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Science Vs
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So sad
I love this podcast but I don’t have the time to manage 30 different apps and when I use to have it it sucked
Nope boot nope
This was a fantastic podcast, but Spotify is out of its mind if it thinks I’m going to download half a dozen different apps and manage my favorite podcasts across six different platforms. Goodbye Science Vs and goodbye anyone else Spotify buys.
Awesome podcast
You have a great podcast, it is very informal and is a nice podcast to fall asleep to. Great podcast From E.C.M
You will be missed
Amazing show too bad the fun is over. I’m also letting it go after making the decision to move exclusively to any device. Not to mention hands down the worst platform for podcasts - Spotify. I’m deeply saddened as this was a regular listen to mine for years.
No to the switch
Love the podcast but add me to the long list of people who refuse to be forced to download and use a bad app ill suited for podcasts for ANY podcast. I’m dropping all the podcasts I’ve previously enjoyed that are making the anti-user forced switch to Spotify only.
Fantastic show and very well researched! And they aren’t afraid to tackle any subject... even if that means temporarily losing sponsors. This is a fantastic show definitely worthy of listening to!!! Unfortunately I won’t be joining them on their move to Spotify because I refuse to pay for yet another streaming platform. I wish them luck and thanks for a great and informative show!!
Acting Skot
Leaving apple podcasts. Boo.
Loved the show but they’re clearly clowns for going solely to another listening venue.
Amazing podcast, but leaving me soon
I love this podcast, but they are moving to Spotify and I won’t be able to listen to them anymore. Sad days.
Great show, wrong platform
Great show. Have listened since the beginning on my iPod nano. I tried using Spotify but they don’t allow downloading. Hope to see the show back on the open platforms in the future.
Great little Podcast, but won’t be following it over
I’ve really enjoyed listening to this fun little Podcast, but alas they must pay their bills so will be exclusively on Spotify in the future. Rather than download yet another app (which was sorely lacking when I tried it in the past) instead of using my favorite podcast player, I’ve decided to bid Wendy and the gang farewell. Along with this decision I’ll be getting rid of iHeart-only and other exclusive Podcasts (I guess they aren’t really Podcasts anymore if you can’t get them on a Podcast player, hmm?), and cleaning up my devices a bit. I hope I’m not alone in bucking the trend of forcing us to download more apps.
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RIP Science Vs
Loved the show while it lasted. Quirky, humorous, and informative all in one. I’ll miss having Science Vs to listen to.
My first podcast
This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I was obsessed!! I finally caught up to all the episodes. Great podcasts for all.
Oh my god this channel is immensely useful for me as a English learner.
Draw Sin City
I’ve been a listener since season one and really enjoy this podcast. Wendy is a great host. Unfortunately with the move to Spotify I will no longer be a listener. Pretty bummed to see this show go. Thanks for the great content over the years.
That voice
Interesting topics but her voice is so so grating I can’t stand listening to it. I hate to be so mean but that poor women should probably find another career. And, I’m talking about the one with the Australian accent. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Goodbye SV, will miss you!
Loved the show for years. Sadly they are going to be a Spotify exclusive. I don’t like Spotify and won’t be following. Please reconsider, but if not it’s been great listening!
Please de-exclusify from Sp***fy!
I first heard about this show a couple of years ago when Wendy interviewed one of my relatives for it, and I’ve loved it and told everyone I know about it since then. But Sp***fy is a bridge I cannot cross - they are a bad company doing bad things, and making this podcast exclusive to their platform definitely falls into that category. Please, Wendy, Rose, whoever else is listening, find a way to make this podcast available for people who will not use that other app! Thanks.
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There’s way too much other good content
There’s way too much other good content to listen to rather than have to download another app just to catch a few podcasts. If Gimlet wants to put up a paywall, they should just be upfront about it.
Great content, bad business
I've enjoyed this and several other podcasts, often binging the episodes on road trips. Quality production, hosts and content. What I can't do is support Spotify's destruction of the openness that is podcasts. Oh well, there's no shortage of content out there that hasn't sold out to the Devil.
I’m loving this podcast. Don’t leave us, Wendy.
Updated. Please don’t leave Apple Podcasts. I’m so bummed out. Why can’t you stay here and on Spotify? I look forward to listening to this podcast. I’m a science junkie and this podcast feeds my addiction. The host is great and the guests are also great. The presentations are lively and there’s never a dull moment. This podcast makes science entertaining.
Great show-but no longer convenient
Great show, but I follow too many podcasts to remember to check more than one app or space for what comes out and when. This is one of 2 shows since 2014 I stopped subscribing to for this reason. Every other podcast I follow (between 40-50) is on more than one platform. Kind of a weird move in my opinion
So informative
I especially love that they have citations, i use them all the time
natitude bob
Actual person wrote this
Loved the show, won’t be following to Spotify.
Lousy way to end a LT thing
I've listened to this smart, witty, quality content podcast since when it was still with the Australian Broadcast Company. I am so sorry to see it sucked up by myopic corporate profits-before-podcast-listeners empty ethos. It's so antithetical to the spirit of podcasting - and to the spirit of ideas, of letting them live and breathe in the world. A lousy race to the bottom. I won't be joining in. Very sad to see this beloved podcast go!
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Love the show not the move
Love the show but not downloading another app.
Exclusivity is sad
It was fun while it lasted. The fun of podcasts is that they have always been openly available to everyone on any platform. I hate to see all these exclusive deals happening and forcing users to different locations. At least I’ll always remember Brood X.
Jo Tor
Great but
Great podcast, really love the show and the whole team. But they’re going exclusive to Spotify so it’s really not worth your time to start listening at this point if you use any other platform
So long, science vs!
It’s good, but the move to Spotify will loose me. Facebook / google killed RSS. It’s clear Spotify wants to kill podcasts.
Sad as well.
A friend recommended this Cheeky Sheila’s podcast because of thorough research and facts. Good, bad and the ugly. Especially with the details. It’s a wonderful listen. But I don’t need another app. Sorry.
The mak69
Love the show - not on Spotify tho!
I really enjoy this show! Great content, research and excellent production. Very bummed they’re moving to Spotify!
It will be missed
I hate that I will no longer be able to listen to this podcast. I will miss it.
No, I will not switch to Spotify
No Gimlet/Spotify, I will not give in to your single platform junk. It was a great show while it lasted, but just like your other shows, it’s not worth it to me to have another app just for a show or two.
Another One Bites the Dust
I enjoy this podcast but just unsubscribed mid listen to the latest episode because I don't see the point of going forward if they're moving off to Spotify and I have no intention of following them there. Incredibly shortsighted but whatever. You do you, Science Versus.
Sad to see it go
Sorry but I’m just not going to upend how I listen to podcasts to chase this one to another platform. Exclusivity is a bad idea. I enjoy this show but not enough to change how I do things. Best of luck. It was fun (while it lasted) for me.
Used to be good
It’s not really a science based podcast any more. It’s become an opinion piece. The older episodes are great but the newer ones are lacking.
Sorry to see you go. I will be missing you.
They moved it to Spotify
this is the most annoying thing Spotify does.
Used to Love it ( see updates)
1st review: I love this podcast. Brings us interesting and important scientific discussions using, as the podcast name says, science vs popular believes. With good scent if base and putting it in a fun and easy to follow way I’m always looking forward for the next episode. Thanks Wendy and the crew for all the hard and awesome work Updated 10/15/21: Spotify exclusive is a really bad move… although I love this show, I’m not going the extra mile to use Spotify as my podcast source… well this was good while it lasted
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Biased Science
Wendy does a great job picking interesting topics and using humor to make them more interesting, but drops the ball on maintaining the objectivity that should be synonymous with science. More often than should be acceptable, episodes conclude with “Well the verdict is still out, but based on what we’ve seen, we think this…” It’s the last bit, the “This is the conclusion I’m drawing from what I’ve just shared” leading statement that is so disappointing. An example, I just listened to an episode on “Blue Balls” (like I said, great topics), in which Wendy and another female host pontificated on what they think blue balls are, acknowledge that there’s only one published study available, then somehow navigate to the idea that the Patriarchy has bolstered the concept of blue balls at the expense of female health issues. What?? It was like listening to Siri and Alexa agree that consciousness is nothing more than the folly of a organo-centric world. All that said, I only took the time to criticize because I like the show at its core, I just wish they did a better job separating the facts from the feelings.
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Shaun Seaman
Your hard work will be in the vain on Spotify. Don’t move to a Spotify lockdown!
I will never listen to anything that you spend months and months putting together on Spotify. I did enjoy this podcast but I refuse to listen to anything that is exclusive to Spotify, even on Spotify. It is a matter of principle. If you move to Spotify exclusivity I will ignore you. You no longer exist as a podcast if you abandon free and open distribution. It doesn’t matter if Spotify makes accounts free now. 1. They could change that at any point. 2. They force you to consume their ads. I am all for supporting science versus but not as a part of a Spotify podcast lock down.
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Sold out :(
This was a great podcast and if you don’t mind listening on Spotify go for it…but I’ve tried listening to podcast on Spotify many times and the platform is horrible. And now that the staff are looking for their paycheck from Spotify (only) and you can only access it there in the soon future I can’t support them. I fully support you all getting paid but you have to see the possible negative side to this, off the top, you’ll be beholden to ONE company now so the level of trust you project takes a major hit and TWO your limiting the freedom of choice for how users engage. Next you’ll be an exclusively on Facebook…right?! ;) good luck!
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Spotify exclusive model is wrong
Moving a podcast to exclusivity on a single platform is antithetical to the podcast model. I've really enjoyed this podcast but will not be listening in the future unless this decision changes.
Sell Out
Science has a price and these people chose to get paid vs making their episodes readily available.
F*** Y***
I love how you people think we will follow you to another streaming platform. There is a reason why half a BILLION podcasts come to Apple. It’s because Spotify streaming is garbage, the app is GAWD AWFUL, and they will never have enough money to buy enough podcasts to challenge Apple. IMAGINE THE KIND OF IGNORANCE ONE NEEDS TO THINK THAT MAKING YOUR PODCAST EXCLUSIVE TO ONE PLATFORM AND AVAILABLE TO ONLY A SMALL FRACTION OF LISTENERS IS A GOOD IDEA. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 We don’t need you. You need us. And your goal should be to make your product available to as many of US as possible. Incredible. Good riddance. I’ll pick from one of the other 500,000,000 podcasts that are out there.
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Used to be so much better
No longer about science when Wendy plays the “people with vaginas” card instead of saying women when discussing, of all things most defining of womanhood, childbirth. And of course that particular episode would not have been complete without some righteous condemnation of all white people to boot. Wendy, your show was fantastic when it started and stuck to scientific facts. Something seriously changed in the tone of this show when it went to Spotify. At least you got paid though.
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Expected better service
Where is the science
I was so happy with this science based podcast. And then they had a podcast on births and declared that not only women can give birth. What?! Where is the science for that nonsense? What a slap in the face to my women everywhere.
Excellent Podcast
Wendy Zuckerman is an excellent host of the show. She inserts pleasant humor into interesting (sometimes light) science stories. Thanks for good work!
preet is toos
Spotify made me leave
Got as far as gender and could not go farther. Will miss this show.
Spotify only = bad move
This is a really good podcast but Spotify is by far the worst app for listening to podcasts. I am a paid subscriber on Spotify and love it for music , but podcasts – no way. So now that “Science vs” is moving to Spotify only they’re also loosening a listener.
Spotify killed it
Science Vs is a fantastic podcast, but I am no longer planning to listen now that Spotify is pulling it behinds it’s paywall.
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