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Welcome to RuneLore, an actual play podcast of Paizo's Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path converted to Pathfinder’s 2nd edition. Join five friends as they embark on a terrifying journey into a world of imagination.
Episode 9 - On Her Mammary's Secret Service
One thing leads to another. A reward is not the only thing the queen has for these heroes.
Aug 16
43 min
Episode 8 - Resident Devils
A good deed never goes unpunished. As the heroes depart to return lost property, trouble swoops in.
Aug 10
45 min
Episode 7 - A Rickle, in time.
Tension in the group creates a little bit of a change. A new found power gives our heroes a fighting edge.
Aug 3
44 min
Episode 6 - Ship Shape part 2
A secret passage on the boat lead to a precarious walkway beneath the fishery and yet another door, will the adventurer's meet with a watery grave?
Jul 27
50 min
Episode 5 - Ship Shape
After a not so funny confrontation with Giggles the adventurer's leap from the window of the fishery in hopes they will finally catch  Gaedren Lamm.  Will the boat below hold more surprises than they asked for?
Jul 20
43 min
Episode 4 - Twisted Sister
Mako's reuniting with his sister didn't go quite as he planned. Our adventurers found another room of orphans, is this where Gaedren Lamm is hiding?
Jul 13
47 min
Episode 3 - Orphan Grinder
The Old Fishery's dangers don't end with a guard dog. Sometimes danger comes in smaller packages.
Jul 8
59 min
Episode 2 - Bad Woof
Fortunes and sorted pasts lead our adventurers on a path for retribution. Danger is lurking in these heroes near futures.
Jul 6
50 min
Episode 1 - Harrow Quest
Four unlikely heroes are drawn together by similar circumstances. Guided by an unknown force, are looking to find what the future holds.
Jun 29
1 hr 7 min