Sciencing from Home
Sciencing from Home
Welcome to Sciencing from Home, a podcast from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Latin@s Gaining Access to Networks for Advancement in Science program, also known as L@s GANAS. Instead of having our research fellowship students, or fellows, check in via email or another Google form, I have invited them to chat with me about how their research is going while we are social distancing and they cannot be in the lab.
Episode 21: Rudy on investigating wearable technology
Rudy is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying bioengineering at  UIC and concluding his undergraduate studies at the end of the Spring  2021 semester. Over the last three years, Rudy has developed his research skills through a variety of opportunities including in Dr. Esmailbeigi's Wearable Technology and Sensory Enhancement Laboratory and with Dr. Gentile. Rudy was not just a member of the L@s GANAS Research Fellowship, but also Medicinas Scholars. Rudy will begin working with The Clorox Company this summer to apply and expand his research skills in the Research & Development field. You can subscribe and listen to "Sciencing from Home" at  
May 4, 2021
24 min
Episode 20: Catarina studies bacterial transformation or why some bacteria are antibiotic resistant
Catarina works in Dr. Donald Morrison's lab. She is a senior studying Biological Sciences. She is also an international student. In Dr. Morrison's laboratory she studies bacterial transformation and developed her project "Competence of Streptococcus pneumoniae Encapsulated within  Aqueous Micro-Droplets." She presented a poster at the 2020 SACNAS Conference. Catarina is also a Peer Leader for BIOS222.  You can subscribe and listen to "Sciencing from Home" at  
Apr 20, 2021
19 min
Episode 19: Naomi on investigating the state of monarchs and milkweed
Naomi is an aspiring veterinarian working with Dr. Mary Ashley on the CIM²AS project. They are investigating reasons for the decline of monarch butterflies by testing habitat utilization by monarch butterflies in the Chicago region. Research activities include experimental milkweed plantings and field sampling. CIM²AS aims to attract more Latinx students to science by weaving culturally relevant connections into science courses. You can subscribe and listen to "Sciencing from Home" at  
Mar 16, 2021
18 min
Episode 18: Marissa on investigating pre-term birth during a pandemic
Episode 18: Marissa is a member of Dr. Barbara McFarlin's laboratory where they study the microstructure of the cervix early in pregnancy in search of a methods to detect pre-term birth that provides enough time for improved interventions. Their research was not only shut down due to COVID-19's risk to lab members, but their research is clinically-based, meaning they needed access to patients. Marissa contributed to a published paper with Dr. McFarlin. Marissa's goals include attending naturopathic medical school, writing a book, and communicating her work to a wide audience.  Reasons Why Pregnant Women Participate in Ultrasound Research Involving Transvaginal Scans [] You can subscribe and listen to "Sciencing from Home" at  
Mar 2, 2021
16 min
Episode 17: Eddie on researching lysosomes throughout the pandemic and finding his way to pharmacy
Sciencing from Home episode 17 introduces us to Eddie, a member of Dr. Swetha Gowrishankar's lab. In Dr. Gowrishankar's lab he investigates lysosome formation using mice as the model. Lysosome function is associated with Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders. Eddie graduated from UIC in Fall 2020 and will begin pharmacy school in Fall 2021.  You can subscribe and listen to "Sciencing from Home" at
Feb 9, 2021
21 min
Episode 16: Lillian Perez on building professional development workshops for Latinx students in science
Lillian Perez, PhD, worked in the Alfonso lab during graduate school and served as the teaching assistant for the L@s GANAS fellowship. Lillian and Veronica discuss how the professional development arm of the fellowship evolved under Lillian's leadership. She is currently a postdoc in the UIC Department of Pathology.  Recent publication: The Conserved ASCL1/MASH-1 Ortholog HLH-3 Specifies Sex-Specific Ventral Cord Motor Neuron Fate in Caenorhabditis elegans.   You can subscribe and listen to "Sciencing from Home" at
Jan 26, 2021
23 min
Episode 15: Itzel, the science of cheese and pushing yourself to do new things.
Episode 15 brings us the journey of Itzel who worked in the Dr. Laura Sanchez lab studying the microbes in cheese rinds. Itzel spent a summer in Dr. Paul Jensen's lab.  As of the publication of this podcast Dr. Sanchez has moved her lab to UC Santa Cruz.  You can subscribe and listen to "Sciencing from Home" at
Jan 12, 2021
21 min
Episode 14: Arianna and the science of physical therapy
Arianna is a member of Dr. Sangeetha Madhavan's Brain Plasticity Lab. She is per-physical therapy. In this episode she discusses her road to physical therapy and how while she wants to be a hands-on physical therapist, the draw to research is strong.  Arianna is an author on a recent publication: Brice T. Cleland, Arianna Perez-Ortiz, Sangeetha Madhavan, Walking test procedures influence speed measurements in individuals with chronic stroke, Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 80, 2020, 105197, ISSN 0268-0033, (
Nov 17, 2020
18 min
Episode 13: Checking in with our partners at LARES
A very special episode with our friends, Iliana and Aracely, advisors with the Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services Program, aka LARES. If you want to learn more about LARES, check out their website or make an appointment with any advisor through iAdvise.
Nov 2, 2020
46 min
Episode 12: Joanna & Jeanette and how a great mentor can demystify other faculty members
Joanna and Jeanette work with Dr. Molina on increasing Latinas' awareness of breast cancer and breaking down myths on treatment. They found their research placement through the UIC Hispanic Center of Excellence program, Medicina Scholars. 
Oct 20, 2020
34 min
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