Hpelsocio Podcast
Hpelsocio Podcast
Hasen Mh Hassen
Hpelsocio Podcast
Hasen Mh Hassen
Kuunii sagalee abbaa alangaa godina jimmaa kan tora interneetii irrattii tamsaafamuudhaa. Tamsaasa fm WAAGJ kallaattidhaan hordoofuuf linkii www.mhaagj.org jedhuu fayyadamuu ykn Google jalattii Jimmaa Attorney FM jechuun search goochun Sagalee Abbaa Alangaa Godina Jimmaa kenya dhageffachuun baasii tokkoo malee boohartidhan bekkumsa seeraa kessan gabbifachuu dandeessuu. ይህ የጅማ ዞን አቃቤ ህግ ፅህፈት ቤት የFM ድምፅ ነው። ስርጭታችንን ለማዳመጥ የፅፈት ቤቱን ኦፊሴላዊ ድህረገፅ www.mhaagj.org በመጠቀም አልያም በጎግል Jimmaa Attorney Fm ብለው በመፈለግ ያገኙናል። ስርጭታችንን በማድመጦ እየተዝናኑ የህግ አውቀቶትን ያዳብራሉ። Jimma Attorney FM is a podcasting service.
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