Save Your Own Skin
Save Your Own Skin
Jessica Krant, M.D.
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Saving more than skin
Dr Krant feels like a best friend who happens to be smarter than the rest. I find her insights and ideas a breath of fresh air amid the crowded medical and self help community. Tell us more, Doctor K !
George Freckles
Keep them coming!
Dr Krant’s podcast is outstanding! I’m looking forward to the next episode!
Bam! She’s on it
As a fellow board-certified dermatologist, I can speak to the many ways in which Dr. Krant is providing insight into how our overall internal heath and well-being, and that of our skin, is a bidirectional relationship…. The better one is, so too is the other. As a friend and colleague of Dr. Krant’s for many years, I can also speak readily to her professionalism, attention to detail, and her commitment to serve her patients and the specialty of dermatology. She has held many leadership positions within the field and always seems to execute with ease and grace. In Save Your Own Skin, you will be learning from a consummate professional.
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She lives by what she preaches!
I know Dr Krant personally and she lives by what she preaches. She puts her soul into her words. When she says something, I know she has researched it and knows everything about what she preaches. Definitely a valuable and trustworthy source!
Love it!
This is a great podcast filled with helpful information and guidance. So thankful to stumble onto it. Thanks, Doc.
I can’t wait to learn about all of the things that can affect your skin, and hear about the newest creams and technology! This is the perfect podcast for me!
B. 310
Fabulous and can’t wait to hear more!!
This podcast has such a thoughtful and well-articulated mission — I cannot wait to hear more!! Dr. Krant is such a wonderful coach and thought leader. Leave it to her to help all of us to get out of our own ways, and have wonderful skin while doing so. Her anecdote about how she decided to keep using the quote about genius even after she learned that Goethe had not said it — and thereafter attributing it to “Not Goethe” — was brilliant, and a great example for us all.
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Great beginning! Can’t wait to hear and learn more! Thank you!!!
Can’t Wait
Dr. Krant is speaking my language. I’ve always suspected that your overall health and well-being can affect your skin, and I can’t wait to learn more about it. There is a lot of bad information out there about anti-aging intended to sell you expensive products. I hope Dr. Krant will help us cut through the crap to understand what really works and what doesn’t.
Mind over matter
Yes! Dr. Krant is not only a top dermatologist, she understands the mind-body connection and is passionate about the power of lifestyle for our health.
Top-notch insight
Dr. Krantz is an A communicator! Such great insight, she does a great job and dialing down into the details but still keeps is so easy to follow. Can’t recommend highly enough.
Great personality, content and production value--truly a pleasure to listen to and I can't wait to hear more. This is exactly the kind of whole body, health and beauty podcast I've been waiting for! There are lots of so-called experts out there but Dr. Krant is the real deal. I can't wait to learn more!
This is gonna be good!
You had me leaning in from the start. Dr. Krant’s breadth and depth of knowledge lends unique and credible insights to help everyone feel good and save their own skin.
Let it begin!
Thank you
I’ve listened to and love your interviews with Chef AJ and Victoria Moran! You give us so much necessary information that we need to know to take care of our own health. You are a joy to listen to. I’m thrilled that you started your own podcast and look forward to listening to them and will share them for sure. Thank you so much!!
Thank you for sharing your expertise and experiences! Love your integrative approach! You are an inspiration!
Nature Blaze
Imperfect action is better than no action
Yes! If we want to go somewhere we have to start - and it is normal to not know everything we will know when we get there when we are starting. If we did - it would make the journey awfully boring!
A Must Listen!
I am thrilled that you have started this podcast. Looking forward to hearing your wealth of information on the podcast. I will be tuning in as this is such an important topic. Thank you again for doing the Dr Krant.
Sharon Mack
Looking forward to hearing Dr Krant!
Full disclosure, Dr. Jessica Krant is a friend from college. That said, she’s an outstanding dermatologist and life coach who I guarantee will have a unique, informed, and interesting perspective on physical and mental wellness. Stay tuned!
Sword fighter2014
Amazing Podcast
I love listening to Dr. Krant I have watched her in many interviews and she gives amazing beauty and lifestyle advice. I have used many of her suggestions and I really have better skin!
Marina Lj.
Truly a brilliant intersection of talent from lifestyle medicine to coaching to dermatology. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! The top 2 take away messages from this fantastic first episode: ‘Love what’s in your skin’ and ‘Better to take imperfect action than perfect inaction.’
Real Talk for Whole People
I love the integrative scope of your subject matter — mind, body, and action are all interwoven, in sickness and in health. I look forward to hearing more!
Flapjack Molly
She knows more than one secret…
What a beautiful marriage of the concept of the current and more superficial idea of beauty that encompasses our lives, and bombards our everydayness (but it isn’t enough for most of us, whether we realize it or not) with the more future forward thinking view of beauty where living in and caring for our skin while also knowing loving and nurturing the person that lies under that skin. I’m excited about making this podcast part of my practice to being my best self.
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Dr. Houstom
Skin matters!
Brilliant, and entertaining. Well worth listening too if you want to look like you’re in your 50s when you’re into your 70s!
Love your message!
Hi! I love your podcast! I am excited to continue listening! Thank you!
Sara H. Kim
Great intro. I am hooked.
Dr. Krant is an expert with a refreshing and much needed message!
Dr. Krant’s new podcast is truly one-of-a-kind. Her message is refreshing and much needed today. Calling upon her medical expertise as well as her successful coaching background, she is able to break down complex and innovative ideas and thoughts into actionable, needle-moving strategies for all of us. These short episodes are exactly what I need.
Who doesn’t want to learn how to optimize health to look great? Dr Krant combines expert skin secrets with plant based medicine and coaching - I’ve learned so much from her !
Bonnie Kool
So informative!
This was captivating, easy to listen to and very informative! Can’t wait for the next!
Soooo gooood!!!!!!
OMG episode one! And already it’s EVERYTHING!!!! So many really powerful truth bombs that if you embrace & believe & act on - could change your life. Legit so excited to hear this. Can I put it on replay in my brain? LOVE that Goethe quote. Whether it’s him or not it’s pure perfection. Love the encouragement for imperfect action. Drop the perfectionism (yes I have this too & need to hear this too) Love the beliefs shape your reality. Can’t wait for more.
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I hang on your every word!
To say the Dr. Krant is an expert in her field is a massive understatement. She combines her expertise in dermatology, integrative lifestyle medicine, and life coaching to give us THE MOST comprehensive approach to improving ourselves from the inside out and the outside in. This podcast is going to tackle all the things! I can tell you from my own personal experience that when Jessica speaks, I hang on her every word. I literally take notes and refer back to them often. She is a wealth of knowledge packaged in just the kindest, most beautiful human. I can’t wait to learn from and with you!
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A bone 2_0$$$$$
Just what the doctor ordered...
This podcast is going to be in my weekly lineup. Dr. Krant brings science combined with real life experience to offer us something beautiful and unique. This podcast is especially appealing because it will give a proactive approach to helping us live our best lives. Thank you for such an amazing resource.
Intriguing background—where will it lead?
Recommended by a friend, and piqued by the description, I checked out the first episode. I’m on board for the coaching and healthy aging. Sounds like Dr. Krant will make it fun!
Steve Ketchpel
Promising and approachable
Dr Krant has a voice made for radio! Loved getting an overview of Dr Krant’s vision and principles. Can’t wait for the next blog post or audio content. Way to go, Jessica
Feeling good is more valuable than simply looking good!
owned the song
5 stars!
Dr Jessica is just awesome. Full of great info, humor, and compassion. Best combo of life advice, skin care and all around goodness!
Alana Winter
It’s time for this podcast!
She is a dermatologist, life coach, food expert and all around amazing human! Can’t wait to see all the information she shares with us! I have been following her for a long time!
Dr. Krant’s training, knowledge and experience is so vast! She explains things in a way that just click. I always have “aha!” moments when listening to her teaching and coaching. Looking forward to the episodes to come!
Kristine LaRocca, DO
Can’t wait for more
Congratulations Dr. Krant on this podcast. It will definitely help so many people !
M. S. Kamara
Super special doctor coach
Dr Krant is truly a lovely person and so so smart. Her approach is both inspiring and clearly grounded in science. I can’t wait for more episodes.
Awesome, I love your podcast and look forward to hearing more!! 🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏
Well educated and Inspiring
I am amazed by your credentials, expertise, and attention to detail, Dr. Krant. I am so thankful you are taking the time to graciously share all of this valuable information so we can live our best healthy lives and love our own skin. Your mission is so inspiring and I can’t wait to tune into your next recording. You also have the best voice for this FYI. Keep up the good work; and for the rest of you, do your yourself a favor and subscribe 👍🏻
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Excellent inaugural episode
Enjoyed the setup and idea of being your own hero. I’m excited to follow along and learn with you.
A brilliant and beautiful mind
I can’t wait to follow this most brilliant and Influential thinker. Dr. Krant is a leader in the field of Dermatology and has ventured Into the plant based world with an incredible breath of knowledge. I know her personally and professionally and I am very excited so listen. Dr Schwarcz
Excited to hear more
A wonderful poetic beginning to a new podcast
Great start!
An auspicious first episode in what’s sure to be an informative podcast!
love Love LOVE!!!
A voice so soothing, I could listen to you all day! Thanks Dr. Jessica!!! How about a podcast dedicated just to pregnancy skin? Haven’t seen acne this bad since I went through puberty! Most treatments and medications are not recommended during pregnancy (or breastfeeding?). Since you’re into holistic health, I’d love some natural alternatives. Also, will the red marks ever go away? Help! xob
your friend Bianca
Dr Krant is the real deal and so is this show! Thank you for sharing this gift with the world. I LOVE everything about this!!!❤️❤️❤️
caa 1263738484
Jessica Krant
Dr Krant is amazing!!! Awesome Podcast!!
Amazing !!
Such a fantastic podcast from a TRUE expert ! Can’t wait for the next episode !!
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