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Wake up to the joy within with Seek The Joy Podcast
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Amazing and empowering podcast
It was a pleasure being hosted by Sydney on Seek the Joy! She is a master at compiling inspiring stories. Listening to this podcast is a good shot of serotonin especially during uncertain times. Can’t wait to listen to more episodes as they come out!
pure joy + inspiration!
This podcast is just a delight to listen to! Sydney has such a wonderful heart and it shines through in every conversation she has! Her guest selection is fantastic. You are guaranteed to come way smiling and inspired!
Find The Joy-Right Here!
Loved Syndey's interview with Laurie Gerber about dreaming/achieving our dreams! Syndey asks great questions and I love that they talk about dairy/gluten too! Super inspiring episode, thank you:)
Dr. Nicole Theron Parkes
Heartfelt, beautiful, and speaks to the soul
Just finished listening to the episode with Kelly Rutherford and all I can say is WOW. Sydney is truly a great interviewer, and the conversation between the two was effortless. This is a must listen. It warms the soul and will open your eyes to seek more joy every day! Xoxo, It Ain’t It, Sis podcast
I’m here for the Joy
Sydney is a smart, thoughtful and inspiring host. I can’t wait to hear new stories on this amazing podcast!
So inspirational
I just discovered this podcast because John Clarence Stewart was a guest and I connected so deeply with it. I related so much to the conversation they had, especially about fear. I will absolutely continue to follow this podcast.
Grateful to be a guest!
It was a pleasure being a guest on your show. I hope that my story helps others to look within themselves to find their power. I’m also thankful that you have this platform to share inspiring stories with others. Keep going!
Little Giant MD
Love this series! Push play!
There’s something about listening to other peoples stories that makes me feel connected, how about you? I’m super grateful to share a part of my story along with Lindsay as featured guests on this incredible, podcast - The Power of Storytelling episode #28🤍 Thank you so much Sydney! Tune in to hear this episode and check out one the many others. Enjoy! :) gia
gia Duke
I am a huge fan of all the things this podcast is about — telling stories, growing toward health and freedom, self-love, etc… there couldn’t be a more perfect show for me! Love Sydney’s heart and all she shares in this podcast!
Love listening
These beautiful conversations about life and spirituality are such a pleasure to listen to. Loving this show so much
Love everything about each episode! Especially all things spirituality ❤️
Powerful ♥️❤️
Love the power behind this podcast! So many important eye opening conversations ♥️
We need to listen to more things like this! Joyful and inspirational this podcast really helps me think clearly.
Game changer
Host Sydney shares game changing stories that are real , wise, and empowering! It’s a game changer! It’s a fresh perspective for everyday life.
Highlights real stories!
I love that this podcast highlights real stories from real people! It is so inspiring and always keeps things new and exciting. Keep up the good work!!
Truly full of joy!
If you're looking for positivity and wonderful story-telling, Sydneys podcast will bring you both in spades! Highly recommend for if you're feeling down or just want a little boost!
Real. Honest. Open.
I am so happy that I found this podcast! Thank you, Sydney, for creating this space for raw, authentic, and open conversations!
Inspiring and authentic!
If you are looking to uplift your spirit and start the day with a new dose of motivation, this podcast is for you! 😃 Sydney is a such a caring host with an incredible enthusiasm, big heart and an unrelenting quest for joy! Tune in and listen up! You won’t be disappointed 💗 I highly recommend it! Magdalena Sabatino
Inspiring and real!
I love this podcast!! Sydney is consisitely inspiring and real. If you want to feel inspired and find your tribe this podcast is IT! Thank you, Sydney for always providing great content and being vulnerable. :)
Amber on Podcasts
Love this!
Such a great and joyful podcast. So inspiring! Thanks Sydney!
Seek The Joy....Brings me joy!
Love Seek The Joy!!!! I love starting my day with this. I find Sydney and all her guests so inspiring and motivating. Thank you Sydney!
Top of the line!
Sydney’s podcast is a refreshing look into all sorts of different topics. I feel like I always learn something new when I listen in on her conversations. Truly great energy!
Refreshing and Inspiring
Sydney's podcast is enlivening and enlightening. Love all the people and all their stories. Learning all kinds of ways to heal my life.
Pure delight!
Listening to Sydney’s Podcast is absolutely a delight. She comes across so genuine, pure, joyful,and caring. She actually cares about others and her purpose reflects in her voice. Def recommend it to everyone!
Like a breath of fresh air
Listening to Sydney’s podcast is truly like a breath of fresh air. Her episodes really speak to me and she seems to know what I’m going through. She is so easy to listen to, and doesn’t talk like she’s ending every sentence as a question. She is open, free, and honest. I highly recommend taking a listen. Thanks again Sydney. You rock!
Joy is right!
Oh Sydney, she’s so intelligent and adorable! I’m very picky when it comes to the voice of the host and I have to say Sydney’s is so nice to listen to. She does a great job at selecting guests that further perpetuate her point that finding the joy in life through various avenues can be accomplished! Her positivity and enthusiasm is fun to witness and she helps open the mind to all kinds of great new ideas on how to heal and love life.
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Trusting New Beginnings
Syd is 100% authentic and kind with a playful soul. I can listen to her talk as I just did for almost two hours when she interviews Nicola the Alchemist. I am honored to have been on the 7OM Celestial Journey with these two beautiful humans and witnessed when Sydney came on to share with all of us. It was a pivotal moment and almost a year later here we all are, laughing and reminiscing on how far we have come and how much more we are here to do. Thanks Syd for all that you do. Keep inspiring us all to reach our highest potential. Xoxo
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Powerful storytelling!
I really enjoy this podcast — especially the episodes that feature people telling their personal stories of struggle and growth. It’s really powerful and enlightening to hear people share what they’ve been through and how they’ve coped. I appreciate that this inspiring podcast exposes listeners to stories that they may never have heard otherwise.
makes me happy🖤
Sydney is such a beautiful soul inside and out. Tuesday's are the brightest days when I get to listen to this podcast, which is always filled with so much wisdom and happiness. Whether I'm going to work, cleaning around the house, going on my morning walk, I AM HAPPY while listening to Seek the Joy!!! I learn so much and simply just feel good, so thank you Sydney🖤
This podcast is such a fresh take and such an eye opening podcast. Sydney delivers her information so eloquently while staying so humble and laid back. A great listen and great guests!!
Xanadu Roque
Thank you Sydney!
I just finished listening to “Self Love Who Dis?” in tears. This episode struck such a chord with me. I’m at a crossroad with my career and I feel daily the life being sucked out of me as I drive to the office. I know that I need to take that leap of faith but it’s so scary. Yet listening to Sydney makes me feel like I’m really not alone and that I can do this. I WILL DO THIS!!
Sydney is like the Tooth Fairy
Sometimes I think Sydney sneaks into my house at night and takes a look around and then says “ok, this is what she needs me to share on the podcast this week”. Seriously though, I always feel inspired, peaceful and encouraged when I listen to Seek the Joy. Sydney is honest and kind with her words and her voice is soothing and sweet! I am so grateful for Sydney and this podcast!
An expansive and uplifting experience
Seek the Joy is a beautiful creation and offering from a beautiful human. Sydney's enthusiasm and love for all things that bring joy is infectious. I love the amazing and inspiring guests that Sydney interviews, but I especially love the energy that Sydney brings to the conversation. She is incredibly insightful in her questions and her responses to the guests experiences. It's obvious that Sydney is very present in the interview and is able to carry on a dialogue with the guest that feels very organic and intentional at the same time. I often get the sense that Sydney is the biggest fan of her guests because she is so encouraging of them and appreciative of their offerings. I always feel uplifted and expanded when I listen, and we need the energy of expanded and uplifted humans in this world. I am grateful for this podcast and the paradigm shift it is contributing to.
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Inspiring and motivating!
Such an inspirational and moving podcast! I absolutely love hearing how others are changing the world. It also is so motivating to hear others struggles and how they’ve overcome them. It really gives you a broader perspective on life and issues. I highly recommend!
My fav podcast :)
A friend introduced me to Seek The Joy over the summer and I love listening every week. I really relate to the messages that are shared on the show - they're always real, authentic, and relatable. Sydney is incredibly open and I'm so grateful that she shares so much of her journey along with those of her guests. It reminds me that we're really never alone, and I can't recommend this podcast enough!
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Official Joy Seeker
If I could have this on a T-shirt, I’d wear it proudly! Sydney has reinvented the spirit of JOY in a way that feels authentic, true, and full of purpose. Thank you for sharing your gift!
Great podcast!
I’m just getting into this podcast and I am loving it! Sydney is a wonderful host, so approachable and down to earth! I just listened to the first Soul Shine episode with Katie Calder and after listening I am so ready to just be myself and stop actively thinking “should I not share this?” “will I sound weird?”. This episode was just the push I needed to be myself and share what is lighting me up!!! Looking forward to more!
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KT Monty
Love these genuine conversations!
I first listened through the Soul Chat with Katie, and I fell in love. The conversations are so honest, but they’re still intentional and value your time with the most important nuggets of wisdom. I definitely recommend listening!
The Most Inspiring Podcast Out There 🎉
I absolutely adore Seek The Joy! It’s an incredibly uplifting and motivational podcast that gives the boost I need to start my day. Sydney is filled with so much knowledge and delivers astoundingly rich content via powerful guests and through her own personal wisdom. I must also add her voice is so soothing which brings a sense of calm and tranquil energy while listening! Highly recommend this to those who are searching for ways to find joy in your life♥️
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Can’t get enough.
I’ve never been so grateful that I started following an account for an Instagram giveaway. I love this podcast and listen anytime that I can to catch up. Sydney’s voice is soothing and the episode topics are those that you think about but have a hard time actually having those conversations. She seems like the most caring friend who lifts up her friends and now through her podcast everyone. Highly recommend joining the ride.
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Such a Good Motivating Podcast
This podcast is such an inspiration. It’s so great to hear how different people search out and happiness how they overcome struggles with to find joy in their lives. It’s a great reminder that joy really everywhere but it’s how you look at it.
Joy has been Sought!
Sydney is a beautiful, authentic light being who truly takes the time to dive deep with herself and those she interviews. I love tuning in any chance I get, and #seekthejoytuesday has slowly become my favorite day of the week! You can tell there’s a lot of love that goes into the making of each episode which is so important and special!
One of the most joyful podcasts
I know it may sound cheesy, but I just find so much joy in listening to Sydney interact with her guests and listening to the amazing content that she has put together. I often comment on Sydney’s IG posts that I NEEDED to hear what she had to say or post and, frankly, it’s just so true. This podcast could not have come at a more pivotal moment in my life. Thank you for making my days brighter! Also, I love that she mentioned that she was dancing to her own intro music because I found myself doing the same thing!
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Not a happy camper22
So grateful
I can't even begin to tell you just how grateful I am for this podcast. Thank you Sydney for speaking your truth and for being so brave in putting your voice and your joy out into the world! Every episode and conversation is real and relatable, and I especially love her solo episodes. Sometimes it feels like I'm sitting and just chatting with a close friend who gets it. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and tune into this podcast! Thank you Sydney!
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This podcast is amazing!
I’m so glad I started listening to this podcast! I’ve been struggling with a few things lately and Sydney’s openness and vulnerability really reached me and helped me when I was feeling hopeless! I’m so glad she puts herself out there and speaks her truth.
R Shaffer Allen
Episode 41 was right on time!
After a very challenging year, I did a lot of self-reflection and learning this summer, and I came to the realization that I had allowed negativity in my environment which in turn affected the people I am charged with leading. While I have been intentionally working to improve and make changes to myself and my program to change direction there are feelings of regret and disappointment in what I allowed to happen. Your words are helping to get rid of those guilty feelings, begin to forgive myself, and move forward seeking joy!
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Instant Mood Booster
Seek the Joy Podcast has been such a source of light and truth in my life! I often forget how much heaviness there is in the world, whether it’s the stresses and hardships of our daily lives or through filling up on other sources of media (TV/movies/news), until I can literally feel the weight of it overcome me sometimes. It’s in those moments lately, where I have intentionally turned off all the other “noise” and pressed play on “Seek the Joy”. Almost instantly, through Sydney’s calming voice and through the inspiring and relatable topics and conversations, my mood is boosted. My outlook turns up and my hope is restored when I choose to SEEK THE JOY. Thank you!!
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Thankful for Seek the Joy
Seek the Joy serves as my constant reminder to be seeking the joy in every aspect of my life. Sydney is a down to earth, incredibly genuine human who I am completely impressed with. Her commitment and consistency to this podcast shines through and honestly keeps me on track throughout the week. Her guests have the most helpful content that I am really able to utilize and let’s not even talk about the tear-jerker episodes! How many times have I found myself crying on the way to work! So thankful for the role that this podcast has come to play in my life. Keep up the incredible work you are doing!
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Do yourself a favor and listen!
Listening to Seek the Joy Podcast is always a ray of sunshine in my day. Whether you need some self care time, a shot of inspiration, or a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue the life you’ve always imagined for yourself, Seek the Joy Podcast is a fulfilling listen!!
Just what we all need!
Sydney’s podcast is exactly what we all need. She reminds us to find — and create — good energy; to take in life’s beautiful moments; and to chase after the things that bring us joy. Plus, she’s relatable, hilarious, open, honest, and so much more!!! Thank you for adding sparkle to my life.
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