Sales Success Stories
Sales Success Stories
Scott Ingram, B2B Sales Professional
What are the best sales professionals doing to get to the top? In the Sales Success Stories podcast, Scott Ingram interviews and deconstructs world class sales performers to uncover their favorite sales books, habits, routines, strategies and tips. These salespeople are the A+ players among A players. If you’re in B2B Sales, Enterprise Sales, SAAS Sales, selling professional services, serving as an account manager or otherwise interested in revenue growth there’s something for you in these conversations. While created primarily for the individual contributor regardless of where they are in their sales career there’s probably some value in here for you if you’re a sales manager, sales leader or otherwise involved in revenue management, leadership or strategy. Learn more at
107: From Sales Trainer to #1 Manufacturing Salesperson at Epicor
Michael Harris is a top Senior Sales ERP at Epicor, an organization that provides flexible, industry-specific software that is designed to meet the precise needs of their customers. Michael has had quite the career trajectory. He went from being a sales trainer to a quota-carrying sales professional – having never sold tech before – and within two years became the top-performing manufacturing salesperson at Epicor.
Dec 1
1 hr 25 min
Closing Deals at Year End
In this bonus episode of the Sales Success Stories podcast, as we get ready to round the corner into the final month of 2020 I thought this set of 3 tips from the Daily Sales Tips podcast might be particularly useful. These come from James Muir, Todd Caponi, and Mark Schenkius and all have to do with closing deals at the end of the quarter or the end of the year. If you like these, stick around afterward because I've got two other suggestions for you, but first, here are your tips:
Nov 24
21 min
106: Sprinklr's Top SDR, Millie Gulley - Show Up For Yourself
Millie Gulley was the top Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Sprinklr, a customer experience management platform. Recently, she’s been promoted into an Account Executive (AE) role where she has taken on an even greater leadership role with more responsibility. Millie has been a talented and hardworking leader throughout her career, displaying enthusiasm, adaptability, coachability, creativity, and resiliency in everything she’s done.
Nov 17
1 hr 5 min
MEDDPICC Complete Miniseries - David Weiss
David Weiss: MEDDPICC David Weiss episodes at Daily Sales Tips: 639. MEDDPICC Series Kickoff 641. MEDDPICC Series (Metrics) 643. MEDDPICC Series (Economic Buyer) 646. MEDDPICC Series (Decision Process) 648. MEDDPICC Series (Decision Criteria) 650. MEDDPICC Series (Paper Process) 653. MEDDPICC Series (Identify Pain) 655. MEDDPICC Series (Champion) 657: MEDDPICC Series (Competition)
Nov 10
32 min
105: Janae Dandridge – Succeeding in Government Sales at Tableau
Janae Dandridge is the top federal Account Executive at Tableau out of Detroit, Michigan. Tableau offers a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence, allowing its customers to quickly connect, visualize, and share data with a seamless experience from the PC to the iPad. Janae is a committed sales professional who helps Federal agencies improve mission outcomes using data analytics. In her unique role, Janae focuses on federal civilian government agencies
Nov 3
53 min
Peer Accountability & Growth Groups
Richard Balius is the Head of Sales & Peer Group Coordinator at Sales Success Media. Richard has been leading peer advisory boards for CEOs of small to mid-market companies in Austin for over sixteen years. He’s also a results-driven sales leadership consultant focused on helping leaders deliver sales results in their organizations. Richard has spent his career helping private owners to build sales teams capable of growing revenue and defending margins.
Oct 20
51 min
Live from the 2020 Sales Success Summit with Jeff Bajorek and Leila Mozaffarian
Jeff Bajorek is taking over the Sales Success Stories Podcast during the Sales Success Summit, talking to speakers in the virtual hallway.
Oct 13
14 min
Live from the 2020 Sales Success Summit with Jeff Bajorek and Scott Vanderleek of Terryberry
Cash is great, but what motivates top performance beyond that? Can you differentiate your company by rewarding people in whys that really matter to them? Jeff and Scott share some of their own personal stories of recognition and the impact it made.
Oct 13
12 min
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