kardashian with her finger in an electrical socket. We all understand that ads are a necessity, but this is painful. Stop. Please.
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I’m here for the facts and analysis!
I love MFM podcast, but this podcast is what I listen to when I need to know the facts and when I want to understand the cognition of the killer. When CA authorities arrested Joseph D’Angelo, I watched many docu series , read articles, and read books, but this pod cast gave me the best perspective into his childhood and what trauma happened that could have resulted into the GSK being an evil heinous person.. outstanding podcast!!
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Binge worthy
So good! Long time listener. Great eps. Always!
Thanks Greg
Really enjoy listening to this podcast. And thanks Vanessa. Both have a pleasant voice and tell the story well.
Very well researched and put together but came to reviews to double check if the hosts were actually people or computers especially him
Good content but...
I like the content and extensive background and research this podcast does but can’t get over how monotone the hosts are and the corny background music so will not be listening past the first episode.
Serial killers
Vanessa does an amazing job on serial killers with her cohost Greg. I love hearing their voices , they are very entertaining. I would like to hear more from them on people who are in our lives that we would not want to associate with. It helps as a grandparent to know which way to guide our grandchildren. Thank you for your incredible stories.
this podcast makes it so easy to get my school done as well as my job. I love the amount of research that goes into these and how much you learn from them!
Pod cast is great ads NOT
Round up? I love your podcast but round up add are unacceptable. Deal breaker if they continue. Monsanto is a serial killer company filled with murderous thugs.
I just started listening to this podcast and it is already my favorite out of all the podcasts I listen to. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning about serial killers.
My favorite Podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast to listen to. Format and way the stories are told is gripping and relevant. I’ve listened to over half of them now.
Great series
Long time listener. Really like how Greg and Vanessa work together. THANKS GREG!
Brooklyn Vergo
Great entertainment
I love the hosts breakdown and I will never walk around my house without my sidearm.
Very Good
“Thanks Greg” lol, every episode! Very good podcast
Jon frm Mansfield
Too much advertising
I used to like it before they started to put way too many adds
“Killer” podcast
I can’t stop quoting “Thanks Greg” IYKYK
Well researched
Excellent details about the childhood of these individuals not found elsewhere. Gives better insight into their transformation into criminals. Highly recommend.
Love the podcast
The killer couple podcast! Would love to hear more of these maybe specially the one about Alvin and Judith Neelley. According to the book she is suppose to be the youngest woman to be sentenced to death row.
Great podcast
My only issue is that part 2 is played before part 1 when listening to the series.
Love this podcast!! I love how they do 2 parts and really dive into the psychology behind the serial killer it’s amazing!!
The collector
Was great, but come on I am so tired of doing puzzles to get part 2
Always a weekly listen
I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost 2 years now and always look forward to new episodes coming out. Love that these episodes are always well researched and I like the switching between hosts to keep my attention. On that note, the addition of the weird upbeat music is distracting from the story itself.
Y’all, I’ve been listening to this podcast for about two years now. The second episode about the Kansas City Butcher was the most brutal. Glad to hear more spice from the podcast!
We need to be able to look up the serial killer not have to sit here and scroll for a hour I wish the app would fix that
Can’t get enough of this podcast! Ever since I found it, I stopped listening to other ones
Better Subjects
How do you have a killer couples month and not feature Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo??
Police incompetence
This show is so interesting because I want to know how alternative brains work. However, the amount of police incompetence is mind blowing and pisses me off SO MUCH. Why are they so incompetent Please stop using the term “theory” in place of “hypothesis” PLEASE.
Serial Killers
This is such an interesting and well read program that inspire many to listen and learn.
Great podcast!
Not only do you have the best voices I podcast history, the stories are very interesting. The only problem I have is Greg stating the fact that Vanessa doesn’t have a degree, and then Vanessa thanks him. Feels very misogynistic. Vanessa should state her own claim.
Have a “Killer Week”
For real? This is a terribly scripted podcast where in the end among many other ridiculous things, they end with “Have a Killer Week.” Seriously? That is terrible in so many ways.
SOOOO Well Researched
I am so happy that I finally got around to listening to this podcast. Not only is it super in depth- but I love how well researched this podcast is, especially the psychology aspect. That’s always what fascinates me about these individuals- and citing resources makes it so well rounded and supported.
Too much
The background music and the voice acting are so dramatic they’re corny. And the host’s imitation of a mental health expert is too much—she’s not a doctor but tries much too hard to sound like one.
Too Poorly Scripted
Cases are well selected and researched, at least the one episode I listened to. Dialogue between hosts is too poorly scripted with cringey acting, unbearable really.
Picky Podcast Enthusiast
I can’t handle the switching between hosts, and how robotic they sound. I’m serious, the dude is definitely a computer. Interesting concept and topics though. It’s a shame the hosts’ voices make it borderline un-listenable.
Wonderful podcast, love the way things are discussed. If there were less ads I’d give 5 stars, too many breaks and over a minute of ads in the beginning? It’s too much.
Well-researched podcast.
The new(ish) addition of upbeat music in the background of some episodes is a little weird.
Awesome but chopped up
Very professional presentation complete with serial killers background & psych analysis. Too many ad breaks ruin the flow & mood though. Just clump the ads into one chunk instead of having a break every 10 minutes. For this reason I don’t listen nearly as often as I’d like.
The Barber
I really enjoy this podcast. My only problem is the sympathy shown to the drunk barber. Where’s the pity for the marginalized women he preyed on? Drinks don’t get better or sober when they are forced into sobriety. I was pretty angry by the end of that podcast.
Not a fan of the theatrics. It’s like listening to a poor play. Would prefer to get the back story and the facts without the dramatizations.
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