Sales Gravy: Jeb Blount
Sales Gravy: Jeb Blount
Jeb Blount
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Pass me the Gravy!
I'm always captivated by the compelling conversations happening here on Sales Gravy, and with good reason - Jeb and his guests consistently offer valuable information and actionable insights that can immediately be applied to your sales strategy. No matter the topic, I learn something every time! Highly recommend.
Arlie K
Great Content!
Jeb does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and motivated!
One of the best professors.
No need for any description: just listen to this man !! An intellectual pit bull, a mental beast , a do or die neuronal force of nature ! After you listen, listen again and then read his books. He’ll turn you into an attitudinal hurricane too !
Persist and resist.
Amazing sales knowledge
Top notch sales advice that's easy to implement immediately. Plus it's just fun to listen to
Great compliment to books
If you want a good base of what to do, how to do it this is the pod cast for you. If you’re experienced, this is the pod for you. If you know it all and crush your quota , this is a podcast for you. Basically listen and read his books for a fresh perspective
Kiel Werner
Short Simple and to the point!
Really enjoyed the episode about prospecting and caring for customer during Coronavirus chaos. Very informative, good reminders and a great way to approach these times as a sales representative.
Great information
Jeb is an amazing sales person and I have bought all of his books and love what he does. I think he’s a must listen to if you are in sales. Just started listening and can’t wait to hear all of his podcasts.
Mike G 22
Loved the book!
Loved “Fanatical Prospecting” and can’t wait to binge the podcast - @schulmanArt of the inspiration Place Podcast
Miriam Schulman
The best.
I listen to this podcast for actionable tools in my role and it hasn’t failed me yet. Thanks for the great content
Let Your Guests do the Talking
While the content is good, Jeb tends to run over his guests. During the Linked In episode, in January, he has guest on to discuss Linked In and she’s the expert. He is coaching her on how she should do her headline. Like, it’s ok to have an opinion, however, he literally ran right over her and this is what she does for a living. I would have said, in the past, this is how I do it. How do you believe I can improve upon this? And let the woman speak. I rarely write reviews, and this annoyed me to a large extent. Listening is such a core component and I feel like Jeb doesn’t give enough space. The sales concepts at times are good and worthwhile, and the delivery/execution tends to fall down. For these reasons, I’m moving on. Read his book though. Two stars.
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David - Red Eye Flight
Good pearls if you can get through the ads
He’s got good pearls but I have found that half of my podcasts are not loading in entirety (only 1-5 min), and other “quick tips” are 1:45 of advertisements and 15 seconds of tips.
Please improve your Audio!
Outstanding content! I’ve been listening for a long time, and have been waiting for you to improve your audio quality on this podcast. Please do something to improve the sound levels between yourself and your guest.
Take your sales the next level!
Achieve a higher level of success in business and life! People do buy you and fanatical prospecting is the way to make it happen. Here's to your success in business and life! Karen Briscoe, author and podcast host "5 Minute Success"
Karen Briscoe, Author
The only thing better than this podcast
Is Jeb’s books. If you’re looking for any sort of sales training, at any level you’re at, this podcast is a must listen to. I binged it and have no regrets (unlike the time I ate 43 tacos in a day, which is another review entirely). Get listening, get better, get more sales.
Great podcast for salespeople!
Love this podcast and all of Jeb’s books. This is great for new ideas and learning while you drive. The episodes are short enough to listen to on short trips or between appointments.
I have recently found Jeb’s podcast and have thoroughly enjoyed each episode. As a seasoned sales professional I find it refreshing to listen to Jeb’s words of wisdom and applicable reminders. It is so easy to neglect the blocking and tackling of selling and this is a great way to stay sharp! Keep it up Jeb!
Jimmy Dorough
Inspiring and Eye Opening
Jeb always adds value to my sales day. His information and partners can transform your career.
Princess Monaco
Just as great as his books!
I am obsessed with all things being Jeb, and this podcast was just another way for me to access his knowledge. My commute increased so this now gets me ready for the day. Everyone in sales should listen to him!
The Commute Sales Bible
Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast if you're in sales! A real wealth of insight and psychology of sales. Every single morning listen to an episode, you will start your day with an awesome perspective!
This is a perfect listen to start off the year. Sent it to my entire team!
Wordy up
Absolutely A Must
Raw N Real!!! Completely Genuine always great take take always and ready use information. Thank you for showing up!!!
Perfect for the drive between meetings!
If you're not listening to Jeb on your drive to appointments or on your way into the office you're not serious about sales or helping your customer. Motivational and practical. Everything you need to insipre high performance from your sales team or be a high performer yourself.
Brendan |
segments of useful sales information!!
I’ve been through about 15 episodes so far, and I have to say I’m closer to buying Sales EQ now than I was before!
Zack Krupp
Fantastic all the time!
I have been in sales for 20 years! These podcasts are a great pick me up and keep me focused throughout the week.
Miller Mojo
great info
Somebody recommended me to Jeb and it was a great decision to listen to him.
Great tips!
I just started a new sales job and enjoy this podcast while I drive to keep my head and sales skills tuned up.
Great information
I've read Fanatical Prospecting it's a great book. Highly recommend that everybody who is in sales at least give it one good read. The podcasts have a lot of good information on them you kinda have to mine them for useful information depending on what type of sales you do but definitely worth taking the time to listen to.
Gordon Brandt
To the point and useful
No BS. Fundamental concepts and knowledge that is valuable. I share these podcasts with my team.
The Master!
Couldn't be happier. We are all Fanatical Prospecters now at our Ford dealership in Mexicali, Mexico!
Rafa Elorduy
Highly recommend!
I love the inspiring and actionable advice that Jeb and his guests share on Sales Gravy. Highly recommend listening if you want to increase sales and grow your business!
One of the best sales podcast available
Jeb is amazing. I've had a chance to work with him on numerous occasions and am impressed every time. He is constantly putting out valuable, actionable information for sales people. It is one of the best sales podcast available.
Sean Mitchell
Fantastic podcast for sales professionals
If you want common sense yet brilliant ideas on how to get your funnel full and start winning more business you're doing yourself a disservice by not subscribing to this podcast. Jeb has written several amazing books about sales and truly is an expert when it comes to acquiring new business.
Jeb Blount provides value every time
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and Jeb provides value time and time again!
Taking my game to the next level!
I have been in my industry for over 10 years and just recently started in a sales capacity. Jeb Blount's podcast has helped me to take that deep knowledge and work with my clients in a collaborative way as well as helping me gain a comfort level with interrupting prospective clients and asking for the sale. I highly recommend for anyone to take their sales to the next level! Thank you Jeb!!
Best sales podcast available
I'm always looking to "sharpen my saw" in sales and I must say that Jeb's podcast is the most valuable of any I've listened to. I look forward to his podcasts because they are clearly communicated and concise. I don't have time for a 45 minute podcast or rambling on about nonsense. Thanks Jeb. Keep it up.
Highly relevant information
Jeb provides some of the most updated information out there for sales professionals
Great Podcast
Jeb provides a great podcast series for support, inspiration and lessons on how to be great in sales.
Mike Most
Real Insight
This is a very down to earth motivating podcast that talks about how well things can go by doing the right things and the negatives of not getting it done. I feel lucky to have found this podcast.
Rashad T.
Simple and straightforward
Jeb's podcast is simple and straightforward. If you're like me you don't have time to listen to a podcast that takes 30 minutes to get to the point. Jeb does a great job delivering quality advice that works.
Who doesn’t love Gravy?
Love the Sales Gravy podcast. Thanks for the advice and inspiration you provide! Keep it up Jeb!
Sobering Dose of Truth
Always great advise and suggestions. A must listen for any sales professional from beginner to expert.
Real Time Results
I've been in the sales arena for over a decade. It's rare when a sales pro, like Jeb, can make it seem like he's reading your mind and answering questions you didn't know needed asking. This podcast is acts as a mentor on the field and a daily standard you can set your sales watch by. Thanks for being there and helping people like me take it to the next level. P.S Fanatical Prospecting is just ridiculously good!!! Thank you for writing that book.
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Ewan. H
Great info
Love listening to and from work, great short and simple ideas to implement into your day!
Insightful Tips!
Love this podcast. It always gives me one or two nuggets that I can apply right away. Jeb is also good at emphasizing the right thought process to be successful in sales.
Great podcast for sales person. Motivates.
Listened to them all in a couple days!
Some decent content but he spends way too much time shilling products for other companies. Doesn’t hold a candle to The Advanced Selling Podcast.
Subscribe now or be left with the 80%
This is my favorite Podcast- Jeb's podcasts are fantastic! You will be suprized how he is able to craft realistic sales tools that you can use everyday. Rather than listenting to your favorite music during your drive time take a listen to what Jeb has to say. You will get incredible ideas and insights to help crush your competitors and rock your commission checks! A true insperation!
Jeb is the best new sales guru. I've been following him for past 5 months and I only take on new trainers every 5-10 years. Read and listen to his content, and watch your sales take off.
Team Rainmaker
Great podcast!
I love the easy to absorb format for learning great sales techniques on the go (in the car, walking the dog, etc). It's everything I try to deliver in every call: short, to the point and something valuable I can walk away with after each listen. I began my sales career 6 months ago but quickly realized my team of "senior professionals" was not following best practices nor achieving desired results and seeked outside help. I stumbled upon and fell in love with this podcast as Jeb delivers well thought out and helpful tips to conduct better sales calls and set more meetings. This podcast provides me with a tremendous amount of value and I must credit some of my immense success to Jeb. Keep them coming!
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