Seminary Stowaways
Seminary Stowaways
Luann Riley & Hannah Connor
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I have learned so much from this series. I love that Luann and Hannah have such different views on certain things, but both believe in God’s plan. I can relate to so many of their examples and I am trying implement the things I have learned. Great job ladies! I am really looking forward to more.
I'm more impressed each week. These ladies are hitting their stride with this podcast thing and I'm intrigued, challenged, and inspired by their conversation.
The Real Dandalf
Seminary Stowaway
It’s smart, informative and relevant. I look at “calling”’ so differently. The camaraderie between the 2 podcasters is GREAT!!
Virginia Johnson
#1 Calling
Clarifying primary and secondary calling was interest and thought provoking for me. Of special interest was when God calls you out or to another area of service from one in which you have grown so comfortable! “Breathing life in us” - loved that this is how the Holy Spirit moves me through it. Great conversation! Blessings on you both! Georgan
Intelligent discussion. Thought provoking. Real. Applicable to my life. Such a great and useful “secondary calling” here with Seminarystowaways Luann and Hannah! Eager for the next episode!!
Lil r0cker1225
Great job! I really loved it and I'm excited about learning along with y'all!
Emily Ibanez
Dynamic Duo
What a great way to dive into a new podcast. These two women had a very “living room” feel. They made me feel like I could have been hanging out and engaging in a conversation with them. And the discussion on God’s calling (primary and secondary) on our lives was very thought provoking.