Serial Dater
Serial Dater
Charlie Beckerman
Dating is hard, but kind of entertaining when someone else is doing it. In Season 1, follow Charlie as he accidentally goes on 5 first dates in 1 week! In Season 2, travel with him over to the UK for more adventures in dating.
Episode 7 - The Artist
Time to do what we can to break it all down and wrap it all up. The bow on top looks a little messy, but we did tie it ourselves.
Dec 28, 2018
1 hr 9 min
Episode 6 - The Market
Patience is a virtue and sometimes it's a really unpleasant virtue that we're not great at having and then in the end don't really have anyway.
Dec 13, 2018
49 min
Episode 5 - The Return
After the highs and lows of last week, we're back with more highs and, well, not quite lows, but some weirdy bits that were not altogether pleasant.
Dec 7, 2018
57 min
Episode 4 - The Downs
After an epic date in Scotland, we return back to England, where we discover all that goes up must come down. CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussion of depression, mental health, and suicidal ideation. For more information, please visit
Nov 30, 2018
1 hr 18 min
Episode 3 - The Highlands
In this episode, we plan ahead, then head North, first to Manchester, then to Scotland! It's a magical place, and even a little magically unpredictable. That's a good thing, in case you were wondering.
Nov 22, 2018
54 min
Episode 2 - The Firestarter
Has it only been a week since Episode 1 came out? I feel like it’s been at least a year. But hey! At least I’m not blowing the schedule yet! That’s very exciting!In this episode, we repeat our too-many-dates-in-one-week past, get a little hot under the collar, and have to ask the existential question—is this even a date?A bunch of extra thanks and nods here: first up, thanks to Alastair James Murden who played the roles of Sam, Tim and Joey. You can learn more about him at his web site. Major props also to Matthew Hall, who voiced Robbie—find more of Matthew’s work by clicking here.Thanks again to TONGUES. whose tunes continue to rock our world. Make sure you give them a listen without me yammering over their awesomeness: you can find their stuff at Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, and on the web at for some reason you haven’t seen Sister Act 1 or 2, they’re both available on Hulu, as is Die Hard 1, which is arguably the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Die Hard 2: Die Harder, is available to stream with a Cinemax Subscription through Amazon. You’ll have to pony up cash to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol, but it’s available to buy everywhere. You can stream the entirety of Queen Elizabeth II’s 2015 Christmas message on YouTube. You can find Autre Ne Veut’s Anxiety on Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.And of course, major thanks to friend of the podcast Anna Marquardt did our super sexy end credits theme! Check out Anna’s web site here, and you can also check out our greatest co-achievement, Fashion It So, the internet’s pre-eminent blog dedicated to the fashions of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which the two of us write together.
Nov 16, 2018
1 hr 5 min
Episode 1 - The Newbie
Serial Dater is back, with all new episodes about some dates I went on a few years ago! But this time, the boys have accents! What a time to be alive!
Nov 8, 2018
1 hr 13 min
Episode 6 - The Parting Glass
Season (series?) finale! In this episode we move to Florida and go to Rehab, investigate ourselves, and learn a lot about zippers.
Apr 29, 2015
58 min
Episode 5 - Matt
Wherein we get in touch with our inner moron, get into the semiotic weeds, fly on eight different airplanes and accidentally do a Dan Savage impression.
Apr 22, 2015
35 min
Episode 4 - The Texter
Wherein we wax philosophic about communication, get inundated with text messages, eat a potato waffle, and have a celebrity sighting (well, we consider him a celebrity).
Apr 15, 2015
30 min
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