Say Your Mind
Say Your Mind
Say Your Mind
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Thank you for all you do.
I just discovered your podcast and Instagram and I absolutely love them and you! Thank you for being absolutely wonderful! Keep on, keeping on!
A Habitual User
10/10 would recommend
I found SYM this summer and have listened ever since! I tear up with the tarot every time; Kelechi is so gifted.
Kelechi is a Gift! Thanking God for A ONE Creation ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I loveeeeee this podcast. Kelechi is a wonderful podcaster, a beautiful highly comforting voice, wonderful content, apparent passion, and an ability to articulate her thoughts that always makes you see things from another purpose. It’s like listening to my new friend every Monday! Thanks sis for this gift ☀️☀️☀️
Mariam 💭
The Place to LISTEN
Improve your allyship by listening to this podcast. Kelechi Okafor holds back NOTHING on ANYTHING. No topic is off limits. If you are a snowflake, stay home. If you want to learn, LISTEN to every episode.
Apple where is the 6th star?
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The best thing about a Monday
Kelechi first came across my Instagram feed when someone shared her gorgeous maternity photo recreating The Empress over a year ago now. Her enlightened commentary on pole dance piqued my interest and I started following her. After listening to Sally in HR I knew I needed to jump into the podcast. I was hooked after my first episode! I very much look forward to her take on the happenings of the world every week. As a US-based white woman, Kelechi offers perspective I wouldn’t otherwise have in more than one respect. She has taught me so much. I cite her and recommend her very frequently, and I’m ashamed it took me so long to “rate and review this really sweary podcast” ❤️
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Personal and different format
One of the best and honest podcast out there. I’ve played episode over multiple time and have listen so far back and plan to keep listening until I’ve heard them all. Send you Ms. Kelechi Okafor love and light from across the pond. Arizona, USA here. Love u.😘
Just incredible. Kelechi is an incredible voice advocating for black women in all spaces. Funny, intelligent, motivating..really happy to have found this-her work is truly impactful.
As Important as Water
It’s not officially a Monday until I’ve had my dose of Kelechi and her Say Your Mind bits. No matter what city I’m in, if I’m on holidays, etc. a scalding cup of the BPW’s tea is truly the greatest thing to come out of podcasts. The truth, the support, the bants and laughs, the education and the spiritual guidance....whew *plays tambourine*!!!! Honestly, this is the best way to spend an hour every week.
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Yes please, more & thank you!
Love listening in from New York! Black ‘Jammo’ brits abroad truly appreciate your real ness, K! Keep rising
No one does it quite like Kelechi no matter how hard hard they try.
A weh di raaasss
You know funny enough I discovered you on twitter and been following but this is my first time listening to the podcast. So real and pure. Your spirituality connects with me and i just love how self aware you are. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Nuff love from Jamaica!
Hilarity and Inspiration all in one.
My new favorite podcast. I found out about it after watch #SallyInHR videos and the podcast gives me life. Such a great time.
Don’t hesitate
One of my favorite podcast! For those thinking twice about being a listener, your life will be abundantly blessed. Kelechi is a gift and I’m so excited to support Black women anywhere they are! Big up yourself my girl! ✨💫💕
Jamaican Export
Not here for the fake woke Africans who date white and rally against anti blackness.
Talks about racism and anti-wy supremacy but is with a wy man in real life. I’m so sick of the woke peanut gallery that doesn’t live anything they complain about.
Love it!
I am grateful for this podcast because I love Kelechi. She is fierce, honest, brave & very outspoken. She is saying what needs to be said unapologetically! Thank you for being you; a bright shining force in this universe.