Sci-Fi Saturday Night
Sci-Fi Saturday Night
Sci-Fi Saturday Night
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I found a Sci-Fi Saturday Night sticker store the bottom of a dresser drawer in my parents summer home. I’ve held onto it for a while and give it a look from time to time. Was curious and am just starting to check you out. I guess I’m a loyal fan now!
More Sci-fi, less exposition on the way things ought to be.
This is my first review. I wish I could be more positive. I've listened about a year to this podcast due to the timeliness of the subject matter. The interviews are often interesting and enlightening. The guests are interesting and expressive. But aside from the Dome (who tends to be reasonable and rational) the podcast is dominated by one, possibly two, of the other hosts who rant endlessly about how unfair comic history is to women, the hot woman on woman kissing, the fact that she won't watch movies that don't feature women. The focus seems to slip from Scifi to social inequality. While I may agree with several points, I listen to podcasts for relevent information on the topics on which they post. The show has slowly degenerated to the "Bill O'Reilly" of podcast spots. Then again, Bill O'Reilly seems to do well. If this style of podcast appeals to you...............go for it!
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Please reduce the cursing
Really enjoy the podcast - on the whole, it's professionally-done & provides a great service. I've wanted to send it to my son, but unfortunately, there is too much cursing. This does not make you sound hip, it just makes you sound dumb & drunk. That is the only thing you need to fix. Thanks!