Ryan's Rants & Raves
Ryan's Rants & Raves
Ryan Thomas McInturf
Ryan’s Rants & Raves is a podcast series on fashion, design and all things Québec produced by the Québec Government Office in New York and hosted by Fashion Attaché Ryan McInturf
Josh Peskowitz on Craftmanship, Style and the Trench Coat Chronicles
Tune in this week as Ryan chats with Josh Peskowitz, fashion director, creator and  menswear industry insider. Topics  include what makes a brand, The Trench Coat Chronicles and the importance of being a stand up guy.  Montreal's fashion leaders such as...
Nov 9
28 min
New York's Online Specialty Store
This week Ryan speaks with Tom Ott and Shawn Pean, former executives at Saks Fifth Avenue who created the new online specialty store with a New York perspective. Shawn and Tom share their experience as buyers and what they look for in new brands. Ryan’s...
Oct 26
30 min
The Community of Menswear with Black Dog 8
This week, Ryan speaks with Katie Liu and Michael Kreiman who founded Black Dog 8, a top tier menswear showroom located in New York City.  Hear them discuss how to successfully enter the  U.S. market and mistakes to avoid.Ryan’s Rants & Raves is a...
Oct 19
20 min
ZOZO - Online Shopping in Japan
This week,  Aurelie Brown,  attachée at the Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles leads the conversation. Join her for an exchange with Alisa Gould-Simon, VP of Global Strategy and Business Development at Zozo USA. You will hear about  Zozo, its...
Oct 12
17 min
The Future of Shopping
Ryan chats with Lisa Green, EVP at The Yes, a smart shopping app launched last May. Working directly with over 150 brands and powered by algorithms specially designed for fashion, The Yes creates a dream store for each client, based on simple “yes” or...
Oct 5
23 min
The Advantages of Working with a Factoring Company During Covid-19
What are the advantages of working with a factoring company during Covid-19 rather than with a traditional bank?  This week, Ryan speaks with Tim Moore, EVP at Hilldun, a factoring and finance company for fashion and consumer product companies.  Over...
Sep 28
20 min
Sharing Stories & Vintage Fur
Our host Ryan has a conversation on the history of Department Stores, Fur, and Vintage with Gaby Basora the founder at Tucker & Nancy MacDonnell, a fashion writer and editor. They also share the dynamic story of Virginia Thoren whose work speaks...
Sep 21
19 min
Becoming a Digitally Native & Inclusive Brand
This week, Ryan talks with Carolyn Parent and Jennifer Braun who have successfully helped Rachel become a digitally native brand. Learn about the process of becoming a Certified B Corp and strategies to continually to engage your client digitally....
Sep 7
19 min
The importance of affiliate links
This week, Ryan talks with Mimi Lombardo and Randi Packard, two accomplished fashion professionals about how the industry has changed over the years and what brands need to do in order to succeed.  Hear about the crucial importance of affiliate links,...
Aug 31
21 min
Redefining cleanliness:  Anie Rouleau’s Unscented
This week, Ryan talks with Montrealer Anie Rouleau, the founder of Unscented, a line of sustainable, fragrance-free home and body care products sold in the U.S. at Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters. Unscented’s growth exploded last year after Gwyneth...
Aug 24
18 min
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