Seincast: A Seinfeld Podcast
Seincast: A Seinfeld Podcast
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I am down!
Gimme that Patreon, baby!
So Interested
Loved that you guys are back - would be interested in supporting something new.
What’s the deal w this
Old content but it’s solid like my old truck
Thank you for this!
I really loved every episode. I learned so much about my favorite show. From a fellow pharmacist Seinfeld fan, thank you!
Love it!!!
Thanks for making this. A new way to continue my obsession with my beloved show! It’s never enough.
Seinfeld 4!
Love it
Love it absolutely love it I’ve been rewatching it and listening to the corresponding eps. And... I’m... just... getting... started. I started at season 6 and then will loop around! Thanks Matt and Vinnie.
Great podcast!
Really really good!! About 2/3 of the way though the series and absolutely love these guys! Great commentary and in depth reviews. Thank you Matt and Vinny!
Similar to Seinfeld
It’s just like Seinfeld. Pretty good, enjoyable podcast, but sputtered out with an anticlimactic ending.
Love Seinfeld! Great podcast but..
I’m not really sure Matt likes Seinfeld at all...he picks everything apart!! I love the details that the guys provide but I would love less negativity from Matt..
Lazy ending
What a lazy ending to such a long podcast. Like a sad little toot.
This is officially my favorite podcast about my favorite show, hosted by my 2 favorite podcast hosts. Matt and Vinnie are fantastic! They know all about Seinfeld and they riddle each episode with Seinfeld references which make me laugh out loud! Matt and Vinnie do such an amazing job recapping Seinfeld episodes so that is the exact balance of Seinfeld and Matt and Vinnie’s personal life. I listen to this every day and my day gets better every time I do. Even when I have a bad day at school, this podcast never fails to make me laugh. So entertaining, so enjoyable, so funny. It’s A perfect podcast about a perfect show. It’s gold, Jerry, gold!!!
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Harrison Kaltenbach 2327
Good multiple times through
I’ve listed to this podcast 2-3 times all the way through. I use to have Seinfeld on the tv as “background noise” now I just listen to Seincast. You guys are my podcast comfort food.
Superb rewatch podcast!
Love the podcast! A shining example of how to properly do a review of a comedy series. In-depth and informative, they review each episode in an extremely organized and reproducible fashion. Seinfeld gives them a goldmine of comedic content to work with which is a great bonus! Matt and Vinnie also have a great chemistry together that provides just the right amount of added humor. They succeed where many other podcasters do not in the delicate balance between making the show about Seinfeld (the series), and not about them as podcasters. Well done gentlemen!!
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Great for the pandemic blues
Listening to this at night has been helping me sleep, just like tapes of Seinfeld did when I went through a rough patch in the 1990s. Thanks for the show and the Seinfeld memories.
Favorite Podcast
It’s become my comfort show, if I have a bad day I put this on and it’s instantly better.
Jenny Spooky
I replay episodes.
Really enjoyed Vinny & Matt pouring over the excruciating minutia of every Seinfeld episode. I listen to my favorite episodes again and again. These guys are really funny & I love their friendship that shines through the episodes. I actually don’t listen to any other podcasts anymore & I bring it up anytime someone’s looking for a new podcast to listen to. It’s gold Jerry, gold!
The podcast I never knew I needed
I just stumbled upon this gem! Matt and Vinnie are so entertaining and you can tell they have a true long term friendship and love of Seinfeld.
I love Matt and Vinnie. And I pray they will delight us with more content some day.
bitui is tgj
Friends for life.
These guys are awesome. The trivia and stats they dig up about the show never fail to impress. I love that they throw in bloopers from almost every episode. It kills me how anyone could give this podcast a one star review. One person did it because they know someone who also has a Seinfeld podcast and wanted to use the reviews here to give them a plug. Another one gave them a bad review because the podcast is done by two straight white males. These guys have been friends for a long time and this is what they do and are passionate about. It is not their fault that they are straight and white. There is just no pleasing some people.
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The best Seinfeld commentary around!
These guys are funny, informative and more importantly ALL ABOUT SEINFELD!!! A MUST listen if you’re obsessed with Seinfeld like I am.
Gold Jerry! Gold!
Love this podcast. Perfect timing with more time at home and lots of outdoor walks. Really well done. PLEASE consider bringing your expertise to a Curb Podcast— you are desperately needed in the space. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
A life saver
I’m finishing my dissertation and this has been a godsend. Having the podcast playing while I do various simple but extremely tedious tasks has been great.
Elaine and David here...
I love hearing all the behind the scenes info, and all the details. I have to say I think when Matt laughs he’s sounds so much like Seinfeld, does anyone else hear it? Seinfeld is the best show ever, flawless! So my name is Elaine Marie C. I was born in 1977 so I like to tell people the character was named after me haha. Funny thing, I am married to a David. And I loved seeing how mad Elaine would get at David Puddy, those scenes make me laugh so hard. He would just sit there doing nothing. Well lucky me, my husband (David) does the same thing! And it is just as annoying. I get so mad at my husband. He will sit on the couch and stare straight ahead or down at the floor for no reason. He does it for a long time. I get so mad at it! “Why are you just sitting there staring at the floor, why don’t you do something!?” I don’t think he has ever had a real answer. Why did I marry a puddy? And why is it funny to watch on tv but to live it, it is infuriating. High Five to me!!
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These guys really love this show.
I have always been a Seinfeld fan, but more on the casual side. I enjoy episode recap podcasts (especially The Twilight Pwn, who they give a shout-out to in one episode). So when I found this one about Seinfeld, I gave it a listen and really enjoyed listening to just how much they loved it and knew so much trivia. I guess if there’s anything I could criticize, it would be that they’re a little too worshipful of Larry David and talk about Curb Your Enthusiasm way too much. Oh well. It still doesn’t distract from the fact that this is a fun and very entertaining place to find loads of Seinfeld trivia!
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Four out of Five Urban Sombreros.
I've listened to all of the podcasts, starting from their first and overall it's enjoyable, if a bit long at times. I now usually skip the preamble and start with the stand-up opening, or first scene for the later episodes. Unlike most podcasts they don't completely abuse the word "like" as filler, which is a plus, but Matt often forgets what he's planning to say, or hums and haws until it does, or doesn't, come to him.
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Golden Boy
LOVE this podcast. Matt and Vinnie are very organized and entertaining.
One of the best!
This is one of my go to podcasts whenever I just want to listen to something. It’s super easy to just jump in on any given episode, and these guys are super knowledgeable of all things Seinfeld. Very entertaining and probably my favorite podcast! Great job guys!
Ryan Z.
They’re good men. Very, very good men.
Matt and Vinny take a few episodes, or maybe even seasons to hit their stride. But that’s part of the fun in listening. Bottom line is these guys are great, they’re great fans and they’ve created a great podcast full of content any Seinfeld fan will enjoy.
Hello woman
The best
Regg Foxx
Very informative and sometimes entertaining but hosts are incredibly irritating
How time can change one’s perception. When I started listening to this podcast, I loved it especially the rapport between Matt and Vince. However, recently their bonehead comments, casual racism, and their erroneous perception of the show as sentimental has grown to irritate me. Things such as infantilizing the Elaine character, mocking foreign accents, and purporting the belief that anything can be made fun of. It is no surpriSe this was hosted by two cisgender white guys. It is this fact that I think they refuse to interrogate the show and it’s examine its problem such as its overbearing whiteness. I love Seinfeld but I don’t ignore the problem that riddles the show. This deification of the show is where the problems stem for. Second, the fact that frequently misinterpret obvious jokes and gags made me realize this podcast would be richer if it were hosted by tv critics who understand how shows work and why jokes land and so on. This is hosted by fans with no real facility in understanding storytelling and joke construction and it shows. Lastly, they revere the early scenes and it was low key and realistic and compare the later seasons on how the show has declined. However, Seinfeld became popular because of its silliness and is remembered for it. One more thing, they way the gush over moments of kindness and saying “See, they do love each other.” makes me think they wanted Seinfeld to be Full House. Matt and Vinnie have been in my earbuds for three years now and it’s time to end. Given that these guys have full time jobs, I’m happy these two dullards will not be on the airwaves.
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It’s Gold!
It’s Gold Jerry! Gold! A must for any Seinfeld fan!
Love it!
Matt and Vinnie are a joy to listen to! This is the perfect way to relive Seinfeld hilarity from the comfort of your pocket. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!
Very Enjoyable
Love the Seincast Podcast. Matt and Vinnie make it fun. Really love their voices. Thank you! Miss you!
Love it - come back!
Started listening way back in 2014 when you guys first started. Seincast was one of the first podcasts I subscribed too and looked forward to each week. I still hold hope that a curb podcast is on the horizon. Or at least a Clue special. Miss you Matt and Vinny!
This podcast is funny and entertaining. Love it. Thanks
Pod Gods
Wonderful and charming
I’m coming to the podcast a little late but it really is wonderful, hilarious and charming. If Seinfeld is a show about nothing, then Seincast is a podcast about friendship. Matt and Vinny have wonderful chemistry, and are great hosts. Can’t wait for the Clue podcast!
This is the Ted Danson level podcast
Much like George wanted the best plane a la Ted Danson, I wanted the very best Seinfeld podcast and this is it. Always an enjoyable listen and hosted by two great guys. This isn’t just the best Seinfeld podcast it is the best podcast around.
Good inside look at each episode of Seinfield.
Fantastic podcast
This is so well researched and done. Absolutely one of the best podcasts out there. I’ve learned so much about the show and love showing off the new knowledge to my other Seinfeld fan friends.
Superbowl Bears
Seincast Saved my Marriage
Okay not really but this podcast has made road trips with my husband FAR more bearable. He has zero interest in listening to music, audio books, etc. and typically spends our drives either whistling or talking about nonsense while I fantasize about jumping out of the car. Then we ran across Seincast - which we both thoroughly enjoy - and it keeps him set for hours. Not only is the content interesting but Vinny and Matt are also stellar hosts. Some of the best I’ve heard in podcasting. They have a great back and forth and seem like guys you’d definitely wanna chill with. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH.
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Brandy Shea
Do a Curb pod PLEASE!!!
Already listened to the full series once and going through again now. Far better than the other ones.
This Podcast is making me THIRSTY!!!
I’m late to the game here, but my friend Bob Sacamano told me about this podcast and it’s the only one I’ve ever binge-listened to. It’s great. Matt and Vinnie are fun to listen to and they managed to dig up all sorts of trivia about the episodes and/or the show in general.
Cousin Jeffrey
More Ep pls
I love it and listen to it every night Pls make more ep to teach us about the Seinfeld world 🌎
Incredible Podcast
Can’t say enough good things about Seincast. Matt and Vinnie are extremely informative and dig deep into the minutia of the show while keeping you entertained for the entirety of the episode. Their passion for the show is very evident. The only negative I can think of, and it’s not even that much of a negative, is that it is nearly impossible to get Vinny to constructively criticize ANYTHING about the show. Matt is great at picking apart what he loves about the show but also what annoys him at times, but Vinny just just seems to glowingly adore every single aspect of every episode and when Matt finally gets him to admit he didn’t love something about an episode Vinny sounds like he’s been forced at gun point and that it pains him emotionally to do anything other than praise the show in its entirety. Still a 5 star show and their chemistry is great, I just wish Vinny was a little more open to critiquing certain aspects of the show like Matt is.
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Yeah, that’s right
I miss hearing new Matt & Vinnie every week. Seriously my favorite podcast because these guys are knowledgeable, funny, and they have a good time together. Please do Curb! I tried to listen to others, but they’re not good.
Really really
Almost more fun than watching the show itself
As a lifelong Seinfeld fan, I heartily endorse these guys. Not only are they passionate about the greatest show ever made, they're seriously detailed, great speakers, and most importantly have fantastic chemistry as cohosts. I listened to every episode on my afternoon drive, and they kept me laughing all the way home. The interviews are great (with cast members and some writers) as well. AND, the production quality is through the roof - crisp, clear audio, great soundbites, and they rework the Seinfeld theme each season. You've got to listen... don't miss an episode!
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#91 Abortion
Killing babies is not funny.
Jordon Peterson
“No, what does the word ironic mean?”
Love love love this podcast, although I find it ironic that Vinnie states numerous times throughout the run that “Seasons 1-3 is ‘my Seinfeld’” even though he doesn’t have a single episode from the first three seasons in his Top 24! “Get outta here!”
mister strawberry
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