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Sasquatch Chronicles
Sasquatch Chronicles - Bigfoot Encounters
SC EP:219 Squallies – Ape human hybrid
1 hour 19 minutes Posted May 15, 2016 at 4:00 pm.
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Proclaimed as, "America's most credible cryptozoologist," Scott Marlowe, spends as much time in camos and boots as he does in a Lab coat and oxfords. A Fellow of the famed Pangea Institute and educational consultant to The American Primate Conservation Alliance, Marlowe is the first expert in the field to succeed in establishing an on-going college course in cryptozoology at a state institution of higher learning anywhere in the world.

His cryptozoology course, hailed as one of the "Top Ten" news stories of 2004 by The Cryptozoologist, a well-known insider eMagazine, has won both accolades and awards for its fresh approach and application of forensic science methodologies to the study of enigmatic animals. Author of “Cryptid Creatures of Florida,” (First published by CFZ Press of Great Britain and now in its second edition published by Pangea Press) Marlowe “literally wrote the book” on Cryptozoology in the Sunshine State. Followed by his “Bigfoot Enigma” and “Bigfoot in Art History” are considered must-reads for any enthusiast for the Big Hairy Creature. Marlowe's television credits include, MonsterQuest, Is it True, Legend Hunters, Weird Florida, and William Shatner’s Weird or What?. In addition Marlowe has done countless radio appearances, TV guest spots, expos, and lecture tours.

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Scott is a scientist and author of many books including "Squallies" (Murder and mayhem result from government experiments in producing human-ape hybrid "Super Soldiers" in pre-World War II America in this period mystery thriller) and "Bigfoot Enigma" (An exploration of the Bigfoot Phenomena and review of possible explanations of the creature from an open-minded scientist's point of view.)

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