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Sasquatch Chronicles - Bigfoot Encounters
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I don’t miss an episode.
Great Podcast. I don’t miss an episode and my son is always begging to listen!
DJ Red G
I’m out
I listened to quite a few episodes and quickly realized that the “guests” a by and large full of it. Several times guest will reference behavior in an episode that came out just before theirs. Be a bit more discerning in what you put out there as it reflects on the research community as a whole.
Love the podcast
Long time listener first time caller... Quality audio, voice and content. You da man Wes
Favorite Podcast
Look forward to new episodes every week
My favorite podcast
Although I have never had a Sasquatch sighting, I love this podcast. I look forward to new episodes every week and while I have always believed in. Sasquatch, the accounts and sightings on this show have continued my interest. Thanks for a great podcast Wes!
Awesome shows
Thanks jedibink69
Stick to the facts please
When the science/fact is presented this is interesting, but some of the folks being interviewed seem less than credible maybe even unconnected to reality.
Great podcast
I’m not sure what I like best....the hosts great way of conducting, the stories, or the sweet music at the end!
O S Smithton
Way good stuff
Love the show intro and music, Wes, really look forward to each new episode with their guests and related encounters, glad I was turned onto this podcast by a friend, bought some of the show stickers to put on my truck, keep It up!
The great escape
Wes. Thank you for what you do. It’s an amazing podcast. It really helps me get through the day. I’m in recovery and have a little over 2 years sobriety. Listening to your podcast for the last 2 years has really helped me clear my head and keep my mind off of other thanks. Thank you.
Great Bumper Music
Great show Wes. Love the music and the recent podcast with video was awesome.
Sid The Frog
Art Bell
Wes, I have been listening for a while. You are good, but I don’t think you are that interested in Sasquatch so much anymore. Art Bell left a void when he died. Step up, Tony,s ok, but you can be the next A.B. Wes you set the standard. Love the new show. Come on be the Wes of Coast to Coast. Love ya brother
Sasquatch encounters
Wes is the best at letting people tell their encounters, then he asks questions that let us know what was maybe missed by the person recounting their encounter.... since he has had his own encounter, with his brother; a very horrifying encounter, he picks up on questions to ask that at times makes the person being interviewed realize details they might have blanked out or missed. Thank you Wes...
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Best Sasquatch podcast
I enjoy this show because Wes let’s the caller talk. He’s a great host. Real life stories are heart stopping.
Don’t bother with anything else…This is it.
You are so lucky to have found Sasquatch Chronicles ✨ This is the only source for credible witnesses accounts of a largely unexplored topic; Bigfoot!
Wes is the Best
I love hearing his take on this subject he is humble and kind and entertaining this is my favorite Pod!!
Always Interesting
Love the show, it’s always captivating listening to people’s stories and experiences.
Sox win
Best Bigfoot Podcast Period
The reason it’s the best is because Wes focuses on the guest and not himself. Wes is self-deprecating and humble. An excellent way to fall asleep at night with the headphones. Keep it up Wes!!!!
20 out of 5 stars!
I love this podcast! Keep up the amazing work. Much love from Texas. 🤜🏻🤛🏻
One of my favs
Really well done with a wide variety of stories and guests. A lot better than what I was expecting
I’m not convinced Bigfoot is real . But I hope it is . And if so I hope to some day see on for myself. Anyway, love this podcast .
Awesome podcast
I love the author of this podcast. He’s reasonable and asks really good questions of his guests. I’m not 💯 percent sold on the Sasquatch existence but I still enjoy the mystery and the stories. I highly recommend this podcast.
Getting Old
Wes feels the need to talk smack about “experts and researchers” for their strongly held opinions about Sasquatch, yet nearly every week he ask his guest what they think it is. Regardless of how they answer, he makes sure that he gets the chance to say that he doesn’t think it’s a relic hominid. Which is fine, except I don’t care what he thinks. Somehow he’s turned into one of those “experts” he talks smack about. We already get it, you think it’s some sort of paranormal entity. Let the guest share their story and shut up.
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Best show to listen to
I love to keep my mind open and take all the info in that I can. Wes is an amazing interviewer and gives all his guests great questions and gives them a chance to explain their experiences in fine detail.
This podcast is not like those shows that shows only big foot as being a monster and the don’t really have a lot about Bigfoot but this podcast is amazing because it is so detailed and I just love it 👍🏻
The best guest, host, and content. Love it
Love this show
I always look forward to the show, the stories are great to listen to! We learn so much from each experience that is offered by the guest. Just want you to know that the last show 774 went silent strong the 34 -36 minute mark either from the start or from the end. I hope I can hear the rest at some point! Thanks.
The best!
By far my favorite podcast ever!!
The best!
Wes, I like the way your show has evolved. It has been interesting to see how the show went from closed minded to a compassionate host that open minded and doesn’t belittle anyone. You know I have never seen a rhino until I went our zoo several weeks ago. Prior to this I had only seen them in video or photos. If you think about it until then in reality they could be a myth. Once I saw one they became real. Look at the Mountain Gorilla, we didn’t know it existed until the late 19th century really after they shot and stuffed. You being open makes your great. Thanks Mike58
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mike in Hermitage
I’ve been listening for about 4 months and have plowed through about 200 episodes so far. I love them all. Sound quality is great. Wes is an excellent interviewer, he doesn’t interrupt the guests and I really appreciate that. He just lets people tell their encounters with zero judgement. His follow up questions about the details of the encounter are almost as if they come from my own brain. I’m so sick of “investigators” and Bigfoot shows that never turn up evidence. Personal encounters are the best way to learn about Bigfoot. Great job Wes! And love the close out music too, it’s my jam now 😄
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Super entertaining and scary
Wes is a great interviewer and does a good job of letting people tell their stories. A few quibbles. Some guests go to endless details about the surroundings that are actually useless and slow the pace. Is the berm to the north or northwest? Is it 5 feet tall or 4? Who cares. Also Wes has to stop saying “you guyses” - it detracts from his intelligence. Some of the weird intros on off topics are good, others corny. Finally there are a few guests who are obviously full of crap. The guy in Michigan who has had endless encounters, but always forgets his cameras and said “hey buddy” to a 8 foot squatch looking through the window? Come on. Guys like this cheapen the show. The other guests with far more interesting and less obvious encounters are the real meat here. They make a skeptic like me really questions things. Finally, could you imagine listening to any of the better episodes while our camping at night? I can’t. I’d be crying for my mama.
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Shadwell von Bernstein
My Favorite Show Since 2014
This is by far the best Bigfoot show bar none! I met Wes in Houston on May 11, 2019, but I blew it. I had so many things I wanted to discuss and he sat at our table up front. I guess I was kinda starstruck. I only managed a stupid joke! I said “I know Mexican judo, judo know if I gotta gun or judo know if I gotta knife!” He said “nice.” My wife and daughter still laugh at me! Wes is cool in real life, just like he is on the podcast. He’s a genuine dude.
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Episode 705
I didn’t know they were in Lipan Texas! That’s super creepy
Format works
I can take you there…woodville texas, hang out you see or hear
timmyz of the Bar Z Ranch
The best interviews I’ve ever herd
I’ve never seen a Bigfoot, but I do believe they are out there. I hope the guy that try to understand the language and the other guy that learns there habits, get together. I think they can find them and understand them. Best to Wes and family, you are doing a great job. Don’t change a thing. Kathy from Florida
Favorite podcast
Always interesting.
Wes is The Best!
He is genuine and honest! Very intelligent fun program! I have learned so much :-) thank you for all you do for this world, Wes!You’ve helped so many people who have been traumatize by seeing what “isn’t supposed to be in the world”.
Michelle from OK
Great Podcast and Music
Wes has put together an excellent overall production. Interesting and informational content you can’t get anywhere else plus he has an excellent ear and taste for music that’s expanded my collection. Wes could easily be a dj in any era. Pretty cool If you ask me
MGP Terps
Fictional content
This show is fine for purely entertainment purposes, but for those interested in factual information and serious investigation I’d recommend steering well clear of Sasquatch Chronicles. The channel has been caught on social media multiple times reposting blobsquatch photos as “unsolved mysteries” even after the photos were fully explained on MORE than one occasion...makes for questionable credibility, choosing to ignore serious investigation in favor of clickbaiting, possibly worse, getting into hoaxer territory. Total pure garbage and in some cases it is pure fiction.
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Love the show
I can’t get enough of this show...
Listen to this and then tell me there's no such thing.
Either all these people are delusional, academy award winning actors or this is real. Great stuff and the host is just the right combination of curiosity and compassion. Highly recommended.
Thanks Wes
Great listen
Great podcast been hooked! Very interested in the paranormal and Bigfoot phenomenon. Some people get a bit off track in the interviews but otherwise god.
Episode #2 and #87. Hmmmm
Listened for the past couple years to 3/4 of the episodes and loved it. Then went back to the very beginning. Check out episode #2 and #87 regarding Wes and Woodys own encounter. Just take note of some of the details (i.e citing date, time, moon activity, claimed grandfather passed away a few months before encounter and later changed it to a week before, their time perception was opposite to most typical encounters, etc). How they defended it even made it worse. I had to remove my positive bias for Wes that he’s built over the couple years of listening but in my opinion it is so obvious he made a bad hoax and I can’t get around that now. I don’t claim to believe or disbelieve in Bigfoot but was simply openminded on the subject. The pod has had some believable and unbelievable guests but Wes’ story is one of the most unbelievable of them all. If that doesn’t bother you then it’s an entertaining podcast due to the guests stories so still gave a 3 star. Just check into those episodes and the history of the pod if you care.
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Excellent show!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 3 or 4 years, and it’s hands-down the best one out there if you’re looking to hear stories firsthand from individuals who’ve had an encounter or experienced this creature. Wes is a fantastic interviewer. He asks a lot of great questions, and and adds his input appropriately. He compassionate and friendly, and the show is put together very professionally with great audio and music! Wes also has a great voice; distinct and soothing, but not the kind that makes you want to fall asleep. I highly recommend this show to anyone wanting to hear great encounter stories and explore the Bigfoot/Sasquatch topic (with other cryptids from time to time, as well).
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My all time favorite podcast!
New comer
Just found this podcast and have already listen to 10+ episodes while working! Literally the best type of podcast out there. Awesome music, great info, awesome host, and just over all amazing! Don’t ever stop!
Love the evolution of thought. From straight up “beast”, to flute player, to “I have no clue”
Best podcast
This podcast needs to be archived and put into the hall of fame. I don’t think Bigfoot will ever be brought out for the public to see, so this podcast is the closest thing a lot of us will get. Wes does a great job letting people tell their story. Happy I found this show.
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