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Too busy to watch my Vlog? Listen to it instead! My team and I have ripped the audio from my Vlogs and made it easier to listen to them here.
How I Use Competition as FUEL | Ryan Serhant Audio Vlog #28
There is ALWAYS going to be competition in life so it's important to react to it in a positive manner. Use it to help yourself grow, evolve, and better yourself. Are you going to allow your competition to knock you down? Or are you going to overcome it and make yourself THEIR competition? Tweet me, DM me, or email me!  You know where to reach me. Ready, set, GO!!
Nov 24
16 min
Feeling Stuck? Here's How to Deal With It | Ryan Serhant Audio Vlog #27
How do you evolve everything in your life? Get out of your comfort zone, be a better version of yourself. Make that change in your life to make your life more successful. Enjoy this extended version of my conversation on YouTube video about EXPANDING! 
Nov 18
10 min
Why Your Career is NOT Just a Job | Ryan Serhant Audio Vlog #26
A job is like a pond. Static. It doesn't move you anywhere. A career will take you where you want to go. Whether that's success, freedom, helping others, it'll get you closer to the main goal. So don't spend any more of your time in a pond. Let's move towards your career. Ready, set, GO! 
Oct 27
12 min
How These Good Habits Will Make You RICH | Ryan Serhant Audio Vlog #25
In this episode, we take it back to one of the most important things I talk about in my vlogs. Your HABITS. Our habits define us and good habits can make us rich, happy, successful, and much more. Good habits can influence our life the most. I strongly believe in that. I hope you can apply some of these habits into your life! Let's make a change in our lives, for the better! 
Oct 20
11 min
Why First Impressions are EVERYTHING. | Ryan Serhant Audio Vlog #24
In this episode, we talk about first impressions. Your first impression is your LAST impression if you're not smart about it. Whether it's your client, employee, date, or your dog! That moment is incredibly important. You only get it once with everyone you meet in life! So let's make an impression. Ready, set, GO!
Oct 13
19 min
The Biggest Mistake Made When Building A Team | Ryan Serhant Audio Vlog #23
A team is OBVIOUSLY is VERY important in my business. I talk about my dos and don'ts when it comes to forming a team.
Sep 30
8 min
WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU QUIT | Ryan Serhant Audio Vlog #22
Aug 27
5 min
How to Find Your Passion | Audio Vlog #21
Ryan, what are you passionate about? How do you know what your passion is? I get these questions often. Whether you're fresh out of college, rethinking your career or looking for your next venture, everyone has a passion. Let's dive into it! Tweet me your thoughts! 
Aug 18
4 min
How to Deal with OVERWHELMING Pressure | Audio Vlog #20
A lot of people in my vlogs ask me how I deal with overwhelming pressure from EVERYTHING going on in life. How do you juggle multiple projects, new business, family, friends and your health? Pressure comes from everyone who is dependent on you. My short answer: I keep my eye on the goal. I hope you enjoy this week's episode and can take something to help you deal with pressure. Tweet me your thoughts or watch the full vlog on my YouTube channel. Ready, Set, GO!!
Aug 11
12 min
The Shortest Life You're Ever Going to Live | Audio Vlog #19
In this episode, we talk about the power of mindset. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable. That's what it's all about. It's important to not be afraid of change and overcome obstacles to the best of your abilities. Life is short, so let's make the most of it. Ready, set, GO!!
Aug 4
16 min
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