Sasquatch Chronicles
Sasquatch Chronicles
Sasquatch Chronicles - Bigfoot Encounters
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Entertaining and to the point!
I’ve been listening to this podcast with my dad as long as I can remember it’s always been a fun thing for us and while neither of us have had A crazy encounter we still believe!!
Sasquatch Chronicles
Even though Wes keeps with the same format the way he talks and communicates with the guests makes each episode a fresh story to hear. Not to mention his all around knowledge mixed with his wittiness and dry sense of humor makes the show great!
Upstate New York loves the Chronicles
Very clear sound and gets to the point and stays on topic. The best of Bigfoot Sasquatch experiences!!!!❌❌❌
Mendoza Native!
So FUN! Great stories and Wes is the perfect host. He’s kind, open minded and smart.
Mia philo
Wes you are so easy to listen to!
I am addicted. I love this podcast, it’s my favorite of all the bigfootpods! And everyone that you talk to sound so sincere. I’m a believer now. Thank you and keep up the great job.
Marion/ East Tennessee
One of my favorites
A great listen
Great show to listen and past the work day. I am careful not to listen at night by myself at my camp! The encounters are very scary but informative. You can hear the honest struggle these people have. I love the scientists or retired government officials that are guests. We are not alone!
Wes is the best
This is the best bf podcast available. Wes is the perfect host for this type of discussion and has built a great community in a field of petty arguments, debate and one ups man ship.
Thank you dolllickers
Was brought here by the dolllickers, thx for a great podcast
Great podcast !
Makes a day at work tolerable.
Excellent Shows!
I like everything about the way you produce your show!I love how you fade in and out with Auld Lang Syne and that you don’t over do that kind of thing. Your voice is nice-It matters not that you don’t like it because we like it. I’m really glad that these encounters are being told and we have such easy access to them. Thank you Wes!
EP: 720
Two great believable accounts.
Thank you Wes
Love this show, true encounters presented by people just needing to tell someone. And you let them talk, with voices shaking and at times tears.... it’s appreciated and please keep them coming! Thanks Wes
Great Podcast
I enjoy listening, to your Podcast. Thank you, Happy New Years.
One of the best listening experiences ever
I am a podcast fiend - I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music... I really truly enjoy Wes’s manner and interview style. While I was going through a pretty dark time this podcast helped me stay the course. Wes’s calming nature and level-headedness drew me in like a fathers embrace; giving me an example of someone who cares about people enough to listen and ask good questions, not seeking to tell others they’re wrong. This is much needed nowadays what with everyone wanting to tell it how it is rather than ask with hands open.
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The straightforward interviews serve this under appreciated subject well. Wes does a terrific job letting guests share their story without getting in the way. Assertions that all witnesses are mistaken or liars comes from a place of small-minded denial. This series makes a solid case for sasquatch not being a myth.
Hi Wes, love the music, too!
How do you do it? This is a very entertaining show!! Love your interviewing skills. Stories are intriguing. Your song choices are perfect. Whenever you tell a story and play music in the background, it always seems to match the situation or mood perfectly. I usually get Siri to identify the songs you play on your show. Keep us the good work!!!
I enjoy all the shows, but this year’s Christmas show was really good. All of them are though. Thank you for the work you do.
Best pod cast ever
I was skeptical about this pod cast however it is very nicely done and I live the stories. I usual all listen to True Crime but needs something different. This is very well done and the host is awesome!
Great pass time listen
Wes is a very patient, non-judgmental interviewer who allows the victim to recount their stories while empathetically associating his previous experiences in with the victim’s. I especially love the episodes with police or EMT and from those who live near the mountains. Keep on keepin on Wes!!
Great podcast
I love the kindness and understanding you give others.
They believe everything
I was in the Woods 1 day and I heard a really loud fart it kinda sounded like a tug boat and the smell was god awful I was thinking it was either a type 1 or 2 Bigfoot so when I get home I do my research and come to find out it was just me I sharted in my pants..oh an PS Shannon is annoying and the other guy thinks he knows everything he has an explanation for everything even if it doesn’t make sense
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Thank you Wes
Wes I just want you to know that you are the most patient and humble listener that I’ve ever known.When you interview people you let them talk which is such a key element in Sasquatch encounters, I will always be a fan, your paving the road for other podcasters out there to come!!
Frank the ape
Episode 713 Theatrics
good stories and patient interviewer, but the special effects sounds gotta go. Let the caller and your thoughts/opinions tell the story, try not to over produce.
Episode 712
Killing six dear in one day? Disgusting
Awesome show
Wes is amazing he let the guest talk and let us listen that’s the perfect way to enjoy the show
Really good
Lucky Luc🤑
Excellent Podcast love Wes!!!
This is my favorite podcast by far! Wes is incredibly patient letting the people tell their stories without interruption... keep up the great work Wes!! Amazing stories !! I’ve never seen a Big Foot but definitely believe!! I’m totally fine with not running into one in the woods... not on my bucket list!! I’m tweaking this review 1 year later... still can’t find a podcast I’d rather listen to... Les IS THE BOMB!!! I used to hike in the woods by myself with many different breeds of dogs for 30 plus years ... I now sit safely on my couch with my dogs by my feet listening to Wes at home. I believe but rather not experience!!!
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Binge listening
I’m wearing out my headphones past several weeks working. Day goes faster, sometimes too fast while listening. Wes, you’re one of the favorite dude. Keep it up. Have recommended to multiple others
curt in ohio
Cool podcast
Skin Walker Ranch guy..sure
Slow motion Dumpster fire..guy was all over the place. Not very credible IMO but it's a free world. Wes it seems you have given up and just go where the wind blows you. From Top Notch to bottom of the barrel
BOD Griff
Excellent Podcast! Great Sound Quality! Awesome Content with Sasquatch/Bigfoot Witnesses!
I am obsessed with this Podcast Sasquatch Chronicles! The sound quality is excellent! The content stays relevant to Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Wes is a phenomenal interviewer and gives each witness the utmost respect during their conversations. You learn so much about the behaviors of these creatures by hearing witnesses encounters. Keep up the awesome work Wes!
Fantastic PodCast Wes
I love the show. I became a member a few months ago and always look forward to the shows each week. The public needs to know and understand that these creatures are real. Hopefully one day the truth will be exposed and accepted. Until then, keep up the amazing work you do Wes and thank you for doing what you do.
Great Podcast!
This is the best podcast ever! The intro is dope too! Love this podcast!!!
Madame Orixa
I absolutely love this podcast. I can’t stop listening! I’ve never had an encounter myself but I’ve grown up listening to my Dad tell us Bigfoot stories and it’s always a subject that’s fascinated me. I love hearing everyone’s experiences and how everyone has an open mind about it. Keep em coming!
Entertaining and Informational
Wes has compiled a record of Sasquatch events from people all over America. He is able to ask questions and let the guest tell their story without judgment and ridicule. Thank you Wes.
Karena B.
The world’s most complete Sasquatch project
Simple concept, massive importance. Forget what you thought you knew.. this is the most complete historic record of Sasquatch behavior. I encourage you to listen to EVERY episode.
I just found this podcast a few weeks ago and I can’t stop listening. I find it so intriguing. I love that the actual people from the events are telling their story and you can feel their emotion. Such a great podcast. Now excuse me while I go into my Sasquatch Chronicals rabbit hole . -shannon
stella 😘😛🍩
Absolutely captivating
This podcast was absolutely captivating, despite the occasional 'Are you serious?' moments where some of the claims are just completely absurd. That being said, I would recommend you only listen to the first 86 episodes, as they maintain the illusion and entertainment value perfectly. It's episode 87 where certain beloved and important elements of the show start to unravel, and while the later episodes are interesting, the idea that Bigfoot is a demon from another demension who was brought to earth by extraterrestrials kind of turned me off. I don't know if Sasquatch exists or not, but for the first 86 episodes of this podcast, I didn't care. However, I also like a degree of sincerity in my podcast hosts, and I was disappointed when it became clear that...well, sometimes people aren't who they seem. I wish all the best for the crew, but with certain revelations and questions raised - not to mention the agressive, non-answers provided in response - I sadly can't enjoy any of it now. It really broke my heart a little bit, but it was great while it lasted!
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Tommy Trauma
Enough with the demons
I actually really love this show thus the 5 stars.. but I am quite over the Christian-centric view that it’s all demons. That’s his view though, fine, cool, but branch out a bit and see that what you call a demon might be called something else in any other culture, something far less “fear-mongering”.. Anything that is happening around us is natural so with that in mind, none of this is supernatural or unnatural... do not fear, sweet Wes! You’ll be a-okay!
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bretchen manticore
Great Interviewer
Such a great podcast. I like how he lets his guests tell their story without interruption.
Love it!!!!
I have binged this podcast over the past few months and listened to some member shows. I wish I could listen to all of them again for the first time!!! By far the best podcast I have ever listened to!!
Cassandra Bonds
Gradual realizations
I’ve been listening to Wes from the beginning. I have been gradually realizing things about Sasquatch that I used to reject. It’s so cool to watch Wes gradually realize things also. Best BF podcast anywhere. You’ve set the standard Wes and it’s high.
After hearing that you would shoot and kill a Bigfoot, l cannot listen to your show.
Knowledge Honeypot
This is a wonderful show. Super informative, great audio and honestly the music adds a nice touch. Great work
Great show!
I’ve always been a big believer in Sasquatch and most other podcasts or shows just never really got me hooked like this channel. There’s so much details in the stories and everyone seems so genuine in their tellings. Not to mention the awesome host. I’ve now been listening to several stories a day while I’m driving, working, fishing, or just hanging around the house. I can’t stop listening!
Still The Best!
Been a fan since the beginning. I also listen to a number of other cryptid / paranormal podcasts as well, but I still like Sasquatch Chronicles the best and really look forward to each episode. Wes is a beast!!
Awesome podcast
Found this and loving it! Been binge listening to many back shows at night for the past 3 months - it’s great radio.
Love this !
Great show! Love the format and the music! Thanks Wes!!
The best Sasquatch Bigfoot podcast
High quality podcast good job Wes. Real Sasquatch encounters, intelligent conversation, others try to copy this podcast, but fail.
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